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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items

Centaurs are powerful half-breeds, mixing the

strength and nobility of the horse with the
intelligence and passion of humanity. They are
also among the most visible mythological
creatures in our culture, appearing in a wide
range of fantasy fiction, as the logos for a
variety of companies, and even as the symbol for
the astrological sign of Sagittarius.
Yet for all their visibility, the centaur can be
difficult to use in a campaign. Their mythic roots Written by Peter M. Ball
are firmly lodged in Ancient Greece, but their Edited by Adam Windsor
role in mythology is a study in contradictions. In
one tale we have the noble Chiron, sage,
astronomer and mentor of heroes; in the next we
are told of the savagery of the Thessalian
centaurs, who kidnapped the bride after being
invited to a wedding feast. Even their suggested
role in the game does little to clear the air – they
are alternately shy and introspective nature-
lovers or boorish barbarians fueled by anger and
Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons, Third
ale. GMs often disregard them in favor of other Edition Core Books, published by Wizards of the
humanoid creatures, overlooking their potential Coast, Inc.
as both allies and opponents.
This product is all about providing you with Dungeons & Dragons and Wizards of the Coast are
new options for the centaurs in your game. Part trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. in the United
one contains over twenty new feats, all designed States and other countries and are used with
with the centaur's strength, sentience and unique
physiology in mind, while part two introduces a 'd20 System' and the 'd20 System' logo are trademarks
series of new craft options and magic items that of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. and are used according to
can be used to give a new twist or stronger focus the terms of the d20 System License version 6.0. A
to your next centaur encounter. copy of this License can be found at

Design Assumptions
The material presented here reflects the following assumptions about centaurs:
Ø Centaurs in mythology tended to fit into two archetypes – the noble sage Chiron who tutored the hero
Hercules in the arts of science and war, and the Thessalian centaurs who were driven by animalistic passions
and a love of ale. They are creatures of science, prophecy and savage passion in equal measure.
Ø The fusion of horse and man often suggests an affinity with real world cultures that possessed a nomadic
tradition. Despite their origins in Greek mythology, centaurs in d20 games and fantasy literature are often
barbarians who inherit traits from Mongolian or Celtic culture.
Ø While they are usually neutral good, centaurs possess the ability to serve as both noble allies and savage
enemies. New rules for centaurs should embrace both parts of this dichotomous relationship, and expand
their potential as mid-level humanoid opponents..
Ø While they possess great physical power that is easily replicated using feats from the core rules, new feats
should serve as a method of highlighting the horse-warrior and intelligent seer aspects of the centaur
Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items

Centaur Lore: Feats

The following feats are designed to give Bow Mastery
centaurs more options and abilities, reinforcing Your continued studies of archery extends to the
their role as learned seers or noble savages in use of other, similar weapons.
your campaign. Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Any bow),
Weapon Specialization (Any Bow).
Apothecary Benefit: You receive a +1 bonus to attack
You are skilled at using natural ingredients in with all bows with which you are proficient.
your alchemy. This bonus stacks with other attack bonuses,
Prerequisites: Craft (alchemy) 4 ranks, including the one you already have from
Survival 4 ranks Weapon Focus with your primary weapon.
Benefit: When determining the gold piece Special: A fighter can select Bow Mastery as
cost of raw materials you need to craft an one of his bonus feats.
alchemical item, reduce the base price by 50%.
Centaur Trample
Born in the Wilds You are capable of crushing prone opponents
You were born and raised in a particular beneath your hooves.
environment, and still bear a natural affinity Prerequisites: Str 13, Improved Overrun,
when operating in similar surrounds. Power Attack, Centaur
Prerequisite: Survival 4 ranks Benefit: You can make one hoof attack
Benefit: Choose one of the following against any target you knock down during an
terrains: Forest, Marsh, Hills, Mountains, Desert overrun attempt, gaining the standard +4 bonus
or Plains. Any time you are in your favored on attack rolls against prone targets.
terrain and wearing light armor, you gain a +1 Special: A fighter can select Centaur
circumstance bonus to all Hide, Listen, Move Trample as one of his bonus feats.
Silently, Search, Spot and Survival checks due
to your familiarity with your surroundings. Deft Charge
Special: This feat may only be selected at 1st You are adept at leaping obstacles and changing
level. direction while charging.
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Centaur
Benefit: By making a successful Dexterity
check (DC 16), you can also make on turn of up
to 45 degrees during your movement. Failing the
check means you lose your momentum, halting
on the square you tried to turn. Failing the check
by 5 or more means you trip and fall prone in the
square you attempted to turn.
You can also make a Jump check to clear
obstacles as part of your charge attempt. All
other restrictions on charges still apply; for
example, you cannot pass through a square that
blocks or slows movement, or that contains a
creature. You must have line of sight to the
opponent at the start of the turn.

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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items

Drag Opponent Benefit: After successfully hitting on opponent

You can grab opponents smaller than yourself with a charge attempt, you may initiate a bull
and drag them behind you as you run. rush as a free action.
Prerequisite: Improved Grapple, Move-By
Attack, Centaur Great Leap
Benefit: You can choose to initiate a grapple You possess powerful legs that allow you to sail
when making a move-by attack, snatching up a higher and further than others of your race.
creature two or more size categories smaller than Prerequisite: Str 13, Centaur
you as if you had the improved grab special Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to all Jump
attack and dragging them behind you as you checks and can automatically take 10 when
gallop. attempting to leap mundane obstacles.
Dragging the creature behind you inflicts 1d6
points of non-lethal damage every round you Healthy as a Horse
take a double move. You can drop the creature You recover quickly from poison, disease and
at any time as a free action. wounds.
You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your Prerequisites: Con 13, Centaur
grapple check when using this feat, due to the Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to saving
momentum of your attack. throws against natural poisons and disease. In
Special: A fighter can select Drag Opponent addition, you add your Constitution modifier to
as one of his bonus feats. your character level when determining how
many hit points you recover through natural
Druid of the Stars healing.
You have been trained in the ancient traditions
of the centaurs, learning to read the heavens as Herd Song
well as mastering the magic of the earth. You have studied the history of your people and
Prerequisite: Ability to spontaneously cast know the best songs to use when inspiring them.
summon nature’s ally. Prerequisite: Perform (any) 5 ranks, Bardic
Benefit: Add knowledge (Arcana) to your list Music class feature, Centaur
of class skills. Benefit: By singing or playing music, you
In addition, you can cast the following spells grant a +2 bonus to the Strength and
as if they were on the druid spell list at the Constitution scores of every Centaur within 30
indicated levels: feet of you. This bonus only lasts as long as you
1st level: Identify continue performing.
2nd level: Augury Special: Using this ability counts as two of
3rd level: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance your daily uses of bardic music.
4th level: Divination
5th level: Commune
6th level: Analyze Dweomer Master Bowyer
7th level: Legend Lore You can create bows and arrows of unsurpassed
8th level: Discern Location quality.
9th level: Foresight Prerequisite: Craft (bowmaking) 8 ranks
Benefit: You lower the material costs and
time required to craft a bow or quiver full of
Galloping Charge arrows by 25%. This bonus applies to the cost
You are skilled at attacking with both weapons of masterwork and mighty bow components of
and the weight of your equine body when any bow you craft, as well as to the new craft
charging opponents. components in this book.
Prerequisite: Str 13, Centaur

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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items

Master Healer intelligence of at least 2 when dealing with you

You have learned the secrets of the medicinal and can be charmed, calmed or targeted by wild
arts, passed down from the gods of healing empathy and similar abilities.
Prerequisite: Wisdom 13, Centaur Prophetic Magic
Benefit: You gain a +2 insight bonus to all You have an affinity for divination and
Heal checks. When providing long-term care for foretelling the future.
a wounded creature, you add your Wisdom Prerequisite: Centaur
bonus to their effective character level when Benefit: You cast divination spells at +1
determining how many hit points or ability score caster level.
points are recovered as a result of your care. Special: In a campaign where centaurs often
serve as tutors to creatures of other races, this
Noble Centaur feat may be also be offered to the students of
You are descended from a breed of civilized, centaur spellcasters.
educated centaurs who are admired by the rest of
your race. Pulse of the Wilds
Prerequisite: Intelligence 13, Centaur Your understanding and feel for your
Benefit: All Knowledge skills are treated as environment allows you to discern when
class skills for you. You get a +2 bonus on a something is amiss.
Knowledge skill of your choice, as well as a +2 Prerequisites: Born in the Wilds, Survival 4
bonus on all Charisma checks when dealing with ranks
other centaurs. Benefit: By reading the appropriate signs and
Special: This feat can only be selected at 1st listening to the voices of the wilds and the
level. animal inhabitants of your favored terrain, you
acquire a sixth sense for danger. The greater the
Nomad’s March danger, the greater the feeling of dread. When
You can keep marching tirelessly when lesser traveling outdoors in the wilderness of your
creatures would collapse. favored terrain, you receive a bonus to your Spot
Prerequisite: Endurance, Centaur check equal to the CR of any hostile creature.
Benefit: You can travel for 10 hours before You receive this bonus when determining initial
you must make Constitution checks for a forced encounter distance and anytime the creature is
march. within 30 feet (if it is hiding, invisible, etc). In a
Special: You may take this feat multiple mixed group of hostile creatures, you only
times, each time you take it, you increase your receive the bonus against the most dangerous
daily travel time before Constitution checks one.
must be made by 2 hours.
Rapid Charge
Primal Magic You have a surprising burst of speed and
Your druidic magic is drawn from a powerful ferocity when charging.
connection with nature, embracing all living Prerequisite: Con 13, Centaur
things as equally important. Benefit: You gain a +10 ft. bonus to your
Prerequisite: Ability to spontaneously cast base speed when charging in a straight line.
summon nature’s ally, Centaur
Benefit: You can use any druid spell or class Rearing Strike
ability that normally affects animals against After rearing back to attack with your front
plants and elementals as well. A mindless plant hooves, you make a powerful downward strike
or elemental is considered to have an with your weapon.

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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items
Prerequisite: Centaur interpreting the stars movements requires a
Benefit: When taking a full-attack action question concerning a specific goal, event or
against an opponent one or more size categories activity that will occur within one month, and
smaller than you, you gain a +2 circumstance the stargazer must make a successful
bonus to hit with your weapon due to the added Intelligence check (DC 20).
momentum in your strike. If your Intelligence check succeeds, your GM
should give you some clue regarding the future
Spear Mastery event you are predicting. These clues are often
Your continued study of the spear extends to the vague and cryptic, based on interpretation of the
use of other, similar weapons. stars movements and the images presented by
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Any spear), the constellations.
Weapon Specialization (Any spear). For example, the centaur Chiron has been
Benefit: You receive a +1 bonus to attack asked whether trouble is looming in the future of
with all spears with which you are proficient. a local adventuring party. On a successful
This bonus stacks with other attack bonuses, Intelligence check, he sees that the constellation
including the one you already have from of the tiger is passing over the star of heroes,
Weapon Focus with your primary weapon. suggesting an encounter with a ferocious foe, a
Special: A fighter can select Spear Mastery tiger or a foe associated with great cats. Later
as one of his bonus feats. the party encounters a druid with an affectation
for felines and a dire tiger as an animal
Staggering Blow
You bring your weight down on an opponent
after attacking with your hooves, knocking them Wheeling Kick
over. You wheel on your front hooves, striking out
Prerequisite: Rearing Strike, Weapon Focus with powerful rear legs to send opponents
(hoof), Centaur flying.
Benefit: If you hit with both hoof attacks you Prerequisite: Centaur
can trip your opponents as a free action without Benefit: As a full-round action that draws an
making a touch attack or provoking an attack of attack of opportunity, you can pirouette on your
opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent front hooves and strike out with your hind feet.
cannot react to trip you. This kick deals 2d8 + your Strength bonus in
damage on a successful strike, and any target
smaller than you must make a Reflex check (DC
Stargazer = damage dealt) or be knocked flying 10 feet in
You have learned the ancient centaur art of a direction of your choice and fall prone. You
fusing prescience with your knowledge of can only push the target in a straight line, and
natural cycles and patterns, allowing you to the opponent can’t move closer to you than the
predict the future based on the movements of the square they started in. If an obstacle prevents the
stars. completion of the opponent’s move, the
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Arcana) 4 ranks, opponent and the obstacle take 1d6 points of
Knowledge (Nature) 4 ranks, Int 13 damage, and the opponent stops in the space
Benefit: By spending a week studying the adjacent to the obstacle.
night sky, you can read the future based on the
movements of the constellations. Successfully

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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items

Centaur Equipment: Crafts and Magic Items

New Rules: Craft (Bowmaking) Centaur Magic Items
Centaurs are master bowyers and fletchers, While centaurs who have the skill and power
capable of creating powerful bows perfectly necessary to become magical artisans are rare,
suited to their forest environments. In addition to those that do master the art are often among the
the normal masterwork and mighty bows, centaur most famous creators magic items in existence.
craftsmen may add the following craft They excel at items based on divination and
components to their bows. The craft components archery, and the craftsmen themselves are
are treated as a separate item with regards to steeped in ancient lore that many other races have
creation times and costs. forgotten. The following magic items are often
associated with centaur craftsmen.
Seeking (DC 20)
Bows with this craft component are Amphora of Anger
remarkable for the notched sights around the These foot-long amphoras are made from red
upper grip. A skilled bowman can use these clay and stoppered with a length of black crystal.
sights to greatly improve his aim over long They are often carried by centaur sages found
distances. A bow with the seeking component traveling among their more savage kin, and many
suffers only half the normal range penalty. This have been given to the chieftains of prominent
component may be added only once. centaur herds as gifts that can be used to quell the
Market Value: 300 gp. Can be applied to any savage nature of their followers.
bow When the amphora is opened and the
command word is spoken, it immediately siphons
Increased Range (DC 20) all feelings of strong emotions such as passion,
Bows with this craft component increase their anger and rage from every creature within a 30-
range increment by +10 feet. This component foot-radius that fails a Will save (DC ).
may be added up to three times, for a total Creatures that fail their save feel a wave of
improvement of +30 feet. calm wash over them. They cannot initiate any
Market Value: 75 gp. Can be applied to any violent actions, although they are free to defend
bow themselves if attacked. The amphora’s magic
suppresses (but does not dispel) any morale
bonuses granted by spells such as bless, good
War Arrow (DC 20) hope, and rage, as well as negating a bard’s
Centaur weaponsmiths often craft arrows with ability to inspire courage or a barbarian’s rage
wicket barbs and razor-sharp arrowheads. These ability. It also suppresses any fear effects and
arrows improve the threat range to 19-20, but the removes the confused condition from all targets.
damage die drops by one category (d8 becomes While the amphora contains a creature’s
d6, d6 becomes d4). The critical multiplier emotions, a suppressed spell or effect has no
remains at x3. effect. If a creature’s emotions are released from
Market Value: 30 gp per 20 arrows the amphora, these spells or effects affect the
creature normally providing that their duration
has not expired.
The amphora can safely contain emotions for
ten rounds, after which the focused intensity of
the trapped emotion allows it to struggle for
release. Users can extend the amphora’s effects
by holding the amphora’s stopper in place, but

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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items
this requires a Strength check (DC 5, +1 every Bow of the Fallen Star
round after the first) to keep the feelings from This +2 composite longbow is made from
bursting free. If the user fails the Strength check, darkwood, reinforced with a silvery metallic
creatures affected by the amphora enter a alloy that contains fragments of adamantine taken
heightened emotional state and act as though they from the cooling remains of a fallen star. Any
were under the effects of a rage spell for a arrow fired from the bow is surrounded by a
number of rounds equal to the time their whirl of sparkling motes, reminiscent of tiny stars
emotions where trapped in the amphora. orbiting the arrow while it in flight. The bow of
The magic of an amphora of anger can be used the fallen star automatically adjusts itself to the
three times per day. strength of the user. Treat the bow as a mighty
Many races believe that the secrets of creating composite bow of the appropriate type for the
the amphora of anger are derived from of a creature wielding the weapon, for any Strength
powerful artifact with similar properties, used by bonus between +0 and +5.
Chiron to contain the truly bloodthirsty and The wielder can choose to force an opponent
depraved emotions his race was known for in struck by the arrows fired from the bow to make
ancient times. If this first amphora was ever a Will save (DC 13) or see a sudden premonition
found and opened, the centaurs could find of their own death. Those that fail catch an
themselves transformed into a race of brutal inkling of their final moments, becoming dazed
savages incapable of self-control for longer than for one round.
a few seconds. Moderate Transmutation; CL 6th; Craft Magic
Moderate enchantment; CL 10th; Craft Arms and Armor, bull’s strength, creator must
Wondrous Item, calm emotions, rage; Price possess the stargazer feat; Price 13,375 gp; Cost
50,000 gp. 6875 + 420 XP.

Astronomers Star Briar Crown

This circular pendent is made of solid silver, The briar crown is woven from thorns and
inlaid with small gemstones that seem to revolve nettles, its green wood still blooming with fresh
and shift position in order to match the major flowers every dawn. It was originally crafted by a
constellations. circle of centaur druids, and has since been worn
Any creature wearing the astronomer’s star by a series of centaur leaders and champions
gains an innate understanding of the movements whose name are recorded in legends and myth.
of the celestial sphere and their impact on the The wearer's skin hardens as soon as the
mortal realm. They can attempt to foresee the crown is donned, taking on a wooden texture that
future in the stars by making an Intelligence gives the wearer a +2 natural armor bonus to
check, just as if they possessed the Stargazer feat. their armor class. The wearer can also cause a
Moderate divination; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous series of sharp thorns to grow from their skin as a
Item, divination, creator must possess the free action. These thorns inflict an addition 1d4
Stargazer feat; Price 8,000 gp. points of piercing damage on a successful
grapple attack. They are treated as a natural
weapon, and can also be used to make a regular
melee attack (or an off-hand attack) as though
they were a light weapon.
The wearer of the briar crown has a natural
affinity with the woodlands, allowing them to
pass through any sort of undergrowth as though
they possessed the druids woodland stride ability.
They can also any combination of entangle, pass

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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items
without trace or tree shape as spell-like abilities school that predict the future at the GM’s
three times per day. discretion. The bonus stacks with other bonuses
Moderate Transmutation; CL 8th; Craft to caster level, such as that from the prophetic
Wondrous Item, barkskin, entangle, pass without magic feat.
trace, spike growth, tree shape; Price 55,000 gp. In addition, the wearer of the circlet can use
the true strike spell three times per day as a free
Chiron’s Orrery action.
The first sage of the centaurs built a number of Moderate divination; CL 12 ; Craft Wondrous
complex mechanical devices to help him chart Item, augury, divination, legend lore, quickened
the movements of the heavens, none more useful true strike, creator must have the prophetic magic
than the great orrery that was built into the feat; Price 92,000 gp; Cost 46,000 gp.
mountain peaks above his home. When the
necessity of educating his people threatened to Spear of the Warlord
separate him the giant star-map, Chiron created The spear of the warlord is a +2 returning spear
the first of these illusory replacements that could that was crafted by the tribal shaman for the
be easily transported during his travels. Thunos Warmane, the first true warlord of the
The physical components of this orrery appear centaur race. The weapon is made from stout
to chart nothing more than the world and its hardwood and tipped with a length of bone taken
closest satellites orbiting around the sun. If it isfrom a giant’s shin, carefully enchanted with a
placed on the ground and the command word is variety of natural magic to make it as hard and
spoken, the small mechanism immediately durable as steel. It seems to draw power from the
projects an illusory star map that allows the user speed and aggression of the wielder, and when
to precisely calculate the location and movement used to make a charge attack the spear of the
of any star visible on a clear night. warlord inflicts an additional 2d6 points of
The illusory star map rotates around the damage.
central mechanism just as if they were part of the The spear remains something of a legend
orrery itself, and give any creature using it a +5 among the centaurs, and any character carrying
competence bonus to their Intelligence check the weapon gains an additional +2 circumstance
when using the Stargazer feat. bonus to Diplomacy, Intimidate and Charisma
Faint Illusion; CL 6th; Craft Wondrous Item, checks made to influence the attitude of a
minor image; Cost 2,250 gp. centaur.
Moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Magic
Circlet of Prophecy Arms and Armor, bull’s strength; Price 19,302
This circlet is carved from willow wood and inset gp; Cost 8,802 gp + 760 XP.
with a number of small, pale gemstones that
shine like stars.
While wearing the circlet of prophecy, a spell
caster gains a +2 bonus to their caster level when
casting augury, divination or legend lore. This
effect may extend to other spells of the divination

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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items
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Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Feats and Items

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Legacy of the Serpent is copyright © 2005 Adam Windsor.

Masterwork Monsters: Bugbear Feats and Throwbacks is © 2005 Peter M. Ball

Masterwork Monsters: Centaur Crafts and Feats is © 2005 Peter M. Ball

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