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World Current Affairs MCQs Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf

Which visiting team has the record of winning most

test matches at lords?
Which country has passed law banning burqa and
niqab on 31st May 2018? A. Australia
B. Pakistan
C. India
A. Denmark
D. S.Africa
B. Finland
C. Greenland
D. Netherland Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf

Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf In which country twin bomb blast at a mosque killed
86 people on 1st May 2018?
As per announcement by BCCI, All international
teams touring India will have to play one practice A. Nigeria
game against which country? B. Algeria
C. Afghanistan
D. Zimbabwe
A. Afghanistan
C. Canada Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf
D. Ireland
Which famous religious scholar has died on 1st May
Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf 2018 in Saudi Arabia?

Afghanistan will play it’s inaugural test match A. Maulana Ashraf Ali thanvi
against which country in June 2018? B. Maulana Musharraf Ali thanvi
C. Dianal Eck
D. Paula Fredricksen
A. India
B. S.Africa
C. Bangladesh Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf
D. Australia
Nigeria, Russia and __________ are the top three
Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf sources of money laundering in UK as per the report
of National Crime Agency.
ICC world Xi will face WI cricket team on 31st May
2018 at lords to raise funds for ________? A. Italy
B. India
C. Pakistan
A. Refurbishment of five cricket stadium in the
D. Germany
B. Refurbishment of lords cricket stadium.
C. Helping orphans back in WI Submitted by: Farjan Ahmed Soomro
D. All
Former US astronaut Alan Bean, who was
Submitted by: Kashif Ashraf the_______man to walk on the Moon?

A. 3rd
ICC world Xi will face WI cricket team on 31st May
B. 4th
2018 at ________? C. 6th
D. 7th
A. Oval
B. Lords
C. Sabina park
D. Sir Vivian Richard stadium Which Moonwalking astronaut dies at the age of 86?
A. Michael Collins A. MI & KKR
B. Pete Conrad B. CSK & SRH
C. Alan Bean C. DC & GL
D. None of them D. DD & RR

which country order one month youtube blocked Which of the following franchise has won IPL-2018?
over anti-Islam film?
A. Sunrisers Hyderabad
A. Pakistan B. Chennai super kings
B. Saudi Arab C. Mumbai indians
C. Egypt D. Kolkata knight riders
D. Iran
Which country has banned Saudi Arabia, the UAE,
Which Country will host Six-nation international Bahrain and Egypt goods from stores?
hockey tournament from September 2nd to 10th?
A. Indonesia
A.Kazakhstan B. Qatar
B.Uzbekistan C. Bangladesh
C.Pakistan D. Iraq

The first country in WHO’s South-East Asia Region

to eliminats Trachoma is ___________? What is Current Share of Pakistan in World
A. Nepal
B. Indonesia A. 2.20%
C. Malaysia B. 2.30%
D. Thailand C. 2.40%
D. 2.63%
Name the second country to open its embassy in
Jerusalem after USA? Where is located Barakah power plant which is the
world’s largest nuclear project under construction ?
A. Turkey
B. Guatemala A. Iran
C. Saudi Arabia B. Qatar
D. Oman C. UAE
D. None of these
How many peoples has dead after powerful Cyclone
Mekunu strikes in southern Oman & Yemen ? what is expected construction cost of barakah power
plant in Abu Dhabi?
A. 5
B. 6 A. $20 billion USD
C. 7 B. $22 billion USD
D. 8 C. $24.4 billion USD
D. None of above
Chennai Super King have won IPL title ______
times? Which mobile company was ordered to pay Apple
$533 million for copying iPhone design features?
A. 1
B. 2 A. Nokia
C. 3 B. Samsung
D. 4 C. Q mobile
D. Motorola
Final of IPL-2018 was played b/w which two
Who is the first female president in the New York A. Indonesia
Stock Exchange in its 226 year history? B. India
C. China
A. Sheena Wright D. Iraq
B. Muriel Siebert
C. Stacey Cunningham Which European country banned Full Islamic face
D. None of them veils (Scarf) at universities ?

Which South African batting star announced his A. Spain

retirement from international cricket? B. France
C. England
A. Quinton de Kock D. Belgium
B. Hashim Amla
C. AB de Villiers Who has announced to create fourteen new cardinals
D. None of above in a Consistory scheduled to take place on June 29th?

Which country’s plane crashed recently, killing 110 A. Angelo De Donatis

passengers? B. Pope Francis
C. Luis Ladaria
A. Cuba D. Giovanni
B. Peru
C. Mexico Which woman has been appointed as deputy
D. Chile governor of capital Kabul?

A fine of AED5,000 and prison sentence up to three A. Munira Yousufzada

months will be issued to those who found begging.In B. Amna kakar
which country, the said law has been passed? C. Shazia Qazizada
D. Sana kakakhel
B. S.Arabia According to new study of Hitler’s teeth, he died
C. India in___________?
D. Pakistan
A. 1943
Which country’s police have started an anti-begging B. 1944
campaign, arresting 78 beggars till now? C. 1945
D. 1946
B. France Which Social media site has deleted 583 million fake
C. S.Arabia accounts in the first three months of 2018?
D. Pakistan
A. Facebook
First case of people with disabilities being smuggled B. YouTube
has been reported in which country, forcing them C. Twitter
into working as beggars? D. Google

A. UAE Meghan Markle in her wedding with prince Harry

B. S.Arabia choose an elegant white dress with a flowy veil for the
C. Bahrain wedding.The dress featured flowers from all
D. Qatar ________?

A. Asian countries
B. Commonwealth countries
Which country told all mosques to raise national flag C. African countries
to ‘promote a spirit of patriotism’ among Muslims? D. European countries
Prince Harry (Member of British royal family) has A. S.Korea
married with which American actress? B. N.korea
C. Japan
A. Megan Fox D. China
B. Meghan Markle
C. Amber heard Which social media site has deleted 5 million
D. Natalie Portman inappropriate videos in three months?

A series of explosions targeting a cricket match has A. Facebook

killed eight and injured nearly 50 on 18th May B. YouTube
2018.In which country the attack occurred? C. Twitter
D. Google
A. Afghanistan
B. Nepal Which country has won the “street child football
C. England world cup 2018”?
D. India
A. Uzbekistan
Which country’s military plane was crashed in April B. Pakistan
2018,killing 247 people and 10 crew members? C. India
D. Indonesia
A. Algeria
B. Sudan Who has become the chairman of ICC for second
C. Russia consecutive time?
D. Germany
A. Zaheer abbas
B. Sashanak Manohar
C. Haroon Rasheed
Which country’s president ordered the release of all D. Najam sethi
political prisoners on 10th April 2018?
How many players of Ireland cricket team did their
A. Sudan debut in the test cricket against Pakistan?
B. Algeria
C. Myanmar
A. 11
D. Iraq
B. 9
C. 10
In which country 225 flights were cancelled due to D. 8
closure of main runway of the airport in April 2018?
How many teams (Boys & girls) are representing
A. India their countries in the “street child world cup 2018”?
B. Pakistan
C. Bangladesh
A. 16
D. China
B. 18
C. 24
The former S.Korean president Park Geun-hye has D. 22
been sentenced for corruption. She has the record of
being __________?
An international football tournament “Street child
world cup 2018” is being played in which country?
A. Country’s first female leader
B. Country’s first female president A. Russia
C. First democratically elected president to be B. France
impeached C. Germany
D. All D. USA

The former president Park Geun-hye has been

sentenced to 24 years in jail and fined 18 billion Won
for corruption. She belongs to which country?