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1 Space magic, an expression of

This mini-supplement adds psionic

some inborn talent possessed
weirdness to the world of Mothership. by a chosen few.
Below, you’ll find rules for psionic skills,
psionic combat, and a new class: the 2 A form of dimensional
meditation, allowing
Psion. Any Mothership character can
practitioners gain glimpses of
learn the basic skills, and you should
higher dimensions in a filtered
feel free to simply steal the skills and and reduced form.
ditch the class (or vice versa, if you’d
rather limit psionics to those who take 3 The result of genetic
modification carried out by a
the class).
long-vanished alien empire.
Players and Wardens should work 4 A memetic virus which
together to decide what defines convinces its carriers that they
psionics in their game. Some are using “powers” to achieve
suggestions are provided on the right, the impossible.
but the details are left purposefully 5 Superstring entities channeling
vague. Make up (or pick) something fun their energies through you
and explore it further in play.
6 A way to rationalize the
Psions are powerful and dangerous, phenomena of “supersensers,”
those who are born with
especially when compared to the base
massively boosted perceptions.
classes in Mothership. Wardens, don’t
be afraid to hit them with some truly 7 A glitch in the simulated
horrific weirdness on critical failures. universe’s code. Psychic
powers are nothing more than
an intuitive and unwitting
exploitation of a bug in the
1 A thousand slavering mouths program.
crawl through a rip in space. 8 The experimentation of a
2 Nightmares manifest before the curious singularity-God. Psions
crew, suddenly and cruelly real. are quantum-entangled to a
black hole and fed power
3 A wave of alien despair fills the through Planck-level
crew with keening dread. wormholes.
4 Cold blood pours from the 9 A sixth sense possessed by
Psion’s mouth, ears, nose, and every living being – just one
eyes. that requires focus and
5 You are blinded. Darkness attention to notice.
closes in, suffocating and silent. 10 The byproduct of an alien
6 The Psion sings a song in a parasite, one which feeds on
dead language, puppeteered by emotion and excretes
an ancient interstellar information, a phenomenon
consciousness. interpreted by our brain as the
inflow of additional sensory
Psionic Master (Master): You crackle
with unseen power. You do not dream
– you transcend, your consciousness
These three skills are linked linearly in
wandering the Eternal Void with
the order listed below (that is, you must
assured steps. Your power rings like a
learn Initiate before you can learn
bell, clear, controlled, and utterly
Adept, and Adept before Master). All
impossible to ignore.
psionic skills have the unique benefit of
psionic replacement, which allows Psionic skills cost double the usual
you to use them in place of any other number of skill points to learn (i.e. 2, 4,
skill on any roll. When using psionic and 6 instead of 1, 2, 3).
abilities, you must narrate how your
character uses their powers in place of
the skill that would usually be used.
Touching the Eternal Void takes a toll:
The mind of a psionic adept is a
you must take 1 Stress every time you
weapon. You can use your psionic skill
use your psionic abilities.
with Intellect to make psychic attacks
Example: Kira, a psionic initiate, is against any creature whose eyes (or
forced to take the helm of the crew’s closest equivalent sense-organ) you
shuttle after a piece of debris takes out can see. You must be physically
the pilot. She describes closing her present to make a psychic attack and
eyes and reaching out with her mind, making contact without any
feeling the flow of energy and gravity intermediation – that is, no telescopes,
playing over the shuttle’s hull. She binoculars, or CCTV cameras can
takes the throttle control in her hands stand between you and their fragile
and rolls her Intellect, adding +10% mind. Defenders roll Instinct or Sanity
from her Psionic Initiate skill - allowing to resist psychic attacks.
her to effectively use Piloting despite
Psychic Attack
not having trained in that skill. She then
takes 1 Stress for making use of her Cost: 1 stress per use, requires two
psionic abilities. actions in combat
Psionic Initiate (Trained): Your inner Ranges: 10m / 20m / 30m
eye has opened. You dream of strange,
impossible places and hear the whisper Damage: 1d10
of the Eternal Void. Your powers are
Crit: Double damage and target is
feeble but mark you as someone
incapacitated for a round (due to all the
dangerous to those who can detect the
screaming and weeping).
deeper mysteries.
Special: If you know what the target
Psionic Adept (Expert): You have
fears most, you gain advantage on
walked the Sevenfold Path. Your crew
attack and damage rolls made with this
can hear you dream and you, in turn,
can hear the static-whispers of their
minds. The Sublimated, those who
dwell within the Eternal Void, watch
your progress with increasing interest.
Combat: Mind-Warrior
Psions are strange, dangerous, and
• Your battle-focus has granted you
broken. They have focused from birth
mastery over psychic attacks: they
on nurturing their impossible talents,
now require one action to use and
leaving aside petty human concerns,
can be rolled with Combat instead
like friends or sleep. Many places in the
of Intellect.
Rim despise Psions, forcing them to
hide their talents or face the wrath of • When you kill an enemy with a
the community. Corporations, of psychic attack, you can choose to
course, have no moral compunctions have their head explode, triggering
against using them, although Psions Fear checks among their allies
are rarely trusted with actual authority. (and anyone on your team who
Play a Psion if you want to be an hasn’t seen this trick before).
oddball, an outcast, or a mystic.
After noting your subtype, add +5 to

Roll stats as usual. Your highest Saves

starting stat determines your psionic • Sanity: 20 – the distinction
subtype which grants you a unique between reality and madness is
power. entirely irrelevant to most Psions.
• Fear: 60 – they have seen worse,
Strength: Psycho-Kineticist perhaps in your dreams.
• You can roll Strength with your • Body: 25 – why maintain one’s
psionic skill (paying 1 Stress) to body when the mind is so much
manipulate physical reality. You more fascinating?
can move objects with your mind! • Armor: 35 – they can see you pull
the trigger before you’ve even
Speed: Thought-Dancer thought to do it.
• You can roll Speed with your
psionic skill (paying 1 Stress) to Stress and Panic
make use of your psychically- • Any time a nearby friendly
boosted reflexes. character would gain Stress, a
• At any time (even after failing a Psion may choose to take that
Save), you can use this ability to Stress in place of the friendly.
try and avoid incoming damage or • When a Psion panics, every
otherwise react impossibly quickly. friendly character nearby gains 1
Intellect: Soul-Watcher
• You can roll Intellect with your Skills
psionic skill (paying 1 Stress) to • Psions begin play with the Psionic
skim a few thoughts from the mind Initiate skill and 3 skill points.
of someone nearby – enough to
figure out a lie or see what they’re
planning to do in the next few
UNHINGE YOUR SOUL was produced
by Quiet Static and written by Eric
Stewart (@binarydoubts).

Cover image: Crater Kepler and

Vicinity, NASA (1967). Found via The
Met Open Access.

Thanks to Sean McCoy and Tuesday

Knight Games for Mothership, as well
as to the Mothership Discord server for
their help and suggestions.

v1.2, March 3, 2019. Released under

Creative Commons Attribution-
NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0
International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).