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08 March 2019

Mr Steven Mutton

NZTA Director of Regional Relationships for the Upper North Island


Dear Steven,

Trucks on the Auckland Harbour Bridge:

Following the strengthening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge clip-on lanes,

back in 2009, it was initially decided that trucks over 13 tonnes would be
kept off the northbound clip-ons. Then the NZTA relented and changed the
policy to allow trucks up to a maximum weight of 44 tonnes onto the
northbound clip-ons.

These days I see trucks displaying H signs traveling north on the clip-on
lanes. Can I be advised as to the latest NZTA policy for managing heavy
trucks with or without H permits on the Auckland Harbour Bridge? What is
the maximum tonnage permitted on the clip-ons?

Also in the recent report “Additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing (AWHC) –

Transport Modelling” there is mention at paragraph 13 of restricting trucks to
a maximum of 35 tonnes on the AHB. Can I be advised as to how this figure
was arrived at and what NZTA sees as the implications for more trucks on
the AHB if this restriction is implemented?

With Kind Regards,

George Wood CNZM,

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board,
mob 02108220925

1 The Strand, Takapuna | Private Bag 92300, Auckland 1142 | | Ph 09 486 8695