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Part of the congregation marking the

INERVIEW WITH SADIQ LOUW martyrdom of Imam Hussein at Rasul Al We wish our esteemed readers a
Akram Islamic Centre on Sunday
Chairman Mahdi Muslim Community Happy and a prosperous New year
By Khamis Mohammed

Q. When was Mahdi Mus-

27/122009. Inset (Hujj. Sh. Emani and
Sh. Abbas Khatete)

The 1431 A.H

lim Community formed?
was instituted in the early MAHDI MUSLIM COMMUNITY
eighties at the height of the P.O. BOX 10706-00100 NAIROBI-KENYA
Islamic Revolution in Iran. I TEL: +254 02 6764548
remember we were very
few by then as we fruitlessly
tried to register the organi-
zation but in vain. Mr. Ja-
maldine who by then was the head of Kibera Shia
Community through his vigorous efforts he helped in
registering Mahdi Muslim Community and he be-
came the first Chair.
Muharram: The Month of
Q. Could you briefly explain about membership of
Membership was open to all followers of Ahlul Bait
renewal and fresh purpose
(A.S) of sound moral character it also attracted some
young Sunni, who were fascinated by ideology of
Khomeini and the success of his revolution. While a
number of these young people now openly profess
Shia doctrines, a smaller number has chosen to re-
main crypto-Shia for fear of social snub. Muharram program at Riruta Muslim Village, Nairobi on 26/12/2009.
Q. What are the aims and objectives MMC?
Our aims and objectives are mainly to promote the (Continued from page 3) Zainab: The Mes-
teaching of Islam according to the Jafari School of grow up appreciating their values
senger of Revolution
thought to safeguard and further the religious, are more likely to be responsible
moral, social and educational interests of the mem- stop of her journey and covered members of the society and are
bers and their families and to bring unity to the Mus- the caravan in black cloth. On her less influenced by corrupt morals of
lim Ummah. arrival into the holy city, she rushed their peers.
Q. Please tell us about the activities of MMC. to the grave of her grandfather and Another aspect that comes
Mahdi Muslim Community Centre was estab- spoke openly of the wrongs perpe- clearly in the event of Karbala is
lished in response to the basic demands of the com- trated against her.( The Light Be- use of propaganda to divert the
munity for an Islamic centre that would fulfil the hind the Veil, 2003) public from knowing the truth. And
needs of the Muslim community as a whole, and in Bibi Zainab (A.S) provide with this is what Bibi Zainab (A.S) tact-
particular the needs of the Shia Muslim brothers. all of us with a model to follow fully tackled by informing the
The centre currently serves as a place of worship, when fighting for the sake of Allah. masses about the true religion of
social gathering, promoting the teaching and values For parents it is a great lesson to Islam. We are also living at a time
of Islam according to the Ahlul Bayt School of learn from her history by nurturing when propaganda has reached all
their children with good moral val- time high with the use of mass me-
thought, as well as increasing the awareness of Islam
ues that even in this corrupted so- dia to deceive the public. We all Hujjatul Islam Sh. Emani leading a congregation in commemorating martyrdom of Imam Hussein (Ashura) at Rasul Al Akram
for the non-Muslims.
ciety they may not be influenced by need to take a cue from Bibi Za- Islamic Centre, Nairobi on Sunday, 27th December, 2009
MMC comprises of three active sub committees
that include the Tabligh that deals with all religious it. inab (A.S) by fighting against the
Children and especially girls propaganda that has been waged It is a time of looking back at what
matters the Welfare sub committee that is man- By Mwinyi Ramadhan
The events of the first 10 days of has passed with the intention of setting

dated to look into the issue of relief and logistics and need to be trained on their self- against Islam and portraying the
esteem and self worth. Many ex- truth. uharram is the month in right that which has gone astray within
finally the Education sub committee that is there to Muharram marked the point of
perts believe that children who which the Muslims ourselves and our society. This is a
identify the reasons as to why the Imam Jaffar Bur- a new beginning for Islam - when what serious task and a weighty duty, but
begin their lunar Hijrî
sary Fund Failed and to come up with the way for- to give the public lectures. Calendar. It is one of the was deviated was set right - when one which, if approached with the
ward. Our members are scattered all over Nairobi in .Q. Would you like to convey any message to our readers? four sanctified months about which the what was wrong was exposed in such correct intention and attitude, is a
Riruta, Kibera, Mihango, Sagana and Gachie. Yes, Mahdi Muslim Community have strived very hard to cooperate with Holy Qur’ân says: "The number of the a way that the shame of the deeply satisfying and rewarding
Our activities include organizing the annual Mu- many Sunni organizations in Kenya because we believe in a common course months according to Allah is twelve wrongdoers has been manifested activity.
harram Majlis at the Centre. The majlis is dedicated and we know throughout the history of Islam, Muslims, in spite of their dif- months (mentioned) in the Book of to every succeeding generation A new year is a new beginning and
to the preservation and perpetuation of the memory ferences, have had a lot of agreement, not only in many principles of Islam, Allâh on the day in which He created a beginning is a time for taking great
of the ‘martyrs of Karbala’. Lectures are organized to but also in many of its practices. The Qur’an and the great personality of the heavens and the earth. Among these care that one's aims are correct, one's
coincide with the mourning period, in which aspects Prophet (S.A.W) on the one hand, and the sincere love and devotion of all (twelve months) there are four Muharram marks the new year intentions are pure, and that one's en-
of Shia political history is narrated by the speakers. Muslims towards them on the other, have unified Muslims and made out of sanctified." Amongst these four months celebration for Muslims - it also marks ergies are correctly directed and not
Not all the guest speakers are them a real nation that has its own identity, heritage, aims, objectives and is the month of Muharram. is, a time of mourning and contemplation. wastefully spent.
Continued from column 1 pg 4; Interview with Sadiq Louw destiny. Our main challenge at the moment is financial constraint and we A new year signifies renewal, But this is not an inappropriate activity What a better forum is there than
Shia. A number of Sunni scholars are also invited know we will pull out of it in the near future Insha'Allah. birth, new beginnings. While the 1st of for a new beginning. »(Continued on page 2)

The Muslim 4 The Muslim

Xw|àÉÜ|tÄ Mahdi Muslim Community Zainab: The Messenger of revolution A Glance At Zainab’s character
Time for self conquest On 10th Muharram the large
By Saqib Louw
on the proposed Harmonised
By Saumu Bakari
uharram, the beginning of the Islamic army began an asault on the Holy Fam- • She was a very humble God fearing lady.
year is marked by a tragic event in which ily. Bibi Zainab (A.S) first witnessed the
Draft Constitution By S. Chitala • She was very knowledgeable – she would

Imam Hussein (a.s) and 70 of his illustri- MAGINE the cause of Imam Hus- martyrdom of al the male companions meet with the people where she would
ous companions were martyred fighting sein (A.S) without the presence of of the family. She then had to suffer help the women resolve particular issues

to save the Islamic society from further degeneration n view of the current devel- lims only on specific issues of his glorious sister who broadcast the massacre of her family, one by and teach Islamic fundamentals.
brought upon it by corrupt leaders of the time. opment on the HDC, MMC property and inheritance. The the message of the revolution to one. She had to perceive the martyr- • She cared very little for worldly materials
The historic sacrifice by the martyrs of Kerbala joined the national debate community also recommended the world. dom of her beloved brother Imam contenting herself with simple clothing
came about as a result of years of proper Islamic training by convening a meeting that the constitution should and food.
and upbringing. As history repeats itself, in our contem- early December to deliberate on specify that Kadhi’s courts apply
porary time hunfreds of thousands also lost their lives • She worshiped Allah (swt) through a large
the document and presented to Muslims all over Kenya and part of the day and night.
sacrificing for the victory of the Islamic Revolution in their recommendations to the not the 10 mile coastal strip only
Iran. These Iranian martyrs ofthe revolution were also • She was very generous- she preferred to
CoE. In the presentation, the as indicated in the current con- give to charity what was surplus
products of more than 50 years of teaching and guid- community expressed support stitution.
ance by Imam Khomeini (R.a) and committed ulama on • She was obedient to her husband who
for much of what is contained in The community closed by was to her husband who was a very pious
the concept of Jihadu -nafs. And what is Jihadu-nafs? It the HDC and made few com- advising non-Muslims especially
means Jihad of self, self-mastery or self –conquest. The man who even gave her permission to
ments regarding few chapters. some of the Christians churches accompany her brother to Karbala and
Holy Prophet (S.A.W) regarded jihadu-nafs the greatest Regarding Chapter 1 of the who want the Kadhi’s courts to
Jihad. This implies that it is easier to conquer other than allowed his children to achieve martyr-
constitution which talks of be removed from the constitu- dom.
to conquer self. Therefore once a person has managed to Separation of the State and Re- tion to familiarise themselves
conquer his/her individual self , it becomes easy to con- • She was a very good mother she brought
ligion, the community raised with the contents of the Islamic
quer all other external enemies. up her children in such a pious manner
concern about the implementa- law as applied in Kenya and to that they desired martyred in place of
Among the major enemies that we need to conquer tion of the provision and de- understand that the law is re-
at our individual levels are crooked intentions, ignorance, injustice that their uncle had to undergo,
manded that all religions be stricted to Muslims only.
laziness, mediocrity, indecisiveness, lack of goals, im- An illustration of Kerbala on Ashura Day/ BY JAMSHID MADANDAR thus they were very rady to sacrifice on
treated equally as the constitu-
proper planning and poor financial management, etc. An It is no doubt that whatever the plains of Karbala
tion stipulates. Husayn (A.S). After this she thanked
individual suffering from the mentioned maladies cannot qualities that Zainab (A.S) was due to Allah (S.W.T) for allowing her to make • She was a modest and chaste woman –
On leadership and Integrity
prosper in his own life leave alone lead a society to pros- good upbringing by her parents. The the sacrifice and declared her satisfac- she grew up veiled (observed hijab
(Chapter 9), the community rec-
ommended that the Govern-
Xw|àÉÜ|tÄ gxtÅ behaviour of her parents in relation to tion with His decree, showing her sub- strictly) this is highlighted when she wept
on account of her veil being removed af-
Perhaps, this is why many a time we have talked of ment comes up with proper Editor : M. Sekenkei the reinforcement of her individual missiveness to her Lord and her pa-
improving the state of our community without any suc- and social roles was strong and con- tience in adversity. ter Ashura. Amongst her worst torture
ways of educating the masses on Contributing Writers :
cess. To build a united, dynamic community as we envi- structive that even the corrupted soci- That evening Yazid’s troops plun- was being paraded unveiled along the
good leadership and their consti- Y. Umer, R. Rajab, K. Mohammed, S. Louw,
sion entails the sum total of individual member contribu- M. Ramadhan, S. Bakari ety could not exert any influence upon dered amd burnt the tents, and town of Damascus (Sham) for all the peo-
tutional rights. It further pointed
tion. Design and Layout: A. Farsi her behaviour. launched an assault on the women and ple to see. This was according to her, the
out that those nominated or
It is therefore imperative as a starting point that we The courage and determination children. Bibi Zainab (A.S) took charge highest humiliation
elected for leadership by politi- Photograhers: R. Rajab
all go back to the drawing board and embark on self jihad K. Mohammed of Zainab (A.S) of the camp, leading the • Thus, Lady Zainab (a.s) is just like her
cal parties must pass the inter-
by sriving to eliminate all the personal weaknesses which during the turbu- women to safety and mother Fatima Zahra (a.s), her lifetime
grity test. The Muslim welcomes reader’s thoughts and Many experts believe that children
have been holding us back all the years. Only then, can lent times in Kar- preserving their lives. represented the ideals women should
Finally the community took comments in all areas ranging from articles con-
who grow up appreciating their values
we all with one voice and spirit walk our talks and move tent, layout and design. bala cannot be They were taken as pris- take heed of and live by, including, the
particular issue on Part 3 Sec 3 are more likely to be responsible
forward. Send your letters and contributions on any topical attributed to oners, chained and concept of the veil, knowledge, leadership
(d) of Chapter 13 ( Judicial and issues. Write to the Editor members of the society and are less
Let us therefore commemorate this years Muhar- chance but made to ride saddle-less and good family life.
Legal systems) on the Kadhi’s The Muslim, P.O Box 10706-00100, Nairobi
influenced by corrupt morals of their
ram by re-evaluating our individual selves and laying out courts. The community ex-
Email: rather the train- camels through the main
action plans for self conquest so that each one of us will “The views of the writers do not necessarily reflect peers.
pressed support for the Kadhis those of the Editor, Editorial team or Mahdi
ing by her par- streets of
sooner or later contribute successfully for the realisation court’s while clarifying that the Muslim Community” ents. Here it is Kufa and Damascus. The
of our grand vision. courts apply exclusively to Mus- important to women and children had
quote briefly what happened in Kar- had their veils removed to humiliate
(Continued from page 1) « and reconnected with its spiritual and universal Husayn. Husayn the bala and Zainab’s role in that event. them. The enemy tried to taunt them AVICENNA IRANIAN
the majlis held to commemorate the intellectual roots. Redeemer of man and the ultimate Once at Karbala, Yazid amassed a by parading the severed heads of their
martyrdom of Imam Husayn (a.s.) for "Good is not that your posses- example of sacrifice for the truth upon huge army to confront the family and relatives before them. Bibi Zainab (A.S) CULTURAL LIBRARY
such an activity. sions, wealth (and power)...increase, which is mankind's very dependence. companions of Imam Husayn (A.S), kept the camp together emotionally
At the beginning of the Muslim but good is that your knowledge in- For us too, Muharram should be a which numbered but a few and in- and spiritually, showing great fortitude LANGUAGE CLASSES
New Year in the year 61 AH, the great- creases and your insight grows more time of renewal, setting right what has cluded a large number of women and and leadership. At every opportunity
est act of renewal was begun. The powerful, and that the people are proud deviated in us, for strengthening the children. Yazid cut off the water supply Bibi Zainab (A.S) spoke of what wrongs We offer Persian and Arabic
events of the first 10 days of Muharram to serve God. For when you do well, you bond of our communities and looking to them fro 7th of Muharram 61AH. were being perpetrated against her tuition.
marked the point of a new beginning praise God...." (Imam Ali) closely at the deep and profound spiri- For three days Bibi Zainab (A.S) had to family, most famously when she coura-
for Islam - when what was deviated was In this month of Muharram true tual and intellectual roots of Islam - and suffer thirst in the burning desert, as geously spoke out in the courts of Ibn January 2010 in take in progress.
set right - when what was wrong was believers become absorbed in the a new beginning with a pure intention well as witness the thirst of her family Ziyad and Yazid. For more information contact:
exposed in such a way that the shame spirituality of Husayn. In this pure for the year to come. and companions. Yet she was steadfast After her release Bibi Zainab (A.S) Cultural Council of the Embassy of the
of the wrongdoers has been manifested month tears flow forth in anguish for in her faith and patience., willing to chose to return to Medina via Karbala. Islamic Republic of Iran
to every succeeding generation - and a the memory of Husayn. There is just give up everything for the sake of Is- She held mourning sessions at every Tel: 2214352/0713836041
lam. (Continued on page 4) Email:
weakened Islam was revived, restored, one Husayn. The eternal Husayn. The
The Muslim 2 3 The Muslim