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CASE/INCIDENT REPORT NORTH DAKOTA HIGHWAY PATROL [Case No. l2019001434 [Employee [Additional Oficers [232 - Gebhardt, Adam J 242 - Pulver, Christopher L DaterTime: stick losio7/2019 09:48:00 _| Headquarters [status [Active Reviewed By: Highway] RefPont County ‘ther Location Burleigh Capital Grounds Events 232 - Gebhardt, Adam J - 03/07/2019 05 :00 - Capital Grounds Lead Event [Aciviy_ Security - Other Public Officials Ruth Anne Buffalo - Female - Unknown 242 - Pulver, Christopher L - 03/07/2019 12:38:00 - 415 11th St NW, Minot [Acinvty Security - Other Public Officials TTerpschore Pate Mi 3 Lindeman - Female [Aciviy Assisting NDHP Officer Terpschore Pete Maras Lindeman - Female [Aciviy Reported Violations/Complaint - Criminal Terpsehore Pete Maras Lindeman - Female Involvement Type [Name ares Went | Weight [Race 1 IRuth Anne Buffalo [SSN/OLN: [Own State Fair Color Eye Color Pare ofan Sex cay Siete] Zin Code |Home Telephone Work Telephone [Female Involvement Other information [Ger Telephone [Complainant Fax No [Name Aasiess Weight] Weaht [Race Hrerpschore Pete Maras Lindoman ISSN/OLN [own State Fair Color Eve Cater ND. 0 oT Binh Sex cay tate: [Zp Code. _ |Home Telephone: Work Telephone: JFemate___|tinot INo_|s8703. involvement: Other Information [Gai Toinchone Suspect coerce & Wo: Victims Victim Name Victim Gender VietimAge ——Marsy’s Law Response Vehicles License Vehicle Vehicle Plate State. Year. = Color Vehicle Make Vehicle Mode! Case Narrative Page t of 242 - Pulver, Christopher L, Created: 03/07/2019 15:48, Last Modified: 03/07/2019 15:48 At approx. 1238 hours on March 7, 2019, Lt. Jamie Huschka contacted me and requested that | assist Trooper ‘Adam Gebhardt with an investigation about a potential threat made toward ND State Representative Ruth Buffalo andior her family. Lt. Huschka informed me briefly on the details of the Facebook post and potential threat and said he would get me more information, | received the information on the potential threat from Lt. Huschka ~ Iwas to interview Terpsehore Maras Lindeman about a comment she made on Facebook that was perceived as a possible threat to the children of Rep. Buffalo - Maras Lindeman’s address was listed as ~ I gathered all the background information on the potential threat. | went to Maras Lindeman's residence in Minot, ND at approx. 1336 hours: - a female answered the door and | identified myself - Maras Lindeman had answered the door, she identified herself as such ~ she seemed somewhat surprised and confused as to why | was there ~ old her | was here to talk to her about the Facebook post she had commented on ~ she asked which one old her the one about Ruth Buffalo she seemed to know immediately which post | was talking about ~ she explained that she was an investigative journalist ~ she said she has a nationally syndicated radio show called Tore Says ~ she said it was on the Red State Talk Radio web page - she explained that she is an advocate for missing and exploited children and that she investigates people she believes are tied to or involved in child trafficking ~ she explained to me that she believes there may be a link between Ilhan Omar and Rep. Ruth Buffalo ~ this is why she made the comment that she (Rep. Buffalo) needs to be investigated ~ she kept referring to these ‘trolls’ that keep harassing her on social media and about her posts ~ she said she didn't see how anyone could get a threat out of her comment that she made ~ Maras Lindeman had her phone in her hand at the time - Thad her bring up her post and we went over it = | showed her where it said ‘Native American children go missing all the time....| hope Ruth knows that is my forte” ~ then she seemed to understand how it could be taken as a threat ~ but she maintained that she was not making a threat toward Rep. Buffalo's children = Maras Lindeman said she made the post and then got busy with trying to get ready for her radio show which she runs from her home ~ she sald she tried to clarify her position on Facebook but she was busy with a lot of other things and didn't get tot right away. ~ she showed me her radio show web page, she said she has a billboard in Time Square for her radio show ~ she said she had told Chris (Berg) ifhe speaks to Rep. Buffalo to tell her it was not toward her personally Maras Lindeman asked me if| could tell her where the complaint was coming from in reference to whether she needs to pursue anything on her end ~ | fold her that from what | knew the complaint came from Rep. Buffalo herself ~ when I told her this she immediately was saddened and somewhat upset ~ she asked that I let her know that it was not anything personal against her or her family in particular ~ this seemed like a legitimate reaction, it didn't seem fake. ‘When interviewing Maras Lindeman | didn't feel that there was a legitimate threat toward Rep. Buffalo or her family. | concluded the interview and left Maras Lindeman’ residence at approx. 1401 hours. For this interview | had my in car video camera running and the audio portion of this interview was recorded. Page 2 of 232 - Gebhardt, Adam J, Created: 03/07/2019 16:26, Last Modified: 03/07/2019 16:26 This is a report on a possible/perceived threat received by ND State Representative Ruth Buffalo on 3/7/2019, THE REPORT -On 3/7/2019 at about 0930 hrs. | was in contact with Rep. Buffalo, -Rep. Buffalo told me that she had received a threat on Facebook -Rep. Buffalo showed me a thread of comments on Chris Berg's POV (Point of View) Now facebook page. -Rep. Buffalo had previously posted on her own Facebook page that she was supporting Ilhan Omar. -Berg took a screen shot of this post and shared it on his POV Now page. ~A Facebook user by the name of Tore Maras-Lindeman posted a comment “I think Ruth Anna Buffalo needs to be investigated. She cannot go around advocating for a woman we've discovered committed immigration fraud. She may be Native American but the Native American children go missing all the time... | hope Ruth knows that is my forte... because one thing I've realized is that EVERYONE has a price #onit" Buffalo felt this was a threat that Maras-Lindeman would abduct or harm her children -| notified Sgt. Steven Johnson director of Dignitary Protection, and my direct supervisor. Sgt. Johnson came and met with Buffalo as well “We told Buffalo we would investigate this incident and let her know what happens. Buffalo asked if she should take her children out of school, Sgt. Johnson told her that was her decision but at this time we did not feel there was a threat, as there is no direct threat in the message. Buffalo left our office in the Capital -I created a case number and contacted NDSLIC with the information we had. ~The rest of the sworn security team on the Capital Grounds was informed of the incident. -With use of the profile name on Facebook we found that it was Terpsehore Pete Maras-Lindeman of Minot that posted the comment. “While doing follow up Buffalo returned to the Security staff at the front door and wanted to make a report. -Lagain spoke with Buffalo. She told me that she believed the post came from someone in Minot as well and she had contacted Minot Police Dept. to make a report “Minot Police told her that she needed to make the report here. +1 told her that she had already reported it to me and a report would be completed once the investigation was done, however at this time there was no criminal violation found. -I contacted Minot Police Dept. to see if they had any information on Maras-Lindeman. -| was transferred to the City Clerk as they had dealt with Maras-Lindeman the previous Monday at a City Council meeting ~They said that Maras-Lindeman is very passionate about things and is vocal but they have not had any problems with her. Sql. Johnson contacted Lt. Jamie Huschka about having a Minot trooper meet with Maras-Lindeman to find out what she meant in the comment. -Lt. Huschka said Trooper Christopher Pulver could do that -sent the information I had to Lt. Huschka and Trp. Pulver. -Trp. Pulver contacted me after he spoke with Maras-Lindeman. Information on what Maras-Lindeman told Trp. Pulver is in his narrative attached to this case file. -Once looking at everything in this incident | feel that no criminal violation or threat was sent. -I spoke with Rep. Buffalo in the aftemoon of 3/7/2019 and advised her of what the investigation found and that Maras-Lindeman apologized for her comment being interpreted as a threat and by no means meant that, Maras- Lineman claimed to be an advocate for missing and exploited children. Page 3 of 3