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TERM 1, 2019 Stage 3

To complete this contract you must complete Four of the following math questions. Your questions must be handed in each week on your
nominated day. You can choose the order in which you do the questions.

Write a story (minimum two pages) using one of the following lines/ideas:
 How maths won me the race…
 What the score really means …
 Our team was decimated…
Make sure you explain as fully as possible the part maths plays in your story.

2. Logical/mathematical
Create a chart showing the scoring systems in at least five different sports (for example, how many points is a “try” worth, what does “hitting a
six” mean and so on.)
Research the numbers of people involved in sport in Australia. Create a graph or a series of tables to show how many people actually play sport,
how many watch sport, and the biggest audiences for sport in, say, the last ten years.

3. Visual/spatial
Create a map of the playing fields for at least five different sports. Include all the relevant measurements – and remember to make them metric!
Design and make a poster showing how maths is important in any one sport.
4. Body/kinaesthetic
Create a new sport or game, based on maths. Include directions for playing and scoring, all the measurements for
the field, strategy tips AND be prepared to teach the game to whole class!

5. Musical/rhythmic
Create a “health hustle” (you may work on this in pairs or threes), encouraging a particular group of people to be fit and active.
For example, it could be aimed at students, or at very old people. Be prepared to use music and teach your health hustle to the

6. Interpersonal
Create a survey of the sport and fitness activities of your classmates, family or people you know. Include a graph showing the frequency and
intensity of their sport/fitness activities (for example, if you include walking the dog, remember to graph how far they walk and how often!).
7. Intrapersonal
Over the course of the contract, keep a journal of your own fitness participation. You might start by tracking your pulse before
and after exercise, or by designing and working at your own fitness program. Does it involve modifying your diet? Does it
involve increasing your exercise? Your journal should include at least two types of graphs and statistical information about your
own fitness program.

8. Naturalistic
The natural world is full of patterns – including the Fibonacci numbers, helixes, fractals and so on. Research ONE way in
which numbers are important in the natural world. How are they important? Why? What is the number pattern? Is it evident
in other natural systems than the one you have chosen? Present your research as a powerpoint.