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Unit 10__Functions__Responding to good and bad news

F Dialogue
 Sara: You look pale, Rim! Are you sick?
 Rim: No, but somebody wanted to steal my handbag a few minutes ago. I was so scared because he was holding a
knife, but fortunately, he ran away when he saw a police officer coming towards us.
 Sara: It was such a frightening experience.
 Rim: Yes , indeed. I am so lucky to be alive!
 Read the dialogue and answer these questions:
a) What is Rim’s problem ?
b) Did the robber steal her handbag? Why , why not ?
c) Did Rim tell Sara good news or bad news ? bad news why ? good news why ?

 Can you (students) give me examples of good news / bad news?

Good news Bad news
 Succeed in your Bac exam Fail in your exams
 Marry the woman you love Get a divorce
 Win the lottery Lose your house
 Buy a new car Lose your phone
 Find money Get mugged/robbed
 Have a new baby Death in your family
 Get an excellent mark Get sick

 How do we respond to good news/ bad news?

Giving news Responding to good news Responding to bad news
 You got to hear this……… That’s great! / Congratulations! / That’s I’m awfully sorry that… / I’m sorry to
 I must tell you about………… wonderful! / hear that. /
 Don’t you know that…….. I’m glad to hear that/ Great news!/ I hope there is nothing wrong. / I’m ever
 Have you heard that……………. Incredible!/ Superb!/ Sounds great! / so sorry. /
 I have a bit of news to tell you……. Lucky you! / Oh, how wonderful! / It’s such a frightening experience. / I’m
 Great news for you…… Really? I can’t believe that! / Wow! That sorry to hear such terrible news/ My
 I should bring to your attention that…. sounds exciting! / That’s fantastic! goodness! / I can’t believe it!
 Exercise 1:

 Put these expressions in the right column:

What a pity ! / I am glad to hear that / how fortunate !have you heard about / I can’t believe that you did it ! / how dare you say
that to me ? / I am speechless! / I have something to tell you /

Giving news Responding to good news Responding to bad news

 Exercise 2:
 What would you say in these situations ?(write mini dialogues)
a. Your father gave you 200 DH.
b. Your cousin died yesterday.
c. Your brother/sister is getting married.
d. Your friend got an excellent mark in his exam.
e. Your ant got divorced.
f. You lost your key in the river.