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Let Her Go

Words and Music by Michael David Rosenberg

76 Fmaj7 G Am G

1. 2.

Fmaj7 G Am G Am G

Well, you on - ly need the

F C G Am

light when it's burn - ing low. On - ly miss the sun when it starts to snow. On - ly know you


love her when you let her go. On - ly know you've been

F C G Am

high when you're feel - ing low. On - ly hate the road when you're miss - ing home. On - ly know you


love her when you let her go. And you let her go.
Am Fmaj7 G Em Am Fmaj7 G Gsus4 G

Am Fmaj7 G Em

1. Star - ing at the bot - tom of your glass, hop - ing one day you'll make a dream last. But dreams come
2. Star -ing at the ceil - ing in the dark. Same old emp - ty feel - ing in your heart, 'cause love comes
Am Fmaj7 G Gsus4 G

slow and they go so fast. You

slow and it goes so fast. Well, you
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