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New Horizons Toastmasters, #312, Area 27, Div. B, Dist. 60, Reg.

VI September/October 2006

Club workshops
working well
By Fred Jones, President

Since June, the New Horizons

Toastmasters Club has held four
workshops, small, concentrated
affairs at a venue other than our
weekly gathering place. Two of the
workshops centered on the theme of
‘impromptu’ speaking such as Table
Topics. A third addressed the issue
of effective evaluations. The fourth
was an ‘advanced speech’ workshop.
All the workshops encouraged
participants to become actively
involved. Some members were able
to give speeches; thus, sidestepping
the crowded podium we often get on
Good Grief! Wednesday evenings. There will be
another workshop in November.
Walter, the puppy, seems totally uninterested in the I have attended some of these
workshops. I recommend them
attention he’s getting these days. Master and Toastmaster highly. They offer a more intimate
Debbie Long loves him just the same. See story Page 2. environment to present speeches.
Usually there are 8-12
First of a series participants. Because of the small
numbers in attendance, evaluations

The Art of Speaking Well are more in-depth than at regular

meetings, the feedback sharper. I
also noticed more round table
In recent months, club sites on the World Wide Web.
discussion. Each workshop is a
members have been invited to The article in this issue
refreshing opportunity to practice our
participate in Table Topics discusses Table Topics from the Toastmaster skills at different
Contests and Humorous Speech point-of-view of the participant venues.
Contests. Few took advantage of as well as that of the Table I encourage everyone to attend a
the opportunity. However, there Topics Master. workshop. You’ll find it an exciting
will be other contests. This article has been and pleasant way to receive
In preparation, On the developed with material from additional help achieving your goals.
I want to extend my thanks to
Horizon is initiating a series of MDI Toastmasters and Jibboom
everyone responsible for the success
articles on both subjects using Street Toastmasters websites. of these workshops and wish
material gathered from various See Page 5 everyone the best in Toastmasters.
New Horizons Exclusive: Debbie Long, Toastmaster

‘Good’ Grief
A Story of Recovery and Growth
By ClarieMartin
A few years ago Toastmaster Debbie Long discovery, in a general sense of well-being, in the
(Miles was her married name) lost her son, Chris relief of social anxiety. Toastmasters International
Miles. Due to a severe stroke in infancy, he was is a useful, and sometimes startling, organization.
developmentally challenged. Doctors warned that
Not surprisingly, we discovered that her
he was unlikely to live past his second birthday.
son’s death had already transformed Debbie’s life
He died in his sleep at the age of 24.
before she uttered her first words at a Toastmasters
Shortly after his death, Debbie joined the
meeting. Rather than succumb to the depression
New Horizons Toastmasters Club. We asked
that follows such an occurrence, Debbie found the
Debbie if being a member of Toastmasters helped
strength and courage to meet her loss head-on. In
her come to terms with the grief that tormented
that process, she discovered a unique way to help
her after Chris’s death. If so, we wanted to know
herself as well as others overcome the debilitating
in what way Toastmasters might have made a
grief that sometimes occurs when loved ones die.
We already know, of course, that taking Did Toastmasters play a role in her
“action” through the Toastmasters program can eventual “coming to grips” with a terrible loss?
bring about a “transformation” in a person; that Yes, she says, and tells us how in the
is, it may encourage a timid person to become conversation which follows. Yes, she says, and
more confident, especially in front of an audience; paints a picture of uncommon strength under tragic
it may turn an average speaker into a powerful circumstances. Yes, she says, and invites us all to
one; it may help a disillusioned individual re- observe that the bowl of life is always full even at
invent herself; or it may simply aid in self- its “emptiest”.

On the Horizon: In a speech you gave guilt, whether real or imagined. And, service providers, spreading the word to
at the New Horizons Toastmasters sadly, I observed that there are those who want to go ‘beyond’ tears and
Club some months ago, you handed out insufficient support services available accept specialized intervention.
a brochure entitled “B.E.Y.O.N.D. for those who need to grieve. We provide workshops where we
(Believing & Embracing Your Own introduce the bereaved to the medical,
New Direction)”. Tell us about this “Inadvertently, we created an psychological and ‘metaphysical’
organization and your role in it. organization that supports services available to them. And, of
sufferers of grief.” course, what would a Toastmaster be if
Debbie Long: After the loss of my she failed to mention that we arrange for
son, Chris, I found my life completely When I returned home, I speakers to address interested groups.
controlled by the intense pain approached people I knew who had
associated with grief. Not wanting to suffered grievously, people who had H: The brochure refers to the notion of
believe that pain was all I could look come through “the valley of the “healing” grief. In your view, and that
forward to, I sold my home and bought shadow of death” and knew what it was of your organization, is grief a form of
an RV. Over the next six months, I to almost die after the unimaginable “illness” rather than a natural process?
took that RV across Canada and the loss of a loved one. We began to meet
United States. steadily every month until two years DL: Grief is a natural process with no
I went looking for people who, had passed. Inadvertently, we created time frame or boundaries; however,
after the death of someone dear to an organization that supports sufferers symptoms and behavioral patterns that
them, had rebounded from terrible pain of grief. occur as a result of deep grief can be
and re-discovered joy. In speaking to We have our ‘drop-in’ support healed. They are aspects of depression.
thousands of people, I learned that joy meetings. These were successful from
can always be found inside of us, but the beginning. Soon we hope to H: The brochure emphasizes the need
we must reach for it. I also learned that provide this service every night of the for “understanding” in grief. How do
those who are unable to go ‘beyond’ week, at least in the Halton/Peel
their pain are prisoners of a terrible Region. We also work with other See Page 3

Continued from Page 2 unconditional love, and to have in life the time and share the responsibility of
greatest tenacity. opening my heart to love again.
ordinary people fail to “understand” H: How has becoming a member of Oh, yes, I have launched a singing
in moments of crisis following a Toastmasters International been a part of career. I produced a demo CD and,
loved one’s death? Is it natural to be your “journey through grief”? Has public recently, gave the world my first
reluctant to “share” in tragedy? speaking helped you cope and given you single, called “Heroes: Brett’s Song”.
strength? In what way? It is distributed in the United States
DL: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the
DL: I gave part of the eulogy at my son’s through a non-profit organization. I
Swiss-born psychiatrist who has
funeral. Afterwards, many people told me I wrote the song, called “Mother’s
written about death and dying, made
had a ‘gift’ for speaking. They insisted I Brigade”, in memory of the son of the
us aware of the five stages of grief.
ought to use this ability and that I ought woman who established the
However, though books such as Life
not to waste it. Chatting over coffee with a organization.
Lessons and On Death and Dying are
friend about my ‘gift’ one day, she As well as singing backup, I share
excellent, too many people accept her
suggested that I investigate Toastmasters. some of my original songs with a
view as the Gospel. They imagine
So I came to TM, in reality, to heal. Proof spiritual musical group known as The
that after you have traversed the
of this? My first five speeches were about Ruth Findlay Band; however, my
stages of denial, anger, bargaining
my loss. grand design is to produce my own
and so on, you really do accept your
TM, for me, was a safe place in which solo CD in February. I’m calling it
lot, that you are fine. This is untrue.
“Sing, Mom, Sing” and,
Each person grieves uniquely, as
indeed, I do! Twelve to 15
certainly as one’s fingerprints are
songs full of hope for those
unique. The length of time and
who grieve. Look for a benefit
severity depend upon many different
concert next year, all proceeds
factors. There is no clear-cut
to go to B.E.Y.O.N.D.
completion to grief. There is no logic
My “Grieving Mother’s
to grief.
Journal”, a book I wrote, ought
It’s unfortunate but society often
to be available next spring, too.
invalidates one’s grief. We don’t like
As a Spiritual Life Coach, I
to see a person cry. I believe that if
try to help others overcome the
we were to accept tears positively and
blockages caused by fear, grief,
call ‘crying’ a productive tool, much
anger, or their core values,
that is wrong with our society would
which keep them from being
be altered.
happy again. I will become an
H: You made reference to your Ordained Reverend of Spiritual
departed son and the impact his loss Consciousness in June, 2007.
had upon you. Would you describe I facilitate workshops and
some aspects of your son’s life and retreats that empower others to
his too-early death and what become all they were meant to
Her grandson, Liam, has shown Debbie Long
happened to you as a result of this? be and, as a speaker, participate
how to live and love again after a terrible loss. at bereavement conferences in
DL: Chris suffered a stroke when he Canada and the United States.
was just 15 months old. As a result, a captive audience could share with me the And I still love to travel in my RV.
he was permanently brain damaged. experience of my son’s life and of his To Maryland, for example – to take
Intellectually, he functioned at the unfortunate death. At TM, I was able to courses four years in a row.
level of a nine-year-old. Physically, ‘voice’ my grief. The experience gave me Keeping busy for some is a
he seemed about six. I believe, the confidence I need to execute the positive part of the grieving process.
however, that his primary purpose in workshops I give in areas of grief Others, however, use it to avoid
life was to make people laugh. management and, especially, in running grieving. It’s a double-edged sword.
Everyone who met him fell in the organization. B.E.Y.O.N.D. board For me, all of this ‘busy-ness” has
love with him. He gave me my meetings and support group meetings been life-transforming. None of it
greatest joy and challenged me with operate exceptionally well because of what would have happened if my son had
my most important lessons. Just by I learned at TM. not died. My son’s life was a miracle.
being the person he was, Chris taught In death, he still works his miracles
me to be patient, to be utterly H: You appear to be an extremely busy upon me.
accepting, to envelope him with person. What other activities beyond
B.E.Y.O.N.D. occupy your time? Is H: “Time heals all wounds” is an old
The New Horizons Toastmasters keeping occupied an important aspect of saying. The sense of loss and
Club meets every Wednesday recovery from grief? Why? loneliness that accompanies the death
7:00-9:00 P.M. at Toronto’s DL: I’m a new grandmother, for one thing. of a loved one seems to lessen over
Edithville Community Center My daughter Shadrin and her husband time. Does the wound ever fully
(on Finch Ave. W., west of Yonge Mike have given me Liam. He had his “heal”? Why or why not?
Street in North York, Ontario). first birthday Oct 15. Liam and Walter, my
Guests are always welcome. new puppy, take up a good deal of See Page 4
Continued from Page 3 “A very fortunate man” grieving. They’re spiritual, uplifting
DL: It depends on multiple factors. A stroke at 15 months affected I hope through these songs to give
How close you were to the loved one, if Chris Miles’s speech and his motor those deep in grief some
you’re still carrying any guilt, if you skills. Though he could talk, many ‘understanding’, some appreciation of
had an opportunity to say “goodbye”, people were unable to understand him. life, through the examination of my
and more besides. Over time the pain’s He moved about slowly and ran experiences and the experiences of
intensity diminishes. However, at any awkwardly. others. This other ‘gift’ has also been
moment your tears can be triggered. Though he could feed himself, he transformational. It took a while for me
Your feelings of loss and loneliness can couldn’t use a knife since he lacked fine to believe that my songs and my
instantly manifest themselves. motor skills. His greatest challenge was singing were worth listening to, but I
It’s how you react or respond cognitive. Concepts of safety were a know now that they have touched many
during these moments that will mystery to him as were time frames and lives. I feel they must be shared.
determine whether you move forward notions we take for granted such as I will certainly bring some CDs to a
or whether you regress -- regress to a mine, yours and ours. He suffered from Toastmasters meeting for anyone who
time of perpetual pain and painful obsessive compulsive disorder and wants to purchase one.
denial. I don’t believe, personally, the obsessed over negative issues.
wound caused by losing my son will In the eight or nine years before he H: What plans do you have for the
ever fully heal. died, Chris was a victim of depression, future? As a Toastmaster?
That being said, however, I know I a condition that often made him
have much to be grateful for. The scar unbearable to live with. He moved into DL: I have a long-term vision. To open
on my heart due to Chris’s loss is there a group home in his final year, the a ‘spiritual wellness center’ in support
forever, yet I have learned to be happiest period of his life. He was of those in pain, to help them find their
grateful for his life, his life that has proud of having his own home, which own joy. Joy is always there when we
given me my life and experiences I had he jokingly called “Chris Miles choose to see it, when we decide to
no right to expect. House”. He loved it there, loved the accept it.
other residents and the staff, and they As for TM, I will continue to be
H: Back to this CD you’re about to loved him. He was, says his mom,“ a involved. It’s a home to me. I am
release. What is it about and how did it very fortunate man.” grateful that I listened to my friend’s
come into existence? What effect do advice, good advice when I needed it.
you hope it will have upon listeners? “…until we meet in heaven,
H: What is the one thing that you
What effect has it had upon you? How I know what you want me to do:
would like the readers of this newsletter
can one obtain it? Live my life with joy and laughter
to “know” most of all?
Even though it’s hard to do.”
DL: I hadn’t done any singing since I DL: No matter what is going on in
“Dancing on Clouds”,
was 13 years old...some 37 years ago. your life, no matter how bad it looks or
lyrics by Debbie Long
One day a song just came into my head feels, there is always a path to the other
and I couldn’t forget it. Then another Debbie Long has been a Toastmaster side, where peace and joy remain. The
and another and another. These songs for three years. She is working on key is to go through it. Go through it!
are all supportive of those who are her ATM Silver. That is the easiest, the simplest way.

Notes from Speech Evaluation Workshop New Horizons Toastmasters – Sept. 4, 2006
By Fred Jones
The primary reason for You should create your own list of what you look for during a presentation.
sharpening our evaluation skills in
Toastmasters is to help others ATTRACTIVE DISTRACTING
instructors in Toastmasters, the Good speech structure Poorly structured speech
speakers and everyone else benefit Powerful opening Weak opening
from effective evaluations.
Points well-made and supported Did not support points well
As we learn to evaluate the
speeches of others confidently and Strong closing Weak closing
correctly, we are able to apply the Engaged the audience Lost the audience
same objective skills to ourselves. We Appropriate vocal variety Monotone –lack of vocal variety
teach ourselves communication skills Appropriate gestures and body language Lack of appropriate gestures, etc.
as we observe others and offer our
opinions. Spoken clearly and voice projected Difficult to hear and understand
You don’t have to be a great Good use of time allotted Poor speech timing--too long or short
speaker to be a good evaluator; Proper vocabulary Use of slang, etc.
however, unless you are a good Effective use of pauses Did not pause – rushed the speech
evaluator you will never be a great
speaker. See next page
A Guide to Table Topics
Thinking and speaking on your feet
By Clarie Martin
The Table Topics segment of a A general topic might be
Toastmasters meeting provides you, the “world wildlife”. You
Toastmaster, with an opportunity to practice are asked to respond to
thinking and speaking on your feet. Through the issue of the decline
Table Topics, you learn how to present your and near extinction of
thoughts in a clear and organized manner the Bengal tiger…from
with minimum preparation. You also learn to the point-of-view of the
listen constructively and think flexibly. tiger.

As Table Topics confusing or cloudy in your undisciplined. The ability to off the cuff, unrehearsed, and
Master, you lead the explanation. You ought not think and speak on your feet is unscheduled. That would be
session. You are able to to propose the impossible, an important skill that could undisciplined.
practice conducting this but neither should you be determine how successful you If you think that you
segment of the meeting. too simplistic. are in life. That’s why might want to fill in for a
This exercise allows you to The weakest form of Toastmasters developed the vacated Table Topics Master
plan ahead. It allows you to Table Topics is one where Table Topics segment of a spot sometime, have a Table
make judgments about the members have too much meeting. Appreciate an Topics topic prepared and with
degree of difficulty of the opportunity to reflect upon opportunity to practice Table you when you attend any
Table Topics you choose, to what they are about to say. Topics, any opportunity. meeting. It can then be
consider the experience and Table Topics, for the The weakest Table Topics brought out, to much acclaim,
knowledge of all the speakers, ought to be Master is one who has arrived in much the same manner that
members involved. You impromptu, off the cuff, unprepared. A Table Topics a clever Toastmaster suddenly
can be creative, even unprepared, unrehearsed, Master ought not to be produces that amazing “hip
colorful. You can’t be unscheduled, but not developing a topic impromptu, pocket” speech.
Really, an off-the-top-of-
Notes from Speech Evaluation Workshop (continued from Page 4) your-head topic such as “How
Have your list available How do you present your concentrate on ‘attractions and I spent my summer vacation”
when evaluating. It may evaluation? distractions’. The ending is a or “What would you do if you
help you determine what summary of the main points were President?” given at
you found attractive; that is, If you can, talk with you have made. exactly the same moment to
why the speech worked. It the presenter before she Attractions or everyone, is dull and
may also aid your gives the speech. Ask what commendations have two unconvincing.
observations, useful when she would like you to components. In other words, The weakest form of
the time arrives for you to observe in particular or you state what went well Table Topics, as I said, is one
give a formal evaluation what areas of speech- (speech structure, gestures, where the same assignment is
that includes suggestions making she is working on at etc.) and you explain why they given to each participating
for the speaker’s the moment. Read the worked. Distractions or member. Say the session last
improvement and growth. speech assignment before recommendations have three 15 minutes and there are 15
Build up a bank of you begin to evaluate. components. You state what members. The first speaker
suggestions you can use in Discover the objectives and issues could be improved (use plays the game as intended
evaluations. Make a list of goals. Write the goals down of notes, eye contact, etc.); with little more than seconds
challenges arising in on your evaluation note explain why they didn’t work; to think of her response; the
people’s speeches such as sheet. and make suggestions for how second, however, has a minute
the lack of tonal variety, An evaluation is a they might. to think of his answer; the
incomprehensible speech ‘mini-speech’ with an The more proficient you third two minutes and so on
structure, and using of opening, a body and an become at evaluating so others until the last member has some
notes. Jot down recurring ending. The opening is an can learn, the more you learn 14 or 15 minutes of
errors that may become introduction to the about good speech-making. preparation time. Not only is
suggestions for evaluation in which you set The more you learn, the better this undemocratic, it is
improvement when the scene. In the body of your speaking engagements contrary to the intent and spirit
evaluating other speeches. your evaluation you must will be. Continued on Page 6

As next speaker, you Chinese policy. China now our unfamiliarity with
are told you are an accepts North Korea’s right Chinese politics into
to develop nuclear arms. consideration.” However,
inhabitant of an Indian You say (in English, be conscious that your
village whose members please)…” Addressing the response to the Table Topics
have historically been second speaker, you say, Master is not affected by
ravaged by marauding “You are Condoleezza Rice, your frustration at yourself
Bengal tigers. You the U.S. Secretary of State. for being unable to cleverly
You are asked by a reporter and quickly respond to a
respond. for the Wall Street Journal reasonable suggestion.
Continued from Page 5 scheduled to give a speech or to comment upon China’s Afterwards, as Table
who haven’t volunteered for declaration before the U.N. Topics Master, graciously
of Table Topics. Why, one a significant role at the You respond…” Etc. thank the members for their
could write a speech in 15 meeting should be given first Again, a good topic participation and turn the
minutes! opportunity to participate. might be, generally meeting back to the
The Table Topics Master Try not to embarrass the speaking, “world wildlife”. Toastmaster.
ought to avoid lengthy speaker by providing him You are asked to respond to
introductions when assigning with a topic he knows the issue of the decline and
a topic to a member or near extinction of the Bengal
unnecessary and time-
nothing about. It is, of
tiger…from the point-of-
Table Topics Tricks
course, up to the speaker
consuming remarks. He is whether he is embarrassed view of the tiger. As next
A Table Topics response
not making a speech! His by his weak response or is speaker, you are told you are
doesn’t have to be accurate
purpose is to introduce topics inability to come up with a an inhabitant of an Indian nor truthful. It doesn’t have to
and guide the discussion. It response to a familiar topic. village whose members have be an answer to the question
ought to take no more than a Table Topics sessions are historically been ravaged by asked. It’s fun, sometimes, to
minute. imbued with potential marauding Bengal tigers. expound at length, if you have
Make sure, however, that pitfalls which we, by doing You respond. As third no idea what to say.
members are clear about them, are attempting to learn speaker, you represent the You might try explaining
what’s expected of them. to avoid. That’s the nature World Wildlife Fund. You why you were really hoping
“Your task is to take one slip of the game! must respond to the you wouldn’t be called upon
of paper from the envelope villager’s comments. Etc. or what fears you had about
when I call upon you. Read Take a stand If time permits, the answering the question.
the instructions on the paper Table Topics Master may A simple technique that
and tell us in one minute (or Introduce stimulating, provide a brief evaluation of works is not to worry about it.
two minutes) how you would realistic and useful topics the overall discussion or Don’t ‘over think’ or prepare;
handle the described that will generate discussion summarize the main points just relax, and if you’re called
situation. Read the situation among participants. at the end of a session. on, stand up and start talking.
aloud.” Repeat the An excellent approach, However, avoid individual This may sound ridiculous,
too seldom used at New evaluations. but worrying about it is
instructions, if necessary. The
sometimes counterproductive.
envelope only advances when Horizons, is to take a stand If members wish to
After a time you will
the member has finished on community, national or comment upon the Table
have developed a warehouse
speaking and has taken her international issues. The Topics Master’s approach, of material to draw upon. You
seat. general topic could be be considerate. As with a may even begin to catalogue
It is courteous to listen “international politics”, for speech evaluation, say what material in your mind to
completely to the previous example. was good about the session “save” for Table Topics.
speaker (and may be You, as Table Topics and offer suggestions for With an arsenal of
important to one’s own Master, inform the first improvement. maneuvers at your service,
comments) without rushing speaker that he is ‘the “Your execution of the you’ll soon start having fun at
to get an advance peek at Chinese representative at the table topics was really well- Table Topics sessions. You
your own challenge. Club U.N. You called upon him done; however, I thought may even look forward to
members who aren’t to explain a change in that you might have taken being called upon.

As third speaker, you Some Table Topics you might try

represent the World
You might have each participant pick a fortune cookie from a jar
Wildlife Fund. You and use the “fortune” as the table topic. Ensure each member
must respond to the receives a different fortune. Afterwards speaking members can be
villager’s comments. treated to the fortune cookie. You might choose the general topic
“food”. Surprise each participant with a query related to the topic.
The tiger speaks again Speaker #1: Your most memorable meal? Speaker #2: Your least
through the fourth favorite food? Speaker #3: Strangest food you’ve ever eaten?
speaker! Speaker #4: Strangest place you’ve ever eaten? And so on.

Winners all: Education Ambassador Erna Brusch (Contest speaking. They hope for a 15-20 minute lecture. More
Chair) and VP of Education Michelle Wei, backed by information to follow. If interested, contact the editor.
Division Governor Stuart Segal, convened club members on
September 27 for a special meeting, one in which Use the voice: Toastmaster Yassamin Gharai points out this
enterprising speakers had an opportunity to participate in surprising bit of information from the website of Dr. Andrew
contests. Julia Savitch, Clarie Martin and Anoop Kelsi Weil, M.D: Public speaking helps prevent or reduce the
stepped up to the podium to give ‘humorous’ speeches and effects of aging on the voice. We ought to use our voices
Yanzin Zhang, Julia Savitch and Clarie Martin tried their more, writes Dr. Weil, to combat the affects that age places
hand at ‘table topics’. The winners at club level took on the on voice quality and volume (pitch change, breathiness,
winners of other area clubs on October 5. There, hoarseness). Trained singers and public speakers often have
unfortunately, other contenders stopped New Horizon stronger voices as they age, he advises.
competitors in their tracks. Those contenders, however, went Unicef speakers: In September (and this is something to
on to the Division contests on October 17, in which seven watch out for), Renate Zorn, DTM, coordinator, District 60
areas and 32 clubs competed. Congratulations to all who TM Speakers Bureau, notified us that Unicef Canada needed
participated (especially New Horizon winners Anoop Kelsi speakers to support its national education program. On the
and Clarie Martin) and to everyone else who contributed. Horizon is unaware of any club members taking up the
More contests: The Division C Humorous and Table Topics challenge; however, such speaking engagements ought to be
Contests kept Area 50 Governor Josef Stetter busy on valued as excellent resource opportunities for members.
October 19, the area contest on October 12. Josef would like Moving on: Long-time member Steve Purwitsky has moved
to thank all who participated as judges, timers, ballot to another club after more than 10 years with New Horizons.
counters, etc. He says the distance he must travel to Edithvale Community
“Workshop Ho!”: Education Ambassador Yollanda Zhang Centre and his work commitments make the decision
(preparing for her wedding but undeterred from her quest to necessary. His new club, he says, is just a few blocks away
help the club) continued to advance member interests on from his home in Thornhill. Steve Purwitsky: To be missed,
September 4 by providing yet another special workshop in for sure.
her condo complex at Bayview and Sheppard. Fred Jones In the ‘Spirit’: District 60’s newsletter has a new assistant
made a presentation entitled “How to be an Effective editor: Your own VP of Public Relations Clarie Martin. At
Evaluator” (see Page 4). Afterwards, the workshop allowed the recommendation of District Governor Stuart Segal,
everyone an opportunity to put Fred’s advice into practice. Publisher Kathleen Wong invited Clarie to offer suggestions
They evaluated the efforts of four speakers. Yollanda (now or help out with the September/October issue of Spirit of 60.
newly married but still determined) has planned another You may have seen the result. Here’s how Kathleen
workshop for November 20 at the familiar location. The expressed how she felt: “This is GREAT. Thank you SO
theme of the meeting will be “How to be a Funny Speaker”. much for meeting the timeline as set. Thank you SO much
Area Governor Josef Stetter will present. for helping out! You’re simply amazing!” Your On the
“Workshop Ho!” II: On September 23, Fred Jones Horizon editor blushes…
organized an Advanced Speech Workshop in the meeting
No boundaries: The District 60 fall conference occurs in
room of District Governor Stuart Segal’s condo complex.
Niagara Falls, November 3-5. The weekend’s theme plays
Fred’s says the efforts of advanced speakers were dynamic,
with the notion of no boundaries: “The Sky’s the Limit”.
especially the tremendous effort of Debbie Long, who is our
Organizers are working to provide the “ultimate” conference
highlighted Toastmaster in this issue of On the Horizon.
experience for Toastmasters, full of fun and learning. A
Up for debate: Members of the School Debate Club at Earl highlight of the conference will be the Humorous Speech
Haig Secondary School have requested a speaker from our Contest and Table Topics Contest where winners of the
group to talk at their school about debating or public Division contests will compete.

The Final Word How to organize an Impromptu Speech

In How to Write & Give a Speech (St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1984), author Joan Detz writes:

Decide what you want to talk about – fast Or, repeat the question to stall for extra time. “You’re
Commit yourself to that approach. Do not change subjects or asking me about the changes that deregulation will bring to
reverse your opinion midstream. the banking industry.” Repeating the question has an extra
Feel free to pause for a few seconds to collect your thoughts. benefit: it makes sure the audience knows what you’ve been
The audience will not think you are stupid; they will admire asked to speak about.
you for being able to organize your ideas under difficult Present just two or three points of evidence. Do not bore
circumstances. the audience with chronological details.
Do not ramble. Do not mumble. Wrap up your impromptu speech with a firm conclusion –
Open with a generalization to stall for time, if necessary. a punch line that people can focus on.
“Deregulation is certainly an important issue right now” will Stop once you have offered what sounds like a conclusion;
buy you a few extra seconds to compose your response. just stop.