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What is a prefect?
Prefects take on a form of guidance and leadership role within the student body of the school. They will assist with
daily duties and whole school events. They are expected to become role models for their peers, arriving to school on
time, wearing their uniform correctly and acting in a way that other students should aspire to.
This is an important role within our school and any prefect not maintaining the high standards expected may result in
them being withdrawn from their position.

This is a valuable opportunity to gain important training and experience in such a role and something of great
meaning to acknowledge on application forms such as UCAS and job interviews in the near future.

Roles of our prefects

General Prefects:
 Responsible for their daily supervision duties in various areas of the school
 Support of staff at lunchtime detentions etc.
 Close liaison with staff on duty to assist with any difficulties
 Expected to be punctual, well-presented and effective in their role
 Compulsory attendance at year 7 and year 12 open evenings.

Senior Prefects:
 Responsible for daily monitoring of their team, including:
- Attendance and punctuality
- Presentation of uniform
- Effectiveness in their role

School Captain
 Oversee the smooth running of the teams and carry out random spot checks throughout the week.
 Cover for any Senior Prefects away on their day of responsibility.
 Liaise with the Sixth Form Council and meet regularly with the Headteacher.

Whole school events and responsibilities:

Prefects will also play an active role outside of their daily duties, to include:
- Open Evenings - Sixth form Open Evening
- Parents Evening - Year 6 induction
- Extra-curricular clubs - School shows / productions

Including any other events that the school deem appropriate for their participation.
You should think carefully before applying for these roles of responsibility within the school.
DEADLINE Friday 17th April 2015



All email applications will receive a reply to show receipt of form, if you do not receive this please re-send or print
and hand in.

Name: Andrew Berry Tutor Group: 12.5

What are the 3 most important qualities that you think you can bring to the team that will allow you to be an
effective prefect?

The first quality that I could bring to the prefect body is commitment to the school. To fulfill the role of a prefect
you have to go above and beyond what is expected of you as a student and I believe I have demonstrated this
quality. Since year 7, I have always been extremely proud to wear the green blazer and additionally I have
represented the school in a number of sporting events. I represented the school in badminton and table tennis. I
have also captained the sixth form tennis team since joining the school in 2009. I represented the school in the
national cross country finals and have contributed to the schools winning streak in both borough cross-country and
athletics. My commitment to the school has also been shown through my participation in music. I have been lead
alto saxophone in the school big band since 2010 which has enabled me to perform, and represent the school at
school concerts, music tours, jazz nights and most recently ‘Our House’ the musical. All the events above show my
willingness and enthusiasm to do my best for the school. Additionally I have demonstrated my commitment by
volunteering at the earliest opportunity and always made myself available to help the running of school events in
any way possible. Showing this level of commitment to school shows my aptitude to be an effective prefect and a
good role model for all pupils at the school.

Another important quality I could bring to the team is my leadership skills. I have demonstrated these in various
ways at the school. I have been a mentor supervisor in charge of year 9’s this year which I believe has been a great
way to enhance my leadership skills. It required me to organise mentors and mentees ensuring everything was
running smoothly and as intended. My leadership has also been shown in music and sport. In music, being lead
alto saxophone of the concert and big band I am responsible to ensure all saxophones are in tune, have the correct
music and have any queries answered. I have also taken bands into my own hands when teachers are absent and I
ran a band previously who performed in various assemblies and school events as well as outside of school. In
sport, captaining the sixth form tennis team from a young age helped to develop my leadership skills even when
dealing with older students. Having strong leadership skills will enable me to fulfill the role as an effective prefect
by allowing me to comfortably take charge in any situation.

My effective communication skills will also enable me to be an excellent prefect. Communication is key when
working in any type of team. It involves being able to convey instructions or activities and also being able to listen
actively and being open to alternative views. I have developed my communication skills through many different
ways in my life. Being a musician, it is essential to be able to listen objectively and always look to complete tasks
better and more efficiently. I believe I can transfer this into any required situation. I have the ability to convey ideas
succinctly which will enable me to make it clear as to what is expected of other students. Communication skills
have allowed me to be able to organise at ease. Having good communication skills will enable me to organise
people and tasks efficiently which I believe is an extremely useful skill required to be an effective prefect.
Describe a situation where you have worked as part of a team to achieve something.

There have been many occasions where I have worked as part of a team. I see every day, wearing the green blazer as
working for a team creating and maintaining the outstanding reputation the school has. All other aspects of life
involve teamwork in one form or another. In music, sport and at home, you have to work as a team.

What did you do?

Last year together with my band, we organised a music night at a local venue to perform before they went to
University and Music College. This involved great teamwork in liaising with the venue, the band themselves and the
sound and light technicians. I’m glad to say the evening was a great success and many people enjoyed the music we
provided and we hope we can do it again soon.

What was particularly effective?

Communication was key in the organising of this event. I had to ensure everyone involved was kept in touch and were
aware as soon as any changes occurred. Leading up to the event, as a band we had to work as a team, listening to
suggestions on how to improve aspects of our playing and the night as a whole, making decisions and working
towards the strengths of the individuals involved.

What did you learn?

I learnt that you can never organise something too early. Although the key to the success of the evening was being
thoroughly prepared, you also have to be able to be flexible and react quickly in the event that things require
changing at the last minute. I also learned and realised that leadership skills are required when completing any task
with one individual ultimately having to take control and I believe that is a role I suit. I also learnt that being trusted
and having integrity within the team is important. I believe I showed this quality by doing extra organising to ensure
the smooth running of the event without wanting extra credit. This quality can be easily transferred to being a
member of the prefect body.
Identify how you have supported the work of the school, eg Tutoring, helping at Parent’s Evenings, etc.

What did you do?

I support the work of the school as often as I can. I was involved in some way or another in all but two events of
charity week. I have ensured the mentoring programme for year 9’s runs smoothly which has been a role I have
taken up this year that I have thoroughly engaged with. I have helped at every Parents Evening since being in sixth
form and in fact whenever a new opportunity has arisen to help the school in the form of a sign-up sheet, I haven’t
hesitated in putting my name forward.

What was particularly effective?

Teamwork especially has been essential in all these events. During Parents Evenings, as a small team, we have
organised the car park and ensured parents receive all the information necessary. To organise the car park, as a
team we needed to use initiative and be able to communicate effectively.

What difficulties did you experience and how did you overcome them?

When working as part of a team it is always difficult to designate responsibilities and when these have been
assigned there will always be a stage where something doesn’t run smoothly and you have to react quickly and
calmly. For example when helping out with the car parking, when one person wants to get out as others are still
entering, you have to use your initiative to ensure that they can get out, whilst still continuing to direct incoming
cars to park in an orderly fashion. With respect to mentoring there were a number of challenges that had to be
overcome. The most obvious of which is when mentors are absent and mentees are left alone. This is where you
have to rely on your initiative to take the role of a mentor and step in, sometimes grouping students who are being
mentored on similar topics.

All these qualities I have outlined above demonstrate my ability to deal with challenges and use my own initiative
to solve problems.
Describe a situation that you found challenging. How did you overcome it?

There are many aspects of life that provide a challenge, whether it be in a certain subject at school or far away from
school in your personal life. The challenge in the situation outlined below relates to a tennis event, which brings a
large mental challenge with it when playing for a team compared to normal when it is a very individual sport.

As you may be aware I play tennis at county level and have represented Essex since aged 9. Last year in an event
known as County Cup, where counties battle against each other with the aim of being promoted into a higher
division, we faced a challenge as often is the case . To many, the mental challenge may not be obvious, but to those
who play any sport at a high level know having a strong mental attitude always helps you to prevail. After a long tiring
week, you often find yourself at the final day, with something big to play for. Sometimes it may be to avoid relegation
or to lift the division title and last year was no exception. We were up against Norfolk playing for promotion to the
top division. The first round of matches had been played and we had lost all of the singles matches putting us 4-0
down. All we had left were two doubles matches, each worth 2 points. As you may be able to imagine, working so
hard throughout the week to get yourselves within reach of promotion and getting off to this start wasn’t good.
Although to many, it was over, I believed it had only just begun. The level of morale in the team was the lowest it has
ever been. I knew that at this time, someone needed to get involved and make people realise it wasn't over, and to
get people to share the same positive attitude as I have. At this point I drew on my leadership skills and took the
initiative to talk to every member of the team to bring the team morale back up. I made everyone realise that things
don’t always go smoothly and the strongest people are the ones who understand that. I felt as though I had got
through to them. The doubles then went on and we needed both pairs to win. One of our pairs was winning
comfortably but my partner and I were struggling having lost the first set. It seemed as though my partner had given
in mentally and everything was upsetting him. At this point again, I knew i had to re-motivate him. Words of
encouragement given in a relaxed manner to relieve the pressure he was feeling did the trick. We won the next two
sets and then the shootout tie-breaker to win the match.

Being able to react in the right way on a tennis court may appear a long way from being a prefect at school but it
isn’t. I believe that a lot of leadership skills gained from different experiences, challenges faced and conquered are
readily transferable. In the situation described above I showed my positive attitude throughout and my awareness
that not everything will go perfectly. These qualities will allow me to react as a prefect to unexpected challenges and
use my initiative when called upon.

Should you wish to be considered for the role of SENIOR PREFECT. Please use the box below to write an ‘election
message’ which will be circulated to staff and students in order to help with the decision making process. It
should be no more than 100 words

I would be immensely proud to be elected to the role of senior prefect. As well as achieving academically at the
school, I have shown unfailing commitment to the school since year 7 in sports teams (tennis, cross-country,
athletics, badminton) and music events, internally and externally. I have also actively helped at Parents Evenings
whenever the opportunity has arisen as well as playing an important role in the mentoring programme. I have a
completely unblemished behavioural record and consider myself to be an exemplary role model to my peers and
younger pupils at the school.