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Espinel 1

Juan Diego Espinel

Mr. Davis

ENGL 101-004

30 January 2019

“The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” Outline

Thesis: When a song is being illustrated in a literal way, the painting could be effective and

clear, but also, if done wrong, it could limit the world given by a visual representation. As

this song is represented in a literal form, it has to be analyzed having in mind so many

different ways regarding the relationship of the video with the song; the video is done only

to give the visual sense of the song.

I. Music videos represent unique thoughts either in an explicit or abstract way

regarding their audios.

A. Music can either determine the route of a song or may not. Commented [JDEB1]: Making spacing the same as the
other sections.
B. When the music affects the video, the music becomes the reason why

the video is done.

C. There are different kinds of music illustration regarding explicit


D. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’s video is a clear example of a literal

illustration- sub category of the explicit illustration.

II. This music video follows a scheme; losing creative options.

A. Gaps of the storyboard are filled with cuts of the band playing synchronized

with the music.

Espinel 2

B. Cliché takes evidence the lack of innovation.

C. This illustration helps to visualize the audio in a specific way, rather than in

an open way.

III. Because the purpose of the music video is to literally express what the song is, the

video represents directly what the lyrics say.

A. Heart break is treated in this video as in the song.

B. Ambitious hope reveals itself through the chorus.

C. Repetition of statements proofs the pain and the convincement, at the same


D. Bold actions personalize the character.

IV. Effectiveness of the literal illustration in this video.

A. The song stands as the most important thing among its complements.

B. Literal illustration concretes and prints clearly.

C. Song reaches another level in capacity of understanding and appropriation.

D. Song gets more defined, thereby, giving it a visual mood.

V. This song’s video is simple and successful.

A. Is not a completely different experience, but is a complement of an


B. The best audience for this song is the audience that have heard the song.

C. The video persuades the audience to hear the song more.

D. It yields up into many options of finding the purpose of the music video.

E. But the most evident purpose is a marketing one.

Espinel 3

As a literal representation of the song, the video has a playback singing guide by the main

character. Recreating the ambient given by the scenery of the song, the lyrics of the song

act as a needle that stitches up the video itself. Given that, assumptions come to weight the

side where lyrics explicitly are the music message.

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