Community work Report

Submitted by Nausheen Akhtar Program M.Comm Sciences Session 2008-10

Fatima Jinnah Women University,The Mall Rawalpindi

On the first day we started our work at 8 o’clock and we ended at 2 sharp. Mansoor and then we started our work. We have done the community work at Zohra Nursing Home.people were not very educated and they don’t know what’s the timing of tablets and quantity which they have to eat. We also attend those patients which we visited on the first day. To fulfill our task we visited the hospital. Introduction of the organization Zohra Nursing Home is a hospitali. We told them that how you have to take the tablet on the prescribe timings.we started visiting patients which we left in the previous day.Jhelum etc. Third Day: On the third day we reached at hospital at 8 o’clock in the morning on the third we as usual meet with Dr. Then we started our work according to the instructions of the Dr. He told us that you should not tell them anything about their disease. Twenty hours schedule: First Day: On the very first day we met the with Dr. Mansoor.Community work is the tradition of Fatima Jinnah Women University and every student is required to spend 20 hours in any organization trust or hospital and offer there voluntarily service. It is one of the hospitals in the country with indoor facility for patients. he assigned us the task according to our communication skills and ability. So we start working with them like we behave with them like their relatives. Mansoor. On the third day we found that the staff like nurses some of them are very cooperative and some of them are not . He told us that you have to visit the patients one by one and you must spend some time with them. There were many patients who came from different parts of the Pakistan like Quetta. Zohra Nursing Home is well bedded teaching hospital which is situated on the Khadam hussain Road Rawalpindi. Second Day: On the second day we reached the hospital at 8 o’ clock in the morning. We have to meet the cfor that we had waited for one hour.

Then we met the assistant administrator Dr. behavior of the Doctors and Nurses. Mansoor we have discussed with him the response of the patients. Problems facing by the patients and our point of view about the hospital. Our Experience: In short the condition of the hospital is better then other private hospitals and the according to our observation the main problem of the patients that they are facing the water problem. condition of the hospital. cleanness of the sanitation. Overall it was a grate experience and we feel honored to be the part of the poor patients and hospital that is just like the drop in the sea. . Fourth Day: On the fourth day we reached the hospital at 8’o clock and we visited the other wards of the hospital. the reception staff condition of the waiting room. Food.cooperative it is the responsibility of the staff that they have to take great care of the patients who are in the old age and who have no attendants.

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