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TERM/WEEKS: Term2 Week1 YEAR LEVEL: Five LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: Science – Biological Sciences

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom: All students have access to an allocated i-pad in the classroom, which is fully charged and has access to all the applications required for this lesson.

Lesson WA Specific Lesson Assessment Teaching and Learning Experiences Resources

Curriculum Objectives
Living things Using Popplet: Formative Introduction: Popplet
have structural Assessment- Explain to students that we are starting a new unit on Adaptations. Ask An interactive mind map tool that students can
features and Observe questions to gage their prior knowledge on the subject. E.g ‘Can anyone use to brainstorm ideas and upload to their iBook
Explain what an
adaptations students tell me what the word Adaptation means?’. Break students into 3 groups iBook
adaptation is. of 6. Explain that students are going to get assigned a focus Australian Students use their Science iBook as a portfolio to
that help them engagement
throughout environment in which to become an ‘expert’ on the adaptations of continually add their work to throughout the year
to survive in Recall that living animals in that environment. QR Code Videos
their lesson &
things have evaluate Provide students with two or three QR codes linked to videos. Video one Adaptation
Lesson environment adaptations that describes adaptions and videos two and three discuss animals and animal
answers to
One (ACSSU043) adaptions from their assigned Australian environments. Desert
aid their survival reflective
in their questions. In their groups students use QR codes to reveal video about Adaptation, w
environment. and adaptations of animals in their focus environment. Students then
ideas, Summative
explanations create a Popplet to explain what an adaptation is with examples of 4
Describe Assessment- physical/behavioural adaptations. Students also use their Popplet to begin Eucalypt Forest
and processes Review
specific describing adaptations of animals in focus environment and how this aids
using scientific students survival. Students can discuss ideas amongst their expert group. 0
representation adaptations of
contributions Conclusion:
s in a variety of animals living in on Popplet Have students upload their completed Popplet to their science iBook. U
ways, including nominated presented in Ask reflective questions to evaluate students learning. E.g ‘Tell me one Snowy Mountains
multi-modal environment. their iBook to interesting thing you learnt today?’. Explain that we will be using hwat we
texts evaluate their learnt today to create their own animals next lesson, so they need to
(ACSIS093) learning. retain this new information.