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Reading Comprehension Test

Submitted by Jatuporn Sartpant 1001

Line1 It is a far cry from an earlier period of digital expansion, when internet
communication was seen to promote global exchange and understanding. The time when the
word “global” was likely to attach to the word “digital” is most definitely over. The new elites
in many Western countries are no longer cosmopolitan and globalist, but rather isolationist
and identitarian. Before, technology was supposed to connect and mediate. The online world
seemed like a Disney vision of multiculturalism, promoting sterile tolerance from above.
Now technology divides and fragments; it identifies and ranks people.

Line8 Mária Schmidt, a historian close to Hungary’s illiberal leader, Viktor Orban,
argues that automation and artificial intelligence will reduce the demand for labor and thus
for migration. So automation not only disadvantages local workers, but also benefits closed
and homogeneous societies. It also wrecks the public conversation via bots and botnets
impersonating real people, spreading viral disinformation and broken news.

Line13 This rise of artificial stupidity is the antithesis of, or rather the millions of
shabby little cousins to, artificial intelligence. Just as socialism in practice has been a far cry
from the glorious promises of revolutionaries, artificial stupidity is a mediocre and greedy
version of the sublime machine intelligence intended to elevate and improve human life.

Line17 All sorts of minor communication applications are artificial stupidities. And
though they may not seem impressive, their real-world effects are baffling: the destruction of
public discourse and the polarization of populations; wages and hours managed by
algorithms; customer service, clerical, counseling or legal work eliminated by virtual
assistants or chatbots.

Line22 Even simple things, such as buying a ticket for a plane, train or concert, have
become arduous and frustrating chores in an era of targeted, opaque pricing. Instead of a
common reality and a set of rules that apply to everyone, we have frustration, dysfunction
and a waste of precious time and energy.


Summary: This passage is about technology that become divided and separated rather than
mediate. Even technology such as ​automation, artificial intelligence, and artificial studities
help improve human life, it still destroys our reality and human will be replaced by

1. What is the main idea of the passage?

a. Technology in today’s world
b. Technology is changing day by day.
c. Technology has destroyed reality.
d. Technology can affect people health.
2. How does technology look like in present day?
a. Separated and break into fragment
b. Combine and stay together
c. Join together
d. Transmit and conduct
3. What is the earlier period of digital expansion?
a. The period of time when internet communication encourages and support the
world of digital.
b. It is when people start to communicate.
c. The period of time that technology was first invented.
d. When technology was used.
4. What will automation and artificial intelligence reduce?
a. Transplantation
b. Transportation
c. People’s need
d. Only A and C
5. The word “homogeneous” in line 11 is closest in meaning to...
a. Same
b. Equal
c. United
d. alike
6. What does the word “antithesis” in line 13 mean?
a. Similarity
b. Exact opposite
c. Defiance
d. Relate
7. The word “it” in line 11 refers to...
a. Artificial intelligence
b. Demand
c. Society
d. Automation
8. Which of the following does the passage support?
a. Technology is being used in many ways.
b. Technology has changed the way we work and understand.
c. Technology has important effects on business operations.
d. Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes
9. What can be inferred from the fourth paragraph?
a. Automation and artificial intelligence will decrease the needs of people.
b. Many jobs such as customer service or counseling will be taken over by
c. Some of the western elites turn to isolationist.
d. Mária Schmidt is a historian close to Hungary’s illiberal leader.
10. Which of the following statement is ​true​?
a. The growth of artificial intelligence is similar to artificial stupidity.
b. Technology should be banned in this world.
c. Technological disruption has turned destructive and its greatest victim is the
d. Technology doesn’t have any effect on our life.

Answer Key:
1. C
2. A
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. D
8. B
9. B
10. C