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Type CCUM 21

Reverse Power Relay

Type CCUM 21
Reverse Power Relay

CCUM 21 relay
withdrawn from case

Features Description Maximum torque angle

l High speed directional element. Basically relay type CCUM is a high 30º when connected as shown in
speed induction cup unit (type Figure1 (applied voltage lagging
l High sensitivity of less than 3% applied current. This corresponds to
CCD). The cup contact initiates a
rated single phase power. Unity Power Factor in the system).
static timing unit (type VTT) which
l Wide range of definite time provides the output contacts for
settings. alarm and trip functions. Sensitivity
l Consistent timing. Typical external and internal About 1% of rated voltage with 1 to
connections are shown in Figure 1. 15 times rated current or 3% of
l Comprehensive range of auxiliary
rated voltage with 0.4 to 40 times
unit ratings.
Technical data rated current.
l Drawout case and tropicalised
Ratings Nominal power setting less than 3%
of rated single phase power.
l Current
Application 1A or 5A at 50 Hz. AC burdens
Type CCUM 21 definite time reverse l Voltage l Current circuit : 1VA at rated
power relay provides a sensitive and 110V at 50 Hz. current.
economical means of detecting
motoring conditions in diesel Thermal rating l Voltage circuit : 9VA at rated
alternators and back pressure voltage.
l Continuous
turbines. Faster clearance time can
2 x rated current at
be obtained for lower values of Operating time
110% Rated voltage
reverse power than that are possible
l 1-10 seconds as standard.
with inverse definite minimum time l Short time
delay relays. 20 x rated current for 3 seconds. l Other time ranges: 0.5 - 5s,
2.5 - 25s, 6 - 60s and 12 - 120s.
1½D vertical drawout case suitable
for flush mounting. Finished eggshell
black and tropicalised. Suitable trip
isolating switches, CT shorting
switches, and provision for
maintaining the undervoltage trip
circuits on withdrawal of the relay
unit from the case, are provided on
the cradle assembly/case.


Case Height Width Depth*

1½D 362 170 203

mm mm mm
*Add 76 mm for maximum length of terminal
studs, alternatively, 29 mm for terminal screws.

Figure 1:
Information required with
Typical external and internal connections for order
type CCUM 21 relay
1. Current rating.
2. Operating time range.
3. Contact combination.
Contact ratings 4. Auxiliary supply.
Current Make and carry Make and carry Break
continuously for 3 seconds

AC 1250VA with 7500VA with 1250VA with

maxima of 5A maxima of 30A maxima of 5A
and 660V and 660V and 660V

DC 1250W with 7500W with 100W (resistive)

maxima of 5A maxima of 30A 50W (inductive)
and 660V and 660V with maxima of
5A and 660V

Auxiliary supply Contacts

l 30, 110, 220V dc Standard. 2 pairs (S/R) in any combination of
normally open and normally closed.
l 220, 250V 50 Hz ac can be
Operation indicator
l Operates satisfactorily between
Hand reset mechanical operation
75 - 120% of rated volts (dc) and
indicator provided on timer unit.
80 - 115% of rated volts (ac).

Auxiliary burden
The relay meets the requirements of
l Approx. 1.26, 4.46, 9.1 watts for
IS 3231, IEC-255-5 series C-2 KV
30, 110, 220 volts dc
for 1 minute.
l Approx. 2.3VA for ac auxiliary
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