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DIRECT 682.422.0025 FAX 682.422.0008

TO: Dr. Marc Smith

FROM: Tommy Fisher

DATE: March 6, 2019

RE: Investigation Concerning Coach Cathy Self-Morgan


This investigation report is being provided to the University Scholastic League (“UIL”) by the
Duncanville Independent School District (the “District”) administration pursuant to the verbal directive
given to the District at the conclusion of the UIL hearing on February 6, 2019. The February 6 hearing
concerned an Appeal of the District 6-6A Executive Committee Decision Regarding Eligibility of a
Student Athlete, Section 443, Changing Schools for Athletic Purposes. The DEC 6-6A previously ruled
that Hannah Gusters moved from Duncanville High School to Irving MacArthur High School for athletic
purposes. At the conclusion of the February 6 hearing, UIL Chairman Mike Motheral addressed the
District Athletic Director, Dwight Weaver. Specifically Chairman Motheral stated “We have a text
stream that actually starts on page 116, I believe of 127 pages, of documentation that points to Coach
Self-Morgan potentially being involved in some recruitment. Now, we’re not here to make a decision
on that today but we are here telling you at this point that you have a very important assignment ahead
of you. You and your superintendent, and you need to deliver this message back to him. And that is said
that there will be a very thorough investigation of Coach. And based upon the information that’s
available, and you got that or you can get it, that you will bring us back a report. You got one month to
get this accomplished. Bring back a report to let us know what your findings are. And let me be very
clear. This is not to be a superficial, just get it out of the way, kind of look into this situation. It is to be
real. The report is to be thorough and if there are findings, we’re going to have an expectation that you
folks are first going to take care of some issues. And then we will in the future have a hearing for the
coach”. Thereafter, this firm was retained by the District to conduct the investigation as directed by
Chairman Mike Motheral. This report is being provided to the UIL Executive Director and the District
Board of Supervisors.


On February 8, 2019, this firm was retained by Duncanville Independent School District to conduct an
investigation on its behalf as directed by UIL Chairman Mike Motheral on February 6, 2019. A copy of
the email directing this firm is attached as Exhibit “A”. By letter dated February 8, I advised Coach
Cathy Self-Morgan of the investigation and requested information from her. The February 8 letter to
Coach Self-Morgan is attached as Exhibit “B”. Coach Self-Morgan met with me on February 11 and
thereafter on March 1. I have spoken on the phone with her on numerous occasions throughout the
investigation. Coach Self-Morgan has been cooperative throughout the investigation.
March 6, 2019

I also interviewed the following persons on the dates indicated:

• Coach Cathy Self-Morgan on February 11, March 1 and on various dates via phone.

• Jack Morgan, spouse of Coach Self-Morgan, on February 11. I also communicated with Mr.
Morgan on several occasions between February 11 and the present.

• Theresa Nunn (Valdez), mother of Deja Kelly, the player allegedly recruited by Coach Self-
Morgan, on February 19.

• Keith and Rebecca Rufus, mother of Zaria Rufus, Duncanville player, on February 19.

• Eric Mims, father of Kiyara Howard-Garza, Duncanville player, on February 20.

• Nneka Bernard, mother of Duncanville player Anaya Bernard, on February 20.

• Milton and Tiffany Cormier, parents of Zyunn Cormier, Duncanville player, on February 20.

• Melissa Kingston, attorney for Sheridane Gusters, via phone on February 18 and 20.

• Earl Rooks via phone on February 26.

• Margaret Thomas on February 18.

• Chad Fitzgerald on March 1.

• Rob McQuaid on March 1 and on various dates via phone.

• Monika Johnson on March 1.

• Kathleen Brown February 20 and on various dates via phone.

• Lisa Miranda on the phone on February 28.

In addition to the foregoing, I reviewed documents provided to me by the District and persons
interviewed including but not limited to the documents attached hereto.


Chairman Mike Motheral expressed concern regarding allegations of recruiting of players by the
Duncanville Lady Pantherettes basketball program and, specifically by head Coach Cathy Self-Morgan.
This investigation focused primarily on the allegations related to recruiting and, to the extent identified,
any other UIL matters identified during the investigation. The investigation results, findings and
recommendations are contained herein.
March 6, 2019

Recruiting is a Category A violation pursuant to Section 51 of the UIL Constitution. The Constitution
defines recruiting as follows:

cc) Recruit: to encourage a student in any way to change schools for the purpose of participating
in UIL activities at any grade level. It could include offering a student or the student’s parent
cash, waiver of tuition, board or lodging, transportation, promise of better conditions at the
participant school or on its team, a job or other valuable consideration to induce the student to
enroll in a participant school.

(pp) Valuable consideration: any tangible or intangible property or service that has any value,
including anything that is wearable, usable or salable.

Thus, a member school violates the ban on recruiting if any covered school district personnel encourages
a student to change schools for the purpose of participating in UIL activities. Illegal recruiting could
include offering a student or parent anything of value to enroll in the school. It is pursuant to this
definition that the investigation has been conducted.


Did Cathy Self-Morgan and/or the District engage in prohibited recruiting of students to participate
in the Lady Pantherettes Women’s Basketball program?

Cathy Self-Morgan has been the coach of the Duncanville Pantherette Women’s Basketball team for 19
years. She has achieved great success in that position, including multiple state championships. In August
of 2018, Deja Kelly enrolled in Duncanville ISD and participated as a member of the Pantherette
Basketball team. Previously, Deja Kelly had been a basketball player at San Antonio Johnson High
School where she was a member of the women’s basketball program. In conjunction with her transfer,
a Previous Athletic Participation Form (“PAPF”) was submitted on behalf of Kelly. A copy of the PAPF
for Jaslyn Deja Kelly is attached as Exhibit “C”. The Kelly PAPF did not indicate that she had
transferred to Duncanville High for athletic purposes. Kelly was allowed to participate in women’s
basketball for the 2018-19 season. A conflict arose between Hannah Gusters and Self-Morgan that
resulted in Gusters transferring to Irving MacArthur. The February 6 hearing dealt with Gusters’ appeal
of the DEC decision that she transferred for athletic purposes.

There were several allegations of recruiting made in the presentation to UIL on behalf of the student
appealing to UIL, Hannah Gusters. Counsel for Ms. Gusters asserted as follows:

“Ms. Nunn 1 also began reporting to other parents that Coach Self-Morgan had recruited Kelly
from San Antonio because she needed a good player on the Team and Coach Self-Morgan had
ensured that Ms. Nunn would have employment and housing at a discounted rate from a ‘friend
of the team’ and that ‘Coach Self-Morgan worked to recruit Kelly and helped Ms. Nunn get a
job as Director of Basketball Operations’ for his summer league teams and then on with
Duncanville as a Community Liaison and housing in Duncanville.”

Ms. Nunn refers to Theresa Nunn (Valdez), Deja Kelly’s mother.
March 6, 2019

Ms. Gusters asserted that recruiting at Duncanville is a common occurrence. In support of these
allegations, Ms. Gusters relies upon several text messages between Coach Earl Rooks of Nike Pro Skills
and Coach Self-Morgan. Rooks coached both Deja Kelly and Hannah Gusters on his Nike Pro Skills
team. A copy of the text messages in question are attached hereto as Exhibit “D”. As the original text
messages attached to the Appeal are in small print and difficult to read, they are reproduced in relevant
part below:

Self: Hey coach, would you happen to have a contact number for deja Kelly mother at
Johnson in San Antonio? I’d appreciate any assistance
Rooks: (Sends Theresa (Deja) contact information)
Self: Is she going to coach for or with you this summer? And deja will be playing with
hannah right?
Rooks: She’s be operating in the capacity of a DOBO And yes ma’am, they will play
Self: What’s a DOBO
Rooks: Director of Basketball Operations
Will help on the court as well
Self: I just figured it out right before you text. Duh lol
Self: Hey earle, I can’t get Theresa’s number to open. Can you please give her my
number and ask her to call me tomorrow please?
Y’all are playing in SA this weekend?
Rooks: Good morning Coach Self! Do you have any time this morning to catch up?
Self: What time is good for you?
Rooks: I’m fairly flexible.
Self: I’ll call you from my office phone in about 15 minutes. Ok?
Rooks: Perfect
Self: $20/hour directly to coach opening and $25 rental to school per night. Starting next
week if I can get a coach to open during spring break? (Drop the $25 rental if you
can get me deja or imani?)
Rooks: Thank you so much coach!
You might as well drop the $25, I will make something happen one way or another.
Please let me know once you have confirmation next week.
Self: You just saved my sanity!!!! Bless you
Rooks: We can do a this together!
Self: You got it!!
Self: Yes, she does!
Any positive word on deja and or imani coming to Duncanville?
Teranie thomas will open red gym Tuesday-Thursday this week
(Sends Teranie Thomas contact information)
Rooks: Thank you!! Deja’s mom is open. Just needs a solid job.
Self: What kind of job is she qualified for?
Rooks: I’ll probe more tomorrow. I know she hasn’t finished her degree. Has coached quite
a bit in private schools.
Self: Teaching certificate? I’m going to need a 9th coach/assistant varsity
What does she do now?
Rooks: You good to meet with her sometime this weekend?
March 6, 2019

Self: Absolutely!!! I have a funeral in desoto 2:30 to probably 4:30 Saturday but that is
all on schedule for the weekend
Rooks: GM! Please give me a call today so we can talk through
Self: Are all your teams practicing today or just hannah’s?
Rooks: We cancelled
Self: Shucks! Was hoping Theresa was coming up. Thanks
Self: Is pro skills registered as a non profit charity organization?
Rooks: Yes ma’am
Self: I need to pick a non profit girls basketball group for Gatorade to award !,000 check
to in my name. Can you give me your email and specifics that I can send them?
Rooks: Yes ma’am, thank you!!
Self: Just watching Chantae play! Whoa! She is special!! Want her mother to leave her
here now!!!!!
Visited with mom for a minute trying not to draw too much attention.
Manohman, #15 on jason terry elite team dad is interested in coming here. She will
be a senior but great size! Little sister is 10 yrs old and 5’9” already. Brother plays
at Georgia tech
Any word on 6:00 cut?
Rooks: 32 will be cut before this evenings session – will bring the number to 70.
I expect that Deja, Hannah, and Sarah are all safe
Self: I’m excited theresa was offered the job at school and deja is going to be a
pantherette !!
Rooks: The pieces are coming together!
Self: Any word from Chantae Embry mother? Now I’m getting greedy!
Rooks: I will call her today.
Self: Great! Be glad to give her a tour and talk with a counselor anytime she’s ready

In the course of this investigation, interviews were conducted of Coach Self-Morgan, her husband, Jack
Morgan, Ms. Nunn, parents and players who have transferred into the Lady Pantherette basketball
program, personnel involved in the transfer process and others. Contact was made with Earl Rooks,
who refused to answer any questions regarding this matter. Melissa Kingston, counsel for Gusters was
also contacted. Ms. Kingston represented that Ms. Gusters refused to participate in the investigation
and that the only evidence Ms. Gusters possessed to support her recruiting allegations was attached to
the appeal documentation. Thus, the only evidence to support the allegations is contained in the text
messages above.

Initially, the text messages do not support the conclusion that Coach Self-Morgan acquired Ms. Nunn a
job as Director of Operations of Rooks’ organization. To the contrary, Coach Self-Morgan was informed
of Ms. Nunn’s position for the first time by Rooks and inquired as to what the acronym “DOBO” used
by Rooks referred to. This is supported by the statements of both Coach Self-Morgan and Ms. Nunn.
Ms. Nunn played college basketball and has coached both AAU and private high school basketball
teams. She appears to be qualified to act as the Director of Basketball Operations for the Pro Skills
organization. Accordingly, I find no support for the allegation that Coach Self-Morgan assisted Ms.
Nunn with getting a job as Director of Basketball Operations with Rooks.

Several of the text messages between Rooks and Coach Self-Morgan certainly give the appearance of
impropriety. Coach Self-Morgan appears to offer use of the Duncanville gym to Rooks free of charge
March 6, 2019

if Rooks can get two players for Self-Morgan – Kelly and Imani. Rooks’ Nike Pro Skill women’s team
did practice at Duncanville High for several months in 2018 free of charge. However, the practice of
allowing Duncanville gym usage free of charge occurred in the years prior to 2018. In addition, free
gym usage was granted to several other teams for 2018 and prior years. For 2018, Rooks’ teams used
the Duncanville gyms free of charge twice monthly for May-July. In comparison, other teams used the
gym at no charge 11 times over 3 months and 18 times over 4 months. The Rooks teams had 16
Duncanville basketball players participating on 4 teams. The other teams had 5 Duncanville girls on a
single team and only Duncanville girls on the third team. It appears that the free usage of Duncanville
gyms was not tied to recruiting of any player, rather; it was typical practice to allow free usage to teams
and programs that had several Duncanville girls participating. Thus, it does not appear that Rooks was
given free gym access to deliver two players to Self-Morgan. In addition, other than a single brief
conversation between Imani’s mother and Self-Morgan at a basketball tournament, there was no contact
between Imani’s parents and Self-Morgan or anyone at Duncanville. Imani did not transfer to
Duncanville. While the practice of allowing free gym usage is not consistent with District policy as set
forth below, the practice doesn’t constitute recruiting.

There is discussion in the text messages about the potential donation of $1,000 on Self-Morgan’s behalf
from Gatorade. In 2017, Self-Morgan received the Gatorade Coaching Excellence award. The award
included a $1,000 donation to a registered not for profit organization which met certain criteria. Self-
Morgan stated that she considered having the donation made on her behalf to the Nike Pro Skills
organization run by Rooks. She identified the Rooks organization had up to 16 Duncanville players on
the various rosters. However, the donation was not made since the Rooks organization did not meet the
required criteria.

The allegation that Self-Morgan helped Nunn get a job as a Community Liaison with the District was
investigated. Nunn was hired as a Family Engagement Liaison on June 12, 2018. She applied for a total
of 11 jobs with the District. She applied for 6 different jobs at Duncanville High School on April 18,
2018. Thereafter, she applied for 5 other jobs with the District, one at Duncanville High School, two at
the Education Plaza and two with the Athletic Department. She interviewed for only the Family
Engagement Liaison position. She was screened out of the remaining jobs and did not receive an
interview for any. She was granted an initial phone interview for the Family Engagement Liaison
position and then an in person interview for the position. 143 people applied for the Family Engagement
Liaison position and a total 23 applicants were granted in person interviews. 3, including Nunn, were
offered positions as Family Engagement Liaisons. In addition, both Nunn and Self-Morgan deny the
allegation. There is no evidence that Self-Morgan, Nunn, or anyone in the Athletic Department was
involved in the employment process for the position. As a result, I find that there is not sufficient
evidence to conclude Self-Morgan assisted Nunn in obtaining a job with the District as a Family
Engagement Liaison.
March 6, 2019

The allegation that Self-Morgan assisted Nunn in obtaining housing in Duncanville was investigated.
Self-Morgan denied providing any housing information or assistance to Nunn. This denial was
independently supported by Nunn. Both Nunn and the District counselor responsible for all transfer
students, Chad Fitzgerald, stated that he provided general housing information to Nunn; the name of a
company that managed several rental properties, apartment names, and locations of several apartment
complexes. None of the information given was unique to Nunn and was often given to families moving
into the Duncanville area. There is no evidence that the housing obtained by Nunn was at a discounted
rate or that any assistance was given by Self-Morgan. Based on the foregoing, I have found no support
for the allegation that Self-Morgan assisted Nunn in acquiring housing in Duncanville.


There is insufficient credible evidence to conclude that Cathy Self-Morgan engaged in prohibited
recruiting with regard to Deja Kelly’s transfer to the Duncanville Independent School District. The
preponderance of the credible evidence supports that no prohibited recruiting took place.

During the course of this investigation, some evidence was discovered regarding practices that do not
amount to violation of the UIL Constitution but are not consistent with what we believe to be best
practices in these areas. In particular, policies and practices related to usage of facilities should be
considered for revision. However, while there has been no finding of prohibited recruiting, the actions
and interactions of the basketball staff indicates that the perception of outsiders can often result in
allegations that, while ultimately unsubstantiated, are costly and harmful to the District. Self-Morgan
resigned from the District prior to the UIL hearing on February 6. However, the remaining Athletic
Department personnel are at risk of engaging in similar activities.


1. The District provide all of its athletics personnel with UIL compliance training.
2. The District prepare and provide to any prospective athletic transferee documentation regarding
the definition of recruiting by the UIL, an explanation of the recruitment prohibition and a
District administrative employee not affiliated with the Athletic Department to whom any
concerns regarding recruiting should be directed.


During the course of this investigation, it became apparent that the practices related to non-school use
of facilities, particularly athletic facilities, have deviated from the District policies on use as set forth in
GKD (Local) and GKD (Exhibit). A copy of GKD (Local) and (Exhibit) are attached as Exhibits “E”
and “F”. GKD (Local) allows use of District facilities by certain organizations. Certain nonprofit groups
that “directly benefit the District and Community” may be approved to use facilities without payment
of rental fees. All other organizations not qualifying for the rental waiver are required to pay rental and
other fees for use. In addition, groups using facilities are required to provide a release of liability and
acceptable proof of insurance prior to use. In some circumstances, this policy has been followed and
appropriate waivers and insurance provided. See Exhibit “G” as an example of District Facilities Rental
Agreement. In other instances, an Athletic Facilities Request Form has been used that does not comply
with the District Policy. In addition, some organizations, for example AAU basketball organizations,
have been given access to athletic facilities with no charge for facilities and only a requirement that a
March 6, 2019

gym supervisor be paid directly for each use. The failure to follow district policies regarding facilities
usage does not arise to a violation of the UIL Constitution. However, the practice is inconsistent with
policy and best practices and should cease.


1. The existing GDK (Local) policy should be modified to authorize only the executive director for
facilities management to approve use of all facilities, including use of athletic facilities.
2. All athletic department personnel should be advised immediately of the change in policy and the
immediate discontinuation of the current practices for athletic facilities usage.
3. Use of the Athletic Facilities Request Form in lieu of the Facilities Rental Agreement should
immediately be discontinued.
4. Current policies, practices and agreements should be reviewed and updated as appropriate to
ensure that all usage of facilities are done in a manner consistent with District policy.
5. The practice of having payment made directly to school personnel who provide facilities
supervision should be discontinued. Payment to personnel providing faculty supervision should
be made through District payroll.


During this investigation, it was necessary to obtain PAPFs for girls currently participating in women’s
basketball programs. During this process, it was found that there is no policy or procedure for retention
of the PAPFs and it was difficult to locate the requested information. Some of the PAPFs have not yet
been located. While not amounting to violation of the UIL Constitution, the filing practices related to
PAPFs is not appropriate.


1. The Athletic Director shall implement a written policy to maintain physical and electronic files
on every PAPF submitted on students transferring to or from Duncanville ISD.
2. The files created above will be maintained by the District for not less than 5 years after the
student leaves the District.


Based on the foregoing, insufficient evidence exists to find that Cathy Self-Morgan engaged in
prohibited recruiting. Notwithstanding this finding, available evidence indicates a need for additional
training of staff and education of athletic participants regarding recruiting. Likewise, policy
improvements related to both facilities usage and record keeping should be implemented as soon as
practicable. Should there be any additional information needed, please do not hesitate to contact the


Tommy Fisher
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University Interscholastic League
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�llnlflli:�-.1 b)· 1bc lut "-II•�" 11r l"lflltlfl:IIMlll llllil loc ;JfllH'tll.\.-d II)' Iii.: Dulfk.l LiXL'l:Uli,'11 (.'11111mil11:i:: llc:lnr;: Iii')' an: clicililc Ill pilRK.ljUk: a1 lhc Wl!ill:
Lt;l!li!.:11 the NC" �d11NII \ ,1111t,;n1 lr,:11'!l •••11111111m,ti•n11,�k,l li11 •• ,.. ,·�J""IJ' �••• �ull 1.:.1111"' 1 l•,n,,"1' \1bt.11.: 1•u111111�11••• r,,1111 h�l•<t� 1h�, u1L
,11p"11,• 1 1rwt1��•·••••i 14 • l...11Cilll.JJ:l.1Linud1l,1ic�.

Na11.: ,,rs1uJc111 llfL'WSd111tll DunUfnijII�

I f.l,IGlUll.l1'V CEllTlflCAl lUN: Th•� 1i:1.1i<1n should ho: LllllllJll,,10.I hy t111: 111!1ivid1111l(�I \\'ilb 11·IMJ11l II.: slu.lmt IHlll"ll:111) l\"McJIIII! Ill lllo!
• ,� -�•1111. Wi:. k u111l1.·1111nc�. c�mfy that Ille allldan 15 In (IIIIIJ!lilnai \rilh 1M 1r;u11lc:r llffil lllJllllssillrl pollelt� llt'IIIC kal 1,111111111L11ril:1 I !IJS
!11111kn1 IS 1101,1,auch•i! JdN"'11 ,., llllllclic (111191'""" ....� 11·111 ...� 11/�RlllcJ We� 111;11 1111', (ul!IC' or '"'l1'1L'(l 111l11ml:lln1H ,.111111 � lhit
s1ud..'III In 111: ih.'l. l.1n,d illl:hl!ihk muh1mkl r"1111 in ''"' r.wrc:iuuc: nr cunt.:su in "bi1.l11111: �udad hm pa111,,p111�d allhl! 111:11 S&.111 1111. 111111111&1111111111d1o:r
11L'l1,il11i:� 'J e� -n l 5,la,.Anhl'\tO /t>l ./
,;>::; ��
l'n.-v,� cu
:C:4 §J'Q De. t""
,?D '.,f.:1&. I S1a111:1 ..r pM'illlll IQi,lc11a: I □
1Ultl IEJ ·�-" □m.inl □

l'AIU Nl SlliNAI I 1ltl1 V oArn g/10 /;;o I I

II Nt.\\' SCIIUOL (.'Elrrlt'ICATIU�: We a.,ni�· 11"' lit
• illdir•'l:llr 111 lhc SIOOl.'111 .. JIIINIII$ llt nlll\'C Ill
l11111111111cc: no 11111: rrn111 Pllr �11111111unil)· Im oll'i:ICII :inr 1ndu�1111.-n1. iliJCIJI) «
Is • 1. 11hc ha I.IIOl\'lcdp 11115 IIMJcnr 1511111 chan11ng S1.litlllls li1r 11l1l..-t1c l'llrJlllftl:!I

Dv,vcRrt \fl c.t c

N11111� .,rN.:11 .!iclNd :ntl.:nl ur dcsi 11111,-d lllln1im"'o11"'
g/, -3/J1
i5!ic I

III LA!!i I" llCUOOI. lll-. l'AKI ICIPA"rlON CEKfll-1C'A'J ION AND IU,Lt:ASE: 11�,1lon 111 1111m � .:1,nlfll1.1CII fur 111•) IICI\' sluilall 111 Jflld•-s
e 11,/! "ti.1 lw c\'" p111t11:1pa1�'1f ffl lmclmll. h:lsl.cib.111. Chl&S Cllllllr). f1111lball, plf.>11�L'l:r. llllllhaU, 1wi111nmllt and tl1vin11.1c;ir11 t1:1111&1.. 11:111111>
lra.1- llllll llclil, volk)'II� or wicslllng Ill � l•I :Z II DHtlCha 1,hm1I In the IJMCJ Sl:ih=i nr lllcx,cn hii:liin: 1111:� an: (b11hll: In pll11Civ,111: a
LIii:- \;IIMI) 11."\·cl Ill lh� IIC\f .cllllltl. l'h:� L'll(Lk di.: ,1j1P11111ri111c IClfJUl'lllD ltclaw Ir DS) ur•1•nafull► l•!i •rr • \•\•• • run Dlrrlllit: urrhr .,,.....11
I· Afrllfl\·r 01111111,urr IIIU l n1111ld h,• rr111lrnl •-••1· 1rr.-q11nlnl b' a 1nr1111i,, 11rtl11·rc1111ml1t,� 111 Ilic 11u, di,1riu. If q11r.ii1111tt f• I• 1111111.rtl •,�·,:i
full lll'arl11i: 11rrlt\! llt:r I, n11uln:d '" lbc Ill\\ dlurlcl.
Y&i tm
□ 00 I WIii, UICI� DI!)' ,1111111\'l 0tdwi111sra111111 lt..11\'CCll llti:lludcnl hi'illia flllrClll.i Niil lh,: :rllll1.1id:i.:i111L-niic Mlpc,Y1$1V�. Ille )l:J••d.

□ liZf 2 Wm lhit $IUllcnl rcc111i1rd 111,11.:nJ anuda sdl1111I at"'" 1111) IIIN!ur irllllllClltC c�crtrr.l ...... "'" llU&ICIIII ur bmilJ IO dlan� Jch1111h"
0 fSl .1 l)1d 11111 '4lhlc11l ljllit an a.hlaic..:111·11) llf !N'lllfllm wh1lr �1111111(. •• 11111r1el1o�ol1 lfyes, alradl npl■ll■IIH Ill DF.C'.

□ Ga' � \Va. lh� 11111km L"\l.T �ttspi.'ftlli.,J ur ICIIIG\'\.'tl r11Hn )'11111 M.'llalll QtltldlL JIIUjllllffl' ,r,es. :allarh opllllLll(Q ,. Dt:C.
□ KZ( j \\\nlld Ilic �-•I� pr11hiht1cd rmm pariici��IIIIII 1n lllfllclai:s liad diet 11111 di:ia�d �l•rdJ·• If ,·es. IIIIIICb ,1p11111IIDn •• Dl:C.


c..). S'a" lwr)bnii-o

Iv. EM:.CU I ,n. CU�l:\11Tfl::t: ,\l'rROVAL: We a:n1rp� 11km:
•C.'llrl.l.1ln:111"JIIIJ!lrial�hut D
\"anl1, 0
!i11b-1"11nlt) •ml� C
irudetll ,� :ittfllO\'d

applJillJ!far■ W1lvtr)
Ir� run knirl1111 ,,r lln• rn:c I, n'ljllln:11 11:iwd 111111,t- l■f11r11111rlu11 In ,�1fqn Ill .,.., ,•• 111 rr 11111lr1111� farlli:fhk- tor, 11,-11,- ,.,1111:111:
1•11 llripal11ill 1111III tllr UF.C. ltl'ar• l�IMIIMJ fni11 lhr prolNII.\ ut)ll(1\, Ilic- •l11iln1 ·pam1I �nd ,�r 11CU",cl1ua1 ■n1t ilclrrmln� lh�t lllullnlrnt dill
11111 d11ni:r \I r11111h rn, •1hMk' '"'"'"'"· ·n,1, prur-- b m1ulttd Ill hrr Cllllljddtll "''"' 1111,r �h'III u11plyl1ii: 6,r a n1f,·rr nrthl' J1•n·111 J&:.\ldlltl�
nt1r.11�1•1tlk•l>l�. l>ATI:: OFUEARING __________

C'onU1d tnlilil /\doo:ss

Seed 11111' CUI')' Ill Jh� Sllllk,11( S '1111Lil1 Khlllll allll llN! 111h,, "•'Y Ill the UnlttlJl1} 11111.'rKllulmll�
nu: 1J1,11n1 l11,111m.,n m.,k,s 11\(1 ,11pi1,-, 111·11,•�•Nllr,I"� lllllll
I �"I:� II'" k•l�K I 'm,;nny l>1.:11n1n..Ausiin. T..-u,.111113 kct.11111br:41t1pl:II lnYIIUI file
Previous Athletic Participation Form
University lntencholastic League
All m:w Sludcnts m ip-11dcs •).12 \\hu have L'Vcr ur pnnicipulcd in h11S1:bull. has�ctball. cr111s rnunlry, foolhall, b'Oll: so1.-ccr. sollh11II. swin1m111g 11nd
divinJ:, l�lllll lL'flllts. tennis. truck a111I lil:ld, vullcyhall 11r wri:stl ing in grudi:s K-12 111 oou1hc:r scho1,I in Iii.: UmtL'<I StalL'S nr Mc,acu P. IUST h.iw this form
cumph:tcd II) the last �chool nf pnrtic;ipa1io111100 bl: appmv.:d by lhc 1Jis1rk1 EXL-CUtivc C:11n11niuci: hdi,r.: 1hcy 1lll! rlii:ihlc 1<1 p11r11lip111c Ill die \',\HSI'[).
� DI the m:w SUllkll ,\ �,uJcn1 li.:11111 L111111uuu11,I� c11n,ll.:,l li>r 111� c.ili:nJar �•·m s11ll 1c,1111rL"- .i l'r.·111111� \1hlc1i,; l',111lL1Jm1io,t ti,1111 hi:h,1c •h�• 111.:
chpihl� m p.11·t1L1p;it.: ul il1c \,\HSl'I\ ll1lJ, • m 1UhN·<'�.
N1unc 111' S1udc:nt · Nrw .Schaul: ])i,jr,(tU)J i fl�
S1udcnl's cum:nt uddn:ss: _.,_.1._t..;O!t.....L.....l,c:J,,Qi:11L1...L.3i,_:iu.;111:Z:....1ur.4---1,.cm��..._,.,_1..11...c..::.:1�----.i.-��-:+-----

I EUGlltlt.lTY CERTIFICATION, Thi� 111:c1i11n should 111: cumph:h:d by 1111.: individual(O wilh whom the SIUdL'lll ls cum:ntly n.'liiding at the
• n�'\\ 5chool. We. the u11dl.-rsi11ned. cenif) that lhc: student is in compliance with the 1ru11sfcr and llllntission policies ol'thc lac1d schc"•I dimkt 'I hl5
studcnl is 11111 d111ngang stl1011ls lilr ;UhlcOc pu,p11SL'li and wa, not r1:1:rui1cd. We undi:riuond 1tia1 uny liilsc: 11r incnrrcd 111forma1i1111 L'(IUld callSC 1111:

'15�" n
sllllll:nl In he dc,;hm:d incl igibh: and could result in 1hi: li1rli:i11uc: ol' c1micsL� m which 1111: siudcnl hil.'I 11arl11:1patcd ul lhc new sdmol. iu addition 111 other
1 Sc\t\ ,'\n-\1>nio -r>l /
□ □ □
,;:) 0
Prcv1ow. a drC5s
r:u es-rg De. S
01 /1 "l.if&, J
l SlalWi nf pt1.'\'iuum.s1dct1cc:'.' sold 121' lc11S1.'11 vai:1111t 51111 \)\\11

l'ARENT SIGNAll/ltl; V 0111·1.: il10 /;;o, f

III LAS'I' SCHOOL OF PARTICIPA'l'ION CEIUll''ICATIOI\, ANP Rl-:Lt-:ASK: .S.:tliun Ill must'-: 1:ompklc:d ror w1)· nt:\\' s1ud-.:111 In grudcs
e '1-1:? whu 11111 ev4't' purcicip�u:d in ba!,c:ball. ha:.kelhall, L'f'MS i:nullll)'. limlhall. �f. �1x:c.:r. 5'1lth1dl. swimming 11ud d1vin11. 1c11111 tcnn1s, tennis.
track and Reid, Vlllh:yboll or Wrcsllmg 111 Jl'IWl."5 R-12 DI anolhc:r school in thc United Stlllcs tY Me:'liCO before 111C}" on: c:Ugihlc: tu part icipaJC Ill
lhc Vllf�ll)' lcwl nl the m:w �ilool. Plc11Sc check 1111: apprupriut.: tcspulllll:5 below. Ir unr of quc)lhm� 1-� ar, n111rliril 'l't•�'. • run mf'rth11111rtl1r Di1ttri11
1-:xcrutl\'r c·111111nlllrr (U l·:o \ll1Uld b,• m1uiffd 11111) Ir r,·qUl"ttl"d h)" ll llll"1Uh1·r of Ille cnmmilln In lh1· 11r.u· di�lril-1, II' c11ri1tion r, l< au1rl;4:d .,,s·. u
full hl'l1rlniiuflhc l>U: 11 m111lml In the nt·w dl�1rk1.
X!;j NQ
□ 0 1. Wus thcN 1111}' c11nmc1 Ill' 1hsslllisliil:lion bl:twecn 1hc �lucknl. his/her pnrcnlS. mid the 111hlcuc/u.:udcmic SUJll:IVISOfli Ill the schl>lll'!
□ D 2. Was this s1udc111 recruited to aucnd another school or was any undll&l 111nucnce ncncd upon chis &111111:nt 11r ramil)' 10 cl1agc .1ch11111s'1
□ D 3. Did ll1is 111udc111 qui! an oihlcllc 11t.1i\'ily or program "hilc enrolled in )·our 54:hool ! If ya. ■rt■eh e1ph1n■lht1 ta o•:c.
□ 0 4. Ww. lhis siuJcn1 L'\·cr SU$pcndcd ar rcmowd lrom your 5tl1ool uthk:11� program? If )'CS. dUDCh L'lpl•natlun tu DEC.
D D 5. Would the: stud�nt he prohibited frnm p11t11ci['IIU11l11 in mhl1:ui:s haJ 1111:y 11111 chiuigi:d SLl10ul1'.' Jf )'CJ, ■ttuch rxpl11nutlo1 to DEC.
D 0 6. c1pl11n.tlon
lltil:d 11n )'1111r knowl"'lli;c ur1m: s1ud1:111 and lhcir i:ircumsllm�. is lhis s111Ch:nl �iull'llh1g sd11111ls rur 111l1l"1ic pul'Jll,s,:i;'' Jr yn, 1111111:h
to l>EC.

l'nnl Numc nl' former S\ll'ltrinh.•111lcn111r 1ksignu1�d administnll,or Print Nwn.: of i'urmcr prindpul <1r<..'llach

•,!-1111,n111urc: ol' l'onncr �upcrinlcndcnl or drsignmcd 111lminis1r11tur AND •s11111ulul\: nl l·urmcr ptin!:ipiil or 1:ow:h Da1cS1g111:d
(• two sli:1111turt11 required)
l.a.�I S1:h11ol ol l'nrticij1111inn Cily sum:

I'l'T• EXECUTIVE COMi\11'1TEE. APPRO\',\L: We CL'rttl)· the 11blwc 110111�'11 .\IUdc:111 Is approved.
Clu:ck the 11pprup1iutc bu�: D \'anllr O Sub vnnll} uni� ( D ■pplyl1q1 for a W•lver)

lh full h1.'arJn11 Clf 11,e- ou: IHn1ulntl b:1�1'1! 1111 /Ill' lnforn1a1lun 111 s�cllnn Ill ubun•. llll' '111dtlhf Is hlfllRflJlt r11r nnll)' lllhlellc
p111•1iclp.l/ic1n tuUII rllc 1n:c: llr1n lrMlmony frum Ille 11rniou� sd1unl. lhc �ruLlc111/p11rtnl 1111d lhc new �cbnol and dclC'm1h1fs th.ii tht �tudrtll did
not l'111ni:� scl111oli; lor ■thlt'llt 1111r1111sc�. "l'hls pret\!:..� ls fl'IJUlnd l11 l1e c11niplctrd prk,r 111 tin· stud1•111 11pplyb1:; f11r II wal,'l'r nr 1l1r purnt rl!sldcnrc
rule, If applkahlr. DAT£ OJ-' HEARING ___________

Schonl ______________ Co11fcrcnw _________ Di!Kl'ict No--------�

(S, h,,.,1,,rIii.rt i<I EArut//w, r,,,,imiJ/n• r',.,n.,,,,•1!

S111nu1u1-c of District E�ecu1iw Coinmi11cc Chairman Dul1: C'unt�I [m11il AdJ�

The lliS11i,;1 Chaiunu.n ,nukes lwu c1111ics ol'lhc cnmpli:icil form Send 0111: �011y en lh� �1udcn1 s c,m�nt ,t1K111I und the olhcr copy 111 1l1e Un i�etslly Jnwr�ch11IIISl11:
1-L'lljlllC, llo'< Hn�a. l.lniv�uiiy Still inn, Auslin, T",as. 7R71 J Rctmn lhc: 1mg111a: 1n )'our file
Previous Athletic Participation Form
Univenity lntencholastic League
EIIK!bllUy Qaestlonn•i� ror New Student Athletes In Gndes 9-12
n1, Farm Must be oa FUe with School Before Partldpallon al any Level fa Grade 9-12
ITl1 be IIU�'II 0111 by lht: s1udcnl ;md/lJI' pllll.'lll lll-1 filed IVllh !hi: sd,11111 I
tfyo'1 &uiry V,c.w Rd.
Nwni:111'Stud1.'11tl11rinl) �� � t'\ � C-IJ'lldc_jj_Bil1hdatc�Ai!lJ..k..
Studcn(sCum:ntAddn:ss: Da.lta.s
City � Z�Codc '15eP.f'\
New s�ilool: Du.ocanv• lle \:\S _
City DMDCAo!l' \\<.ciii' uhlic □ □ Choncr Private S1,.•hool
3"obnso"' \.\s □

Lul �h,xil orl'llrth:lpotiun; Cil-.:�n AnbmiPstolc:� Gl'itublh: □ Chwter l'rivult:Sclmol

ALlq,ldS:t 3
D-Jt,:of�'flrollmi:ntinncw5Chool: atoll Di!.Cl:orwilhdrawal rrumpl\.'Viou.uchool: A"'9"s+ 3 a OI g 1
I IIL'I the student 11'.'L.'II conlinU011Sly cnrullet'in the ""''"' S:hool I\N" one culcndar year'.' D Yes 121' No
D I, Ha, lite ,111dcnt l'l'et prurlkNI or partidpat,tl In utnnrrlcul;ir a1tll,1ic aclMdf!i 1111:furc Ml111t1I. •ricr 1d111of.,. dPrlnit 1111 :uhltlk p.:riodl al
ano•••'I' .cb.. l In i•e U•II� Slatr1 nr \lnla, 11111radt'I 11-U? 1r ,·a. Ille s11den1 nm�I c11111ple1c p11,:r l ln 1Cldhl11n lo Pll!C I Alltl IN1lh pai:es
muKf be KDI to tbe Dlsrrlct E:mn11, e C1111111lnrc Ch•lrpeh!.111. Upg,lbr!IMllml fflM!I E!!IDDD npgr I1od tilr>lilb 1hr H:hoolnadbttHlblelk
_ / tJcparJmrn• ox1.y.
D l!J 2. Has lhc sllldc:nt t."VI.T cnmlk.-d or panicipaled in II MDglll:t p11J1ru1n. Charter school. Open/Choice Enrolhni.'fll (\, ithin the ISD> or
ln1L-mntlnn11I Bac.-caluartc (18) program in 11nrdcs 9-ll'�
If )ts, plNII! 1,n,klc lilt m,n11: ur tl1l• &ii:11uul ___________ 11nd M?h11ul )tar _______ •
Patira: 8•:ii1Pu: Ruu; •01 unONS 1N T11L� su-rlON -'•t ■tF01111iwt1 to am1J>Gic•"1. ''-'lltNTS. R£; C&CR su-noN -«0(11) ct
---• l. ODC5 the Sllldcnl liv11 \\ilh l2J one pun:nl
□ □
bc,tlt par111115 1:uurdia■ 0 r,111ter p11�1d(s)1
lflhc .Cud&.-nl lives widi it CUARDIAN VT FOSTER PARENT(S), a Ull. 1'1ftnl Re1ldc1re w:tlver may be ffllllmL \�u :\!UST nalacl th!!
dillritl Athletic llim:tur/t'uunliaator Ihm a1■tacl die tJJ,,,\thlrl� l�1t11r1111ent 11 (!ill) ,171-.'illll.
---.► 4. Arc lhc pmut15 of the student □ rnmricd ll!r.icver murriL'II □ murril-d• llvlnit apart O divorced
Ifllw plll'Cl1IS are I\IARRIED-Ll\'ING APART or l\lAJlRIF,D 111d tbe 11Ddcnt Is LIVING WITH ONE PARF..NT, 11 UII, P11ttat ltestdencc
□ dcceus1,,-d'!
WAl\'L'I' muy be rcquiml. \ilu :\ll'liT m111ad thcdalricl \lhli!tit IJitcel■rJC oc,nll1111t11r lh�'ff anlacl the ,,n. \ll1lc1ia UIPlltlfflL'ffl •• (!il21471•

□ .I
C!I S. Docs the ra,i:nl(s) or1hi? Jludcnt reside outside 1111: a11cndance zone of the sc•ool 11'1: SUldcnt wlm IO n:pn:scnl1 1r f''· • l u. l'-,11'CIII ltesldeace walwr
/ n11y hr t'ft!Pirtd. \"n f.lUS'f m■h1rl thedi.\lritl Atllldk Dinm,rJc.111nll111tot tkm t1111f1tt the t"II.Alhll:ri� lk'Pll1me.t lit (!ii Z) ,171-.WIJ.
□ [2f_J(,. I� lh1,,-n: II dlan� in !14.ilools bul no dnm� in at.ldn."Sll? Jr �es. 11Jn5c altarli an rspl11m1ll1m.
□ [ll_/1. Js more thnn one R."Sidcnc:e owned. rented or maintllinct.l by tbc pal'Cl!Cs'! Ir, rs, plnR ullub an nplanallon.
□ llJ II. An: any members oflhe family still n:5iding at the pn.'Vious re£it.lcncc'! If ,n.11.w11o1uld 111 lniffl!R:lltd prit•t kl p:u1kllp■llon '"' 111•
_/ ,11u111· IL'\"tl.
D iZI 9, Are � other family nii:11111'.'TS in grades t.•I 2 attending a diffcrcttt sdmol diSlrici othi:r thllll thi: sd1ool di5lrkt the !itlldenl ls now
Jl 1 1d,lNt 5Jllltt1V 81 u,; REfl.'llfiNCli C&C"R Su-no,,, 403.
1 1

□ C2I IO. 15 thll student 1."llmllcd in li:ss than an IIVCl'IIJC oJ' rour houtS per doy ar instruclion ri,r either slide 11r local high school cl\.'dit'!
_/ fgu■ )'gu RmIc\ND A§t 819 1·; REnNENCti C&CK SanON 400 & 40S(Fou, Y11A11) IL 440(c), 4-16 tAol!}.
□ WI., 11. Did lht: stuik.'111 lirst enroll in the IJlh v.idc more than 4 years ag<l? The first date orL'11f1111nicnt in 9th l!J'll(lc. _____
□ �2. I las !ht: student L�cr n:peah."d a gr.idc since first e11tcring the 7th �? Ir ,1�, �l'll�r ;1ttlld1 •11 n11liuu111-.
□ ISiJ 13. Will (orwDS) the !o1Ulknt 19 YL"lll'li nJ'agc un or hclon: Scf)lcmhL"I' t urthc L'llm:l'ltschool y1,.-ar'!
/frwt:1GN t::mlc\l�m; B11u;; RERRnNcE c&cR SL'CnON 468(3).
□ l,lJ 1-1. Is IN: slaw:nt a foroiyn exchange studcnt? Ir }'fl. ■ 1-·urcl,:n f.1el1a1111c Wah er is �uirrd rttr \'1n1t,· alhlclk p.arlldp;11i�n.
AMam••c\u11,u1t B••u;; R£FERl!HCE c&CR si:rno"' +11.
□ � 15. I lu l111: sllldcnt done anytlling to j11t)flanlizc their amateur 111hli::1h: status'/
• RtrEREN<'t C&CR s,rnoN 443.
□ 10) 6. Did lllt) unc from the new school 1:00tad the 5lullcnt prior to thi:ir i:nrullmi:nl in the 111.•w school?
□ � 17. Was the sllHk'llt 1,.-vi:r prohibited rmm participation at the pn:vious sdlool'! Ir fl'S. pln•r ■11■rl1 an nplauatio■,
□ � 18. Did lhe seud1.'ltt ploy on II oon-school IL-am and is tnmsfi:rring to the: school whL't'C memhcrsorth11 non-11:huol t1:11m a11c:nd?