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February 2007 Home Paper of the 1999 Canadian Ethnic Journalists’ and Writers’ Club Winner for Best

Winner for Best Editorial Toronto, Ontario

Ooops & Bloops
Santiago et al sweep FCT polls (See page 7)

‘Persistently poor’
newcomers -- 13


Recalling EDSA- 26

Where have all the dona-

unroofed heads, dispossessed tended to be? Who knows? With the disaster came the
tions gone? hands, mud-packed wandering On Feb. 17, a year would death and displacement of thou-
Lea Dumb question! Of course, feet and confused minds. have passed since the fundrais- sands of people.
Salonga everyone surmises that money But did the benevolence and ing rush for victims of a dev- With it also came the flurry
back to raised in the wake of natural kindness of many - who were astating mudslide that rumbled of enthusiasm of immediately
Broad- calamities in the Philippines in made to believe that they were from the slopes of Mt. Kan- helping compatriots in distress.
way 2006 were supposed to go to giving to a good cause, and did abag and buried the village of But after the cameras ceased
- 36 thirsty throats and empty stom- so - really go to people and Guinsaugon, St. Bernard town, to click and ‘mainstream’ and
achs, half clad and ill bodies, places the donations were in- Southern Leyte. (Continued on page 4)

LOVE IS . . . Cousins Kristo- Migration a resource,

fer and Melina
in silence keep
each other com-
not a problem - Pope
pany as they VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI urged
await the fleet- immigrants on Jan. 14 to respect the social values
ing passage of of their new countries and said laws are needed to
time and space, protect their dignity.
oblivious to the The Pope, addressing pilgrims and tourists in
frenzied move- St. Peter’s Square, said migration should be seen
ments around as a resource, not a problem.
them. Photo Without naming any country or nationality, he
taken during the lamented the “painful” conditions refugees, exiles,
Jan. 27 Tanza, the homeless and the persecuted often endure.
Cavite Associa- “I hope that soon there will be a balanced man-
tion (St. Augus- agement of migratory flows and of human mobility
tine) officers’ in general, so benefits can reach the entire human
induction. (Val- family, beginning with concrete measures which
entine feature on favor legal emigration and the reuniting of fami-
page 12) MMM lies,” the pontiff added.
“Only respect for human dignity for all mi-

being with each other. grants, on one hand, and the recognition by the
(Continued on page 17)
FEBRUARY 2007 Manila Media Monitor 2
FEBRUARY 2007 Manila Media Monitor 3 CALENDAR
FEB. 17: The Pillars’ Valentine’s Day Dinner-
Dance and Awards Rites, Canadian Martyrs’
Church, East York, 6:30 p.m.

FEB. 24: Isabela Cultural Organization of On-

tario 16th Anniversary and Induction Ball, Q-
SSIS Place, Scarborough, 6 p.m.

FEB. 24: Filipino Centre Toronto Singing Idol

Contest (Round 2), Rizal Hall, 7 p.m.

MARCH 2: Peel Multicultural Council An-

nual Dinner, Bombay Palace Banquet Hall,
Brampton, 6:30 p.m.

MARCH 10: Jennifer Camacho in Special

Show for Special Kids, Rendezvous Cuisine,
Mississauga, 7 p.m.

MARCH 10: Association of Filipino-Canadian

Accountants free tax preparation clinic, Ch-
inguacousy Library, Bramalea Centre, 1 p.m.

MARCH 24: Club Filipino of Brampton, Capi-

tol Banquet Hall, Mississauga.

APRIL 14: The APO Experience (Apo Hiking

Society), Living Arts Centre Hammerson Hall,

APRIL 28: Philippine Independence Day

Council Little Miss Philippines Pageant.

MAY 6: Philippine Independence Day Council

Mr. & Ms. Philippines Pageant.

MAY 24-27: De La Salle Alumni Association

6th World Congress hosted by the Toronto
Chapter, Holiday Inn Select Airport.

CALENDAR is a public service

feature of Manila Media Monitor
and the Philippine Consulate
Toronto through Carol Martin.




and Associates
Complete family and cosmetic dentistry
Serving the community since 1995
Up-to-date treatment in all aspects of General and
Cosmetic Dentistry for adults and children (ages 2 & up)
Orthodontics, Periodontics, Dentures, Crowns & Bridges
Tooth whitening system provided by Zoom 2
All dental insurance plans are accepted
Flexible payment plan available
English, Tagalog, Ilocano, Ilonggo, Bicolano and Cebuano

FREE initial consultation.

New patients are WELCOME.

Unit 3, 25 Overlea Boulevard

Toronto, Ontario M4H 1P9
(at Thorncliffe Park Drive across the
East York Town Center)
4 NewsNEWS Manila Media Monitor


(From page 1)
MFFC director Alicia stallation of artesian wells
Chiu, in a phone call to Ma- and the erection of a school
nila Media Monitor, said she building.
had asked ShareLife to fur- CDRC livelihood
nish MFFC a detailed report While everyone was
on where the funds went, so busy trying to find land
MFFC could report back to to bury the posts for new
its members and donors. roofs, the Citizen’s Disaster
The report, however, was Response Center (CDRC)
unable to meet this paper’s focused on reclaiming the
deadline. utility of the victims’ bodies
LAO village by providing them with live-
Money donated to the
community newspapers Mindanao Interfaith Peo- Canada Inc. President Ricky Mosquera said the dona- Leyteño Association of Thus said a progress
used its space for more time- ples’ Conference in Davao Cuenca. tion had gone a long way to Ontario (LAO) has begun report CDRC submitted to
ly, relevant and proximate City and North Cotabato, Philippine Consul Gen- satisfy the immediate basic seeing concrete fruition, the Community Alliance
news came the deafening si- P2.2 million; eral in Toronto Alejandro needs of the victims. association president Jose for Social Justice (CASJ)
lence of public feedback on ► Formulation of di- Mosquera told the Manila The ShareLife web- Saavedra Jr. told the Manila that organized a ‘Rebuild-
what had transpired. saster management plans Media Monitor that Cuenca site had a file photo of Media Monitor in a phone ing Lives’ concert featur-
Thus, the Manila Media and formation of four multi- had lately informed him of the $120,000 check being interview. ing community talents and
Monitor sought answers to sectoral disaster response project completion. turned over by MFFC mem- As of December 2006, raised some $10,000.
lay to rest doubts that might groups, by the People Col- Mosquera said Cuenca bers to ShareLife executive LAO has turned over to GK- CASJ president Hermie
have been raised in corner laborating for Environmen- had gone to the Philippines director Arthur Peters, with Ancop president Cuenca Garcia agreed with the Ma-
stores, karaoke bars, living tal and Economic Manage- to join other GK officials in Keith Gauntlett of Develop- funds totalling $53,000 to nila Media Monitor the do-
rooms and basements, gro- ment Davao Foundation awarding the homes. ment and Peace witnessing. build GK housing units in nation was not in vain and
cery stores, mall foodcourts, Inc., P2.1 million; and Cuenca, expected back ShareLife channeled the St. Bernard. it went to “really rebuild-
dancing floors and anywhere ► Community-based di- on Feb. 12, even solicited money, through the Canadi- While Cuenca’s formal ing lives, not just building
compatriots see each other. saster response in high-risk Mosquera’s help to invite an Catholic Organization for report on the status of the houses.”
The question might not areas e.g. Nueva Ecija and Colle to grace the event. Development and Peace, to LAO-GK village is being Garcia, citing the re-
be stupid after all. Where Aurora, by Alay Bayan Inc., “I’m sure Cuenca, upon NASSA Caritas Philippines. awaited, Saavedra’s con- port, said CDRC, cooperat-
have all the donations P2 million. his return, would be very The Caritas website said tacts on the ground said ing with the Leyte Center
gone? “Canada’s relief and re- glad to tell and show the that with a $400,000 initial construction of the pre-fab- for Development, began its
Federal assistance habilitation projects were community what the Ontar- donation it got worldwide ricated houses started last program in May and gained
The Canadian Embassy designed not only to offer io government and GK had immediately after the Leyte month, after a suitable piece impetus in August, 2006.
in Manila said the federal immediate assistance and done for disaster-stricken mudslide, it worked with of land for the project was The CDRC report said
government’s $300,000 aid to those affected by the Leyteños,” Mosquera said. other agencies to give out pinpointed. 156 sacks of palay seeds,
(P13 million) Philippine ca- landslides, but also to pro- A seven-hectare GK vil- food, water, blankets, medi- He added that GK and basic farm tools (plows, bo-
tastrophe aid went to long- vide training and long-term lage had also taken shape in cines and supplies to vic- other shelter proponents los and shovels), 660 ducks,
term programs. help,” Sutherland said. Magbagacay, St. Bernard. tims in evacuation centers, were having a hard time 88 goats and vegetable seeds
On August 2006, Cana- “By making civilians The GK village was churches and schools. finding viable places near were distributed to over 300
dian Ambassador to Manila better prepared, government named New Guinsaugon. Caritas also sought to Guinsaugon as land was ei- mudslide-ravaged families
Peter Sutherland reported officials better equipped Immediate relief put up 150 duplex homes ther geologically unstable who found safer haven in
that the assistance was dis- and the natural environment Consul General Mos- for 300 families, in a site of- or land prices had risen to nearby Ayahag. Sugangon
bursed through the Embas- more resilient, Canada’s quera also cited the $120,000 ficials should open for use. Makati real estate highs. and Nueva Esperanza.
sy’s Canada Fund for Local emergency assistance will donation of the Markham Manila Media Monitor During its fundraisers, The report noted that a
Initiatives, which had a long help ensure that the next Federation of Filipino Cana- efforts to get progress re- LAO targeted an Ontario good harvest is forthcom-
history of ensuring effective time disaster strikes, there dians (MFFC), Federation ports from Caritas Interna- Village of at least 30 hous- ing, thus further inspiring
and timely fund releases to will be fewer communities of Chinese Canadians and tionalis in its base in Vatican es, tentatively estimated family-beneficiaries to go
peoples’ and non-govern- affected and fewer lives York Regional Police for City and NASSA-Caritas in at $1,500 each, and in the into piggery and meat pro-
ment organizations. lost,” Sutherland added. mudslide survivors. the Philippines were futile. event of a surplus, the in- (Continued on page 5)
Sutherland said the aid Increase RP aid
went to six multi-faceted Meanwhile, in Ottawa,
disaster relief and mitiga- Scarborough-Agincourt
tion programs, two of them Member of Parliament Jim
worth an aggregate P5 mil- Karygiannis recently urged
lion for Leyte mudslide vic- the Harper government to
tims, as follows: increase Canadian aid to
► Child protection and the Philippines in the wake
emergency education sup- of natural calamities that hit
port for families suffering the country in 2006.
from post-disaster trauma Canada has given $1.55
implemented by Save the million in aid to the Philip-
Children Federation, in the pines, Karygiannis said. GOOD JOB. Team DPWH volunteers gleam after
amount of P2.35 million; The United Nations Of- completing Gawad Kalinga housing units in Mag-
► Agricultural help and fice for the Coordination bagacay, St. Bernard. GK Website Photo
skills upgrade of local of- of Humanitarian Affairs
ficials and residents to help reported that as of Jan. 19,
them better prepare for natu- 2007, only seven percent
ral disasters and better cope of the needed international
with them once they occur, humanitarian assistance had
by the Citizens’ Disaster been committed.
Response Center in St. Ber- 20 new GK homes
nard, P2.5 million; A GK Leyte website re-
► Disaster mitigation port showed the construc-
through community-based tion of 20 Canada-aided
reforestation, by the Min- homes in Anilao, Liloan as
danao Farmers Resource early as May.
Center, Inc. in Misamis Ori- This must be where the
ental, P2 million; $200,000 from the Ontario
► Promotion of sus- provincial government was REBUILDING LIVES. The concert put up by the
tainable agriculture to en- used. Immigration and Citi- Community Alliance for Social Justice and its STRONG, STANDING. No deaths nor injuries were
able upland farmers and zenship Minister Mike Colle friends helped buy seeds, farm tools, goats and heard from 48 Gawad Kalinga villages put up in
residents achieve economic turned over the funds to Ga- others to get Guinsaugon mudslide victims get Bicol, even in the wake of killer typhoons Milenyo
and physical security, by the wad Kalinga (GK)-Ancop back to their feet. Photo courtesy of CDRC and Reming in late 2006. GK Website Photo
Where have the donations gone? Manila Media Monitor
(From page 4)
duction, a feasibility study munity kibitzer. lamity-prone Philippines. 5 FEBRUARY 2007
of which the CDRC is pre- Consul General Mos- “The community had
Bicol front
More funds from donors
quera believed the money
went to good causes; but
stressed that accountability
responded well to calls for
help from the Philippines.
Let us keep this fervor burn-
A professional but new in Canada?
in North America, Europe
and other parts of the world
and feedback were vital to
the whole process.
ing as we share not only
what we have but who we
Go to Global Experience Ontario
are coming in to help the He agreed, in an animat- are,” he said. The provincial government of Ontario ship and Immigration, 285 Victoria St., 7th
Benedictine Sisters of St. ed discussion with members Meanwhile, those who has opened Global Experience Ontario to Floor, Victoria Building, Toronto, ON M7A
Mary’s Academy (SAA) in of the community media, to disregarded accountability help internationally-trained professionals 2H6. It is open Monday, Wednesday and
their relief work for victims the idea of entering into an and shrugged off reporting new to Canada find out how to qualify for Friday from: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Tuesday and
of the Bicol mudslides. understanding -- with those back could perhaps get the professional practice and navigate through Thursday from: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Online, the
Toronto-based coordina- seeking the Consul Gen- professional help of infa- the complex system of licensure and regis- center answers questions through Ontari-
tor Mila Alvarez-Magno said eral’s endorsement on any mous con artist Janice del tration in Ontario.’s ‘Ask an Expert.’
more recent donations - as Philippine-related fundrais- Rosario to craft a really Newcomers with the following regulat- Meanwhile, post-secondary students
of Feb. 4 - totaled US$3,784 er -- that regular progress re- convincing explanation on ed professions are served at the center: seeking to access increased financial aid
and remitted to Fund Admin- ports on how the funds were where their Leyte mudslide Non-Health Professionals: Architect, and scholarships may access the new On-
istrator Mary Anne Reynoso given and disbursed should collections went, the com- certified engineering technician and tech- tario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
in the Philippines. be provided the consulate. munity kibitzer proposed. nologist, certified general and management Access Window website
Magno said recent relief He also keenly noted the To which Philippine accountant, chartered accountant, forester, Chris Bentley, Minister of Training,
efforts included the: idea of tearing down social, Press Club Ontario president geoscientist, land surveyor, lawyer and Colleges and Universities, unveiled on Feb.
► Distribution of 200 academic, geographical, po- Tenny Soriano warned: The paralegal, engineer, social worker, teacher, 5 the new website that would help students
sleeping mats to victims in litical and other walls that media do not keep its eyes and veterinarian; estimate how much of OSAP’s increased
Tagaytay, Camalig, Albay. could deter giving the most closed and pens idle. Health Professionals: Audiologist and financial aid they could qualify for when
► Release of P41,897.98 to and doing the best for the Neither does a kind and speech-language pathologist, chiropodist making decisions on college or university.
to Fr. Henry Delcasio (San distressed kababayan in ca- benevolent community. and podiatrist, chiropractor, dental technol- Bentley said the website has informa-
Miguel), Fr. Henry Romero ogist and hygienist, dentist, denturist, dieti- tion on costs of a college or university pro-


(Rapu-Rapu), Fr. L. Bejo cian, massage therapist, medical laboratory gram, tuition, books, other mandatory fees
(Cagraray), and Fr. Rey technologist, medical radiation technolo- and living expenses for one year; amount of

Daed (Villa Hermosa, Batan gist, doctor, midwife, nurse, occupational loans and grants available to help pay for
Island) for relief efforts in therapist, optician, optometrist, pharmacist, OSAP studies; amount students and their
their respective parishes. physiotherapist, psychologist, respiratory family are expected to contribute; and es-
► Release of P25,000 to
five SAA laborers who lost
CALL 416-285-8583 therapist.
The center is at the Ministry of Citizen-
timates of monthly OSAP loan repayments
after graduation. CNW
their homes, as re-
quested by SAA’s
Sister Superior.
► Allocation
of P18,000 to Fr.
Efren Borromeo
for coastal par-
ishes of Maangas,
Camarines Sur
(Parish priest: Fr.
Willy Villanueva)
and Badian, Oas,
Albay (parish
priest: Fr. Randy
Calleja), plus
P42,000 to sup-
port livelihood
training and en-
terprise develop-
ment programs
for typhoon vic-
The Manila
Media Monitor
would appreciate
concrete feedback
from individuals
and groups who
have gone out of
their way to help
victims of natural
calamities in the
This paper
could only stay
silent in the ab-
sence of any me-
dia disclosure of
what other groups
have done for the
Bicol tragedy vic-
“What about
the funds raised
in smaller parties,
casino trips, etc.
by regional or sec-
toral groups, all
in the name of the
Leyte mudslide
victims? Where
did the funds go?
Top secret and
confidential, is
it?,” mumbled a
concerned com-
6 Views Manila Media Monitor

events, taking away slices of I thought of my good friend

tourism revenue from them. and PPC-O member Jess Carlos
(Afterthought Notes: If the to be the beneficiary of my left-
Ground Hog Day officials ever over PCCT cards in case he is in-
teach Filipinos on the matter, terested in my vacated position
tiba-tiba ang Metro Toronto at the PCCT. My only concern
Ace Alvarez Convention Centre, Cusina is that only one line (reserved
Restaurant, Filipino Centre-To- for the name) could be changed.
Suwerteng ground hog! ronto for its Rizal Hall; Golden
Valley’s Banquet Hall, Sts. Peter
But title for Jess Carlos reads:

Alaga na, may badyet pa! and Paul Banquet Hall.)

President & CEO - JC Link
Financial Group
Read somewhere in the classi- President - Maharajah Heri-
HERE ARE TWO SUGGES- Media Relations - at the time Among the items touched fied ads: tage of Canada
TIONS for advertising for con- of this writing - is vacant. This during a conversation among Slightly used Barong Tagalog PRO - Association of Filipino
sideration by the Board of Direc- writer resigned from the position, Consul General Alejandro Mos- for Sale with PCCT crest. Worn Canadian Accountants
tors of the Philippine Chamber of including his board membership, quera; Tenny Soriano, Presi- only once during the 2005 PCCT PRO - Kalayaan
Commerce-Toronto (PCCT): January 6, 2007.) dent of the Philippine Press Officers’ and Board members’ In- Director - Asian Canadian
Version 1 (Adapted from Mas- *** Club-Ontario; Butch Galicia, duction Ball. Entrepreneur Professional
tercard’s TV commercial): Second Version of suggested Editor of this publication; Paul Also for sale at really, really Life Member- Million Dollar
Cost of PCCT Officers’ and PCCT Advertising (Adapted de la Cruz, Editor of Philippine Bargain Price: One-and-a-half Round Table
Board Members’ Induction Din- from a quote from U.S. Presi- Times, and myself, at the Cusina boxes of PCCT business cards of Member- Philippine Press
ner, March 3, 2007 at Delta Hotel dent John F. Kennedy). Suggest- Restaurant and Karaoke Bar on 500 per box. Club of Ontario
on Kennedy Road in Scarborough, ed talent is one of the Officers of Wilson Ave., North York, On- Please call Ace Alvarez at tel. Member - Free and Accepted
Ontario - $65 per person. the PCCT. tario, the evening of “Ground no. 416-... Mason
Cost of writing PCCT press Talent: “And so our friends Hog Day”, Friday Feb. 2, 2007: My wife asked: “Sino ang Unfranchise Owner and Dis-
releases and have them published in the Filipino media. Ask not Ace: “… and Butch, the bibili ng business card mo, e may tributor of Market America
- NONE. what the PCCT can do for you; Ground Hog Day in Punxsutaw- pangalan mo iyon? - a multibillion dollar bro-
Cost of newspaper space to ask what you can do for the ny, Pennsylvania, and the one in My reply: “Well, the position kerage industry
have the press releases published PCCT.” Wiarton, Ontario, are tourist at- is there, the office, phone number, Tel: 416.804-3611
- NONE. *** tractions. Some people converge PCCT logo and everything. All Tel: 905-882-8848
Cost of DJ, Printing of Tick- My arts-sports-community ac- there as early as four o’clock in those cards need is a correction
ets/Invitations - Varies. tive friend, Geopo Dacanay, sent the morning.” fluid to erase my name and write www.jessmcarlos.unfranchise.
Image and reputation of the me an e-mail, February 7, 2007, Butch (addressing every- in my successor’s name. Bakit, com
PCCT, as the premier Filipino saying, “I enjoy reading your body): “But how do they make $1.29 la’ng naman sa Staples ***
business organization in Toronto ‘Ooops and Bloops’; I always the ground hog come out from Business Depot ang correction Incidentally, Jess Carlos said
- PRICELESS. look forward to it.” the hole?” fluid, a.” to me, “Ace, thank you for the
For everything there is an ap- Unto Geopo, I say, “Maraming Ace: “Butch, as Filipinos, My wife: “Ikaw naman, aal- plugging” when I saw him at the
propriated budget. salamat, kaibigan. I hope when my they won’t teach us how to do isan mo pa ng kaunting negosyo networking dinner of the Asian
For media … Bahala na ang computer’s cursor aims and ready it. Otherwise, if they do - and ang Albee Enterprises.” Canadian Entrepreneurs & Pro-
PCCT Vice President for Media to punch your name in an item, or with all the 300 associations Ace: “Sige, ibibigay ko na fessionals (ACEP) at a Chinese
Relations*. two, hindi ka sana magbago.” that we have, we might end up la’ng sa interasado.” restaurant in Scarborough on Feb-
(*The Vice Presidency for *** with some 300 ground hog day *** (Continued on page 20)
Manila Media Monitor
7 News
Santiago tops FCT polls
Despite the deep freeze, 760 of the Victoria Santiago, 436;
998 qualified voting members of the Mario Andres, 428; Maria
Filipino Centre Toronto (FCT) kept the Antonina De Villa, 426; Ro-
center’s Rizal Hall warm and lit up, cast salinda Javier, 419; Rey To-
their ballots and gave a more pro-active lentino, 416; Efren De Villa,
group the reins of leadership. 413; Wendelina Arena, 411;
Despite a few isolated sparks that Lapulapu Caña, 406; Julita And the FCT poll winners are ...
lent some diversion in the long-awaited, BANACK Corpuz, 406; Mercelita Maliglig, 401; Edmundo Birondo, 311; Alma Benemerito, 308; Araceli Rose Cruz, 307; Jaime
controversy-filled and costly electoral exercise, the FCT 399; Mary Ann San Juan, 398; Irene Turner, 397; Maselle Arciaga, 306; Arlene Martirez, 306; Aurora Medrano, 306;
membership -- during the Jan. 31 advance voting and Feb. Virey, 395; Aida D’Orazio, 394; Maria Luisa Sivilia, 393; Virgilio Bugtong, 305; Camilla Jones, 305; Maria Teresa
3 regular polls -- had collectively spoken. Suzette Cresencia, 390; Bernie Carreon, Jr., 387; and Juan- Torralba, 303; Jorge Jose, 302; Noel Tumblod, 301; Nor-
Court-appointed FCT election committee chair Larry ita Abalos-Rejdik, 363. berto Daan, 300; Helen Medina, 297; and Ores Ting, 294.
Banack, a noted barrister-mediator with the respectable Unable to get the count were Francisco Aquino with Banack reported the advance ballots cast totaled 105.
law firm Koskie Minsky, declared the 19 duly-elected FCT 327 votes; Rey Julius Sunga, 324; Edgardo Adan, 319; Ro- Votes in the regular polls reached 655. He said two ballots
Board of Directors and their number of votes as follows: dolfo Gallardo, 316; Nobella Tumbokon, 315; Gene Lara, were destroyed and two others were not counted.

Prov’l elections set Oct. 10

Ontario’s first regularly significance.
set election would be on After consultations with
Oct. 10, Minister Responsi- Ontario’s diverse commu-
ble for Democratic Renew- nities, Hollins proposed
al, Marie Bountrogianni an- that the date be moved from
nounced on Feb. 7. Oct. 4 to Oct. 10.
“We have received the The Jewish holiday of
advice of John Hollins, On- Shemini Atzeret would fall
tario’s Chief Election Offi- on Oct. 4, and members of
cer,” Bountrogianni said. the Orthodox Jewish com-
The Election Act has set munity would not be able
the first Thursday in Octo- to vote.
ber every four years as the “It is important that our
Consul General in Toronto Alejandro Mosquera (left) installs the first set of officers of the Tanza, Cavite election date. Election Act respond to the
Association of Canada (St. Augustine) in simple ceremonies at the St. Boniface Church social hall on But any of the subse- needs of Ontarians,” said
Jan. 27. Taking their oaths are Edgardo Torres as president; Armando Blancaflor, vice president; Ellen quent seven days could be Bountrogianni. “Our fixed
Figueroa Cruz, secretary; Shirley Reyes, treasurer; Myrna Soriano, auditor; Board of Advisers Mr. and set as alternative polling election date framework
Mrs. Sam Fojas, Mr. and Mrs. Lope Perea, Mr. and Mrs. Tenny Soriano, Mr. and Mrs. Dolly Sosa, Danilo day if the Chief Election was designed with the flex-
Ching, Mimi Colmenar, Domingo Abug, Letty Liao and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clavero. Induction night pro- Officer deemed it unsuit- ibility to accommodate our
ceeds will go to one of the association’s projects, which is sending clothes, shoes and school supplies able for voting because it is cultural and religious diver-
for schoolchildren in an elementary school in Tanza the association identified last year. PR a day of religious or cultural sity.” CNW
8 Views FCT serves. Since your members
Manila Media Monitor

from the monitor’s desk chose the leaders they want dur-
ing a very clean election, let the
Ace Alvarez elected lead.
Let us all go on with our ob-
jectives for the good of the com-

A jeepney may take munity.


us somewhere
Just a recollection from what
I remember having read in an ar-
ticle back in the mid 80s. …
The writer of the story I read
Reading through the statement sense of community involvement Consul General Alejandro Mos- then was so amazed with Filipino
of Tenny Soriano, President of within the society they operate. quera during a conversation re- jeepney drivers and their jeepneys
the Philippine Press Club-Ontario While most organizations cently that organizations are able while plying their daily route. The
(PPC-O), within the lead story present their financial statements to do this because his office al- American journalist wrote his ex-
of this publication looks like the to its members during the an- most always stamps its seal of perience riding on this product of
honeymoon is over. nual general meeting, or AGMs credence to the fundraising efforts the Filipino’s ability to improvise
Relative to the story referred (if ever their respective Board of by allowing use of its name, and/ on and reproduce the first-world’s
to above and every endeavor of Directors follow their constitution or by presence of representatives technology of army jeeps left
organizations, Tenny warns, “The and by-laws), such financial state- from his office. behind in the Philippines by the
media do not keep its eyes closed ments presented are not audited by *** United States after the 2nd World
and pens idle. Neither does a kind independents who are outsiders to After a year of battle in the War into forms more attainable
and benevolent society.” the organization. Thus, you could judicial court grounds, enormous given limited financial resources
As a member of the PPC-O just imagine the numbers present- money spent on legal fees, dam- - the jeepney!
myself, I openly declare support ed during these AGMs - which in aged reputation and broken rela- The author wrote, every Fili-
to Mr. Soriano’s pronouncement. most cases are not even under- tionships, both personal and pro- pino jeepney driver seemed to
The Manila Media Monitor stood by most of the members, fessional, members of the Filipino him as an acrobat - he minds ev-
front page story reminded me of judging from questions - most of Centre-Toronto (FCT) have finally erything on the road while driv-
what Mississauga-based commu- which are only clarificatory in na- spoken and voted the officers and ing with vision through the wind-
nity leader Carlos Padilla aired ture and no real depth and answers board members who they want to shield just to catch what’s in front
three years ago over TV program by officers are taken as they are by administer the services offered of him, the rest of the windshield
Front Page Philippines. Mr. Pa- members. by their community center, in an blocked by various stickers and
dilla called on various community The Philippine Consulate election likewise supervised by piles of cassette tapes. At the same
organizations to have their finan- General’s office is likely to ask the court. As the Filipino saying time, the driver adjusts the mix of
cial statements published in vari- organizations seeking its help goes, “Kay haba-haba man daw bass, treble, and equalizer on the
ous publications for the update of and/or endorsement from hereon ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang blaring sound of his stereo system.
the general public. that they would have to deliver a tuloy.” He also stretches his arm to get a
Mr. Padilla’s call makes sense progress report to the Philippine To the winners composed of a fare from a passenger seated at the
considering that most organiza- Consulate General’s office, and straight ticket from the FCT Loyal- farthest end of the vehicle, hands
tions solicit money, too, from the community-at-large where the ists, congratulations to all of you. over the passenger’s change,
among those outside the member- money actually was spent on. For the losers, no more sulk- stretches anew his arm for fare
ship of their organizations, and This developed after my col- ing, please. After all, the reason from another passenger. While
do the solicitation under cloak of leagues in the media - namely why you all ran in the recently- all of these are performed, he cuts
their legal framework, their bond Tenny Soriano, Butch Galicia, concluded election is for the in- across another jeepney at the stop
with the community, and the very Paul dela Cruz - and I appraised terest of the community that the (Continued on page 11)

golpe de gulat when the viewcard
reaches his forlorn barangay, a
Mag Cruz Hatol good 16 hours by jet.
It was a mild but an otherwise
chilly winter when we visited
Pinoys find Swiss again recently, the ski resorts com-
plaining that there was not enough

roads paved with white stuff to lure the high-spend-


It was dreamy nevertheless
and dreamier still for the nearly
8,000 Pinoys in Zurich, most of
Gradeschoolers in the Phil- meadows carpeted in flowers that in Switzerland. whom are nurses.
ippines, when asked what their succeed in selling new housing His full-length play captured Their wages are handsome,
favorite or dream countries are, projects in Antipolo. the loneliness and carelessness of their homes plucked right out of
invariably cite their father’s coun- Or the way Baguio is touted the first groups of OFWs (over- Architectural Digest.
try of work or the land where their as the Switzerland of the Philip- seas Filipino workers), when they The unmistakable scent of
most recent movie or TV series pines, without regard to the fact were still referred to as OCWs adobo and patis is the quick give-
was filmed. that its air now reeks more of die- (overseas contract workers). away upon entry to the Pinoy
If it is not some state in the sel fumes than of pine. The change in acronym signi- abode because the raclette and
Middle East, the UK or the US, Or by the fact that the United fies nothing except to call atten- fondues are still alien to his home-
it would probably be Japan and Nations has its major offices in tion to the sad fact of our blistered spun culinary culture.
Korea. Geneva outside of the Big Apple, economy that tragically looks at It is in Switzerland where the
Outside of these standard a tidbit often stressed during UN the migrant worker as a major hardy Filipino engages his Euro-
choices, there is always Switzer- Day parades at school. source of foreign currency. pean peer with pride and industri-
land. The other side of Switzerland Alas, that is exactly what ev- ousness.
It must be the Filipino class- in the minds of Pinoys is one of ery Pinoy in this fabled land must He excels whether at waiting
room instructor who, by the way a modern nation that rabidly pro- think of, from German Zurich to tables, cleaning homes, attending
her lashes flutter and by the pro- tects its neutrality as though its Italian Lugano: that well paying the elderly patient or sprucing up
foundness of her sigh at the utter existence depended on it, a coun- jobs are practically non-existent hotel beds.
mention of Switzerland, uncon- try that has adamantly avoided in the homeland pillaged by one The Pinoy is at home here, al-
sciously influences her pupils. membership in the European com- elected leader after another. beit occasionally lonely and chill-
Most certainly, teacher would munity, still using its own cur- So why bother with Singapore ing to the bone, paving the roads
have pictures and postcards of the rency, run by a perfectly working and Brunei when it is just a shuttle with chocolate so that the Swiss
Swiss Alps and the two famous version of federalism through its away. coffers could be more robust and
peaks, Jungfrau and Matterhorn, cantons, a country of four official There is more romance and his family at the other end of the
all laden with snow, evoking languages and hundreds of cheese sophistication in licking a Swiss world could be more prosperous
dreamy landscapes of the Sound varieties. stamp to affix on a postcard fea- and comfortable.
of Music (incidentally filmed in In the early 80s, the late Boy turing dainty cows grazing in a And true to tradition, he helps
Austria) and of brown bears pro- Noriega Jr. immortalized the ex- hillside ablaze with color, with the propagate the childhood myth
moting powdered milk and cavort- pat Pinoy in Europe by situating de rigeur snowcapped mountain about Switzerland being that en-
ing in verdant hills or of spring his landmark play Bayan-Bayanan in the background to complete the chanted place and a dreamland.
9 Views Commentary
Ben Viccari

Perhaps they’ll
listen now
Letters & Voices Just over a year ago, I attend-
ed a press conference in Toronto
where we’ll all be in the lifetimes
of our grandchildren - maybe even
Nations; Jeb Bush, Governor of
Florida and brother of the man
which, to say the least, was poorly of our children. who was to become president. All
Enough! Shut up! Work! attended. A shadowy group die-hard Republicans of the ex-
February 6, 2007 and moral responsibility; if not, There, for the first time, I met Project for the New American treme right.
To the FCT Winners and you’ll fail us again and we do a softly but firmly spoken gentle- Century is a so called neo con Libby was the first casualty,
Losers: not need another wound. man planning boldly to host the think tank in the United States. indicted for perjury in 2005
As the headline says, this For those “reformist”, you December environmental summit I and millions of internet users Then, since the Democrats
is the feeling that probably all have all the best intentions for in Montreal. know it’s more than that, but con- won power in congress and the
Filipino Canadians in the GTA FCT and you lost in a democrat- Even though he knew his po- ventional news media both sides senate last November, Rumsfeld
would like to say about the ic manner. You were given the litical party would probably lose of the border have failed to engage and Bolton resigned.
whole-year long brouhaha about chance to prove yourselves, that the next federal election, he spoke in any serious investigation One wonders who’ll be next
the FCT. That’s my personal you can offer an alternative in with sincere conviction about the It was founded in the United to go? Or should I say one hopes
feeling anyways. FCT governance, but you were need for decisive action on the en- States in 1997 by the likes of Dick there’ll be more in months to
Now that the dust has settled voted down. Take that as a signal vironment. Cheney who became vice president come.
down, it’s time to end the nasty, to offer yourselves to cooperate Until that time, I had thought when the Republicans won the 2000 To find out more about this
destructive, divisive and person- for all you can for a better FCT. of him as a man of sincerity who election and Lewis Libby who was group which some claim to be the
al “war” between the two camps. I hope that you will take your seemed above the rough and tum- appointed his chief of staff. real government of the U.S go to
Too much hurt, too much mud defeat in a constructive manner ble of rancorous debate that in Among the founders were Google and search the hundreds of
had been thrown at each other. and work together in any capac- recent years has characterized the Donald Rumsfeld, who became references to Project for the New
This is the time for healing. ity. I hope that you will take this House of Commons. defence secretary; John Bolton, American Century.
This will be the new begin- route, and not just drop your But at that press conference, I named ambassador to the United (Continued on page 20)
ning that the two camps, winners good intentions. Show what you saw him as a man of great deter-
or losers, must take advantage of
and show that they care for what
can do to FCT and next time,
you will have the chance to be
mination based not on emotional-
ism but on scientific evidence.
they are fighting for - the FCT. elected and become part of the In December, that man, Ste- Dr. George Korey and Ken Mori
For the winners, get mov- governing body! phane Dion became the leader of a Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA) longtime
ing, show your resolve to make Offer your expertise, give party that aims to take on Stephen member Dr. Korey wrote 30 on Jan. 30. He was 86. Dr. Korey
the center the pride of Filipinos. your constructive concerns, be a Harper and his fuzzy environmen- founded the Canadian School of Management. He was also a
Credibility of the center was at part of the solution but, I will ask tal philosophy. writer and poet.
stake, so much so that so much you, do not be a part of a prob- Even if he loses, he won’t give Mr. Mori founded and was editor of The New Canadian, a
money had been spent and com- lem!! Wasn’t that your reason up the fight because like a growing pioneer post-war newspaper in Japanese. A longtime member
munity focus had been diverted. why you all ran to become a part number of Canadians, he knows of CEMA, Ken retired with the sale of the paper in the 1980s.

Our journey
Enough of this! Get yourselves of the FCT governance? Bring
in order! This is now your chance on what you have collectively
to show that you are running it to FCT. If it’s good, I have faith
in a fiscally responsible manner that they will take your good By Eva Agpaoa
as well as transparent in your ideas. Show the community, that
governance and administration you are not poor and bitter losers
to prevent another fiasco. but rather better and good los-

A story to tell
As for the elected Directors, ers too.
you have the obligation to the And all your good intentions
community to see to it that the are for FCT. Or, are they? Oth-
FCT will be for all. Be open to erwise, winners and losers will
the other “camp”, they can offer show their true colors at the end.
you expertise that you might not The community is watching you. First let me say thank you to my family.” maybe then she could ease off a
have. Be receptive and open to For the two camps and principal all of you who have contacted me M had decided that she would bit.
other ideas for the general inter- proponents for each camp, this since my first column last month. come to Canada and work towards She was wrong. As the years
est of FCT. Govern it for the in- is what I would say: ENOUGH! Wow. It’s been overwhelming and bringing her children and husband went by, it was clear that she could
terest of the whole community. Just Shut Up and Get Work- I am grateful and touched. Your here over time. She had nothing only count on herself. M made a
If there are valid and con- ing. Work together! Magkaisa stories are so incredible. Now, let but she worked every day and decision.
structive concerns, accept and para sa FCT! And if you are on me tell you one of those stories saved what little she could as well “I couldn’t believe what was
answer it to your best abil- the way, get out! Let the people about an incredible woman I met as send money back home (like we happening. For the first couple of
ity, but bear in mind also to be with good intentions do their recently at Aristokrat. all do) so that her children would years I kept telling myself, that he
ready and stop the unnecessary job. There must be no winners I’d been having a difficult day be better off. just needed time to find his way.
and destructive issues that will or losers, show that the Filipino and decided to relax a bit in the We talked about how hard it But every day I’d come home and
be facing you. There will be lot community is the winner. Geopo evening. I was sitting and enjoy- was to get up every morning and he had done nothing.”
to come. This is your official Dacanay, ing the music and the food when go to take care of someone else’s M made the decision to leave
this small woman about my age sat children while your own are with- her husband. “It was hard for me.
Thanks for the support next to me. She smiled, I smiled out their mother. I’d always been taught that we
Last week I dropped in to a store to get my glasses repaired and back and one thing led to another. “Miss, it was hard and some should not abandon our mate. But
Soon we were talking up a storm. days it felt like I couldn’t get my I had to choose between him and
your January paper was there. Thanks for the nice article and picture
M, as I am going to call her, has feet to take me to the subway. Six the welfare of my children. So one
which you published regarding retirement and that Phil Mendoza is
an engaging smile that invites you days a week, I wake up at 5:30 day, I packed my things and took
taking over. He is at work now and getting into things.
to talk and she turned out every bit just to get to my employer by 8. the children with me. I had found
We leave for the Philippines on Feb. 4 via Hong Kong and will an apartment downtown.” There
as engaging as her smile. And then I’m home by 8:30. I am
be attending the Knights of Rizal Assembly in Manila. Looking they lived until M could save up
The story she told me was so tired, some days I fall asleep on
forward to returning to the Phil. and showing Maureen things over humbling and inspiring. M is not the subway.” Over the years, M enough to put a down payment
there. a famous person, she doesn’t have managed to do what she set out to on a house and move. M had no
Thanks again for all of your help over the years. Wishing you a an executive position in a large do. Her children and her husband one to turn to. But she did not give
good year ahead. Doug Ord, Police Constable, Community Mobili- company. She is a simple straight- joined her here. up.
zation Unit, Toronto Police Service forward woman who has worked But for a while, things were This is a true story and it in-
hard and achieved so much. bad for M. Her husband was a spires me because here is M, with-
Inspiring hockey story “Miss, I came to Canada 12 cause for grief and trouble. He re- out support throughout her life,
years ago leaving my children and fused to work, he spent M’s pay- but so determined to achieve her
The Manila Media Monitor article on the Canadian Multicul- goals, that nothing could stop her.
husband back home,” she told me. check and he played around.
tural Hockey League (CMHL) not only prodded the formation of So many people I meet give up
She came here with little else than She had dreams that they to-
a Filipino competitive team but had also generated a lot of interest her suitcase and a job as a nanny gether would build on what little as soon as they hit a problem. M
that more people have signed up to start an entire league. (Proof waiting for her. “I was so scared, she had achieved. In her dreams, could have given up but through
that advertising in community newspapers works!) - Stan Paulkas, you know my legs were trembling her partner would find a good job sheer determination and will pow-
CMHL Founder, Toronto but I wanted to help myself and and contribute to their family and er, she achieved her dreams.
apologetic smile, he’ll tell the re- those earthly possessions; I mean
Manila Media Monitor ceiver: Sorry, I’ve got no cash on that great virtue called love for
10 FEBRUARY 2007 hand. By the way, can you fetch
me something to cover my freez-
humanity. “Whatsoever you do to
the least of My brothers, that you
ing buttocks? do unto Me.” Remember?

Omerta By Butch DG. Galicia

Perhaps a piece of paper
called a fundraising progress re-
Moreover, there really is no
reason to be over-defensive when
asked how well any donor’s dough
port would amply cover anyone’s had been mashed, baked, eaten
butts (also referred to as a face by and excreted. Yucks!

I know .... nothing!

a mob ready for the lynching). *****
Feedback, so the books say, Here’s a quick quip submitted
completes the communication by Chito: When all is said and
My lips are SOLD! cycle.
For all intents and purposes,
done - more is said than done.
the mass media would still be the Why do I have this funny feel-
I remember this line the hand- persons doing the same conning ers, using a bowl of Lifesavers. best way to feedforward feedbacks ing that a mass of ‘geniuses’ sur-
some hero told an ugly bald villain house-to-house. Uh, oh! Anent to The children began to say: “Red (also at times called progress re- round me every time I talk and
he just gunned down in a cowboy the May polls in the Philippines, ... cherry,” “Yellow ... lemon,” ports, audits and other documents listen to people? It appears that
flick I saw when I was a lad: “Fast this old hat reminded me of poli- “Green ... lime,” “Orange ... or- proving that some action was every sentence I hear starts with
to the draw, slow to pulling the ticians going house-to-house to ange,” Finally the teacher gave truthfully anf factually taken and the words “I know.”
trigger. You’re now another dead seek votes with the premeditated them honey Lifesavers, but none done in fair exchange for the trust Once, I had this so-called two-
useless stinking piece of trash not intent of running away with the of the children could identify the and benevolence people place on way communication dilemma:
even the flies would dare taste.” people’s taxes when elected. taste. “Well,” the teracher said, a person or group). ME: Know what, ....
God help! I would never want Then there were events that “I’ll give you all a clue. It’s what Persons and groups who place HIM: I know.
this happening to sweet-talk- bannered aid to disaster victims your mother may sometimes call on mass media the responsibil- ME: Know what?
ing swindlers scheming at every and raised a windfall; but whose your father.” One of the children ity of getting the public to know HIM: What what?
chance to pluck precious cash out organizers forgot, or plainly never looked up in horror, spit her Life- and understand their noble causes ME: Nothing.
of pocket unawares to satiate their bothered, to report back where the saver out and yelled: “Oh My ought to know that they also place HIM: I know.
bilking instincts. money went, prompting donors God! They’re assholes!” on media the responsibility of When the “I know” boils down
What’s this I heard that a to meditate on the absurd idea ***** getting the public to know and to nil in a talk, then my guess is as
newly-formed group never let go that they had become victims of a Manila Media Monitor pub- understand what had been done; good as yours on what is between
a single cent amassed from a pass- ‘disaster’ and that their donations lisher Ace Alvarez refutes my be- just as they place on themselves those ears. Know what? Nothing!
the-hat instant collection in the had gone with the wind. lief that there exists only manlolo- -- when they start any activity -- *****
name of Leyte mudslide victims? While I despise such acts, I’d kos and nagpapalokos in this time the responsibility of getting their Guess what I have between
What’s this I heard from an never believe these and other tall and age when money seems to be people and donors well informed my ears for the giving this Val-
Asian friend that the unscrupulous tales. I’d rather check on the facts the sole engine stimulating human of what they aim to do, is doing entine’s Day to my one and only
have used the Leyte, Bicol and first - as colleague Ricky Caluen movement. Ace identifies the third and had done. wife (Said to be an Erap original
other such Philippine tragedies as has advised community media specie as the luko-lokos. Without feedback, doubts are line, but with the quick addition:
income-generating enterprises, as practitioners - before avowing any I kind of prefer to be of the raised, mistrust seeps in and the All the others are called mat-
they coax Filipino-looking per- one or any group as ‘dead.’ third kind - the stupid moronic donors’ enthusiasm to part with tresses.)
sons in public sites for a dollar ***** lunatic who recites a fairy tale to extra hard-earned cash wavers. You know? Then, keep it a big
or two for the calamity victims’ And erst I fall into that nasty ask money for an invented cause, When these happen, the hopes secret, so she’d rightly expect it.
sakes? When asked for documen- habit of blaming and branding any shoves the cash into his pants’ of many desperate people to rise Like you, my lips are SO ...
tation, they’d retort with “If you one or any group, here’s a joke e- pockets, walks away, and gives above tragedy will stay buried in SO ... OLD. Dry and chapped,
don’t want to give, then just say mailed to me by friend Chuchi: his only pair of pants to the first mudslides and crashed by other maybe; but always available for
so!” Taste Test Teacher was doing person he meets and thinks is tragedies. the kissing. Ang kapal!!! HAPPY
There was also this story of a study on the senses of first grad- so poor and distressed. With an Ah! What a loss. I do not mean VD!
Manila Media Monitor
FEBRUARY 2007 News 11
Harper names
State Sec for
Keeping seniors at ease senior citizens
OTTAWA – Prime Minister
Stephen Harper has appointed
Senator Marjory LeBreton as
Secretary of State (Seniors).
Guaranteed Income Supplement She assumed the new role
in addition to being Leader of
PART 5 (CONTINUED FROM LAST ISSUE) the Government in the Senate.
Receive GIS outside Canada your consent. “In recognition of the grow-
The Government of Canada (EDITOR’S NOTE: The Manila MEDIA MONITOR has compiled a The Access to Information Act ing importance of senior citi-
designed the Guaranteed Income number of programs the federal government of Canada has been im- also prevents the release of infor- zens in our country, I believe
Supplement (GIS) to assist low-in- plementing to benefit the province’s seniors. Manila MEDIA MONI- mation about you without your it is important to have an advo-
come pensioners living in Canada. TOR, in this series, will provide insights to these programs for seniors consent. cate, like Marjory LeBreton, to
For this reason, if you leave on this space, hoping it would keep the paper’s valued senior readers However, there are two excep- ensure that we are doing what
Canada we will only pay you for informed.) tions: information can be released we need to for those who have
the month you leave, and for six if it has already been made public contributed to making Canada
months after that. Then your pay- year or you do not submit an appli- letter to the Regional Director of or if the release is allowed under such a vital and strong coun-
ments will stop. cation form when asked to do so. Income Security Programs within the Privacy Act. try,” said Prime Minister Harp-
You have an obligation to tell ► Your income, or the total 90 days of receiving notice of our The government can only use
er. PR
us when you plan to be outside the income for you and your spouse or decision. information for the purpose for
country for more than six months. common-law partner, is more than The mailing address for your which it was collected, except to If you have retired or substan-
If you do stay outside Canada the maximum amount allowed. region is available on the website comply with a warrant or subpoe- tially reduced your hours of work,
for longer than six months, you ► You leave Canada for more na, or to enforce a law. you could qualify for a reduced re-
can always re-apply when you re- than six months in a row. way.asp?hr=en/isp/pub/oas/gis- You have the right to see infor- tirement pension as early as age 60.
turn to live in Canada. ► You die. If your spouse or main.shtml&hs=ozs. mation about you that is kept on Disability benefits and survi-
Most recipients will receive common-law partner is receiving In your letter, please include file by the Government of Canada. vor benefits are also available un-
their cheque in the local currency the GIS or Allowance, payments your name; address; Social Insur- To help citizens get access to in- der the Canada Pension Plan and
of their country of residence. may continue, based on his or her ance Number; and reason for ap- formation about themselves, the the Québec Pension Plan if you or
Cost-of-living increases income. pealing the decision. government has published Info your common-law partner made
We will increase your pension Filing income tax return If you are not satisfied with the Source: Sources of federal govern- enough contributions. You must
payments to reflect any increases GIS benefit is not considered Regional Director’s response, you ment information. You must com- apply to receive any benefit.
in the cost of living as measured taxable income. can appeal the decision to the Of- plete an information request form. For information on the Québec
by the consumer price index. But you must still report it on fice of the Commissioner of Re- These forms, and Info Source, Pension Plan, visit the Web site of
We apply any increases every your tax return. view Tribunals. are available in government of- the Régie des rentes du Québec.
three months-in January, April, Appealing a decision Protecting information fices open to the public, such as You may be entitled to benefits
July and October. If you disagree with a decision Your privacy is protected by a Human Resources Develop- under the Employment Insurance
Your monthly payments will that affects your GIS benefit, you two acts. ment Canada office. They are also Program or from other federal
not go down if the cost of living have the right to request an expla- The Old Age Security Act and available at public libraries, most programs such as War Veterans
falls. Consult the Old Age Secu- nation. Regulations ensure that only spe- rural post offices and in Canadian Allowances from Veterans Affairs
rity payment rates for current sup- Contact us first, and we can cific agencies authorized by the missions abroad. Canada.
plement rate information. explain the reason for our decision Minister of Human Resources Other retirement benefits Your provincial or territorial,
Stopped benefits and usually settle the matter. Development Canada are entitled If you made at least one valid and municipal governments may
We stop paying your GIS if If you are still not satisfied to review relevant parts of your contribution to either the Canada offer income assistance and ser-
one of the following happens. with our response, you may re- records. Personal information in Pension Plan or the Québec Pen- vices to seniors such as housing or
► You do not re-apply by fil- quest a “reconsideration.” your file cannot be given to other sion Plan, you will be eligible for health coverage. Contact these gov-
ing a tax return by April 30 of each To do this, you must send a agencies or individuals without a retirement pension at age 65. ernments directly for information.

From the Monitor’s Desk

(From page 8) Ilocandia in Calendar for GTA seniors
to pick up some more passengers.
The American journalist con-
good cause. You may hop on, as
a community member and experi-
Ontario sets The sixth annual calen-
dar is available for over
tinued, fellow jeepney drivers who
would see another driver having
ence to pinpoint your identification
with the characters in the story.
oathtaking 100,000 seniors across
the GTA and features a
trouble with his rig would yell in Further, the jeepney could also different safety message
the vernacular, “Eto ang posporo, be the Filipino-Canadian media. Three-time president Rosalino each month, including
sunugin mo na ‘yan.” The jour- You as reader may hop on, too, and Paat will lead officers and new medication tips, pedestri-
nalist continued, “but insult one pinpoint your own identification members of the Ilocandia of On- an and driver safety, fraud
jeepney driver and the whole bat- with the characters in the story. tario when they take their oaths of
prevention and potential
talion of his fellow drivers come But regardless of whether you office on June 23.
health and safety issues.
running after you.” are on the “jeepney” (that is FCT), Others to be inducted are Purie

Gift of tounges
Friends, such is the nature of or the “jeepney” (that is any or- Mamaril and Ruben Rey Peralta,
Filipinos. Insult one of his, or her ganization), or “jeepney”(that is vice president; Florie Salvatierra,
kind, and the whole gang comes the media) never, never insult the Evangeline Garcia and Maria Jo-

good for memory

after you. jeepney driver, or “… the whole sephine Laki, secretaries; Reggie
*** battalion of his fellow drivers Saliganan and Jean Escobar, trea-
My recollection on the story come running after you.” surers; Pacita Mariano and Josean
above brings my thoughts to the Again, as PPC-O president Pagatpat, auditors; Raul Padilla, Speaking one or more languag- Hungarian.
jeepney as the FCT. You, as reader, Tenny Soriano warns, “The media Violeta Vilan and Glodane Day- es can stall the onset of dementia, They found that monolingual
please hop on and have a similar do not keep its eyes closed and anghirang, PROs; Ana Maria Fab- a new Canadian study said. patients showed evidence of Al-
experience like the journalist who pens idle. Neither does a kind and ros and Charmine Pascua, busi- “Our study found that speak- zheimer’s or other forms of demen-
wrote the story and you could pin- benevolent society.” ness managers; Tony Arconado ing two languages throughout tia at 71.4 years of age on average,
point your own identification with As a member of the PPC-O and Elbert Palos, peace officers. one’s life appears to be associated while the bilingual group mani-
the characters in the story narrated myself, and as head of this pub- To be inducted as directors are with a delay in the onset of symp- fested symptoms at 75.5 years.
above. lication, Manila Media Monitor Jon Escobar (co-chair), Joe Dam- toms of dementia by four years This difference remained even
The jeepney could also be any declares support to Mr. Soriano’s asco (co-chair), Christie Areola, compared to those who speak only after considering the possible ef-
organization fund raising for a pronouncement. Leo Mariano, Joe Mamaril, Char- one language,” said Ellen Bialys- fects of cultural differences, im-
ing Arconado, Antonia Anieoche, tok, lead researcher and professor migration, formal education,
ADVERTISE Josephine Andres and Emy Alcan-
at York University in Toronto.
Her research team examined
employment and gender on the
The association has grown the medical records of 184 pa- “There are no pharmacologi-
from a group enjoying weekend tients with cognitive complaints. cal interventions that are this dra-
get-togethers to a social force Ninety-one spoke one lan- matic,” said Morris Freedman,
sponsoring scholarships in the guage and 93 were bilingual, study co-author and an expert on
Ilocos Region, the Philippines and speaking a combination of 25 dif- the mechanisms underlying cog-

CALL 416-285-8583
providing assistance to new immi- ferent languages including Polish, nitive impairment due to diseases
grants in Toronto. JD Yiddish, German, Romanian and such as Alzheimer’s.
Manila Media Monitor
12 Feature The Look of ‘Pinoy’ Love

What we did for love If I had a rose for every

time I thought of you, I’d
walk through a garden for-
PUERTO PRINCESA CITY - Standing ankle-deep in swamp mud, couples have wed in
an unusual 2007 Valentines Day’ ceremony on this western Philippine island, that marked
ever. ~ Author Unknown
their commitment to the environment.
The 100 barefoot couples, dressed in white, stood in the swamp facing the sea and
exchanged vows in a ceremony officiated by the city mayor.
“You will be an example of true love not just to your partner but to the en-
vironment,” Mayor Edward Hagedorn said in a short speech after marry- LOVAPALOOZA. For three years since 2004, thou-
ing the mostly poor couples from Palawan island’s capital of Puerto sands of Filipino couples gather at Baywalk, a
Princesa. stretch of pedestrian park along Roxas Blvd., to
The official ceremony was free of charge for the couples in ex- simulatneously engage in a pre-Valentine’s Day
change for planting mangrove saplings in the swamp and ten-second liplock, in a bid to enter the Guinness
helping further to protect their island.
World Records. Organizers say the 2006 kissfest
This strange combination of environmentalism,
joined in by over 5,300 couples has broken Chile’s Guin-
romance and aid to the poor has become an annual
ness record of 4,445.
event in Puerto Princesa which has been pushing
an image of cleanliness and ecological activism to
attract tourists.
For 72-year-old farmer Protacio de Ocampo, the
free rite was a chance to make official his relationship
with 67-year-old partner Teofela Apolinario.
The pair have been together since 1958 but de Ocampo
has been too embarrassed to approach officials to arrange a MASS WEDDING. Over 1,000 cou-
traditional wedding because he is illiterate and could not sign ples tie the knot in a Feb. 14 mass
the marriage license. wedding in Caloocan City. (Below)
“It would be embarrassing if they passed away without getting Streetside hearts proclaim LOVE.
married. At least now we know that their union would be recognized in heav-
en,” said their daughter Leonora Apolinario, 58, who witnessed the mass wedding along
with her daughter and some 3,000 other guests.
Josephine Rodriguez, 27, wearing a dress she borrowed from her partner’s aunt, said
she was thankful for the ceremony as she and her construction worker husband could not
afford a private one.
“Maybe later when we have money we can have a private wedding,” said the mother-
of-one who spent most of the ceremony trying to keep her dress out of the mud.
She said she understood the importance of the mangrove swamp, which serves as a
nursery and habitat for small fish and anchors the fragile soil on the shore to prevent ero-
sion. “It’s a lot of fun. And this is good because this is where the smaller fish can live,” she
told AFP, as released at Yahoo!.com.
Afterwards the newlyweds celebrated with wedding cake and a shoreline banquet of
omelets and fried noodles, courtesy of the city government. Mynardo Macaraig, AFP
Manila Media Monitor
FEBRUARY 2007 Special Report 13

StatsCan study notes ‘persistently poor’ new immigrants

Many people who immigrated grants in chronic low income.
to Canada since the turn of the By ACE ALVAREZ and BUTCH GALICIA with SADIA QURESHI ► Over 40 percent of the
millenium seemed to find it hard chronically poor had a university
making ends meet, compared with entrants brought with them, they ern, Eastern and Southern Europe; education, age, occupation, fam- degree.
those who had been in Canada had difficulty in breaking into the Africa; Southern and Eastern ily type, source region, and de- ► But immigrants with lesser
before 2000, a Statistics Canada discerning, sometimes discrimi- Asia; and other countries. clared language ability, the study education remained poorer than
study released on Jan. 30 said. nating, Canadian labor market. Statistics Canada 2001 census observed that: those with better school records.
This was, despite Citizenship Referred to in the study were figures noted that the Philippines ► Refugees and single par- ► Older immigrants at land-
and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) immigrants from Statistics Cana- was the third largest source coun- ents were more likely to experi- ing were also likely to be finan-
system, in recent years, of ap- da’s eight regional groupings - the try of immigrants from 1990. ence lower earnings. cially strapped. The study said the
proving more applicants with bet- US; the Caribbean, Central and Taking into account 2000 to ► In contrast, skilled workers low income rate was 14 percent
ter professional qualifications and South America; Northern, West- 2004 data on immigrant class, accounted for 52 percent of immi- (Continued on page 17)
skills and higher educational ac-
complishments so that they would
ideally be better prepared for the
3rd Largest Source
Canadian labor environment. THE PHILIPPINES ranked
From 2000 to 2004, many third among Canada’s sourc-
landed and skilled immigrants es of immigrants, coming
earned way below the national after the People’s Republic
income cut-off (in 2003 constant of China and India in 2005,
dollars) of $13,400, or as adjusted
for a family of four, $26,800.
Citizenship and Immigration
Nearly a fifth of immigrants Canada (CIC) figures show.
who arrived between 2000 and The rankings place Pakistan,
2004 (see graph) had been “per- the United States, Colombia,
sistently poor” for five years since the United Kingdom, the Re-
their entry, said the study Chronic public of Korea, Iran, France,
Low-Income and Low Income Romania, Sri Lanka, Russia,
Dynamics Among Recent Im-
Taiwan and Hong Kong after
migrants done by Garnett Picot,
Feng Hou and Simon Coulombe. the Philippines.
The study defined chronic low PERMANENT RESIDENTS BY CATEGORY, 1980 TO 2005
There were 13,158 Filipino
income as the newcomer’s defi- Citizenship and Immigration Canada statistics show 143,144 immigrants in 1980; 128,643
immigrants in 1996; 10,872 in
cient earnings at least four of their in 1981; 121,177 in 1982; 89,194 in 1983; 88,274 in 1984; 84,335 in 1985; 99,352 in 1986; 1997; 8,185 in 1998; 9,204 in
first five years in Canada. 152,042 in 1987; 161,553 in 1988; 191,538 in 1989; 216,434 in 1990; 232,792 in 1991; 254,820 1999; 10,119 in 2000; 12,928
It could be argued that having in 1992; 256,710 in 1993; 224,400 in 1994; 212,868 in 1995; 226,072 in 1996; 216,038 in 1997; in 2001; 11,011 in 2002; 11,989
‘survival income’ could be due to in 2003; 13,303 in 2004; and
174,198 in 1998; 189, 961 in 1999; 227,463 in 2000; 250,640 in 2001; 229,047 in 2002; 221,352
the fact that inspite of the wealth
of knowledge and experience new
in 2003; 235,824 in 2004; and 262,236 in 2005. 17,525 in 2005.
Manila Media Monitor
14 FEBRUARY 2007 Who? What? Llameg is community’s
Mendoza, Rustia, Ladines grace PPCO Almusalan new Ontario barrister
Florendo Llameg hit his
third professional goal after
he passed the bar admis-
sions in Ontario and took
his oath as a lawyer on Jan.
Llameg has become one
of the few people in the com-
munity licensed to exercise
the profession in Ontario, in
New York State, USA, and
in the Philippines. Smith and Frank LLP in
Llameg’s story is inspir- July 2003 as a corporate
(Above) New Toron- law clerk. The firm, known
ing. He adeptly maneuvered
to Police commu- for its commitment to pro-
his way through the cold and
nity liaison officer fessionalism, growth and
biting professional environ-
Philip Mendoza (in open culture, has been his
ment for new immigrants in
uniform, seated; re- guiding light.
lated item on p. 18) This job gave him the
Like many landed pro-
pose with Philippine opportunity to grow and
fessionals, he did odd jobs
Press Club Ontario strengthen his resolve to
and became a mortgage
(PPCO) members become an Ontario barrister
administrator. It was not a
and guests after a and solicitor. Further, the
good fit and he almost went
candid exchange family has since reunited.
back to the Philippines in
on community and He pursued further law
2003, miserable as was his
police relations dur- studies, took the bar and
family who went home un-
ing the PPCO regu- hurdled it.
able to cope with change.
lar monthly Almusalan on Feb. 10. Likewise, PPCO members (other photo) join guests Jeffrey Rustia Llameg completed his
Llameg held on but
and Markham Federation of Filipino-Canadians (MFFC) chair Yolanda Ladines (front, 3rd & 4th from Bachelor of Arts in Politi-
vowed to follow if he failed
left) in another breakfast forum on Jan. 27. Rustia and MFFC (item on p. 16) were Philippine honorees cal Science and Bachelor
to get a job where he would
for community work abroad. Both fora were conducted at Casa Manila. Photos by ARIEL RAMOS of Laws at the University of
be happy.
Mabuhay Radio Despite difficulties that
has been besetting thou-
the Philippines.
He has gone a long way

workshop, talent sands of professionals who

got derailed by periods of
as a lawyer - handling di-
versified businesses with
solid experience in corpo-
search ongoing discouragement and penalty
jobs, he ably sustained his
love for the legal profes-
rate, commercial and bank-
ing/financing laws and other
Mabuhay Radio is con- sion when he joined Devry legal disciplines.
tinuing its workshops and
talent search as it moves to
become a harbinger of com-
munity news and views.
Mabuhay Radio official
Deo Moreno said work-
shop attendees are being
prepared for the regular 10
p.m. broadcast over CHHA
1610 AM.
Moreno has urged those
interested in broadcast con- PRICELESS GIFTS. Zachary Gaborno (inset) is showered by Papa Zeus and
sole operations; in being a Mama Roma with the priceless gift of parental love and care for his first birth
disc jockey, voice talent or anniversary. Besides the usual big bash, Zachary gets a whiff of winter air
radio personality; in cre- and the wind shield of a snow-covered pine tree Papa planted 12 years ago
ative writing, scriptwriting in front of their Mississauga nest.
or copywriting; production
and promotions; and other TURNING 50. Nilda hugs
radio-related work to join husband Lito Lopez, Sr.
who celebrated his 50th AKLANONS OF ONTARIO (photo above) celebrate
the radio program. Several
birth year in a Jan. 14 with an Ati-Atihan 2007 on Jan. 27. Highlighting
community leaders were the event was the crowning of Miss Teen Aklan
party given by children
keen on getting into the 2007. (Photo below) Philippine Consul General in
Jonjon and Marijon; in-
program. Toronto Alejandro Mosquera joins (from left) Mary
laws, and friends from
Mabuhay Radio oper- the Knights of Colum- Kay Sharmaine Briones, 1st Princess; Gemerdine
ates six nights weekly. It bus-San Lorenzo Ruiz, Jane Maravilla, Miss Teen Aklan 2007; and Mela-
is non-profit and is part of Daughters of Isabella nie Mae Closa, 2nd Princess. PHOTOS by LARRY
CHHA or Voces Latinas. Circle 1297 and La Pie- TORRES
Programs may be accessed ta Prayer Group of To-
at ronto. DO
photo) The Flores fam-
ily recently had a re-
union that also gave
honor to family matri-
arch Sena Flores (seat-
ed, 4th from left). JT

CALL 416-285-8583
Martin ends
consular stint Who? What? Manila Media Monitor
15 FEBRUARY 2007

Caroline “Carol” Martin will

end her tour as consular assistant
at the Philippine Consulate Gen-
eral in Toronto on Feb. 21.
Carol, however, will be around AFCA ACTIVITIES. Association of Filipino-
until June, when her children will Canadian Accountants (AFCA) President
have completed their studies. Ted Dayno (above, center) and other officers
Carol holds a Foreign Service open the recent tax softwares training semi-
Staff Officer II rank. She has been nar the group conducted. (Below) New AFCA
with the consulate since 2001, as members get a rousing welcome to the 29-
visa processing officer, acting cul- year old association after taking their mem-
tural officer and communications bership oaths on Jan. 27. PR
and information officer.
Prior to her Toronto stint, Mar-
tin has served in different capaci-
ties in the Department of Foreign
Affairs, various UN and Asean
posts, and as political, economic
and cultural attache in embassies
and consulates abroad.
She holds a foreign service
degree from the Lyceum of the
In photo above, Martin (cen-
ter) is joined by (clockwise) hus-
band Florencio Jr., Bryan Jeffrey,
Bryan Jonathan and Issra Marie.
16 Who? What? Manila Media Monitor

Markham community takes

pride in Philippine award
Halfway across the globe, the help integrate the community into During the Nov. 13 municipal
work of a Markham-based Filipino the mainstream society. polls, MFFC’s efforts sent two
group to promote the interest and For its sustained efforts, MFFC compatriots to the political arena:
welfare of kababayans has won has become a role model of unity Councilor Chiu for his 8th term or
approval and admiration. and self-sacrifice - requisites sore- 25 years in the council, Marlene
In rites at Malacañang Palace ly needed for Filipino groups any- Mogado for her first term as Cath-
on Dec. 7, 2006, Philippine Presi- where to succeed. olic School Trustee.
dent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo MFFC was first to acquire and Behind MFFC’s success is the
awarded the Markham Federation fully pay for its community center strong sense of community ser-
of Filipino Canadians (MFFC) within five years of its founding. vice, patriotism and volunteerism President Gloria Arroyo (3rd from left) and national officials
with the prestigious 2006 Presi- Unforgetful of its members’ of its board of directors and mem- hand over to MFFC Chair Yoly Ladines the prestigious Presi-
dential Banaag Award. roots, MFFC was also first to name bers who come from Markham and dential Banaag Award in Malacanang on Dec. 7.
MFFC, the only Canadian its facilities as Rizal Hall, in honor neighboring areas.
group awardee, was represented
by chairperson Yoly Ladines and
of Filipino national hero Dr. Jose
Rizal. Related to this, MFFC ably
In its community center, pro-
grams for youth, seniors and adults
Kumusta? Mabuti naman.
members who accepted the award.
The Banaag Award is conferred
coordinated and facilitated with
local officials -- through Filipino
continue at full capacity, prompt-
ing MFFC officers to look ahead at
(How are you? Just fine.)
on individuals and associations for councilor Alex Chiu -- the naming further expanding its facilities. If you have picked up these words from conversations
their “contributions which have a town street as Rizal Avenue. MFFC officers are Ladines; with Filipino-speaking friends and relatives, give yourself an
significantly benefited a sector or In March last year, MFFC Ramon Ombao, 1st vice chair- A.
community in the Philippines, or partnered with the Federation of man; Mogi Mogado, 2nd vice You’ve got a great start on the Filipino language. But if
advanced the cause of overseas Chinese Canadians in Markham chairman; Ester Toribio, secretary; you like to learn more, the Kapisanan Philippine Centre is
Filipino communities.” and the York Region Police Force Rusty Muere, treasurer; Sue Bau- offering weekly two-hour Tagalog immersion classes.
In greater Toronto, the Fiesta to raise over $125,000 for victims tista, PRO. The directors are Allan The class will be facilitated through oral dialogue, story
Filipina Dance Troupe and the of the Feb. 17, 2006 mudslide in Bella, Lita Bruneau, Mel Caguiat, telling, and games. There are no prerequisites.
Philippine Heritage Band were Guinsaugon, St. Bernard, southern Alicia Chiu, Bina Comendador, The class, started Jan. 17 but will run up to March 14, is
past recipients of the award. Leyte. The funds raised were, un- Marian Cusi, Freda de Jesus, Min- conducted at 167 Augusta St., Toronto on Wednesday nights
Since its founding in 1989, doubtedly, the biggest raised by a da Reyes and Tessie Ting. MOGI from 6 to 8 pm.
MFFC has worked to unify and Filipino group for the disaster. MOGADO

Rizal’s martyrdom recalled

RITES IN QUEBEC. RIZAL DAY IN OTTAWA. Am- RIZAL’S MARTYRDOM. The Knights of Rizal (above and mid-
Philippine Ambas- bassador Jose Brillantes led dle photos) led in rites commemorating the 110th year of the
sador to Ottawa simple rites to rename the en- martyrdom of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal at the
Jose Brillantes voy’s residence as Tahanang hero’s monument at Toronto Earl Bales Park and at the St.
(right photo) offers Rizal. (Photo above) Brillan- Aidan’s Church on Dec. 30. (Below) Members of the Kababai-
flowers at the bust tes joins officers of the Phil- hang Rizalista, Ladies Auxilliary and guests, on the other
of Dr. Jose Rizal at ippine Heritage Foundation hand, joined in the rites at St. Aidan’s Church. MM
the Hall of Nations of Canada, led by Dr. Ruby
of the City Hall of de Guzman-Formoso, and
Gatineau, Quebec. of other community groups
The envoy is as- who joined the commemora-
sisted by Consul tion. In a talk, he cited Rizal’s
General Joseph life abroad in pursuit of noble
Gerard Angeles. aims for the country and ef-
EMBASSY PR forts of Filipinos abroad to
support Philippine growth.

AFTER SASKATCHEWAN LABOR PACT SIGNING. Ambassador to Ottawa Jose Brillantes (3rd
from left) and embassy officers meet with Philippine Labor Secretary Arturo Brion (2nd from
right). With them are Consul Rhenita Rodriguez, Consul General Joseph Gerard Angeles,
Consul Eloy Luis Bello, Art Brion and Antonella Brion. PR
Manila Media Monitor
FEBRUARY 2007 17
Migration ...
(From page 1)
migrants themselves of the values of the
societies which host them, will make
possible the proper integration of fami-
lies in the social, economic and politi-
cal systems” where they are now living,
Pope Benedict said.
Archbishop Agostino Marchetto,
a top official of the Vatican’s office on
migrants, said the pope was particularly
concerned about families of refugees.
“There is a tendency today to protect
order and well-being from the threat that
many see in the continuous arrival of
foreigners, a mix of migrants and refu-
gees,” Marchetto told Vatican Radio.
The prelate lamented the lack of
adequate funding for humanitarian as-
sistance for refugees, “especially for
women and children” leaving them easy
prey for abuse.

StatsCan study ...

(From page 13)
among those aged 20 to 29, and 27 percent
among those over 50.
► Immigrants from Africa and East
Asia had the highest low income rates, at 19
to 24 percent. Asian immigrants accounted
for half of entering immigrants with lower
incomes since 2000.
The study pointed out that the shift in
the characteristics of entering immigrants
towards the more highly educated and
highly skilled did little to improve the low-
income outcomes among newcomers.
In the major immigrant-receiving cities
of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, virtu-
ally all of the increase in low-income rate in
the 1990s was concentrated among the im-
migrant population, the study observed.
In their executive summary, the study
proponents said “Host countries, such as
Canada, look to the skills and initiative of
immigrants to promote economic growth.
Immigrants, in turn, look to the host coun-
try for opportunities to gainfully employ
their skills and abilities.”
“These considerations are particularly
important when immigrants are highly edu-
cated. Host countries are increasingly seek-
ing highly educated immigrants to drive
economic growth in the knowledge-based
economy. Not surprisingly, immigrants
look to use their higher education levels to
achieve high economic standards of living.
“However, if immigrants are unable to
convert their training to productive use, the
expectations of both the host country and
the arriving immigrants remain unmet. Im-
migrant contributions to the host country,
which are central to the economic justifi-
cation of relatively open immigration poli-
cies, may not be fully realized.
“In light of these considerations, there
is considerable concern regarding the de-
teriorating economic outcomes among
immigrants entering during the 1980s and
Manila Media Monitor
FEBRUARY 2007 18 Who? What? PTA to form outreach corps
Mendoza assumes
The Philippine Teachers Association (PTA) is set to form a Profes-
sional Resource Outreach Corps (PROC) that would carry out three
community-focused projects.

police liaison post In its Jan. 27 monthly meeting at the Mississauga residence of presi-
dent Leonie Manzanares, the PTA executive board approved the orga-
nization of the Filipino heritage language teachers-volunteer group, the
Toronto Police Constable
Philip Mendoza assumed on Jan. academic courses specialty tutor/teacher-volunteer corps, and the On-
15 as the new liaison officer for the tario teacher certification assistance coach/teacher teams.
Philippine, Korean, Indonesian, The PROC initiatives, part of PTA’s integrated resource program,
Japanese and Vietnamese would be available to community members and non-profit groups for
communities in the city, vice Doug free.
Ord who retired from the service. In the same meeting, steering committees were created to meet op-
MENDOZA ORD erational policies. Among those appointed as chairs were Tony San Juan
Mendoza joined the force
in 1994 and rose from the ranks for special projects; Rose Cruz, membership; Rose Apilado, constitu-
with involvements in police- tion, and Leonie Manzanares, planning.
community work. The committees are tasked to plan and recommend activities per-
Notable among his works tinent to seasonal/themed socials and in-house functions, fundraisers,
were the 53rd Division’s Filipino and community cooperation, partnership and representation.
at Pulis-Magkaisa outreach The PTA also announced the donation of a modest amount to Bicol
program in 2004 and 2005 and Canada, Inc. for victims of recent natural disasters in Bicol.
the 2006 Filipino youth basketball The organization has also taken an active hand in raising funds for
program. destitute, disabled , and autistic and children in the community by being
He was voted Outstanding a sponsor of the March 4 dinner-concert of songbird Jenifer Camacho
Filipino-Canadian in 2005. at Rendezvous Cuisine in Mississauga. TSJ

Ontario targets character education in schools

OTTAWA - Ontario Premier on developing character, set to acter development as integral to
FUNDRAISING. Members of the Daughters of Isabella Circle Dalton McGuinty on Feb. 5 invit- go full swing in spring in schools learning.
1297 in Toronto, Ontario pose with guest Emmanuel Yanga ed students, educators and parents across Ontario. Part of a school’s character de-
to join a series of upcoming fora At the fora, community mem- velopment program could include
(2nd from left) at a recent fundraiser for the Herbie Fund of
on character development. bers would have the chance to air promoting more teamwork and
the Hospital for Sick Kids. Also in photo are (from left) Ne-
“Character education can’t be ideas on how to inspire young cooperation among students or
nita George, Eli Catli, Pacencia Tinamisan, Zeny Crescini and
taught in a single lesson or learned people to become caring and con- encouraging volunteerism in the
Violy Vilan. JT community.
overnight,” said McGuinty, add- tributing citizens, suggestions that

Watson to organizations:
ing “it needs to be lived out, de- would be part of enhanced char- The programs are expected
veloped through our daily actions, acter education programs starting to empower schools to reinforce
observed in other people and next fall. shared community values such as
Get sports, fitness grants deepened through discussion and
“Character education is about
treating students as citizens who
respect, fairness, honesty and re-
Ontario Health Promotion Min- “The lessons children learn by can make a difference,” said In the field of education, the
than $15.8 million in CIAF grants
ister Jim Watson has announced doing this will help them succeed Wynne. Ontario provincial government
have been awarded to about 542
for years to come,” he said. “By doing this, we can cre- had earlier funded almost 6,800
plans to put in $5 million into the organizations at the provincial and
McGuinty joined Education ate a school environment where new teaching positions, gave out a
highly successful Communities in local levels.
Minister Kathleen Wynne, stu- civic responsibility and academic million new textbooks and library
Action Fund (CIAF) program for “CIAF funding has helped us dents, staff and parents at the achievement thrive,” she said. resources, and boosted resources
2007 and 2008. to make physical activity an easy to help kids learn to read, write
Charles H. Hulse Public School to Last fall, Ontario announced a
With the infusion, Watson choice for children with develop- open a provincewide discussion and do math at a high level. PR
$2-million fund to support char-
urged community groups to ap- mental and physical disabilities,”
ply for grants for programs that said Henk Engles, Executive Di-
provide children and the youth, rector of the Ontario Track 3 Ski
low-income families, aboriginal Association.
people, older adults, women and “Sports create an opportunity
girls, visible/ethnic minorities and for children to develop self-re-
people with disabilities with easy spect, self esteem and indepen-
access to sports and recreational dence. These are life long skills
activities. which help young people integrate
Programs funded by the grants into school and the community,”
included dancing, skateboard- Engles added.
ing, tai chi and a range of popular Grant application forms are
sports and after-school sport pro- available on the Ministry’s web-
grams for children and youth, as site: Appli-
well as mentoring programs. cants are urged to contact a minis-
CIAF is a key initiative of the try consultant prior to applying.
government’s ACTIVE2010 Strat- Program guidelines have been
egy and Ontario’s Action Plan for expanded to encourage applicants Philippine Ambassador to Ottawa Jose Brillantes (6th from left) and the embassy staff con-
Healthy Eating and Active Living. to demonstrate how their proj- gratulate 2006 Presidential Pamana ng Pilipino awardee Armando Baisas (holding plaque),
“Our government is investing ects also meet two key additional an Ottawa-based culinary sculptor who learned his skills in hometown Paete, Laguna. PR
in this important program because ministry priorities: injury preven-
it is working at the community
level,” said Watson.
tion and mental health promotion,
while increasing physical activity.
Ottawa community joins Homelands Gathering
Over the last three years, more CNW Philippine Ambassador to Ot-
tawa Jose Brillantes led the com-

munity at the annual Homelands
Gathering at the Notre Dame
Cathedral on Jan. 15. Homelands

Be widely read; Get fast results gathered and celebrate the mul-
ticultural Church in Ottawa. His
Grace Marcel Gervais, Archbish-
op of Ottawa made special men-
tion of the community at the start
of the Mass. (see right photo)
Consul General Joseph Gerard
Angeles, Consul Rhenita Rodri-
guez and Sonia Del Rosario rep-
CALL 416-285-8583 resented the community in the offertory procession. The Gospel was proclaimed in Filipino by Deacon Rudy
De Castro. PR
FEBRUARY 2007 Manila Media Monitor 19

G andang Beauty Queen

Licensed to Practice Law in Ontario, New York
and the Philippines
Areas of Practice: ► Corporate
► Real Estate
► Immigration
► Personal Injury
Barrister and Solicitor at Devry Smith & Frank LLP
95 Barber Greene Road, Suite 100,
Toronto, Ontario M3C 3E9
Phone: 416-446-5828 / Fax: 416-449-7071
Email –
General Inquiries at Phone: 416-449-1400
The Firm’s areas of practice also include:
► Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorneys
► Estate Planning and Taxation
► Commercial Lending

Cell No. 647-868-5935 ► Employment Law


New RP professionals can take Blair cites community’s help to

oath before consulate official keep Toronto safe, peaceful
“Together we are mak- its closed-circuit television
Filipinos who left the Philippines for abroad immedi- ing a difference.” (CCTV) cameras in more
ately after their examinations or before the results of the This, Toronto Police public areas.
examinations were released and have passed could still reg- Chief William Sterling The CCTV cameras
ister with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). “Bill” Blair emphasized as would be effective deter-
In an information released through the Philippine Con- he cited the city’s commu- rents to those considering
sulate General in Toronto, the PRC - as provided in its nities for helping the ser- to commit crime, as these
Resolution No. 2006-313, Series of 2006 - has allowed the vice make the city a “safe could also provide excellent
initial registration of newly-passed professionals through and peaceful place in which evidence in the event peo-
duly authorized representatives. to live, work and play – a ple chose to commit crime,
The registrant should personally fill up the PRC oath thriving city where people Blair said.
form and should personally take the professional oath be- work alongside each other The TPS is committed
fore any officer authorized to administer oaths in the Phil- against those who choose to to work closely with the
ippine Consulate of the country where he/she is situated. endanger public safety. communities to provide the
Further, the registrant should then designate a represen- In a message posted Jan. Police Chief Bill Blair talks to reporters. TPS File most effective anti-crime
tative in the Philippines and execute a Special Power of 25 on the Toronto Police criminals and allows for lence in 2006. technology, he added.
Attorney, preferably before the same consulate official who Service (TPS) website, Blair more peaceful, prosperous The implementation of Domestic abuse
administered the professional oath. said the service “is working communities,” he said. TAVIS had made impres- A focus of Blair’s mes-
In the Special Power of Attorney, the registrant should harder than ever” this year Blair noted “an extraor- sive strides in 2006, result- sage was the disturbing rise
declare that the representative/Attorney-in-Fact has full au- to instill public safety. dinary influx” of new police ing in 5,959 arrests and the in domestic abuse cases in
thority for and in his/her behalf to accomplish, sign and Community help officers in 2006. seizure of 346 firearms. 2006.
execute documents and do and perform all acts and things Blair said the communi- “We hired and trained So far in 2007, TAVIS “We will take additional
necessary, proper or incidental to his/her registration. ty’s help, as before, would nearly 500 new police of- officers made 534 arrests specific steps against do-
Lastly, the professional should see the commission as be vital to the job at hand, ficers and nearly 200 new and the seized 14 guns. mestic violence, through
soon as he/she arrived from abroad to personally sign the and urged for more “sup- civilian members. They “We have proved that a comprehensive and in-
Registry Book of Professionals. port, participation and part- have brought much-needed the combination of strict tegrated response that in-
In another development, the consulate released infor- nerships to be innovative in support to our frontline and enforcement, relentless cludes additional resources,
mation saying the Philippine Commission on Elections solving problems, keeping added new skills, languages pursuit of violent crimi- education and policing
(Comelec) has started accepting applications of foreign the peace, preventing crime and cultural competencies” nals, strategic deployment measures,” he vowed.
media as observers in the May 14 synchronized National and enforcing laws.” to the TPS, he said. of uniform resources and “Violence against wom-
and Local Elections. “The efforts and partner- Anti-violence measure effective community part- en is at the heart of most
Applications could be filed online through ships of today and tomor- Blair also said the TPS nerships made a significant abuse and the culture that and row, and the foundations would “take bold, new steps difference. We will build on condones it. It is a wide-
The documentary requirements included a duly accom- we are building for 2007 to advance our anti-violence this,” Blair said. spread societal problem and
plished information sheet, two 2”x 2” colored photographs and beyond, strengthen our strategy,” with the success CCTV cameras a serious crime,” he said,
and endorsement by the Ambassador or Consul of the home community’s ability to cre- of the Toronto Anti-Vio- To further deter the adding it was crucial for
country of the applicant. ate and nurture a positive lence Intervention Strategy commission of crimes, Blair victims to trust police for
The deadline for filing the application for accreditation environment - one that of- (TAVIS) that greatly helped said the TPS would expand their safety and to get them
would be on April 30. PR fers fewer opportunities for reduce the incidence of vio- this year the deployment of the help they needed.
20 Manila Media Monitor FEBRUARY 2007

Perhaps they’ll listen now

(From page 9)
Living with elephantile uncle essays by such well-known Ca-
Pierre Elliott Trudeau once nadian patriots as former foreign
told American journalists: “Living affairs minister Lloyd Axworthy,
next to you is in some ways like former NDP leader Ed Broadbent,
sleeping with an elephant. perennial pro-Canadian Maude
No matter how friendly and Barlow and activist-broadcaster
even-tempered is the beast, if I Avi Lewis.
can call it that, one is affected by I was particularly impressed
every twitch and grunt.” with the final essay by American
Well, maybe today the ele- economist Thea Lee, praising us
phant seems less of a menace, as for our many activists whose suc-
the Bush gang becomes more and cesses encourage socially con-
more mired in the consequences scious people south of the border.
of the big Iraq lie which Jean
Chretien had the good sense not (Used with permission. Ben
to support. Viccari is the President of the
This gives us all the opportu- Canadian Ethnic Media As-
nity to rethink our across-the-bor- sociation [CEMA] and makes
der relations frequent appearances on OMNI
Here comes Living with Un- TV Commentary. Some of his
cle, an anthology of essays by commentaries are republished in
well known public figures who for this publication and slightly ex-
years have pleaded for Canadians panded in some cases from their
to stand up to Uncle Sam in a dig- 70-second broadcast originals.
BLOW THE CANDLES. Russell celebrates his 8th birth anniversary at North York’s Chuck nified, reasonable manner. For more of his work, please visit
E. Cheese with, among others, (from left) dad Matthew Mahoney, Mom Lennart Leigh, baby Edited by Bruce Campbell and Ben’s website at: http://canscene.
sister Delilah, Ninang Catherine and kinakapatid Ashley. Ed Finn, the book has seventeen

Suwerteng ground hog! Alaga na, may badyet pa!

(From page 6)
ruary 7. donated also one unit to the vil- During his talk, the Consul
Jess was referring to the item lage, magiging kapitbahay ko General recalled the many promi-
using the same platform immedi- rin pala doon sa PCCT Village nent figures in Philippine history
ately above that appeared in this ang mga dating kasama ko sa and politics who hailed from Tan-
column in the January 2007 issue. board. ” za, Cavite, among others, Julian
That’s okay, Jess. For last *** Felipe who wrote the lyrics to the
month’s and this month’s, they The Maharlika Awards Night, Philippine national anthem and
are free. May bayad na ito sa su- staged on November 18, 2006 the great legislator from Tanza,
sunod. by Royal Media International at Antero Soriano.
*** Rembrant Hall in Scarborough ConGen continued, “Another
Still on Jess Carlos … was billed as a “live to (TV) tap- Antero Soriano is here. He is the
For those who were inquir- ing” of the event. That evening, President of the Philippine Press
ing, there’s no truth to the ru- my good friend Sonny Paragas Club-Ontario (PPC-O).”
mor that Oswald Tugadi’s Albee had several “sabit”. Ace to Butch: “Pare, he’s talk- ANG SABI KO, TANSAN ‘YAN!
Enterprises declined to print Unto my friend, Producer Ed ing about the Tanzanian Devil.”
a new set of business cards for de Guzman, I say, “Sir, since it Butch: “Pare, Tazmanian iyon. I looked closely, and true it cling bins still outside. She said,
Jess Carlos on a regular busi- was ‘live to tape’, I guess you may May mga apo rin yata ako, kaya was, it’s a real Tanzan; and if I “Please take the bins inside the
ness card-size paper. want to change the title to ‘Ooops alam ko iyon.” may add, tanzan ng “Budweiser”. garage.”
Ano? Why did Oswald de- and Bloops: Sonny Paragas Edi- *** *** I said, “I thought you said I’m
cline? Don’t ask me. You ask tion.” That evening, ConGen Incidentally, the cover of the the guy who calls the shots.”
Oswald. (Hehehe … I will be honored Mosquera arrived almost at 8 program for Tanza, Cavite Asso- Gie: “Sa programa, yes. Sa
*** with the program title.) o’clock because of the bad road ciation of Canada states “Early bahay, ako. Further, my statement
Talking of Staples, I got a *** conditions. Seeing Zena Zaga- Valentine Party and Induction was only for public consumption,
welcome card from the company, I was thinking of a big ticket- la, the female Elvis Presley, he Ball”. Okay?”
giving me $20 off from my first ed event sometime this year, but asked her: “O, kumanta ka na There’s no truth that the ***
online, or phone order of $200, or those people I talked to wanted ba? Ano’ng kinanta mo?” organization is staging anoth- Tawa-tawa kayong mga
more. to know how we would sell the Zena: “Tatlong mabibilis.” er event within the week with kasama ko sa media. Kayo rin,
I read the conditions as fol- tickets. They wanted us to have Ace to ConGen: “Kaya pala the program stating, this time, ‘di ba?
lows: Valid on phone, fax and the tickets sold through Ticket hindi mo inabot, ConGen, mabi- “Tanza, Cavite Association of Here’s one. At the birthday
online orders; not valid in stores; Master. bilis, e!” Canada Actual Valentine Party celebration of PPC-O President
limit one per customer; non-trans- But I objected, stating, “If *** and Induction Ball”. Tenny Soriano, January 12 …
ferable; maximum purchase re- the Philippine Independence In one gathering, PPC-O Pres- Unto “another Antero Soria- While Tenny, Butch, Tal-
quirement of $200, or more; may Day Council (PIDC), the PCCT, ident Tenny Soriano said, “Alam no present, the president of the akayan Radio Program Pro-
not be combined with any other the Federation of Chinese Ca- n’yo, ang magaling sa mga spo- Philippine Press Club-Ontario”, ducer and host Jess Cabrias,
coupon; not valid on download- nadians in Markham (FCCM), ken dialects ng Pilipinas e si Jojo I say: Tenny, tiba-tiba tayo rito Philippine Times’ Paul de la
able software, services, business PhilCan Athletic Club could sell Taduran. kung ganoon ulit ang dami ng Cruz, press club members Chi-
service provider, or … its tickets, so we could to.” “If one says he, or she, is from attendance. to Sarabia, Amor Gaborno and
By the time I finished reading My wife Gie asks: “How?” Pangasinan, Jojo starts to speak *** myself were discussing some
the conditions, I was already at the Ace: “Well, request Paeng in Pangasinan; if one says from Still at the Tanza, Cavite In- matters, Myrna Soriano, wife of
store to do my purchases, so … I Nebres to carry our tickets with Cebu, Jojo speaks Cebuano; one duction Ball … the PPC-O prexy, called out our
tossed the welcome card to the him. Luma ang Ticket Master from Iloilo, Jojo speaks Ilonggo. Shortly after Gie and I ar- attention.
garbage bin; seems to me Staples doon. All pockets of Paeng’s Kung taga-saan ang kausap niya, rived at the function and probably She said:, “Okay makinig
want to give me something that it clothing have tickets in them taga roon din siya.” having recognized Gie as the TV kayong lahat. We have a plan.
doesn’t want to let go, anyway. from various organizations. Now back at the Tanza, Cavite program host of Front Page Phil- We, the spouses of PPC-O mem-
*** Sabi nga ni Sir Paeng Nebres, Induction Ball … I saw Manila ippines (airs on OMNI 2 - CJMT bers, have already organized
There’s no truth to the ru- si Marlo Mallari nga raw ng Media Monitor Editor Butch Gali- Toronto, Sundays at 11 a.m. and over at the dinner table, while
mor that the reason why the PIDC and AFCA even carries a cia (probably inspired by our me- Thursdays 12 noon), Julie - sister you are here.”
PCCT has donated a village - brief case for the tickets. I will dia colleague Jojo Taduran, or for of folksinger Chito Sarabia’s part- “Ganito ang balak naming
known as the Philippine Cham- ask Marlo, too. O, di tapos ang want of affiliation and a sense of ner, Chuchi Punsalan, asked the gawin: ako, si May (Cabrias),
ber of Commerce-Toronto GK problema” belonging) with a special pin on latter, who’s the guy with Gie. Maribel (Montemayor); Chuchi
Village - of 20 units of houses in *** his shirt. Chuchi said, “Oh, Ace - don’t (Punzalan) ….”
Paranaque City, through AN- At the Induction ball of the of- He showed his pin to me. I worry, he’s just her driver and TV The PPC-O men froze ...
COP Canada, Inc. is that those ficers and board members of the asked, “What is that?” producer.” could not say anything ... vol-
who have donated are looking Tanza, Cavite Association of Can- Butch replied, beaming, “I’m Chuchi narrated this later to untarily gave up ... and, just lis-
forward to their retirement in ada at the St. Boniface Parish Hall a true blooded Tanzanian.” Gie, who added, “… and he’s the tened ...
the Philippines. in Scarborough, Ontario, January “Where did you get that?” one who calls the shots.” (and they are the men of the
An afterthought: “I resigned 29, 2007, guest speaker was Con- “It’s special for me - a true Arriving home that evening, PPC-O … under seige by their
from the PCCT - and having sul General Alejandro Mosquera. Tanzanian.” Gie noticed the garbage and recy- spouses, too).
and compete in one of
22 Manila Media Monitor FEBRUARY 2007
Diversified police force gaining in York Manila Media Monitor
23 FEBRUARY 2007
York Region police continued to be
chief Armand LaBarge has parental, with old-
cited the growing interest of er generations re-
the area’s diverse commu- taining memories
nity to join the police force, of police brutal-
saying that erstwhile bar- ity in their home-
riers in police recuirtment lands.
have slowly broken down. In many coun-
LaBarge was the first tries, the police as a
speaker in the regular Ca- profession, ranked
nadian Ethnic Media Asso- low on the totem York Region Police Chief Armand
ciation (CEMA) Speaker’s pole. But the chief LaBarge (2nd from left) joins
Series this year. said these barri- CEMA members Kiu Rezvanifar,
In his talk, La Barge fo- ers were gradually Hyo Kim and Kati Rekal at the 1st
cused on diversity and po- breaking down. 2007 CEMA Speaker Series.
lice services in the growing La Barge add-
multicultural region of York ed that most policing prob- cited the cases of domestic
(population 900,000). lems in York were traffic- violence involving firearms
York, where 70 different related: speeding, ignoring in which registration was
languages are spoken, has signals and other violations, often vital in providing evi-
an overall diversity rate of drunk driving and street dence.
35 percent, rising to 55 per- racing. La Barge was accom-
cent in the Markham area. A member of the Cana- panied by Staff Sergeant
Police recruitment since dian Association of Chiefs Ricky S. Veerappan (born
2001 rose to 13 percent of of Police, he said he strong- in South Africa) and Con-
minorities from six percent. ly opposed the scraping of stable Paul Chiang (born
La Barge said a barrier the Gun Registry, as flawed in Pakistan). CEMA Web-
to recruiting younger men as it might have been. He site

Recycling spirit containers can be rewarding

‘Bag it back,’ a novel program for re- joined the ‘Bag it back’ program.
cycling wine, beer and spirit containers, ‘Bag it back’ bags were made available
started Feb. 5. for consumer convenience.
And both consumers and officials have “We are really excited about the De-
found it a very rewarding exercise, not just posit Return Program,” said Environment
for the refund of 10- to 20-cents deposit per Minister Laurel Broten. “This is a win for
bottle but for its deeper impact in preserv- the environment, a win for municipalities
ing the environment. and a win for Ontarians.”
By bagging empties back, consumers “This campaign will help encourage
would help recycle some 80 million con- Ontario to recycle better,” said Minister of
tainers per year. Public Infrastructure Renewal David Ca-
The LCBO, TBS, Vincor Canada (op- plan. “We know that through the deposit re-
erator of The Wine Rack), Andrew Peller turn program, we will have more containers
Ltd. (Vineyards Estate Wines), and other recycled into high-end uses, including new
beverage alcohol retailers in Ontario have glass bottles, fibreglass and polar fleece.”
24 News Manila Media Monitor

Canada launches P400-M RP e-governance project

More transparent public trans- The project would help target- at all levels, especially on social
actions and faster delivery of gov- ed Philippine social service agen- services.
ernment services. cies with their implementation It also aims to contribute to
These are expected to happen plans for e-governance projects. government efforts to provide
when the five-year P400-million Under the project, e-gover- equitable access among indigent
Canada-Philippines bilateral Elec- nance pilot projects would be car- women and men to social ser-
tronic Governance for Efficiency ried out in selected rural areas of vices.
and Effectiveness (E3) project the country, to hasten the delivery “Canada’s key principles of
goes full blast, after its recent of social services. effective development include
launching. Among these are credit assis- the promotion of local owner-
Leading the launch of the E3 project are (from left) Tom Car- Canadian Ambassador to Ma- tance, welfare, health, employ- ship, building capacity within the
roll, Head of the Canadian International Development Agency nila Peter Sutherland said the Ca- ment, education, microfinance, public sector, and promoting good
in the Philippines, Canadian Ambassador Peter Sutherland, nadian International Development disaster relief, and agriculture. governance through the use of
Secretary Ramon Sales of the Commission on Information Agency (CIDA) provided $9.92 The project is aimed to devel- information and communication
and Communications Technology, Education Secretary Jesli million (P420 million) for the E3 op efficient, responsive, transpar- technology,” Sutherland said. Ca-
Lapus, and Stewart Hall, E3 project director. PR project completion until 2012. ent and accountable governance nadian Embassy PR

“The images we capture are the memories you will treasure.”
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* Weddings * Concerts
* Birthdays * Editing
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Manila Media Monitor
FEBRUARY 2007 News 25

PIDC sets ‘07 events

The Philippine Indepen-

dence Day Council (PIDC)
announced its 2007 calen-
Miss, Teen, Junior and Star
Babies. Event chair is Al-
bert Alonzo (905-294-4663
ketball Tournament at
Ryerson University gymna-
sium on July 7 and 8. Event
The publication would
contain a comprehensive
Ontario runs after deadbeats
dar of events during its Jan. or missphilippinespidc@ chair is Ramon Fermin directory of associations, QUEEN’S PARK, ON ing with the Law Society of
27 annual general meeting (905-731-1296 or ferminra- businesses and individuals - The provincial govern- Upper Canada and the On-
at the Golden Valley Ban- ► Philippine Indepen- who joined in and support- ment is giving the Fam- tario Motor Vehicle Indus-
quet Hall. dence Day Gala, in coop- ► Mabuhay Philip- ed PIDC-organized events ily Responsibility Office try Council.
PIDC President Jun En- eration with Kalayaan, at pines Toronto Summer and the continued growth (FRO) new tools, includ- Ontario would launch
verga and the organization’s the Toronto Congress Cen- Festival at the Metro To- and preservation of Philip- ing a new website, to track the webpage late February.
Board of Directors said this tre on June 9. The theme is ronto Convention Centre, pine heritage and culture in down deadbeat parents who “It’s clear to us that this
year’s line-up of activities inspired by the Gran Cordil- Hall A on Aug. 18. Part of Canada. do not pay court-ordered government is committed
included: lera Central. Premier Dal- the festival’s proceeds will Publication chair Karen support payments, Minister to tracking down deadbeat
► Search for Little ton McGuinty is the Guest go to Gawad Kalinga-AN- Pascual-Binaday (416- 897- of Community and Social parents and making sure
Miss Philippines at the Ko- of Honor. Event chair is Ra- COP to build a village in 6697 or kathreen@rogers. Services Madeleine Meil- they live up to their legal
rean Cultural Centre, North fael Nebres (416-281-1234 disaster-stricken Bicol. com) said the digest would leur announced on Jan. 26. and moral family obliga-
York on Arpil 28. Applica- or Songstress Joey Albert be distributed to festival go- The new powers would tions,” said Renate Diorio,
tions are being accepted ► Salo-salo sa Earl topbills the list of festi- ers and to event supporters allow the FRO to post pic- founder of Families Against
in the search for little Am- Bales, dubbed the biggest val performers. Philippine for free. tures and information about Deadbeats.
bassadresses of Goodwill. community picnic, at Earl Chamber of Commerce Binaday said the pub- defaulting support payors “We firmly believe that
Event chair is Rosemer Bales Park on June 16. Toronto trade exhibits con- lication could be used as a on the website to help lo- children shouldn’t do with-
Enverga (416-284-2810 or Highlighting the activities tinue. Event chair is Minda permanent guide and source cate parents not living up out because a parent doesn’t are a parade of associations Neri (416-621-4985 or of information for the com- to court-ordered family re- live up to their responsibili-
► Search for Mr. and and a talent competition for munity. sponsibilities. ties. These new develop-
Ms. Philippines PIDC at all ages. Event chair is Pete Enverga also said PIDC She urged those who The FRO would also ments at the FRO will help
the Metropol Banquet Hall Mauricio (647-282-5111 or is in the process of publish- wish to be included in the report defaulting support make a positive difference
and Theatre on May 6. Cat- ing the Mabuhay Festival Digest to get in touch with payors to professional and in the lives of many Ontario
egories included Mister, ► Mabuhay Cup Bas- Digest and Business Direc- her. PR occupational groups start- families,” Diorio said. PR

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Manila Media Monitor
The Philippines: Recalling EDSA 26

For four days in 1986, from Feb. 22 to 25, the Filipino nation locked
arms in prayerful assembly at EDSA to topple a 20-year tyrannical
rule, and installed a revoluitionary government. These four days
were to be known worldwide as the first peaceful people-powered
revolution. The guns were silent. Jubilation prevailed. Then ........

Cory Aquino takes oath Ousted President Ferdinand

as President of the revolu- Marcos and First Lady Imelda
tionary government. Marcos take last stand.




FEBRUARY 2007 Manila Media Monitor 27

Manila Media Monitor
28 The Philippines Provincial Roundup
Cordillera butterflies flying out
Panagbenga in Baguio City BAGUIO CITY - Mount Santo Tomas, a
part of the Cordillera mountain range, has
the most unique butterflies which became
famous in the early 1970s when Japanese
and other foreign butterfly collectors pat-
terned textile colors on the unique hue of
the wings of these butterflies. But defor-
estation and other forms of environmental
degradation are winging them out, so says
a study by Environment and Natural Resources-Cordillera Admin-
istrative Region researchers Imelda Ngaloy and George Tomin. The
two say the presence and abundance of the beautiful winged insects
are indicators of a good and well-preserved environment. Some
species of butterflies indigenous to the Cordillera have dwindled,
their numbers no longer as profuse as before, and the species may
become extinct. PNA

Ifugao fights banana virus

LAGAWE, Ifugao - Banana farmers in the towns of Asipulo,
Aguinaldo, Alfonso Lista, Hingyon, Kiangan, Lagawe, Lamut and
Mayoyao, all in Ifugao, stand to benefit from a P472,000 livelihood
project the provincial government is set to implement. Provincial
agricultural officer Catherine Buenaventura said the project was
F ebruary is flower season at the City of Pines -- perfect timing for a monthlong all-out fiesta in the
expected to eliminate the Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) that
infected major plantations in Northern Luzon in the late 90s and
streets. Baguio folks take a break to revel in the cool climate and the unique culture of their city. Multi-hued
destroyed the banana industry. PIA
costumes are worn, mimicking the various blooms of the highland region (or any of its 11 ethnic tribes).
There’s also the half-dozen or so flower beds-- disguised, of course, as the Panagbenga parade floats. Panag-
benga began in 1995 when lawyer Damaso Bangaoet, Jr. proposed the festiva concept. Thus began work to
815,000 jobs abroad seen
create a festival identity - one that would reflect the history, traditions and values of Baguio and the Cordille- BACOLOD CITY
ras. Its logo centered on a theme that revolved around preserving the environment with a special emphasis on - The next three years
the flowers of the Cordilleras. To a festival hymn composed by Prof. Macario Fronda was added the rhythm would be brighter for
and movements of the Bendian dance, an Ibaloi dance of celebration which circular movements speak of Filipinos seeking jobs
unity and harmony among members of the tribe. Main activities this year include the market encounter up abroad. Philippine
to March 4 with landscaping exhibits, carpet of flowers, floral and related products, food outlets, cultural Labor Secretary Ar-
programs, fashion shows, musical presentations, flower related demonstrations, and lectures; launching of turo Brion said some
the Panagbenga Park on Feb. 23; the grand festival parade and street dancing on Feb. 24; float and marching 815,000 “high-end” jobs
band competitions on Feb. 25; and the traditional “Session Road in Bloom” from Feb. 26 to March 4, when were available over-
the festival is capped with a fireworks display. seas, to include those
on telecommunications,

Asean upholds rights of migrant workers medical and construction industries. Labor attache to Saudi Arabia
Rustico dela Fuente reported the king had ordered the building of
four economic cities, each as large as that in Dubai. In Japan, the
MANILA - President Glo- the Union of Myanmar, the Re- provided migrant workers with anticipated retirement of “baby-boomers” wiould create the need
ria Macapagal-Arroyo hailed the public of the Philippines, the Re- access to health, education, social for computer-aided designers, car designers and telecommunication
signing of the Asean Declaration public of Singapore, the Kingdom services and judicial system of engineers, aside from some 10,000 seafarers, Reydeluz Conferido,
on the Protection and Promotion of Thailand, the Socialist Repub- each of the ten member states. labor attache to Japan, reported. PIA
of the Rights of Migrant Workers
as a big step that would greatly
lic of Viet Nam.
Macapagal-Arroyo said the
Labor Secretary Arturo Brion
noted this was the first time a mul-
Road links Cordilleras, Cag. V.
benefit overseas Filipino workers declaration bound the signatory tilateral agreement on migrant BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya - Work on the 108.8 kilometer-
(OFW). countries to protect the fundamen- workers had been signed. road that would link the provinces of Cagayan, Kalinga and Moun-
The declaration was signed tal human rights, promote the wel- Included in the declaration was tain Province is underway. Highways official Eugenio Pipo said the
during the 12th Association of fare and uphold the dignity of mi- the Asean Mutual Recognition Ar- construction of the P1.370-million Bontoc-Tabuk-Tuguegarao road
Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) grant workers, including nurses. rangement on Nursing Services started in December last year. Once completed, the project would
and East Asia summits in Cebu She said the declaration “is a that recognized the certificates of reduce travel time from Bontoc to Tuguegarao from five to three
City from Jan. 10 to 15. commitment to promote decent, Asean nurses. hours. The opening of the road would also induce faster social, eco-
Declaration signatories includ- humane, productive, dignified and Brion hoped the declaration nomic and political growth in the area. PIA
ed Brunei Darussalam, the King-
dom of Cambodia, the Republic
remunerative employment for mi-
grant workers.”
would keep Filipino nurses within
the Asean community where they
Halal certifying body created
of Indonesia, the Lao People’s Foreign Affairs Secretary Al- are better needed, rather than GENERAL SAN-
Democratic Republic, Malaysia, berto Romulo said the declaration across the continent. PNA TOS CITY - The
Muslim Business

PNP identifies May poll hotspots Forum, Inc. has

launched the Mind-
anao Halal Authority
MANILA - The Philippine National Police (PNP) as the halal certify-
has identified at least 613 cities and municipalities as ing body in the South
potential sources of violence in the senatorial and lo- Cotabato-Cotabato-
cal elections in May. Sultan Kudarat-Sa-
PNP data showed 49 of the hotspots were classi-
rangani- General Santos City region, opening opportunities for local
fied as security priorities.
companies to access the 1.9 billion potential global halal market
Five of these areas are in the Ilocos Region; three
estimated to rake in $150 billion in world trade annually. PIA
in Cagayan Valley; three in the Cordillera Adminis-
trative Region; two in Central Luzon; four in Cala-
barzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon);
Cebu hosts first eye bank in SE
CEBU CITY - Cebu is host to the first non-profit, non-stock Lions
four in Mimaropa (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon,
Club Eye Bank in Southeast Asia. The $120,000 facility was built
Palawan); eight in the Bicol Region; one in Western
by the Norfolk, Virginia-based Lions Club International in the prem-
Visayas; two in Central Visayas; four in Eastern Vi- HOPE: Honest Orderly Peaceful Elections
ises of Cebu Doctors University Hospital. Part of the funds went to
sayas; four in the Zamboanga Region; one in North-
the training of opthalmologists and surgeons manning the eye bank.
ern Mindanao; two in the Davao Region; one in SocSKSarGen (South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Saranggani,
Facility co-medical director Potenciano Larrazabal III said the eye
General Santos); two in Caraga; and three in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
bank “is the first to cater to indigent patients who can hardly afford
The PNP said the classification was based on parameters, top of which was the high presence of commu-
the cost of corneal tissues from the commercial eye bank in Manila.”
nist rebels and partisan armed groups in an area. Other parameters included the occurrence of election-related
There are about 200 thousand patients per year with severe and less
violence, existence of intense partisan political rivalry and occurrence of incidents that could disrupt the
severe eye defects who await for transplants. PIA
process or create political tension that could upset the process. PNA
Mining H20 for Bicol storm survivors
Manila Media Monitor FEBRUARY 2007

The Philippines By Kevin Masterman

Toronto Police Service
A Toronto police officer was among a
Canadian contingent providing clean wa-
ter to typhoon survivors a world away and
leaving a legacy of help behind them.
Over one million people were left home-
less as Typhoon Durian sent high winds and
sheets of rain across the Philippines at the
beginning of December 2006, killing hun-
dreds and leaving countless others missing.
A Global medic team, made up of Emer-
gency Medical Services paramedics Rahul
Singh, Carl Rotmann, Michael Larsen,
Canadian Forces infantry soldier Brienna
Ross Hood and TPS Sgt. Don Ryan, spent Sgt. Ryan (center) gets the water
Digging continues in hopes of recovering precious possessions ten days in the storm-swept region where flowing.
they worked 15-hour days providing clean
water. “I did not sleep that night and working
“Most people die after an event like this during the typhoon kept me looking up at
because of disease,” said Sgt. Don Ryan, the roof of the market area as the sheet met-
adding that cholera and other water-borne al was being torn off,” said Ryan.
diseases had begun to spread as they ar- Paramedics tended to injuries and also
rived on scene Dec. 11. distributed water purification tablets and
“Providing clean water is the best help medical supplies.
we can give,” Ryan said. “You see people at their worst,” said
The Global team is under the David Ryan, who saw men digging out their bare-
Antony Gibson Foundation dedicated to ly visible homes in search of loved ones.
delivering emergency aid to disaster zones. Ryan said they also saw people at their
The group helped recycle 150,000 li- best. A local mine rescue team was also
ters of water delivered to a makeshift water taught how to use a 99-liter-per-minute wa-
purification center and morgue in Daraga, ter purifier the team left behind.
Albay. They also left behind five more portable
Surrounding villages or barangays were trekkers that produce five liters per minute.
buried in volcanic ash swept down the “The people were great and appreciative
slopes of Mayon volcano. and I feel like we helped a lot,” Ryan said.
Another typhoon that struck off the “They learned how to use the equipment so
coast the second day the team arrived led they could respond to the next disaster.”
to heavy winds and rain that ripped sheets Besides the hundreds who lined up dai-
of aluminum from the marketplace roof and ly with a variety of empty containers, over
renewed mudslide warnings as team mem- 1,000-liter bladder of drinking water was
bers slept or at least tried to. delivered to villages daily by truck.
30 The Philippines Manila Media Monitor

National recognition sought for

Jupiter’s Red Spot Jr. discoverer
MANILA - Dr. Ber- Soriano said. astronomy sites, getting ci- in the Philippines using a
nardo Soriano, a Philippine “We hope to spark in- tations from international small telescope with limited
Atmospheric, Geophysical spiration to other Filipino astronomers, including the knowledge and resources
and Astronomical Services astronomers,” he said. US National Aeronautics (was able to make this dis-
Administration official, has Go found the Red Spot and Space Administration. covery),” he said.
called on Philippine of- Jr., which powered renewed Go, member of the As- The country would ob-
ficials to confer the Order interest in the international tronomical League of the serve National Astronomy
of Lakadula to Christopher science community. Philippines, saw that the Week from Feb. 18 to 24.
Go, who discovered Red Until the discovery, brown spot on Jupiter, pre- The Order of Lakandula
Spot Jr. on Jupiter. most observers had GRS viously white, had turned had been bestowed on box-
“We hope Go will be (Great Red Spot) as the brick red. ing champ Manny Pacquiao,
conferred soon, in time for most interesting object to “Go’s contribution is team Everest leader Leo
the first anniversary of his observe on Jupiter. incomparable. The world Oracion, and international
discovery of the Red Spot Go’s discovery is be- did not know about it, and rap artist Alan Pineda of the
Jr. on Feb. 24 last year,” ing used in major global an amateur astronomer Black Eyed Peas. PNA
FEBRUARY 2007 Manila Media Monitor 31

Memories of Love
32 Money Manila Media Monitor

Cebu VoIP facility Japan techno-science model

Microsoft opens

urged on Canadian business

LAHUG, Cebu - Microsoft Philippines has intro-
duced its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technol-
ogy, as the world’s biggest Information Technology
(IT) firm opened its new facilities in the Asia Town IT
Park here . The ability to compete changes in its university
The VoIP would enable overseas Filipino workers internationally in science- research system, strong en-
(OFWs) to communicate with their loved ones for free
and remit money to their families in the Philippines at
based and technology-based
commerce is the new key to
couragement for corporate
engagement and active sup-
PCCT skeds
a more affordable cost.
Microsoft has chosen Cebu City as the headquarters
of its expansion thrust in the Visayas and Mindanao
economic success, says a
new report released by the
Asia Pacific Foundation of
port for commercialization
of discoveries.
Businessmen, public
RP trade trip
because of the area’s vibrant and competitive business Canada. researchers and academics
climate. Cebu is seen as the country’s next IT hub. The latest issue of the are being drawn together to The Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Toronto (PCCT)
In the Philippines, Microsoft has committed P300 Commentary says Canada improve scientific and tech- will conduct a trade mission to the Philippines from March
million so far as contribution to the country’s develop- has accepted the 21st cen- nological innovation. 11 to 17 to further boost business, investments and tourism
ment through programs being implemented in partner- tury challenge, investing “Canadians need to ties between Canada and the Philippines.
ship with various government and civil organizations. heavily in university and understand the nature and PCCT Trade and Industries Initiatives chair Cora dela
One of its most-established initiatives, in partner- college education, advanced extent of scientific and Cruz hoped this year’s mission would be as successful as
ship with the Department of Education, is Partners in research and the commer- technological innovation in last year’s February visit, joined in by 25 firms, that closed
Learning, which empowers teachers and students by cialization of science. other countries in order to some $50 million in signed agreements and contracts.
providing them with greater access to the latest com- It notes that Canada has recognize the competitive Dela Cruz said representatives of Canadian companies
puter technologies. judged development lo- challenge this poses and to involved in tourism and hospitality, food processing and
Microsoft has also provided comprehensive ICT cally, against the country’s gain insights into structural, packaging; mining and agriculture, recycling and recycled
skills development programs and locally-tailored train- earlier performance, rather cultural and political initia- products; education and training, crafts, giftware and jew-
ing for teachers on ICT integration into curriculum and than against fast-changing tives that underlie success- ellery, information technology and communications, busi-
learning. international standards. ful innovation,” says the ness outsourcing, call centers, and import and export sectors
Microsoft’s other flagship program is Unlimited Japan is a guide to the report’s author, Foundation have expressed keenness to join the 2007 trade mission.
Potential, a global community-based citizenship ini- evolving nature of the inno- Senior Research Analyst PCCT has coordinated the mission with the Philippine
tiative aimed to improve lifelong learning for under- vation-based economy and, Dr. Carin Holroyd. Consulate General in Toronto; the Philippine Embassy
served communities by providing cash and software like Finland, Singapore The report’s full text is in Ottawa; the Department of Tourism in New York, the
grants that would facilitate technology skills training and Taiwan, a benchmark posted at: Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Chicago, the
through community technology and learning centers . against which Canada‘s per- Canadian Embassy in Manila, Department of Trade and
Unlimited Potential programs in the Philippines formance can be assessed. pdfs/commentary/cac42. Industry, and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and
included Pag-Asa: An Unlimited Potential Program Japan has embraced pdf. PR Industry. PR
for Amerasians, Kapit-Bisig Para sa Kabuhayan: An research and development
Unlimited Potential Program for NGOs, and Tulay: aggressively, with major WHY ADVERTISE ELSEWHERE?
An Unlimited Potential Program for Overseas Filipino investments in scientific
Workers. OPS infrastructure, significant CALL 416-285-8583
Manila Media Monitor
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is set to

CVMR keen on RP mining

present to the Monetary Board its proposal to fully
liberalize the Philippines’ foreign exchange policies
by end-February. BSP Governor Amando Tetangco
Jr. said a review of overbought and oversold limits
Toronto-based Chemical Vapour Metal Re- and a re-evaluation of rules on forex companies
fining Inc. (CVMR) has joined four other global and operations were part of the reform package.
mining firms in the rush to dig up the Philip- But the market has read the BSP’s moves as at-
pines’ unexplored mineral wealth. tempts to curb the appreciation of the peso rather
Philippine Environment Secretary Ange- than mere adjustments to market conditions. The
lo Reyes said CVMR -- together with Anglo BSP ruled this out and said the exchange rate was
American Plc., BHP Billiton Ltd./Plc., Xstrata best left to market forces.
Plc., and Phelps Dodge Corp. -- have sought for
mining exploration permits. Would all these mean better deals for overseas Fili-
An earlier press release said CVMR had pinos who send money back home?
shown keen interests in putting up integrated
operations in the Philippines that would produce CHECK IT OUT!
not only nickel but also a product involving val- Meanwhile, check out if you got your peso’s worth
ue-adding nickel brickets. for the dollars you have had exchanged since Jan.
The investment would involve $3 billion 11, courtesy of Manila Media (Money) Monitor.
for an estimated output of 60,000 metric tons of
US$ Cdn$
nickel brickets yearly.
Feb. 09 48.31115 41.15165
CVMR has a plant in China. It had been in
Feb. 08 48.44126 40.86580
the Philippines for over a year, seeking agree- MINING MEET. CVMR President and CEO Kamran Khozan
Feb. 07 48.39847 40.83360
ments with claim owners in Palawan. (3rd from left) meets with Environment Secretary Angelo
Feb. 06 48.60423 41.11859
CVMR could turn out to be one of the first to Reyes (4th from left) in Manila to discuss mining poten-
Feb. 05 48.69536 41.20182
build an integrated mineral plant in the country tials in the Philippines. With them are (from left) Horacio
Feb. 02 48.69845 41.13549
even as government aimed to encourage value- Ramos, Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) director;
Feb. 01 48.79916 41.51092
adding in minerals to maximize revenue and Marylin Vitorio-Acquino, CVMR Corporate Secretary; Gar-
Jan. 31 48.89125 41.45919
employment potentials. zon Duenas, CVMR Managing Director; Ramon Paje, MGB
Jan. 30 49.06387 41.52750
CVMR is a privately held corporation, en- Undersecretary; and Allan Verman Ong, CVMR Corporate
Jan. 29 49.15436 41.59804
gaged in mining, metal refining and vapour met- Assistant Secretary.
Jan. 26 49.07957 41.59797
allurgy process development.
Philippine minerals are generally exported
in the form of copper, gold, or nickel ore rather
Manulife, CBC ink Jan. 25
Jan. 24
than in more value-added, higher priced form.
The Philippine government has said the
bancassurance pact Jan. 23
Jan. 22
Toronto-based Manulife Financial has formed a bancassurance Jan. 19 48.81586 41.64980
country has $1 trillion worth of unexplored
joint venture with China Banking Corporation in the Philippines. Jan. 18 48.86778 41.58072
gold, copper, nickel and zinc.
Manulife holds a 95-percent stake in the venture, while China Bank- Jan. 17 48.76484 41.54612
It launched a campaign in 2005 to lure for-
ing will hold the other five percent. Initially, bancassurance services Jan. 16 48.80219 41.54598
eign investors by identifying 24 priority projects
will be offerred in China Banking’s Manila branches and in other Jan. 15 48.87763 41.84166
that needed total investments of at least $6.5 bil-
Jan. 12 49.00553 41.87537
lion to re-open old mines and bring into produc- selected areas. Manulife has some 50 bancassurance arrangements in
Jan. 11 48.97051 41.63185
tion new ones. Wires Asia. Dow Jones International News
Wheels Manila Media Monitor
34 FEBRUARY 2007
Rogers Centre and Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Feb. 16 to 25

‘Rolling wonders’ in CHEVY VOLT

Hey, guys! Where’s Toronto auto show

the car charger? Over 300,000 people are
“Don’t forget to recharge The engine is an onboard expected to swoon over and
the car!” backup to recharge the bat- compare the looks and util-
That’s something David tery - it doesn’t drive the car, ity of more than 1,000 new
W. Paterson, vice president but if required can provide cars and trucks when the
of Corporate and Environ- an impressive driving range Canadian International Auto
mental Affairs of General of more than 1,000 kilome- Show (CIAS) revs up at the
Motors of Canada Limited, ters. Even with the backup 850,000 square-foot North
may well be saying to his engine, fuel economy is re- and South Metro Toronto
daughter about her “Chevy markable. Convention Centre and Rog-
Volt” in the next few years. The real focus of the ers Centre, Feb. 16 to 25.
The concept debuted at Chevy Volt and GM’s E- Up and about since
the January Detroit Interna- Flex system is to offer city 1974, the CIAS wheels in
tional Auto Show is surpris- drivers a great looking, fully a spectacular stage for the
ingly simple - a plug-in, elec- functional car with minimal CHECK IT OUT AT THE CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW auto industry to showcase
trically-driven car designed greenhouse gas emissions. its finest.
for day-to-day city use.
The car is part of GM’s
Drivers will simply un-
plug and go each morning -
Arroyo signs RP Biofuels Act The auto show is also an
exhilirating chance for dis-
focus on the electrification of much as people do with cell President Gloria Ma- the use of biofuels as a mea- fuel components of at least criminating car buyers to see
and reducing reliance on car- phones today. capagal-Arroyo on Jan. 12 sure to develop and utilize five percent bioethanol in and get the hang of a stun-
bon-based fuels for vehicles. This new product pro- signed into law Republic Act indigenous renewable and the annual total volume of ning mix of what’s new and
For Canadians who typi- gram is moving ahead rap- No. 9367 or the Biofuels Act sustainably-sourced clean gasoline fuel sold and dis- what’s next, vehicle-wise.
cally drive 65 kilometres idly. GM is counting on a of 2006, which sought to re- energy sources, intended to tributed by each and every A highlight of the show
a day or less, the plug-in number of challenging, but duce the Philippines’ depen- mitigate toxic and green- oil firm in the country. is the Feb. 14 announcement
Chevy Volt can cut trips to not insurmountable, break- dence on imported fuels. house gas emissions and Biofuel refers to bio- of the Canadian Car of the
the gas station. throughs required in lithium Implementation of the increase rural employment ethanol and biodiesel and Year and Canadian Utility
When a range of 65 kms ion battery development to act would help promote the and income. other fuels made from bio- Vehicle of the Year for 2007,
is not enough, a small engine make it happen. use of alternative transport It has further provided mass and primarily used for chosen from among 13 cat-
(which can be powered by But the expectation is fuels, but with due regard that within two years from motive, thermal and power egory winners cited on Nov.
gasoline, ethanol, diesel or that “plugging in the car” to the protection of public its effectivity, all liquid fuels generation with quality 21, 2006 by the Automobile
other fuels) will kick in “on will become as common as health, the environment and for motors and engines sold specifications in accordance Journalists Association of
the go” to recharge the lithi- recharging cell phones at the natural ecosystem. in the Philippines should with the Philippine National Canada (AJAC).
um ion battery. end of the day. The act has mandated contain locally-sourced bio- Standards. OPS (Continued on page 35)
Wheels 35 Manila Media Monitor FEBRUARY 2007

Toyota, Honda report 2006 record-high output

TOKYO - Toyota Mo- 9.42 million autos in 2007 at home as it launched few
tors Corp. and Honda Mo- amid strong US demand. new models overseas.
tors have credited robust Honda Motors also re- Nissan, owned 44 per-
sales in North America for ported 2.728 million ve- cent by France’s Renault,
record-high global produc- hicles produced in 2006, up saw domestic production
tions in 2006. 7.5 percent for a 10th con- tumble 14.9 percent. It re-
Toyota announced a 9.5 secutive annual rise. ported a drop of 2.6 percent
percent increase in global Honda increased produc- overseas.
production to 9.018 million tion by 30 percent in China Mitsubishi Motors also
vehicles, the 15th straight and 9.8 percent in Japan. reported a decline in 2006
annual increase, although it Production growth in the production of 3.6 percent to
fell below December fore- US was milder at 1.6 percent 1.313 million vehicles.
casts of 9.05 million. while in Europe, production Smaller-scale Mazda
Toyota raised production dropped 3.9 percent. Motors announced a 12.1
in Japan for a fifth consecu- Meanwhile, Nissan Mo- percent increase to 1.285
tive year at 10.3 percent. tors said its global produc- million units, with overseas
Overseas production went tion dropped 7.7 percent to production reaching a record
up 8.6 percent. 3.238 million units in 2006 high and domestic output at
It forecast production of as its market share eroded its highest since 1994.

‘Rolling wonders’ in Toronto auto show ...

(From page 34)
The Best New categories and cars: significant cars ever displayed in Canada.
Small Car under $18,000, Honda FIT LX; This year, the legend continues with
Small Car over $18,000, Volkswagen Rab- three distinct components: Cruise Nation-
bit 2.5; Family Car $22,000 - $30,000, Toy- als, Pony Fever Performance cars for the
ota Camry LE; Family Car over $30,000, young at heart , and Different by Design, a
Toyota Camry Hybrid; history of the Studebaker Corp.
Luxury Car under $50,000, Lexus ES A CIAS favorite, the Toyota Truck Test
350; Prestige Car, Audi S8; Sports/Perfor- Track, returns anew to give enthusiasts an
mance Car, under $50,000: Mazdaspeed3; opportunity for a full-on, off-road test drive
Sports/Performance Car over $50,000, of a Toyota truck.
BMW 3-Series Coupé; And of course, hogging the limelight
Convertible, Volkswagen EOS 2.0T; are the new cars and trucks, beaming all
Pickup Truck, Chevrolet Avalanche; SUV/ throughout the auto show’s vastness for
CUV under $35,000, Toyota RAV4 - V6 everyone’s eyes to feast on.
Sport; SUV/CUV $35,000 - $60,000, Acu- Rolling wonders, indeed, at the 2007
ra RDX Technology Package; SUV/CUV Canadian International Auto show. BG
over $60,000, Mercedes-Benz GL Class.
Also on Feb. 14, the winners of the
World Automotive Design Competitions WANTED
will be announced. Ramon Oliveros is look-
Competition entries of students from 19
design schools - including Toronto’s Hum-
ing for someone of Filipino
ber College - are on exhibit. background who would like
Canada’s “home-grown” automotive de- to help out with the Filipino
signers graduate in May. Some of them will Fury hockey team.
do automotive demonstrations, clay models,
and others during the CIAS. General Manager
The Sports Compact Revolution is a spe-
cial feature area at the Rogers Centre, over He will help organize, pro-
70,000-square feet decked out with the cool- mote hockey, assist with
est customs and hottest rides in Canada. fundraising, sponsors etc.
The focal point will be CentreStage, fea- in the community.
turing high energy live entertainment, elec-
trifying presentations, product demos and Do you know anyone?
much more.
A popular and enduring CIAS exhibit, If so, contact Manila Media
the world famous Classics Concours will Monitor at 416-285-8583.
once more bring to the fore some of the most

2-Bedroom Furnished Apartment
in Thornhill, Ontario
(Centre and Bathurst Area)

Call for details:

(647) 405-4072
Sports Manila Media Monitor
Embassy woodpusher cops grand prize BIZ
Salonga in Broadway’s Les Miserables
Lea Salonga, Tony claim and went on to win
Award-winning star of the Olivier Award as Best
Miss Saigon, has returned Actress in a Musical.
to Broadway as Fantine In 1991, she reprised
in Cameron Mackintosh´s her performance on Broad-
new production of Les Mis- way, again earning rave re-
erables beginning March 6 views and winning the Tony
at The Broadhurst Theatre. Award as Best Actress in a
Salonga is no stranger Musical, along with Best
to the show. She played Ep- Actress honors from the
onine in 1993 in the original Drama Desk and the Outer
Philippine Ambassador to Ottawa Jose Brillantes (right) cites Finance Attache Alvar Broadway run. Critics´ Circle.
Rosales (center) for taking home the grand prize in the advanced category of the recent She takes over for the Salonga returned to
chess tournament jointly organized by the Ottawa Diplomatic Association and the Ottawa SALONGA
role created by Daphne Broadway in 2002, starring
Chess Club on Jan. 13. Consul Eloy Luis Bello won 3rd place in the beginners’ group. Rubin-Vega, who departs and Salonga will stay with in the revival of Rodgers
Rosales bested 15 other participants from Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Es- Les Miz Feb. 18 to star in the production through the & Hammerstein´s Flower
tonia, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico, Libya, Pakistan and Russia. Najm us Saqib from the Jack Goes Boating with entire period. Drum Song.
High Commission for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Felipe Izquierdo from the Philip Seymour Hoffman. Salonga catapulted to Salonga, a first time
Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador finished second and third in the advanced category, Ensemble member Nikki international stage stardom mother, admitted it was dif-
respectively. In the beginners’ group, Consul Bello placed third to Rasmus Lumi, charge Renee Daniels will perform when she was chosen to star ficult to leave her family in
d’ affaires for the Embassy of Estonia and Loukas Tsokos of the Embassy of Greece, first the role of Fantine Feb. 20- as Kim in the 1989 London the Philippines.
and second placers respectively. PR March 4. world premiere of Boublil Before flying to New

Payla, Tipon eye

Due to strong box-office and Schonberg´s Miss Sai- York, Salonga launched her
and enthusiastic audiences, gon, produced by Cameron latest album Inspired, fea-
Les Miz recently announced Mackintosh. turing original songs and
an extension through at Only 17 at the time, Sa- revivals including her fa-

‘08 Games gold

least the summer of 2007, longa received critical ac- vorite “Promise Me.”

Anak TV Seal fave show, awardees

MANILA - Doha Asiad
gold medalists boxers Vio-
lito Payla and Joan Tipon
are keen and determined to
clinch the elusive Olympic
gold medal in the Games in
Beijing, China on Aug. 8 to
24, 2008.
“We are preparing for a
greater battle - the Olym-
pics - and we hope to finally
bring home the first ever
gold medal,” Payla said.
“Our next goal is to win
in the world championships, Above, the Philippines’ Violito Payla (left) cops the
which is the qualifying Doha Asiad gold medal after beating Thailand’s
event for the Olympics,” Somjit Jongjohor in the flyweight 51-kg boxing
Tipon said. finals. Below, Joan Tipon waves the Philippine
Manny Lopez, Amateur tricolors after his Asiad golden win in the bantam- GMA Network’s nightly news program, 24 Oras, came out as the big winner
Boxing Association of the weight 54-kg finals. in the recent Anak TV Seal awards night. Other Philippine television shows
Philippines president, said that got the nod of and placed among the top ten most liked by boob tube
the world championships jumper, added a bronze and viewers polled around the Philippines were Mulawin, Rated K, Captain Bar-
will be in Moscow in No- bantamweight boxer Jose bell, Game Ka Na Ba?, Gulong ng Palad, Majika, Bituing Walang Ningning,
vember; the Philippines, “Cely” Villanueva clinched TV Patrol and Sa Piling Mo. Acclaimed as the ten favorite male and ten fa-
February 2008; and Bang- another bronze. vorite female TV personalities (those holding framed certificates in photos
kok, Thailand, April 2008. Miguel White won a above and below) were Bea Alonzo, Julius Babao, Christine Bersola, Arnold
“Our focus is to pre- bronze in the 400-meter Clavio, Sharon Cuneta, Mike Enriquez, Sarah Gernonimo, Richard Gutierrez,
pare for the three world hurdles event in the 1936 Kristine Hermosa, Angel Locsin, Sam Milby, Aga Muhlach, Piolo Pascual,
championships, which are Berlin Games. Jericho Rosales, Korina Sanchez, Judy Ann Santos, Bernadette Sembrano,
crucial in our quest to win Featherweight boxer Mel Tiangco, Dennis Trillo, and Gary Valenciano, the top vote getter three
the Olympic gold medal,” Anthony Villanueva, a son years in a row. MAG CRUZ HATOL
Lopez said. of Jose, won the country’s
The Philippines has yet first silver medal in the
to win a gold medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
Olympics since it began Ten-pin player Arianne Olympics.
participation in 1924. Cerdena won a gold in In taekwondo, bantam-
So far, nine Olympic bowling in the 1988 Seoul weight Stephen Fernan-
medals have been brought Olympics, but Cerdena’s dez and featherweight Bea
home by Filipino athletes. gold was not included in the Lucero brought home two
Teofilo Yldefonso, a medal tally since bowling bronze medals from Bar-
200-breaststroke swim- was considered only as a celona, but they were not
mer, won the country’s first demonstration sport. included in the medal tally,
bronze medal in the 1928 Light flyweight boxer since taekwondo was just
Amsterdam Olympics and Leopoldo Serantes, howev- counted as a demonstration
its second bronze in the er, brought home a bronze sport then.
1932 Los Angeles Games. from Seoul. Roel’s younger brother
The Philippines had two Light flyweight boxer Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco
other medals in 1932 when Roel Velasco won a bronze won a silver in the 1996 At-
Simeon Torribio, a high in the 1992 Barcelona lanta Olympics. PNA
Manila Media Monitor
37 Showbiz
Society of Seven inducted to Vegas Walk of Stars
The Society of Seven (shown in right photo with Lani Misalucha) has be-
come the first group of performers of Asian descent to have been inducted
-- on Nov. 28, 2006 -- to the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, a perpetual tribute to
the Hawaii-based legendary group that has placed them at par with the best
and greatest in the entertainment world. The group had joined Wayne New-
ton, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion and many others in the
Walk, according to Mendrei Leelin, president of Rosy Cheeks Entertainment
Group, Inc. The society of Seven recently staged a performance with Misalu-
cha in Toronto. Rumors are afloat they would be back for an encore soon.

EB Babes: Noontime TV Delight

Gone are the days na
Sex Bomb Dancers (photo
below) ang makakatapat ng
any girl group, ngayon pa-
rang the Sex Bomb Dancers
are higher in stature kahit
wala sa Eat Bulaga, maybe
because they have their own
show/soap, Daisy Siete, a
consistent toprater.
Presenting the EB Babes
(right photo) of Eat Bu-
laga!: Angel Coronel, Ann
Boleche, Kim Guevarra,
Belle Rivera, Joyce Burgos,
Lian Paz, Madel Palma,
Mae Dela Cerna, Saida Di-
ola and Mergene Maranan.
When the SexBomb Girls left Eat Bulaga!, a new dancing and singing segment was
started. The search and founding of the EB Babes was not limited to pretty faces and sexy
bodies as the finalists had to undergo five weeks of grueling personality development,
stunt, acting and dance classes which included jazz, belly and breakdancing before the
Final Ten were chosen.
The EB Babes serve as back-up dancers in the opening and closing credits and the
game show portions of Eat Bulaga!. BL/YP

Luna, Wilson try beauty, brains in Bb. Pilipinas

Sa screening ng Bb. Pero sa recent press con ng
Pilipinas 2007 candidates Asian Treasures, in pageant
nung Saturday, January 6, fighting form na siya.
dalawang talents ng GMA- “I used to weigh 140
7 Artist Center ang nag- pounds, now I’m 114. I have
bakasakali: si Ailyn Luna to lose mga four pounds
na produkto ng StarStruck pa,” sabi ng determinadong
2, at si Margaret Wilson na si Maggie, na 5”9” na.
gumaganap na Via sa Asian WILSON LUNA The 2007 Binibining
Treasures. gay talagang panuntunan sa Pilipinas Pageant finals is
As a StarStruck Aveng- pag-reach sa goal ng mga scheduled on March 3 at the
er, sinabi noon pa ni Ailyn kabataan ang “Dream! Be- Araneta Coliseum.
na childhood dream niya lieve! Survive!” Three titles ang paglala-
ang maging beauty queen. Edad kinse at 5’7” na- banan: Bb. Pilipinas-Uni-
At di naman kataka-taka da- man si Maggie nang ma- verse, Bb. Pilipinas-World,
hil at 17, nang sumali siya discover sa mall ng writer and Bb. Pilipinas-Interna-
sa StarStruck ay 5’7” na na si Neil de Guia. tional.
siya at tindig-modelo pa. Sa age niyang yun ay Balitang darating ang
Ngayong 18 and stand- naka-focus na rin si Mag- Miss World 2005 na si Un-
ing at 5’8”, isasakatuparan gie sa dream niyang maging nur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir
na ni Ailyn ang kanyang beauty queen. para putungan ng korona
pangarap. At tulad ng pag- Mga October last year, ang mananalong Bb. Pilipi-
sali niya sa StarStruck, ba- medyo malusog si Maggie. nas-World 2007. BL/YP
Manila Media Monitor
FEBRUARY 2007 38 Arts Members of
Phil. Artists Group gathering
the Philippine
Artists Group
PBA Poster Beauty in Toronto en-
joy each oth-
er’s company
in a gather-
ing. Sitting,
from left are
Nelia Tonido,
Dong Mag-
alona, vice
Asia Agcaoili Dunluna, president; Ma. Nellie Bautista, recording secretary; standing, from
left, Rolly Abarilla, archivist; Cobie Cruz, PRO; Jun Afable, treasurer; Omel
Asia Agcaoíli is a Filipino ac- Masalunga, promotions/marketing; Toots Quiachon, past president; Frank
tor, model, and TV and radio host. Tonido, Jhun Diamante, webmaster; and Romi MananQuil, president emeri-
Agcaoíli was born on September tus. Also with PAG are Fred Alinas, auditor; Ed Araquel, Frank Cruzet, Ike Di-
20, 1983 in Isabela, Philippines. A zon, Tony Doctor, Art Ibarra, Manny de Jesus, Rocille Lampitoc, Rol Lampitoc,
graduate of the University of the Sr., Tony Leyco, Koni Marcoux and Joey Rollo. PR
Philippines, she is seen to epito-
mize the strong-minded, confi-
dent, liberated, modern Filipino
woman. She is a disk jockey on a
radio station, Magic 89.9, and an
advice columnist for FHM Philip-
pines Sex Confidential. She is part
of the second wave of the group
Viva Hotbabes.

Mathieu dela Costa Challenge on

OTTAWA - Minister of Canadian Heri- of writing to the contest.
tage and Status of Women Beverly Oda in- Three winners accompanied by a parent
vites young Canadians to join the Mathieu or guardian will receive a three-day trip to
Da Costa Challenge. Halifax, Nova Scotia, where they will take
The competition encourages young part in an awards ceremony. Halifax was
people to discover, through visual arts and chosen in honor of the 400th anniversary of
creative writing, how diversity has shaped Mathieu Da Costa’s arrival in Canada.
Canada’s history and the important role that As a navigator and interpreter of Afri-
multiculturalism plays in Canadian society. can descent, Da Costa is believed to have
“Every year, more students are taking the traveled extensively throughout the Atlantic
Challenge to learn about people who have in the late 1500s and early 1600s. He was
contributed to building Canada,” said Oda. sought by French and Dutch traders to help
“As we discover the stories and characters of in their interactions with aboriginal people.
our rich history, we develop greater respect Among other languages, Da Costa likely
for one another and increase our knowledge spoke French, Dutch, and Portuguese.
and understanding of Canadian society.” The Mathieu Da Costa Challenge is
Canadians aged 9 to 18 have until Feb. one of the main activities of Black History
23 to submit their artwork or original piece Month celebrated in February. PR

Korean-Canadian Literary Forum-21

Press launches Variety Crossing
The Korean-Canadian Literary Forum- Kijo Song, Hurry Huang, Flavia Cosma
21 Press launched the 8th volume of Variety and many others who have donated original
Crossing - a multicultural collection of orig- work to the collection.
inal poetry, essays and invited writings. “As Canadians, we can all say that we’re
Contributors to Variety Crossing includ- from somewhere else ... we strive to keep
ed well-known and award-winning writers our cultural history alive while contributing
and emerging talents. to our society. We are united in our effort to
The Korean, Chinese, Serbian, Eng- become a Multicultural Bridge,” Huh said.
lish, French, Russian, Romanian, Italian, The launch was sponsored by The Ko-
and East Indian writers shared a journey rean Consulate of The Republic of Korea,
through the power of their words. Hart House of U of T, the Toronto Arts
They are Huh, Dalton McQuinty, Council and others; with support from The
George Elliott Clarke, Bruce Meyer, Yevg- Writers’ Union of Canada, The Canadian
eny Yevtushenko, Hyo Chee Moon, Richard Ethnic Media Association, and PEN Can-
Telesky, Priscila Uppal, Kyung Hwan You, ada. PR


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