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Last November 10, 2018, we had a plant tour at Lighthouse Cooperative and Cagayan State
University-Piat Campus. The purpose of the plant tour is to observe how each establishment
process their products and what are the preservation techniques involved.
At first, we visited the Lighthouse Cooperative which is located at Larion Bajo, Tuguegarao
City. Before entering the facility, they see to it that no one is having cold and cough, this is to
avoid contamination especially that food is involved. In here, they process meat particularly the
carabao meat known as the Carabeef Tapa. They also make chicha-rabao (carabao skin crackling),
chicharica, carabao milk candies and peanut products. As for their process, I observed that they do
not use gloves while processing the meat, this may contaminate the product and may cause diseases
if not properly handled. However, on the other part, like the peanut products, they are all properly
equipped with gloves and hairnets. In making the chicharica, their process starts with mixing the
ingredients, followed by putting the mixed ingredients in an oven, cutting and drying the
chicharica. They also mixed it with salt to add flavor. We also saw how they make their famous
chicha-rabao. From removing the skin of the carabao until the packaging of chicha-rabao. They
also add some flavors and spices to their chicha-rabao to enhance the taste. The workers are all in
their lab gown wearing hairnets and gloves. Overall, the whole facility is clean and their process
is properly supervised.
After the Lighthouse Cooperative, we visited Cagayan State University at Piat, Cagayan. In
here, they produce pasteurized, non-homogenized, and flavored milk. The milk that they used is
directly from their own cows. During the visit, we saw the equipment that they use in milking their
cows. Since, the amount of milk is not too large, they store it in a small vessel before sending it to
the processing area. Unlike when there is huge amount of milk, it is directly sent to the processing
area without storing it in a vessel. They used a double boiler in pasteurizing their milk and stored
the pasteurized milk in a plastic container of different sizes before putting it in a chiller. They also
have milk added with different flavorings such as chocolate, melon and pandan. A better facility
with complete equipment must be purchased in order for them to meet the growing demand of
milk. The space is also small and only limited person can enter. Though it has also an advantage
since the less the people entering, the less probability of contamination.
Both establishment involved food processing and therefore extra care is needed. It is important
that the equipment used are all in good condition and are free from any type of contamination. The
workers and even visitors should be free from any type of disease that can harm the food. Proper
packaging and storing is needed is order to avoid spoilage of food most especially to the milk.
More advanced equipment are of good help for both establishment to produce sufficient amount
of goods and improve their quality.