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SUA VALVES rr RANGE : a) 8) sae 100mmmto2800erm Ontequest upto4200 mm PressureCiass. -Upiogd Kyte Foures-Boving Bunerty Valves are mechanicaly supencr strucueaty sound, of foo! prool design, easy fo operale and Pencerctalyreiable AA Steamined eis prose proves smooth fow and ensires, tow pressure srop. Die cisigned for stenght and detection lminates posubity offuter Single pece inst replaceable seals n restent rutber Ths.0 Conjunction win $5 seat ring provides op Baht sealing. Seat ‘rng is dvelecticaly insulated or the body to west galvanic ‘State shahsealin'O'mg’SCN rng constuction. Camping rng is segmental form orn one piece. Segments, facilitate untorm seal seating and loca repat ‘Tht pad alows vertcal sta crentaton. It also acts a5 cactraleng device for shat ox asseerby Drive thats genous designed for rant cperatngentbut tng maint ©) Temperaice hat) Up 200°C Buti ight Onrequest upto 300°C (eth veryion percentage alieakage) iver Water, Sea Wate, OM Water Steam, hi, Sell uorcatng bearings capable of witstanding hydrostate dc lad ancidesigned specatly for ege loading characteris, Designed in such a way that the valve i suitable for bot heron as wel asvertcainstalaton, Specialy signed ebonite Ine vale for sea water application, wich isthe most economical & reliable option for such diffcult utes. Fubbe ined oF FRP ined options arw also avaiable io handle corosive applications Saiess ste! catted vave as an alematie toy stanless \atve. Basis raving svostantal saving on ebasic ost of a ave, sfulyretansine avantage ofa compel tars seelvave Special Se energising sealeg sysom to handle varying presure Lnvgce cua sea arangamentavaiate on requester ertca appicaton $27 as pensions potecon, ibn ret saton. pump dscharye el Dua seal arangemant i, moorporaes an inatabe hee eB Io cers. oad soa rpiacerect BLADE DESIGN FLATSLAB BLADE: ii, Popularly used in low to aN ‘medium pressure services. jaf} Head loss. co-efficient is Yo] O13. / ‘SPHERICAL BLADES: ‘Strengin of this Blade is higher thanthe Slabtype due tocontained deflection. Used for high pressure al the expense of greater ‘operating torque and higher headiess co-etlicient of the order of0.15, CONICAL BLADES: ‘Similar to Sphorical, axcopt that the trunnion ‘side is shapedin the formafa cone. The headloss co-efficient ts 0.18. Used for high pressure Fiat Round Nose seat ‘Slandard Rosier! seal tor genera purpose duties, Hose Seal Metal to Metal Anintatabie Seal seal for ether For use wih internal oe temperatures, extemal Teace, reson! seats Sppication and ae auto close valves. LATTICE BLADES: Used for high pressure Dowdle Seat application with. ‘very tow Arrangement headioss co-efficient (0.08 Infatable hose 0105) used im Turbine inet ype senses valves, Pontiock valves and sat foentat Purp int valves whore tow martonaree- disturbance to flow cease ossental aur MANUAL = Twartypes of manual operators ave olflered - Worm and worm whcel type and Waveling aul type. Geae boxes are aflered in weather-proof enclosures, grease-packed for life. Operators are suitable for all manual and chain whee! operations. End stops.are provided to ensure openand shul posibons, ELECTRICAL: Recommended where frequent and remote operations are called for. Normally usedin conjunction with manual operators, Includes automate start/stop and remote positon indicators. Addiional im switcnes forremote controlduty couid alsobe provided; Auto/Manual operation, incase of power failure. PNEUMATIC: Recommended tor fast operation i air supply is available. Failsafe arrangement possible, with the help Of air accumulator. Can also be provided with manual override withthe help of de-clelching machanssm Thisis the most economical form of operator. HYDRAULIC: Used where high actuating forces and variable operating time are required. Two kinds of Operators are available - Single acting and Double acting. Fail-safely arrangements can also be provided Recommended specially for pump discharge valves with dead weight io ensure emergency closure on flor reversal orcessation VALVE ACCESSORIES FLANGE ADAPTOR: Recommended formmourting of meters, valves, tings, pumps, for ay dismanting, for maintenance Arows for kateral expansion and contraction and also angular displacement upto ¥. Flange adaptors are offeresin malleable cast ron steel cepending upon the ize with appropsate rubber oF golymer join: ring. Fouress flange adapiors are available in ize range of 304mm to 2500 mm and pressure ating upto 25 Kam PIPECOUPLINGS: These arm used for connecting Iwo pipe lines of most any size fF catering to thermal expansion, misalignments and for negotiating generous pipe bends. Couplings are capable of taking an angular eflocton upto 6° and Intoral displacement upto 15 mm. These pipe couplings are manulactured to suitpla ended pipes. stow! and east iron, Fouress pipe couplings areavalabiein both Merc 05 well as imperial sizes and are manufactured fram malleable cast itgn or steel depending upon the size. ‘Rubber ings are provigedin suitable compositon for various temperatures and corrosion conditions. Frpa couplings could bo aflered up 2500 mm size and pressure rating upio25KgiCrv