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45t Lifting Capacity
Volvo Engine
Dana Clark Gearbox
Elme Spreader
Kessler Drive Axle
SANY Steering Axle
360 degree LED Lighting System
Bucher and Parker Hydraulic System
IFM Electronic Controller
CE Compliant
Made in Germany
Volvo TAD 952 VE Euro IIIa
 Power 240Kw / 326HP at 1900 rpm
 Fully Electric EFI Control System allows for
improved engine performance, better fuel
efficiency, and improved emissions control.
 Cylinders : 6
 Displacement : 9.36

Volvo TAD 1170 VE Euro IV

 Power 235Kw at 950 rpm
 Fully Electric EFI Control System allows for
improved engine performance, better fuel
efficiency, and improved emissions control.
 Cylinders : 6
 Displacement : 10.84

Dana Clark 15.5 HR 36000
 Hydrodynamic Transmission
 Four speeds forward and four reverse
 Smooth electronic gear change software controlled
 Modulated transmission can operate in automatic or
manual shifting mode.
 Electro-Hydraulic Control System
 Forward/Backward Electrically Controlled Anti-
Reversion Device
 Pipeless Hydraulic Pilot System
Elme 817
 20ft and 40ft container handling (30ft stop as
 Sideshift ±800 mm
 Rotation -105/+195 deg
 +/- 30 degrees rotation stop
 Dampening cylinder system
 Four lifting lugs close to twistlocks
 LED twistlock indicator
 CANBUS controller and CAN diagnostic
 Proportional rotation

Piggyback Spreader (optional)

Elme 857
 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and B7 container handling
 Powered side tilt of +/- 6°.
 Two sensors for +/- 30° stop on rotation
 Sideshift ±800 mm
 Rotation -105/+195 degrees
 +/- 30 degrees rotation stop
 Four liftin
capacity with +/- 10% load eccentricity
 Dampening cylinder system
 Patented leg folding system that provides
block-stacking feature.
 Four grapple arms that are folded in and out in an
automatic sequence.
 A load clamping system that involves all four grapple arms.
 Piggyback feet designed according to fit European trailers.
 Separate clamping indication for left and right side.
 LED twistlock indicator
 CANBUS controller and CAN diagnostic
 Proportional rotation
Drive Axle
Kessler D102 PL341
 Width 3807mm with standard
mudguard and vehical width
 Heavy Load Drive Axle durable for
impact under all tough working
 Service Brake with Wet Disc
 Tire Size – 18.00 – 25”

Steering Axle
 Heavy duty design
 Double acting steering cylinder
 Oleo-Pneumatic Suspension
 Greasable bearings
 Centralized greasing (option)

 P2x4 LED lights at each front mudguard
 2x2 LED side working lights and reverse lights
 4x LED working lights at boom
 2x LED working lights close to spreader
 LED reverse lights
 LED stop lights
 Rotating amber beacon
 360˚ degree lighting
Electrical Control System
 FULL CAN BUS system with 4 separate CAN BUS
interfaces for secure data transfer
 Redundant CAN BUS Joystick for failproof movements
 CAN BUS diagnostic for main components
 Filter status indicators
 Latest IFM screen with High Resolution Display
 Integrated rear view camera (standard)
 Secondary Display positioned on top of front window
for higher driver comfort when stacking containers
Hyrdaulic System
 Load sensing hydraulics. System provides the right
amount of power for each movement required by
 2 double variable displacement pumps
 1 load sensing proportional distributor
 3 main filters for brakes and drive axle
 Electronic redundant CAN BUS joystick with auto
throttle function.
 Spacious, comfortable cabin with excellent all-around
 Hydraulic controlled sliding (standard)
 Fully adjustable Grammer Seat SYZY-GC-A
 Additional buddy seat with seat belts
 2.0 liter fire extinguisher
 Digital climate control system
 Secondary Head up IFM display at top windscreen for
load and spreader information
 Main IFM colour display integrated in main dashboard
 Radio pre-arrangement
 Sun curtain on roof window
Safety Features
 Protection against change of direction with machine in motion
 Safety valves with speed limiter on cylinders
 Anti over-tipping protection system limits the travel speed preventing
tipping due to excessive speed.
 Engine and transmission protection system.
 Redundant CAN BUS
 Twist locks locking only after correct positioning
 Lifting only after correct locking
 Twist locks unlocking only after correct positioning
 Anti-collision rotation limit switch
 Moom lowering stop device when spreader is seated
Main Options
 Extendable counterweight for additional capacity
 Integrated Piggy Back Spreader Elme mod. 857
 Automatic Fire suppression system
 30´stop on spreader
 Integrated Surround system
 Rear parking sensors
 Air suspended Grammer seat with lumbar
support and heating system
 Additional cabin heater
 Winter package for cold climate
 Box type chassis designed for heavy duty application.
 Steel classification DIN EN 10025 = S355JR
 2 Stages box-type telescopic boom
 High resistance profiles and steel plates
 Steel classification DIN EN 10025 = SQ890QL and SQ
Performance Parameters Main Dimensions
Overall Weight Kg 74890 Overall Length mm 11200
Weight on Drive Axle Unladen Kg 34898 Wheel Base mm 6000
Weight on Drive Axle Laden Kg 87809 Min. Ground Clearance mm 350
Weight on Steer Axle Unladen Kg 39079 Overall Height mm 4770
Weight on Steer Axle Laden Kg 31462 Max. Boom Height mm 17785
Max. Lifting Speed Unladen mm/s 420 Counterweight Motion (opt.) mm 500
Max. Lifting Speed Laden mm/s 250 Overall Width mm 6042-12175
Max. Lowering Speed Unladen mm/s 360 Front Wheel Width mm 4190
Max. Lowering Speed Laden mm/s 300 Rear Wheel Width mm 3310
Max. Travel Speed Unladen km/h 25 Front Turning Radius mm 1200
Max. Travel Speed Laden km/h 21 Rear Turning Radius mm 8285
Gradeability Unladen % 38
Gradeability Laden % 31
Max. Lifting Height mm 15100
Boom Angle ° 0-60
Hydraulic Pressure bar 240
Noise Level dB 72

Performance Parameters with Piggyback Spreader

Overall Weight Kg 83800
Weight on Drive Axle Unladen Kg 42100
Weight on Drive Axle Laden (45t) Kg 107000
Weight on Steer Axle Unladen Kg 41700
Weight on Steer Axle Laden (45t) Kg 21800
Max Lifting Height mm 14780
Min. Ground Clearance mm 300