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Stakeholder Definition of their role, and how they provide support to

individuals on the spectrum

Parent or Guardian “Parent” may be a biological or foster parent, a legal guardian, or

an individual who acts in place of the parent.

A ​parent or guardian​ supports individuals on the spectrum by

providing information about the child, including strengths and
needs, to service providers including the IEP or IFSP team. A
parent will relay family's priorities and help determine the
appropriateness intervention strategies (IRIS)

Special Education Teacher A ​Special Education Teacher is a​n expert in specialized

academic instruction. Their knowledge extends to
accommodations, modifications, and interventions.

Special education teachers support students with ASD by over

seeing data collection and implementing the services agreed upon
in an IEP. (IRIS)

General Education General Education Teachers provide instruction to typically

Teacher developing peers to students with ASD. General education
teachers include multi-subject and single subject teachers.

The general education teacher will support the student by providing

core academic instruction. A general educator should be present in
an IEP meeting if the student will be receiving instruction in the
general education classroom (IRIS)

Administrator School administrators are generally principals or other faculty

that are licenced to act in their absence.

Administrators support students by participating in an IEP​.

School Psychologist School Psychologist​s administer assessments and interpret the

results. (IRIS)

They support students by developing behavior plans, conducting

groups, and implementing interventions for individuals with ASD

Speech-Language The role of the SLP is to help students with communication skills.
Pathologist They will collect data and report on SLP goals.

SLPs support students with ASD by working on social

communication (IRIS)

Occupational Therapist The role of the OT is to evaluate and provide services to students
with ASD related to academic activities and routines.

OTs support by addressing the need to dress independently, cope

with tactile or sensory issues, participate in social activities, or
manage transitions (IRIS)

Board Certified Behavior The role of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst is to assist with
Analyst assessment, interventions, and training on a behavioral level (IRIS)

BCBAs support students in the classroom and/or at home.

Physical Therapist The role of the ​Physical Therapist​ is to assess and provide
intervention for issues related to coordination, mobility, and other
motor behavior.

They can support students by helping them interact with the

environment of the school such as navigating around the school,
playground, and classroom. (IRIS)

Paraprofessional The role of the Paraprofessional is to provide additional support in

a variety of school settings.

Paraprofessionals support students with ASD by implementing

behavioral plans, working directly with the student, and facilitating
peer interactions (IRIS)

Vocational Specialist The role of the Vocational Specialist is to provide information on

post-secondary education, employment, options and career

A vocational specialist can support students on the spectrum by

helping them to prepare for life outside of K-12 sand in the
community (IRIS)

Adapted Physical The role of the Adapted Physical Education Teacher is to assess
Education Teacher students and implement specialized physical education.

APE teachers support students by working with the student on

gross motor skills (Colorado APE)
Pediatrician The role of the Pediatrician is to screen for ASD and provide
medical services (​Kairys & Petrova, 2016)

Pediatricians support students with ASD by advocating for

the individual and facilitating specialized supports and
interventions outside the school setting.

Nutritionist The role of the Nutritionist is to address the nutritional needs of the

A nutritionist supports individuals with ASD by developing feeding

plans based on individual needs and preferences (IRIS)

Social Worker The role of Social Workers is to counsel with students.

Social workers support students with ASD whose academic,

behavioral, or social-emotional issues interfere with their
education. (IRIS)


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