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Tricia: Magandang friday morning sa ating mga swakista sa Luzon, Visayas at
Raisa: Yes, Good Friday morning sa inyo mga swakista at sa lahat ng nasa abroad
watching Filipino Channel.
Tricia: Partner, alam mo ba sa panahon ngayon iba’t-ibang business na ang maaari nating
Raisa: Speaking of business Partner, paguusapan natin ngayon ang Agrarian societies
kung saan marami ding opportunities ang makukuha ng ating mga swakista.
Tricia: Kaya naman partner bago ang lahat, kelangan muna nating malaman kung ano ba
ang Agrarian Society.
Raisa: And for more information about Agrarian society, naririto si Arvie para sa iba
pang detalye.
Arvie: Kaswak Raisa and Tricia, kasama ko ngayon ang isang may-ari ng sakahan and an
Agrarian expert dito sa Brgy. Yamanin. Here is Ms. Pauline Luna to further explain what
Agrarian society is.
Pauline: (Yung INTRO sa xerox) “Agriculutral societies marked.....”
Arvie: Thank You, Ms. Pauline. Back to you Kaswak Raisa and Tricia.
Tricia: Partner, ngayong alam na natin kung ano ang Agrarian society, dumako naman
tayo sa Major features of the Agrarian Society.
Raisa: Arvie, Paaasoooook!
Arvie: Kasama ko ngayon ang magkapatid na sina Shiena at Daryl, may-ari ng isa sa
pinakamalaking Field Crop Farming dito sa Pilipinas. Ano ano po ang mababahagi nyp
samin about sa mga features or characteristics ng Agrarian or Agricutural Society.
Shiena: (No. 1 sasabihin) (Explanation: (Additional: An agrarian society is built on
maintaining itself through farming and production of food. It is dependent on the
production of food using plows and domestic animals. The society may recognize
different methods for business or livelihood but they share on the significance of
agriculture and cultivating.)
Daryl: Another feature of Agrarian society is (No. 2 sasabihin) (Explanation: broad fields
replace the small-sized gardens, food production increases, and a generous surplus can be
stored for the future. The effect of surplus food production afforded members of the
society time to explore more, beyond the basic need of sustenance.)
Shiena: The third feature of Agrarian society is (No. 3) (Explanation: money becmae the
medium of exchange and as a result, accounting, taxation, record keeping and regulatipns
were also introduced.)
Daryl: (No.4 sasabihin) (Explanation: Buyers and sellers remain in immediate contact
and each party is able to determine what the other needs and values and, therefore, will be
willing to exchange. There is a concomitant need for increasingly specialised marketing
services such as physical distribution, storage, grading, and market information gathering.
Transport is regarded as a crucial factor in improving agricultural productivity. It
enhances quality of life of the people, creates market for agricultural produce, facilitates
interaction among geographical and economic regions and opened up new areas to
economic focus.)
Arvie: Thank You Ms. Shiena and Daryl. Back to you guysss!
Tricia: Tutukan sa aming pagbabalik, ang iba pang features and challenges faced by
Agrarian Society.
Raisa: At mga halimbawa ng Agricultutral business and how an agrarian lifestyle
provides fulfillment and purpose for farmers. Dito lang yan sa...
Raisa and Tricia: KABUHAYANG SWAK NA SWAK! (with action)

(Panuodin nyo Gail at Apaul para alam nyo gagawin sa commercial HAHAHA)

Tricia: Welcome back in KABUHAYANG SWAK NA SWAK! Partner, kanina may mga
nalaman na tayong mga features of Agrarian society.
Raisa: Right, Partner! Ngayon ay tunghayan naman natin ang iba pa sa mga features
Arvie: May ibat-iba tayong halimbawa ng mga agricultural business kung saan pwedeng
pwede nating pagkakitaan tulad ng: Poultry feed manufacturing, duck farming, chicken
hatchery, fruit growing, turkey farming at marami pang iba. Ngayon naman ay kasama ko
ang mga expert pagdating sa Fruit Growing. Ang mga kapitbahay nina Shiena at Daryl na
sina Tricia, Gail at Paula.
Tricia Ortega: (No.5 sasabihin) (Explanation: A rather different view is that as societies
become larger and the movement of goods and people cheaper, they incorporate an
increasing range of environmental variation within their borders and trade system.) (pag
may madadagdag ka pa na explanation dagdagan mo na lang wala ako mahanap sa 5
huhu, thanks!)
Gail: (No. 6 sasabihin) (Explanation: agrarian societies also implemented a concept a
landownership. Instead of basing wealth on the size of their herds of cattle or flocks of
sheep, agrarian societies began to mark the land that they owned and that they alone
could exploit. Landownership eventually led to major differences in social classes as
distinctions were made between those who owned land and those who worked land
owned by someone else.)
Paula: (No. 7 sasabihin) (Explanation: Agrarian societies led to the establishment of the
very first political institutions with formalized political administrations that had elaborate
legal framework systems and economic institutions. This inevitably led to the acquiring
of wealth as trade between members of the society became elaborate.)
Arvie: Thank you, Tricia, Gail and Paula.
Raisa: Partner, alam mo bang there are challenges faced by Agrarian Societies? Due to
limited options for plants, they could be adversely affected by severe weather or a natural
catastrophe that affects the plants. A climate that is not hospitable for certain crop types
could lead to low yields. In addition, crop farming requires high labor input to have a
bumper harvest.
Tricia: Right partner, another challenge faced by agrarian society is that, Agrarian society
does not have access to food all year-round. Unfavorable weather conditions could
hamper the harvest an an entire crop for the season could be lost. Furthermore, crops can
be affected by pests and insects which can significantly reduce the harvest.
Raisa: Partner, ngayon naman ay panuorin natin How an Agrarian lifestyle provides
fulfillment for farmers by Noah Sanders.
Tricia: Mga swakista, Let’s watch this!
Raisa: At dito po nagtatapos ang ating programa ngayong araw na’to.
Tricia: Tandaan, ang aming paalala sa inyo...formula for success ay hindi lang perang
pangkapital, dapat magandang konsepto at kakaibang produkto.
Raisa: At syempre dapat tayo ay maabilidad, masipag, madiskarte, matanong at may
pananalig sa Diyos.
Tricia: Para makamit ang pangarap maging country of millionaires and billionaires.
Raisa: At mangyayari lang ito kung meron tayong...