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How do you form the comparative and the superlative?


one syllable add –er add –est
fast faster the fastest
slow slower the slowest
bright brighter the brightest

one syllable, ending in -e add –r add –st

nice nicer the nicest
large larger the largest

one syllable, ending in vowel + a consonant double the consonant and add –er double the consonant and add –est
big bigger the biggest
hot hotter the hottest

AND deeper deepest


two syllables, ending in -y change -y into -i, add –er change -y into -i, add –est
happy happier the happiest
friendly friendlier the friendliest
pretty prettier the prettiest

two or more syllables use more before the adjective use most before the adjective
comfortable more comfortable the most comfortable
interesting more interesting the most interesting
beautiful more beautiful the most beautiful