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Republic of the Philippines) )Ss. AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT |, Giovanni N. Imaysay of legal age, Filipino, and with address at Block 15 Lot 22, Viola_St_Camella Sorrento _Panapaan, Bacoor Cavite, after having been sworn in ‘accordance with law, hereby depose that: 1. _| am the husband of visa applicant Ma. Cristina S. Imaysay, bom on August 13, 1967 in Daraga, Albay, and traveling under Philippine Passport No. P6114058A valid until 20 February 2028; 2. __ | am the father of visa applicants: A.) Ma. Nicole Vaneetee S. Imaysay, born ‘on September 27, 1992 in Legazpi City, and traveling under Philippine Passport No. EC4562766 valid until 30 June 2020, and B.) Jovan Tristan Nicholas S. Imaysay, born on July 20, 2007 in Imus, Cavite and traveling under Philippine Passport No. EC4562779 valid until 30 June 2020; 3. My wife and children will be travelling with me to United Kingdom from 24 May — 08 June 2019; 4. __| have sufficient income/assets to responsibly cover my wife’s and children's ‘expenses during our entire trip to United Kingdom, including return flights to the Philippines, as well as any and all other unforeseen expenses related to their travel and stay in United Kingdom; 5. __As their husband and parent, respectively, | hereby accept and assume any and all responsibility for their welfare, including all financial expenses related to their travel and stay in United Kingdom; 6. | guarantee that they will abide by all laws and regulations of the British government; 7. __ This affidavit is for the purpose of attesting to the truth of the foregoing facts, in support of their application for a United Kingdom Visa. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, | have hereunto affixed my signature this 30" day of January 2019 at Las Pifias City, Philippines. A Migr GIOVANNIN. IMAYSAY Affiant SUBSCRIBED and SWORN before me this. at affiant exhibited to me his , issued at ;on Doc. No. Page No. Book No. Series of 2019