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Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor

The Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor caters to a Each product within the series details a single
variety of customers, its proprietors selling their store, with a stock of items and characters that
skills to the rich, the powerful or the interesting can make trading for magic items an encounter
with equal vigor. While its two owners are as interesting any other.
known for their skill with the mundane tattooing Like all the products in this series, the Silver
needle, it is their ability to bind magical or Moon Tattoo Parlor is designed to give the trade
psionic power directly into the bearer’s skin that of magic items the same sense of importance
elevated their reputation beyond that of a dozen and wonder that it holds in fantasy literature.
other dockside tattoo dens. Alongside the items taken from the core rules
The parlor is designed to fit into any generic are several unique signature tattoos that
campaign setting, and is ideally suited as a introduce new magic and serve as a hook by
location within any large port town or city. which Silver Moon Tattoos can be distinguished
With its ability to provide divine, arcane and from other sources of magical trade.
psionic tattoos, it can serve as a method of How you use this book is entirely up to you.
introducing strange new magic to a campaign Whether you choose to keep the details as they
while still serving the same role as traditional are presented here, or simply re-use the new
magic stores. While characters of any level may items and item histories in your own game is
find the store useful, its wares are focused on the something only you can decide. While every
needs of mid-level characters and the Silver effort has been made to create a product that will
Moon itself is designed as a location where slide easily into your campaign, the final details
exotic items and new psionic powers can be of where and how Silver Moon Tattoos and its
uncovered. contents will best serve you and your players is a
The necessity of balancing the mechanics of decision best made by the gamesmaster.
magic item trade against the mystery that
surrounds magic in fantasy fiction and film is
one of the most difficult aspects of running a
d20 fantasy game. While it is easy to simply
hand the players a list of items and their prices,
or to disallow the sale of magic items altogether,
the Magic Merchants series is designed to help
you tread that middle ground.

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
First Impressions Studying the store while detecting magic
reveals a number of abjurations on doors and
The Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor is a small, windows, as well as a strong psionic presence
ramshackle store nested in the heart of a rowdy among the tattoo covered youths that lie on the
street near the docks. A symbol of the full moon lounge.
is carved onto the front door, and exterior walls
have small metal plaques warning bystanders of History and Location
magical wards against violence and theft. Those
with exceptionally keen eyes can spot the The Silver Moon tattoo parlor opened seven
carefully concealed runes nestled against years ago, when the psionic artist Mirish Eliath
window and door frames, although experienced purchased the premises in order to practice her
searchers are aided by the faintly perceptible art. A stranger from a desert land far to the
energy fluctuations caused by multiple south, Mirish possessed powers and skills that
protective magics placed in close proximity set her apart from many tattooists in the port.
(Protections are glyphs of warding set by Amaris Trained in the creation of psionic tattoos and
every ten feet around the store, Search DC 24 to crystalline matrices, Mirish’s works were
find, set to detonate if anyone attempt to open a quickly prized for their aesthetic value as much
lock or window without speaking the command as their innate power. Several of the wealthy
word). nobles and merchants came to her in order to get
The thick scent of burning cloves reaches the work done, creating a brief fashion in artistic
street outside the shop, and passers by can often tattoos with strong defensive abilities among the
hear the sound of a clear tenor singing bawdy noble classes.
sea shanties. The interior is a cluttered cross Although the store did good business, it
between a tattoo parlor and a magic workshop, didn’t reach its present level or popularity until
with shelves filled with crystals, tattooing needs, Amaris Deltoren visited Mirish. A cleric devoted
feathered quills and sketches tacked to the walls to the goddess of art and magic, Amaris was so
with heavy nails. Sticks of clove incense burn impressed by the artistic value of Mirish’s work
constantly, filling the air with a thin haze of that he spent three years apprenticing to her.
smoke. Some of the sketches nailed to the wall Possessing a deft hand and a good eye for detail,
contain brief descriptions of what magical the cleric quickly developed a fine reputation as
powers are contained within the image and how a tattooist himself. Although he was unable to
much it’ll cost to scribe onto living flesh. A create psionic artworks on flesh as Mirish did,
thick plaque on the far wall details the store Amaris focused his own talents on binding his
policy against tattooing the dead or undead. clerical talents with the art of tattooing. It took
Next to it is a gilded silver holy symbol him much of his apprenticeship, but he
dedicated to the goddess of art and magic. eventually developed his own talent for tattooing
Two heavy, wooden benches sit in the center magic onto the body. The process was more
of the room, with smaller stools on either side expensive and draining than Mirish’s work, but
for the tattoo artist to sit upon while working. the results of Amaris’ handiwork lasted longer.
Against the far wall is a thick, plush chaise- Mirish is a tall, slim woman with dark skin
lounge that usually holds a good looking and dreadlocked hair. Glowing tattoos cover her
tattooed youth who wears only brief scraps of skin, and she wears an amber monocle over her
cloth to best display the wares of the store. The left eye as she works. Her exotic heritage
youths are cycled through every few days, manifests itself in the long, loose fitting
mostly hired from the pool of artist models pantaloons she favors, and her blue vests are
within the city. It is rare to see the same body on usually streaked with patches of ink and
display more than twice in a year. powdered crystal. She walks barefoot, regardless

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
of the season, and is armed with a long, needle- swirl and flex, creeping from the model's flesh to
thin dagger thrust through a belt sash. the customer, before settling on the customer’s
Amaris has the holy symbol of his goddess arm or chest. Psionic tattoos can be moved
tattooed directly onto his chest, easily visible around the body with a thought.
through the loose-fitting shirts he favors. He’s a The following tattoos are kept ready for sale,
short man with large green eyes, and he keeps scribed on a model and easily transferred:
his head shaved bald to display the ornate tattoo
of a dragon he has curving around his scalp and Psionic Tattoo Quantity Price
neck. He sings jaunty sea-shanties as he works, Body Adjustment 1 300 gp
and is routinely seen with a broad smile across Body Equilibrium 1 300 gp
his delicate features. Body Purification 1 300 gp
Neither tattooist lives at the store, Conceal Thoughts 2 50 gp
maintaining a small apartment within a few Danger Sense 2 750 gp
blocks. Despite this, one or both of the Silver Deceleration 1 50 gp
Moon’s proprietors always seem to be present Elfsight 3 50 gp
when a customer calls, regardless of the hour. Eradicate Invisibility 1 750 gp
Rumors around the city suggest that some magic Inertial Armor 2 50 gp
inherent in the store summons them when the Missive, Mass 2 300 gp
door is first opened, a feat that seems possible Precognition, Defensive 2 50 gp
given the wealth needed to maintain the stores Sense Link, Forced 1 300 gp
wards. Sustenance 1 300 gp
Besides its reputation for being the best place
to get magical or psionic tattoos within a Psionic tattoos require a day to ink, although
hundred miles, Silver Moon Tattoos also has a Mirish is willing to ink the tattoo on a model to
side reputation for accepting other magic items be transferred later at the customer’s request.
in trade for their work. When these items are not Payment for the tattoo is up front, and there is at
immediately useful to either tattooist, they are least an eight-hour wait between commissioning
stored in a locked chest behind the counter and the piece and having it scribed.
offered for sale to those who think to ask for
them. Characters that make a successful Mirish’s Custom Tattoos
Knowledge (local) or Bardic Lore check (DC Looking through the sketches and prints on the
15) are aware of this practice and know to ask. wall reveals a wide variety of tattoos that Mirish
is capable of creating. Many of these are simply
Display Tattoos normal psionic tattoos, but there are also a few
unique works that Mirish has developed over the
The models that sit on a couch at the rear of the course of her career.
shop are typically good looking men and
women, the psionic tattoos that cover them Tattoo Guardian
glowing softly in the stores dim interior. At the The ink for these tattoos is pale green, made
request of customers the models are more than from the powdered emerald and laced with the
willing to display the images that cover them, burned out remains of crystal dorjes. The initial
and Mirish is always close by to explain a tattoo inked onto the skin looks like nothing
tattoo's effects. more than a crystalline orb laid over an ornate
Purchasing a tattoo off the model on display mandala, but over the course of twenty-four
is a relatively simple experience. After taking hours it slowly adopts a form taken straight from
payment, Mirish instructs the customer to place the wearer's subconscious.
their hands on the tattoo they want and
concentrate carefully. The tattoo itself starts to

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
According to Mirish, the eventual form is that
of a creature closely tied to the subconscious
Typical Tattoo Guardian representation of protection favored by the user.
Celestials, dogs and bears are common, but there
5th-level Astral Construct; CR 5; Large have been some very disgruntled customers that
Construct; HD 7d10+30; hp 68; Init +1; Spd have received prominent tattoos of frogs or
40 ft.; AC 23 (+1 Dex, +13 natural, -1 size), strangely humanoid mushrooms. In extremely
touch 10, flat-footed 22; BA +7; Grap +18; rare cases the tattoo has been known to change
Atk: Slam +13 melee (1d8+9); Full Atk 2 form in response to subconscious changes in
slams +13 melee (1d8+9); SQ: One ability moral code or world-view. Mirish takes care to
from the list below, construct traits, damage explain such risks to her customers before
reduction 5/magic, darkvision 60 ft., low- starting on the process of creating a tattoo of the
light vision; SV Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +2; Al guardian.
N; Str 29, Dex 13, Con -, Int -, Wis 11, Cha The use of tattoo guardians is popular among
10 the noble classes as a discrete and effective
Skills: None bodyguard, although they are less popular than
Feats: None they once were after the guardian tattoo applied
to the Baroness Marial took the form of her
Common Tattoo Guardian Abilities (select rugged lover in full view of the city elite.
one) Once per day, the user of a tattoo of the
Extra Attack: The astral construct it th
guardian can use it to summon a 5 -level astral
gains three slams instead of two when it construct in the form of the creature depicted in
makes a full attack. Its attacks are otherwise their tattoo. Summoning the construct is a
unchanged. standard action, and once manifested it attacks
Fast Healing (Ex): The astral construct any opponents and does its best to protect the
heals 2 hit points each round. It is still user from harm. While it has a limited ability to
immediately destroyed when it reaches 0 hit distinguish friend from foe, the construct has no
points. sentience unto itself and is not under the user's
Heavy Deflection (Ex): The astral control – it will simply attack the enemy closest
construct gains a +4 deflection bonus to to the user and work its way outwards.
Armor Class. In addition to its summoning abilities, each
Improved Fly (Ex): The astral construct tattoo of the guardian has an additional ability
has physical wings and a fly speed of 40 feet based on the location of the tattoo.
(average). Forehead: Tattoo Guardians manifested from
Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, this tattoo are capable of acting with limited
the construct must hit with its slam attack. A intelligence and following the telepathic
construct can use this ability only on a commands from the user. The user is able to see
medium or smaller targets. through the eyes of the construct by
Improved Swim: The astral construct is concentrating.
streamlined and sharklike, and gains a swim Chest: When the user falls below 0 hit points,
speed of 60 feet. the tattoo guardian manifests and protects the
Pounce (Ex): If the astral construct body from attacks as best it can. Once all
charges a foe, it can make a full attack. attackers have been eliminated, the construct
Smite (Su): Once per day the astral will guard the unconscious body until help
construct can make one attack that deals arrives or an hour has passed, whichever comes
extra damage equal to its Hit Dice. first.

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
Moderate metacreativity; ML 9th; Craft Because the blade is composed of the users
Universal Item, astral construct, ecto- flesh, any damage inflicted on the weapon is
protection; Price: 40,000 gp transferred to the user. Rips and tears in the flesh
are quickly filled with hardened ectoplasm, so
Warrior’s Hand destroying the blade requires severing the hand
A hand covered by one of these tattoos look like at the elbow.
it has been covered with a pale, ghostly glove The blade lasts for one minute or until the
weaved from chainmail. Blue ink is used to user mentally commands it to end, at which time
tattoo a series of runes and scrolling patterns it reforms into a tattooed hand. While the
over the back and palm of the hand, slowly warrior’s hand is in blade form, the user loses
tracing the structure of the skeleton beneath the the use of that hand and suffers a –2 penalty on
flesh. The tattoo covers an area from the tips of all skill checks that require the use of both
the fingers to the elbow, and takes up the magic hands.
item slot devoted to gloves or gauntlets. The blade of a warriors hand can be
Creatures other than the user that touch that manifested a total of three times before its power
tattoo are struck by the faint sensation of is exhausted and the tattoo fades. Mirish finds
running their fingers over metal, and warrior’s that the majority of these tattoos are done for
hand rapped against another object sounds more thieves or assassins that prefer to look unarmed,
like a dagger point than human flesh. or on fellow psions and wizards that are seeking
The warrior’s hand can be activated as a a back-up weapon that cannot be disarmed.
standard action, causing the flesh beneath the Faint psychometabolism; ML 5th; Craft
tattoo to warp and shift as a blade of hardened Universal Item, call weapon, graft weapon;
bone and ectoplasm forms in place of the user's Price: 3,500 gp
fist. The blade inflicts 1d6 points of piercing or
slashing damage, has a critical range of 19-20. Shifting Mask
Due to its organic nature the wielder gains a +1 The shifting mask is a thick web of tattooed
competence bonus to attack and damage rolls, runes and patterns that covers the face. The dark
and it is treated as both a standard weapon and a inks used range from black to dull red, with
natural weapon for the purpose of spells and several faint blues and purples used to link the
powers that distinguish between the two weapon more prominent patterns, and creating the ink
types. This means the blade can be used to requires blood from both the creator and the
deliver spells or powers that require a melee potential wearer. The tattoo occasionally ripples
touch attack, although like all natural weapons or rearranges itself as though it were alive, and
used in such circumstances the spell/power is the user can change the configuration of lines
not delivered unless the attack strikes normally; and images on his face with a simple thought.
on a failed attack, the touch power/spell is While most of the changes are purely
wasted. ornamental, each shifting mask is programmed
with three configurations that can be adopted
upon command. These configurations are:
Mask of the Vigilance: This configuration
allows the wearer to absorb sound through the
skin of their face. As long as the wearer’s ears
are also working normally, the sound absorbed
through the mask gives a +4 circumstance bonus
to all Listen checks. The sound absorbed
through the skin also allows the wearer to ‘feel’
sounds even if she has been deafened, removing
all penalties for that condition. The powers of

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
this configuration can be used for up to two Amaris's Tattoos
hours a day. The two hours may be continuous
or separated into as many smaller periods as the Amaris has spent years developing his own
wearer desires. As long as it is active, the brand of magic tattoos that use his talents.
shifting mask ripples like a pool of water. While Mirish includes her notes on the walls of
Faceless Mask: This configuration transforms the parlor, in ready view of anyone who enters,
the tattoo into a shifting web of lines and psionic the notes regarding Amaris’s specialized works
static that protects the wearer’s thoughts and are kept in a neat ledger beside his tattooing
makes her facial expressions difficult to discern. equipment.
This configuration lasts for an hour, and gives
the wearer a +10 circumstance bonus on Bluff The Lillend’s Song
checks against those attempting to discern her This tattoo covers most of the chest, and depicts
true intentions with Sense Motive and a +4 a trio of lillend that twine back and forth with
bonus on her saving throws against any spells harps in their hands. The tattoos are inked with a
used to read or probe her mind. It can be used variety of lush greens and blues that are applied
twice per day. using a feather taken from a lillend’s wing.
Mask of Terror: This configuration When the wearer begins to sing or play an
transforms the wearer’s facial features into a instrument of any kind, the lillend trio pictured
mask of intense fear and horror that can unnerve in the tattoo begins to sing and play their harps,
those that surround her. Creatures within 30 ft. filling the air with a haunting melody that
of the wearer that can see the shifting mask must quickly adapts to accompany her song. The
make a Will save (DC 13) or be shaken for 1d6 Lillend’s Song gives the wearer a +5
minutes. Allies and creatures without an circumstance bonus to any Perform checks.
intelligence score are unaffected by this ability. Amaris originally created this tattoo while
This configuration can only be maintained for trying to capture the beauty of the lillend’s song
a few seconds before it returns to normal, but in ink. When it became apparent that he could
those that fail their save are rarely comfortable never render the music into a single image, he
around the wearer ever again. It can be used up used his magic to allow the image to create
to three times a day. music.
Moderate telepathy; ML 9th; Craft Universal Moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Craft
Item, conceal thoughts, demoralize, synesthete; Wondrous Item, sculpt sound, planar ally or
Price: 18,000 gp creator must have 10 ranks of perform, Creator
must have 10 ranks in Craft (tattoo); Price:
10,000 gp

The Ladies Blessing

Amaris prefers to ink this tattoo in the shape of
his holy symbol, but he can be convinced to use
the holy symbol of any good or neutral deity on
a successful Diplomacy check (DC 20). A
meticulous tattoo in silvers and gold, it provides
the wearer with the effects of a bless spell three
times per day on command. If the wearer ever
knowingly commits an evil act, the ladies
blessing fades and its magic is lost.

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
Faint enchantment; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous equal to the wearers Constitution modifier, and
Item, bless, Creator must have 5 ranks in Craft it gains 1 hit point for every hit die the bonded
(tattoo); Price: 11,000 gp character possesses.
Moderate transmutation; CL 10 ; Craft
Dancer's Soul Wondrous Item, make whole, obscure object,
Like the lillend’s song, this tattoo is an attempt Creator must have 10 ranks in Craft (tattoo);
to capture the beauty of dance and movement Price: 5,000 gp
within a single image. The tattoo itself is a swirl
of color and movement, twisting and turning The Song of Brotherhood
back and forth across the skin. It provides the The song of brotherhood is a legacy of Amaris’s
wearer with the grace, confidence and poise of a time among the adventuring bands of the city, a
trained dancer. As long as the tattoo remains, magical tribute to the men and women who
the wearer gains a +2 enhancement bonus to fought for wealth and glory alongside the young
Charisma. bard. A simple tattoo in black ink, it depicts the
Upon command the dancer's soul can also be wearer and up to three other figures standing
used to bestow freedom of movement on the together with their face upraised in song. The
wearer for a duration of two hours, after which wearer hears a subtle harmony as soon as the
the tattoo and all its magic fades away. tattoo is completed, as though the image itself is
Moderate abjuration; CL 10th; Craft singing to him.
Wondrous Item, eagle’s splendor, freedom of By taking a standard action to focus on the
movement, Creator must have 10 ranks in Craft soft chorus of the tattoo, the user can
(tattoo); Price: 9,000 gp automatically sense the status and position of
any creature depicted in the image. He is aware
Mark of Bonding of factors like distance and direction, as well as
This tattoo creates a bond between the wearer their health and any conditions that affect them.
and an item selected at the moment of the tattoos This affect does not stretch over planar
creation. A replica of the chosen item is tattooed boundaries, but the wearer is instantly aware if a
onto the wearer’s hand, allowing him to store the creature bonded to the tattoo leaves the plane he
physical object inside the tattoo. is on, as well as the instant of their return.
An object used in a mark of bonding cannot Should any of the creatures depicted in the
be heavier than the wearer could hold in one tattoo fall in battle, the wearer automatically
hand. The object is rendered weightless and hears a ghostly howl that alerts him that his
nearly undetectable while it is stored in the comrade is dying. If a bonded creature dies, the
tattoo. Releasing the object from the tattoo is a tattoo burns hot enough to condition blacken the
free action, which places the item in the wearer’s flesh around it and inflict 1d6 points of fire
hand. Returning the object to the tattoo is a damage. This destroys the tattoo, and the wearer
move-action that requires the user to touch the may not bear another Song of Brotherhood until
object. the skin heals.
A mark of bonding gives the wearer a +10 The creation of the Song of Brotherhood
bonus on slight of hand checks to conceal the requires 1 hp of blood from the person to bear
mark when being searched, and the stored object the tattoo, plus 1 hp of blood for each bonded
is impossible to remove from the tattoo without creature depicted in the tattoo.
the benefit of magic. In addition to providing Moderate divination; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous
easily concealed and weightless storage, the Item, helping hand, status, creator must have 8
mark of bonding also fortifies the bonded item ranks in Craft (tattoo); Price: 30,000 gp
by linking it directly to the vitality of the user.
The bonded item gains a bonus to its hardness

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
Warding Mark keep the following wands and dorjes in the store,
This simple tattoo is placed over the wearer’s and are willing to create wands and dorjes on
heart and inked with silver and gold. It consists commission.
of several common warding sigils (easily The Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor typically has
identified with a DC 10 Knowledge (arcane) the following wands and dorje in stock:
check) and increases the duration of any
Wand Quantity Price
protection from evil spell cast on the wearer by
Cure Light Wounds 3 750 gp
50%. The wearer also gains a +2 resistance
Cure Serious Wounds 2 11,250 gp
bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting
Dispel Magic 1 11,250 gp
Faint Abjuration; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Owls Wisdom 2 4,500 gp
Item, protection from evil, creator must have 5 Sound Burst 2 750 gp
ranks in Craft (tattoo); Price: 5,000 gp Summon Monster 2 2 4,500 gp
Dorje Quantity Price
Potions for Sale Biofeedback 2 4,500 gp
Detect Remote Viewing 1 21,000 gp
Amaris keeps a small supply of potions at the Energy Ray 2 750 gp
parlor, although his customers are more often Energy Retort 1 11,250 gp
artists and singers looking for inspiration than Missive 2 750 gp
adventurers. He sells many of his eagle’s Recall Agony 2 4,500 gp
splendor potions to actors preparing for opening Tower of Iron Will 1 33,750 gp
night, and his guidance potions have had a hand
in some of the most talked about artistic The rate for wands and dorjes created on
creations in the city. commission is 10% more than the standard rate,
The following potions are usually found in a ensuring that neither tattooist needs to bother
small chest beside Amaris’s tattooing inks: with it unless the customer is truly intent on
obtaining the wand or dorje in question.
Potion Quantity Price
Cure Light Wounds 3 50 gp
Cure Moderate Wounds 3 300 gp
Miscellaneous Items for Sale
Eagle's Splendor 5 300 gp
Guidance Amaris’s interests have always been somewhat
5 25 gp
eclectic, studying a wide variety of crafts before
Potions of guidance and eagle’s splendor are settling into the routine of the Silver Moon.
usually replenished within 1d3 days of being While he is less than pleased about making
purchased. temporary items that leave no trace of his
Healing potions are stocked primarily to meet legacy, he is well known for creating several
demand, and Amaris is slow to replace sold elegant wondrous items of grace and skill. City
stock. If purchased, it is at least three weeks matrons consider it a mark of status to wear one
before they are replaced. of his silk-cut cloaks of resistance, and his
cloaks of charisma have been distributed as gifts
Wands and Dorjes for Sale among many of the actors from the theatres and
operas he inhabits after-hours.
While neither tattooist particularly likes Amaris stores his works in a large chest,
devoting the time and effort to creating wands, hidden beneath chaise-lounge at the rear of the
the money earned from their creation is enough store. He is picky about who is allowed to
to fund Amaris and Mirish’s experiments with purchase his items, considering them each
the fusion of magic and tattooing. They tend to individual works of art. Characters must make a

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
successful Diplomacy check (DC 20) to former provides Amaris with the funds to shirk
convince him that they are worthy owners. the store for a few weeks, although characters
Those that have 5 or more ranks in Perform, may see him a carousing his way through a
Craft or Knowledge (nobility and royalty) skill variety of taverns and performances throughout
gain a +2 bonus to the roll. the city. The craftsman’s eye is Mirish’s work,
Amaris keeps the following items among his one of the few miscellaneous items she chooses
inventory: to contribute to the store. Once purchased, these
are replenished within three weeks if no other
Miscellaneous Item Quantity Price jobs are pressing.
Cloak of Charisma +2 2 4,400 gp Amaris’s items are known for their
Cloak of Charisma +4 1 17,600 gp extraordinary craftwork, and his reputation adds
Cloak of Resistance +1 3 1,100 gp value to them in the right circles. The prices
Cloak of Resistance +3 2 9,900 gp above reflect this, adding 10% to the usual price
Craftsman’s Eye 2 15,500 gp of the items. In circles where the quality of his
Figurine of Wondrous work is recognized and known, these items give
2 3,850 gp
Power (Silver Raven) the wearer a +2 circumstance bonus to
Amaris tends to take his time replacing items, Diplomacy checks.
waiting for inspiration to strike before he starts
creating a new piece. Once an item is sold, it One-Off Items
takes at least 1d3 months before it is replaced.
The exceptions to these are the cloak of The Silver Moon has been known to take magic
charisma +4 and the craftsman’s eye. The items in trade for their tattoos, and those that
can’t be used by Amaris and Mirish find their
Craftsman’s Eye way into the chest alongside Amaris’s wondrous
items. Other one-off items may be crafted by
These monocles are one of the few items Amaris or Mirish in an attempt to further their
Mirish produces with any regularity, skills; those pieces that neither wants to keep
although she rarely chooses to take credit for also find their way to the chest to be placed on
their creation and lets most customers think sale.
they were crafted by Amaris. A small Select one or two of the following items to
monocle with a lens made of pure amber, appear in the chest when the characters first visit
these monocles give the wearer acute vision the store, and systematically replace them as
and a true eye for detail. time passes during the campaign.
The user gains the equivalent of low-light The items that follow should be used
vision, as well as a +5 circumstance bonus to individually, not as permanent stock in the store.
Search and Disable Device checks. They also Mirish and Amaris pay attention to who sells
gain a +5 bonus to any Craft check that them an item, if only to guard themselves
requires attention to fine details, such as against purchasing stolen goods.
tattooing or gem cutting. Amaris and Mirish
both use monocles while working, but have Boots of Landing (1,000 gp)
sold several to sculptors, jewelers and other These soft boots are made from the skin of a
craftsmen that have found the ability to focus panther. Golden threads tinged with crystalline
on fine detail a boon to their work. beads trace a winding pattern over the toe of the
Light Transmutation; ML 5th; Pre- boot, and several beads along the cuff jingle
requisites: Craft Universal Item, elfsight, at softly when the wearer walks.
least 5 ranks in search and disable device; The boots of landing are one of the few items
Price: 15,500 gp that Amaris and Mirish collaborated on, creating
them as a gift for a young acrobat of Amaris’s

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Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
acquaintance who was convicted of burglary Evader Psi-Crown (9,975 gp)
before the gift could be given. Amaris knew Made of green silk, this ornate headband has an
nothing of the sideline in thievery his friend emerald as large as a halfling fist affixed to the
favored, and has debated what to do with the forehead. It is sewn with neat halfling script
boots for several weeks before eventually explaining its origins, with several images of
deciding to sell them. He would prefer them to deer, rabbits and hunting falcons sewn into the
go to someone as young and talented as their cloth.
intended owner, and may reduce the price by The psi-crown once belonged to the halfling
200 gp if a character has made a DC 25 Tumble traveler Bitbe, an adventurer and psionic rogue
check in full view of the city's public within the with a talent for moving quickly across the
last month. country. He gave the crown to Mirish after his
own abilities surpassed the power of the crown,
Oathbow (25,600 gp) trading it for a shifting mask and a warding mark
The original owner of this bow was a ranger in preparation for a brief trip to the outer planes.
named Elis Ethallane, but it found its way to the The Psi-Crown contains only a fraction of its
Silver Moon in the hands of his comrades after original power, with 140 charges remaining of
he fell in battle with the white dragon its original 400.
Kezraphon several leagues to the north. Mirish
originally accepted the bow in payment for a Skin of Nimbleness (10,000 gp)
series of tattoos she crafted for Ethallane’s This small sphere of gray ectoplasm has the
comrades, not realizing the weapons magic was slick, rubbery texture of a dolphin’s skin when
already attuned to the dragon and inaccessible to touched. The sphere quivers quietly when held,
anyone else until the wyrm is slain or a week has and spreads quickly to cover the body of the user
passed. when a mental command is given. While
Although Mirish has the name of the original covered with the skin, the wearer almost feels as
owner recorded, she isn’t sure who he attuned though they cut through the air as easily as a
the bow to before his death. There are at least dolphin frolics in the sea.
five days before the magic of the bow is usable The skin of nimbleness once belonged to
once more, although buyers familiar with Myros the Bold, an illusionist, acrobat and
Ethallane and his death (Bardic Lore DC 15 or performer that taught Amaris when the bard was
making a DC 20 Gather Information in the local a youth. As Myros aged and his agility started to
area) can identify Kezraphon as the likely target fade, Amaris commissioned this skin from
and potentially free the bow’s magic earlier. Mirish in order to allow his mentor to continue
Although Mirish cares little for the bows performing into his old age. Myros left the gift
origins, Amaris is familiar with elven customs to Amaris after his death, hoping that Amaris
and has warned her against selling the bow to would give up tattooing and return to
anyone other than an elf or half-elf. While performance. Although Amaris has used it in a
Mirish will be happy to sell it to anyone with few small performances to honor his mentor’s
elvish blood, non-elves will have to make a memory, he would prefer the skin see regular
Diplomacy check (DC 20) to convince the use than serve as an occasional reminder of his
tattooist to part with the bow. If Amaris is friend.
present during the negotiations and believes the
buyer isn’t worthy of the weapon, have the +2 Floating Breastplate (8,350 gp)
character make an opposed Diplomacy check This breastplate is sized for small creatures and
against the cleric to determine who mounts the made from an alloy of copper and adamantine. It
most convincing argument regarding the has a deep green crystal placed in the center of
weapon’s sale. the chest, and the shoulders are covered with

Page 10
Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
hardened coral in the same shade. The design of Three feet long and crafted from pure silver,
leaping salmon is etched along the length of the the rod is cold to touch and always feels as
breastplate. A bard can easily identify its origins though it’s covered in a layer of cold dew. Ten
with a bardic knowledge check (DC 20), pale blue gems are embedded along the rod’s
recognizing it as one of thirteen breastplates length, each burning with a cold flame that
crafted for the gnome pirates of the Zillanthir extinguishes once a charge is used. A small
coast by their merfolk allies. image of a roaring turtle is carved into the silver
The breastplate was discovered among the sphere at the tip of the rod, marking it as the
treasure accumulated by a savage sahuagin tribe creation of the various wizards and sorcerers
to the south of the city. Amaris originally bought associated with the adventuring company that
the breastplate because he found the crafted it.
workmanship interesting, but after recording the
details of the armor and confirming its psionic Wand of Web (1,350 gp)
nature he quickly lost interest in it and elected to Wand of Keen Edge (7,200 gp)
sell it alongside his usual wares. Both these wands were given to the Silver Moon
by an enterprising young rogue to help cover the
Ring of Counterspells (4,000 gp) costs of his Dancer’s Soul tattoo. He claimed to
This simple gold band has a series of stylized have liberated both from the eldritch warrior
dwarven runes engraved around the edge, one known as Sethis Tanns, a cruel knight blessed
for each of the known schools of magic and all with magic talent and an inflated sense of his
the major dwarven gods. Anyone who makes a power.
Knowledge (local) check (DC 15) can identify The wand of web is a length of gray wood
the style of the runes, common to a dwarven covered with intersecting lines. One end is
clan that works in the mountains to the west. topped with a tarnished copper spider that spits
Amaris won the ring while gambling with a webs at the target when the wand is used. The
drunken dwarf wizard named Dhargul, along wand still contains 15 charges and the spider
with a small cache of potions and mining tools. will whisper the command word if the wand’s
Although Dhargul claimed to have crafted the tip is held to the users ear.
item himself, the ring was actually stolen from The wand of keen edge is crafted from steel,
the leader of his clan mere days before the its tips covered with shards of sharp metal taken
wizard fled in fear of having his many crimes from shattered enchanted swords and daggers.
discovered. Realizing the Silver Moon is too The wand still contains 32 charges, and in times
well fortified to try and recover the lost ring of desperation it can be wielded as an
from Amaris, Dhargul is quietly waiting for improvised weapon that inflicts 1d2 points of
someone to purchase the ring in the hopes he can damage.
liberate it from its new owner. Mirish and Amaris are willing to sell both
wands separately, but will sell the pair for 8,000
Rod of Flame Extinguishing (15,000 gp) gp. They are also willing to direct the buyer
The Company of the Roaring Turtle created this towards the rogue, Tel, who has a long history of
item before facing off against the efreeti lord stealing from evil spellcasters and knows the
Rahzaphon, trading it to Amaris in exchange for location of many hidden lairs and towers.
some much needed healing after they had
teleported back to the city. Amaris is currently Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 (6,000 gp)
using it to extinguish the burning tinder he uses Mirish has many contacts among the monks and
to light his pipe, but is more than happy to sell it martial artists that train in the city, finding the
to adventurers who will get some real use from philosophies of physical, mental and spiritual
it. development espoused by the marital orders

Page 11
Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
similar to the teachings of her own mentor. She inability to predict its transformations. Lacking
received this item to sell on behalf of one of her the time and inclination to track down Alhart’s
many contacts, a young monk who recently twin, he is offering it for sale at a slightly
acquired a more powerful version of the amulet reduced price in an effort to be rid of the
but was unsure of how to dispose of his older figurine before it transforms at a particularly
equipment. inopportune time.
Unlike most amulets of mighty fists, this There is a 20% chance each day that the other
amulet takes the form of two heavy lead coins of owner will activate the 2 lion before the
unknown origin that can be strapped to the back character that purchased it does. Alhart will
of the fist via three heavy strands of black cord. appear suddenly, following any orders given to
The two coins take up the magic items space him by the user for up to an hour before he
reserved for gloves rather than amulets, and disappears. Alhart can sense his twin’s location,
amulet does not function if the coins are covered and clever users may think to slowly track the
with gloves or gauntlets. other figurine in the set by ordering Alhart to
lead them to the second owner.
Figurine of Wondrous Power – Golden
Lion (7,000 gp) Dorje of Touchsight (11,250 gp)
A single golden statue of a lion, with chips of This dorje is a simple strand of glass about 9
ruby for eyes and a streak of pure platinum inches long. Small flecks of purple and blue
through its name. The lion’s name, Alhart, is crystal are trapped within the glass, and anyone
engraved into the base of the statue and acts as who touches the dorje hears a quiet hum
the command word. Amaris picked it up at an art thrumming through their skull. Mentally
auction, and was genuinely surprised when he humming along with the dorje reveals its powers
discovered it had magical powers. and remaining charges to the user.
These statues normally come in pairs, and Mirish acquired the dorje from a wandering
activating one of the figurines also activates its seer from her homeland who wished to learn the
twin. Amaris discovered this flaw a few days secret of creating psionic tattoos. When the dorje
after he purchased the statue, when the lion is used, tiny strands of glowing light dance back
suddenly appeared in his living room with a and forth around the users face. The dorje still
thundering roar. Although Alhart still obeyed his retains its full 50 charges, and Mirish assures
commands, Amaris found himself slightly customers that it was crafted while she taught
disconcerted by its sudden appearance and the the young seer his new skills.

Page 12
Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
Mirish Eliath +20, Disable Device +9 (+14 with craftsman’s
eye), Knowledge (Psionics) +24, Profession
Once a traveling tattoo artist seeking to (Sailor) +9, Psicraft +17, Search +10 (+15 with
understand the world, Mirish chose to settle far craftsman’s eye), Swim +6, Use Psionic Device
from her homeland and trade her tattoos for new +6; Feats: Boost Construct, Craft Dorje, Craft
lore. With her dark skin and exotic beauty it is Universal Item, Expanded Knowledge (Catfall,
easy to identify her as an outlander, although Deceleration, Energy Ray), Inquisitor, Psionic
few people can actually place the country of her Body, Scribe Psionic Tattoo, Speed of Thought,
birth. She hides her keen intellect and Up the Walls, Weapon Finesse
awareness behind a quiet confidence, only Possessions: +3 Dagger of parrying, skin of
occasionally allowing her sardonic humor to the defender, craftsman’s eye, Boots of
surface. Mirish opened the Silver Moon because stomping, dorje of energy ray (26 charges),
her skills separated her from many of the arcane potion of cure serious wounds, 3 potions of cure
merchants that worked in the city, and she uses light wounds, cognizance crystal (3 pp)
the wealth generated by the store to fund her Psionic Tattoos Worn: Mental barrier, time
own studies into physical and mental hop, concealing amorpha, control sound, feat
development. Her quiet nature often means she leach, levitate, share pain, thought shield, astral
is thought of as shy, although her stance and traveler, bite of the wolf, call to mind, control
physical interaction with others is marked with light, dissipating touch, hammer, my light, skate)
confidence. She knows more about the art of Power Points: 110
tattooing than anyone within several leagues, Psion Powers Known (save DC = 13 +
and her position near the city docks means she power level): 1st - astral construct, conceal
picks up rumors from a dozen different thoughts, deceleration, defensive precognition,
countries. Mirish chooses to speak with her demoralize, ecto-protection, energy ray, inertial
mind more often than her voice, preferring the armor, mind link, synesthete; 2nd - body
privacy of a telepathic conversation. equilibrium, cloud mind, sense link (forced),
Mirish; Female Human Psion 9 mass missive, recall agony; 3rd - danger sense,
(Shaper)/Psychic Warrior 7; CR 16; Medium energy retort, eradicate invisibility; 4th - detect
Humanoid; HD 9d4+23 plus 7d8+7; hp 97; Init remote viewing, energy adaptation; 5th - tower
+1; Speed 30 ft. (40 ft. while psionically of iron will
focused); AC 16 (+1 Dex, +1 insight, +4 Psychic Warrior Powers Known (save DC
natural), touch 12, flat-footed 15); Base Atk +9; = 12 + power level): 1st - biofeedback, call
Grapple +8; Atk +13 melee (1d4+2, 19-20/x2; weaponry, catfall, elfsight; 2nd - body
+3 dagger of parrying); Full Atk +13/+8 melee adjustment, body purification, sustenance; 3rd -
(1d4+2, 19-20/x2; +3 dagger of parrying); Fort graft weapon
+9, Ref +6, Will +10; AL N; Str 9, Dex 12, Con
13, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 12
Skills: Autohypnosis +9, Craft (Tattoo) +22
(+27 with Monocle of Details), Concentration

Page 13
Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
Amaris Deltoren +9, Perform (act) +10, Perform (dance) +10,
Perform (singing) +14, Spellcraft +13, Tumble
Although his faith has never wavered, Amaris +15; Feats: Acrobatic, Brew Potion, Combat
has always been something of a dilettante in his Casting, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item,
approach to showing his devotion. Amaris is a Skill Focus (Craft Tattoo), Weapon Finesse,
short, middle-aged man with a flamboyant flair Weapon Proficiency (rapier)
and a carefully shaved scalp. He has picked up Possessions: +3 glamered chain shirt, +3
interesting scraps of clothing and jewelry from a rapier, craftsman’s eye, cloak of charisma +4,
dozen countries, turning them into a stylishly gloves of dexterity +2, silver raven feather
cohesive ensemble. Blessed with a keen eye for token, potion of protection from arrows, wand of
detail and a charming demeanor, he has studied owl’s wisdom (32 charges)
several forms of art and performance in addition Magic and Psionic Tattoos: shifting mask,
to training as a cleric devoted to his goddess. He song of brotherhood, ladies blessing
is consistently attracted to new forms of art and Bard Spells Known (3/4/3/1; save DC = 15
magic, throwing himself into the creation + spell level): 0 – dancing lights, detect magic,
process in an effort to round out his knowledge flare, ghost sound, know direction, message; 1st
and skills. Amaris is a difficult person to dislike, – comprehend languages, identify, obscure
with his exuberant enthusiasm and charm object, unseen servant; 2nd – animal messenger,
quickly transforming him into the center of any heroism, minor image, sound burst; 3rd –
social gathering. He has picked up knowledge of glibness, sculpt sound
several artistic techniques, maintains a mental Cleric Spells Prepared (6/7/6/6/5/3/2); save
list of many lost treasures and art objects, and he DC = 14 + spell level): 0 – detect poison,
has a vast array of contacts amongst the artistic guidance, light, mending, purify food and drink,
and adventuring communities that call the city read magic; 1st – bless (2), command, divine
home. Amaris always appears to be smiling, and favor, endure elements, magic aura*, sanctuary;
has a tendency to lapse into bawdy verse and 2nd – aid, enthrall, gentle repose, identify*, lesser
songs when concentrating on his work. restoration, spiritual weapon; 3rd – create food
Amaris; Male human Bard 7/Cleric 11; CR and water, dispel magic, helping hand,
18; HD 7d6 plus 11d8; hp 124; Init +3; Spd 30 invisibility purge, magic circle against evil,
ft.; AC 20 (+3 Dex, +7 armor), touch 13, flat- protection from energy*; 4th – control water,
footed 17; Base Atk +13; Grapple +13; Atk +19 dismissal, freedom of movement*, neutralize
melee (1d6+3, 18-20/x2; +3 rapier); Full Atk poison, tongues; 5th – break enchantment,
+19/+14/+9 melee (1d6+3, 18-20/x2; +3 rapier); greater command, spell resistance*; 6th –
Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +12; AL CG; Str 11, Dex mislead*, planar ally
17; Con 10, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 20 *Domain spell. Domains: Luck (good fortune
Skills: Bluff +10, Balance +5, Concentration allows 1 roll to be rerolled once per day), Magic
+5, Craft (calligraphy) +4, Craft (painting) +4, (Use arcane spell completion devices as a 5th
Craft (sculpting) +4, Craft (Tattoo) +13 (+18 level wizard)
with craftsman’s eye), Craft (weaving) +5,
Diplomacy +7, Escape Artist +8, Intimidate +7,
Knowledge (arcane) +11, Knowledge (religion)

Page 14
Magic Merchants 2: Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
Using the Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor bit of lore about its background, the Silver Moon
becomes the perfect place to put it. Even if the
The Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor, Mirish and players aren’t inclined to purchase the item, it
Amaris should fit easily into any campaign may well catch their attention while they have
where the buying and selling of magic items is two knowledgeable artisans on hand to explain
accepted. its powers and background.
For GM’s that want to introduce the concept While Amaris and Mirish are both high-level
of psionics to the campaign without making characters, a great deal of their experience
them a core aspect of their setting, the Silver comes from adventuring careers that have long
Moon also provides an introduction to psionic since been abandoned. Neither tends to display
powers and items while still keeping psionics at their power unless it is truly necessary, prefering
an arms length. Mirish’s background keeps the to be seen simple traders in magic rather than
suggestion of psionics in the distance, where it powerful spellcasters. They maintain the Silver
can remain a mysterious source of power. If the Moon because it allows them to keep in contact
players prove interested in exploring psionics with adventurers and mercenaries, drawing out
further, Mirish can prove a suitable mentor in useful information by listening to the
the psionic arts or provide directions to the lands conversatiosn that take place while their
where she received her own training. customers are in the tattooing chair. In
By explaining away the origins of Mirish and campaigns that have high levels of intrigue or
the powers she uses as exotic, the Silver Moon secret organisations that monitor the comings
Tattoo Parlor allows players to taste the potential and goings of adventurers, the patrons of the
of psionics without requiring a thorough rewrite Silver Moon make excellent NPC contacts,
of the campaign and the rules of magic that have ringleaders or spies for a foreign power.
existed thus far. For mid-level adventurers that
have grown used to the scope of magic in the Adventure Hook
core rules, the tattoos and psionic items
introduced by the Silver Moon can recapture the A powerful doppleganger psion purchases
sense of exotic that is potentially fading. several tattoos from Mirish. Unwilling to reveal
Between Mirish and Amaris’s boundless that she penetrated his disguise, she hires some
curiousity, it is also easy to use the Silver Moon adventures to follow him and prevent him from
to introduce any exotic or strange item to your putting his new tattoos to evil uses.
campaign with minimal effort. Mirish
specializes in strange new powers, while Amaris Silver Moon Tattoo Parlor
is inclined to pick up any item that catches his
eye. Between them they may be able to provide Written by Peter Ball
information on any unknown or unusual items Edited by Adam Windsor
that are brought into their store, and Amaris is and Cherelle Slater
prone to purchasing interesting magic and
artwork without giving much thought to how or For additional product support and details on
when he will use it. If you want to introduce a upcoming releases in the Magic Merchants series,
visit our website at
new item to your game while including a little

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