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PA School Prerequisite Worksheet

Make a list of your top 10 PA schools in the left hand column. Then make a list of the upper and lower level course requirements in
the corresponding rows. To find the necessary prerequisite requirements start at the PAEA Program Directory Website then confirm
these requirements at the school website or by contacting the PA program directly. (DELETE THE SAMPLE DATA BEFORE

School Anatomy Biology Microbiology General Organic Physiolog Bioche Statistic Genetic Phy Psyc E- Calculus
Chemistr Chemistr y mistry s s sics holo nglish
y y gy
Duke L L L L L L

University of L L U U U X
Emory L + lab L + lab U U X

George U U U U U U U U U X

Baylor College L + lab L + lab L + lab L X X

of Medicine

Oregon Health L + lab L L + lab L L X X

and Sciences

Rutgers L + lab L + lab L X X

University of L L + lab L X L X

University of L L L L L L X
Northeastern L L + lab L + lab X L
Additional Prerequisite Requirements
Here is where you will list any additional prerequisite requirements that may not be standard. Make sure to list which schools are
requiring them and possibly how you plan on addressing them. (Example Below)

1. Public Speaking
2. Abnormal Psychology
3. Calculus

Courses I may need to take at a different Institution

Sometimes a course required by your desired PA school will not be offered at your institution. In this case you may need to take an
online course or complete the prerequisite at a community college. List those here: (Example Below)

1. Human Anatomy and Physiology

Make an appointment with an Academic Adviser

With a good idea of what prerequisite coursework you will need make an appointment with an academic adviser
to come up with a plan.

Step 1: Completed!