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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics VII

I. Objectives

At the end of the interactive discussion, 75% of the students will be able to:

a. Explain the importance of statistics;

b. Solving problems using statistics; and

c. Appreciate the importance of statistics in real life scenario.

II. Subject Matter: Importance of Statistics

Section : VII-Sampaguita, February 28- March 1, 2019 (9:20-10:00)

: VII-SPA, February 28- March 1, 2019 (11:20-10:00)
: VII-Tupil February 28- March 1, 2019 (12:00-12:40)

Reference: Mathematics Learner’s Module 7

Materials: Board, Chalk, Cartolina,

Values Integration: Awareness of other people’s needs

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities

Teacher’s Activities Students’ Activities

Daily routine Daily routine

“Good morning, class! Before we start may I

call ________ to lead the prayer. (Student Alead the prayer.)

Okay before sit down, Kindly pick up pieces (Students pick up pieces of trashes and
of trash and arrange your chairs. arrange chairs.)

Thank you. Please take your seats. (Students sit down.)

Who’s absent for today?

No one, Sir!.
Very good!

Now, let’s recall our topic yesterday.

Okay sir.

What we have discussed yesterday?

(Different Response)
B. Lesson Proper

a. Activity

Listen first to my instruction. You will be

divided into 3 groups. Every group will
gathered a data by interviewing their
classmates including them then organize the
data by using a graph.

Do you understand?

Are the instructions’ clear?

Yes Sir!
Now, go to your groups.

Yes Sir!
(Students begin to do the activity.)

b. Analysis

Group 1
What have you feel in the activity? - It’s very nervous sir.

Very Good Students!

Group 2 & 3
How did you come up with your answers as a - We collaborate and cooperate
group? that’s why we did it.

That’s right, collaboration and cooperation is

really important in doing an activity.

Today, our topic is “Importance of Statistics”

c. Abstraction

Are you familiar with our topic which is

Importance of Statistics? (Different Responses)
Thank for your idea class.

Statistics – Statistics is a branch of

mathematics dealing with data collection,
organization, analysis, interpretation and
In applying statistics to, for example, a
scientific, industrial, or social problem, it is
conventional to begin with
a statistical population or a statistical model
process to be studied. a statistical population
or a statistical model process to be studied

 Why statistics are important in our

life? Statistics are the sets of
mathematical equations that we used to
analyze the things. It keeps us
informed about, what is happening in
the world around us. Statistics are
important because today we live in the
information world and much of this
information’s are determined
mathematically by Statistics Help. It
means to be informed correct data and
statics concepts are necessary. To be
more specific about the importance of
statics in our life, here are 10 amazing
reasons that we have heard on several

1) Everybody watches weather forecasting.

Have you ever think how do you get that
information? There are some computers
models build on statistical concepts. These
computer models compare prior weather with
the current weather and predict future weather.

2) Statistics mostly used by the researcher. None sir.

They use their statistical skills to collect the
relevant data. Otherwise, it results in a loss of
money, time and data.

3) What do you understand by insurance?

Everybody has some kind of insurance,
whether it is medical, home or any other
insurance. Based on an individual application
some businesses use statistical models to
calculate the risk of giving insurance.

4) In financial market also statistic plays a

great role. Statistics are the key of how traders
and businessmen invest and make money.

5) Statistics play a big role in the medical

field. Before any drugs prescribed, scientist
must show a statistically valid rate of
effectiveness. Statistics are behind all the
study of medical.

Are there any questions? None so far Sir.

Any clarifications?
d. Application

Okay class. Since there are no more

questions, I assume that majority of you
understand the lesson.

Okay Class, I will asking someone to answer

the question.
Are you Ready? Yes Sir!

(Students raise their hands)

Very good!!

Let’s give her a round of applause

Yes Sir!

IV. Evaluation

“Now, list the importance of statistics that

you observe in your surroundings.

At least 10!!

Are you ready Class?

Yes we are ready.

V. Agreement

Direction: Advance study about statistical


That’s all for today, Good Bye Class.

“Yes Sir!”
Good Bye and Thank You Mr.Jumaya
and Mabuhay.

Prepared By:
Roberto C. Jumaya Jr.