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MBA 304(M1)

Pedagogy used in each Learning Outcome References used
Unit No. Topics in Unit being covered Lecture required with brief Snap Shot
lecture / Value addition with details
Defining Consumer Behaviour; L1: Defining Consumer Behaviour R3: Pg no. 4-5
Reasons for Studying, Applying L2: Reasons for Studying CB R2: Pg no. 4-5
L3: Applying CB Knowledge To equip the students R3: Pg no. 6-7
Behaviour Knowledge; Scope of

L4: Scope of Consumer Behaviour with the importance R1 : Pg no. 30-31
Consumer Behaviour; Market
Lecture Method L5: Sementation - Definition of Consumer R1: Pg no. 63-64
Segmentation; Bases of L6: Bases of Market Segmentation Behaviour and its R1: Pg no. 65-84
Segmentation, Criteria for L7: Sementation for Products/Services various parameters. Handouts
Effective Targeting of Market L8: Criteria for Segmentation R1: Pg no. 65-84
Segments. L9: Targeting - Reasons/Types R3: Pg no. 168-171
L1: Consumer Motivation - Definition R3: Pg no. 176-179
Consumer Motivation; Consumer L2: How Consumer is Motivated R3: Pg no. 182-184
Involvement, Personality and This unit will help the
L3: Consumer Involvement - Types R2: Pg no. 237-240
students to know the

Self- Concept; Perception, L4: Personality & Self Concept R2: Pg no. 219-221
various aspects of
Consumer Learning and Lecture Method L5: Perception & Consumer Learning R2: Pg no. 222-225
Consumer Behaviour
Memory, Attitudes and Changing L6: Perception & Memory
and its importance to
R1: Pg no. 172-176
Attitudes, information L7:Attitude - Meanings/Types the company. R1: Pg no. 83-87
Processing. L8: How Consumers Attitude is Changed R2: Pg no. 90-92
L9: Information Processing R2: Pg no. 196-198
Reference groups and family L1: Reference Groups & Family Influence R1: Pg no. 332-336
L2: Social Class To enable the students R2: Pg no. 426-428
influences; Social class, cultural;
L3: CB & Culture to understand the R3: Pg no. 104-107
sub cultural and cross cultural

L4: CB & Culture concept of factors R3: Pg no. 104-107
influences on consumer
Lecture Method L5: CB & Culture affecting Consumer R3: Pg no. 104-107
behaviour; personal influences
L6: CB & Personal Influences Behaviour and R3: Pg no. 335-337
and diffusion of innovation; various methods for R1: Pg no. 519-521
L7: Diffusion of Innovation
impact of media and L8: Impact of Media on CB determing it R3: Pg no. 210-211
globalisation. L9: Impact of Globalisation on CB R3: Pg no. 210-211
L1: Purchasing Processes tion R1: Pg no. 554-557
L2: Stages of Purchasing Process R2: Pg no. 16-18
Problem recognition; search and To help the students R2: Pg no. 18-20
L3: Stages of Problem Recognition
evaluating; purchasing processes; understand

L4: Post Purchase Behaviour R1: Pg no. 21-22
post purchase behaviour; purchasing processes ;
Lecture Method L5: Models of Consumer Behaviour R2: Pg no. 234-242
consumer behaviour models; types of various
L6: Models of Consumer Behaviour R2: Pg no. 234-242
consumerism; organizational Consumer Behaviour
L7: Models of Consumer Behaviour R2: Pg no. 234-242
buying behaviour. models.
L8: Consumerism R3: Pg no. 214-216
L9: Organizational Buying Behaviour R1: Pg no. 546-549
L1: What is Customer Satisfaction R1: Pg no. 103-106
L2: How CB is Measured Enable the students to R1: Pg no. 107-110
Measurement of consumer know the methods for
L3: Customer Dis-Satisfaction R1: Pg no. 107-110
measuring Consumer

satisfaction and dis-satisfaction, L4: Repeat Buying R1: Pg no. 198-200
Behaviour and
repeat buying, brand switching Lecture Method L5: Brand Switching R2: Pg no. 281-283
different methods
and loyalty, opinion leadership, L6: Brand Loyalty Handouts
used by companies to
complaining behaviour. L7: Opinion Leadership Handouts
understand the
L8: Complaining Behaviour consumers. Handouts
L9: Modify Handouts
R1: Consumer Behaviour by Leon Schiffman & Leslie Kanuk, Pearson Education {ISBN:- 81-7758-999-7}
R2: Consumer Behaviour by Jay Lindquist & Joseph Sirgy, Biztantra {ISBN:- 81-7722-383-6}
R3: Consumer Behaviour by M.S.Raju & D.Xardel, Vikas Publishing House {ISBN:- 81-259-1532-X}
1. Consumer Behaviour by Ramesh Kumar, Pearson Education
2. Consumer Behaviour by Ajay Kumar & Kamal Singh, Biztantra