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Khadijah binti Jamal

Assure Model Lesson Plan


Title of Lesson:
World of Story (The Ant and The Cricket)

1. Story of “ The Ant and The Cricket)
2. Listen and match the picture card
3. Search the articles and simple past tense in the story
4. Make sentences about each characters based on the word given

General Characteristics
Number of Students:​ ​35 pupils
Level (grade or age):​ ​Average
Gender:​ ​20 girl, 15 boy
Age range:​ ​ 11 years old
Exceptionalities : None
Cultural/Ethnic/or other types of Diversity:​ ​30 Malay, 3 Chinese and 2 Indian
Other:​ ​None

Entry Competencies
What skills do they have already :​ ​Pupils had read the story before

They need to review :​ ​Characters in the story

Other :​ ​None

Learning Styles:
Visual (% of students):​ ​40%
Auditory (hearing/verbal):​ ​40%
Kinesthetic (hands on/physical): 20%
Other:​ ​None

By the end of the lesson,

1. Pupils year 5 Bistari should be able to answer simple questions with 80%
2. Pupils year 5 Bistari should be able to identify simple past tense and fill in
the blanks with 80% accuracy
3. Pupils year 5 Bistari should be able to make 8 sentences to the each both
characters in the story with 70% accuracy

Media, Materials, & Methods

Media and Materials to be used in the lesson:

Power point presentation (Story)

Computer & LCD


Picture Card

Word Card



Manila Card
● Story telling

● Groupwork
● Exercises

Utilize Media, Materials & Methods

● Set Induction (5 minutes)

I’m going to start the lesson by showing pupils the picture in slide
presentation. For example, who are they, what are they doing, what are the
differences between the two pictures etc. This session is to stimulate pupils

● Introduction (5 minutes)

For introduction, I’m going to show the slide presentation (story) entitle
“The Ant and The Cricket” to the pupils in order to attract their attention at the
same time to introduce the topics. End of the story, I’m going to ask the pupils
what they understand towards the story all about. Lastly, I’m going to relate the
story with the lesson of the day.

● Presentation ( 20 minutes)
In this session, I’m going to read the text once with the correct
pronunciation. After that, I’m going to ask few pupils to read it continuously and
pronounce the word correctly. Next step, I’m going to ask pupils to tell what
happen in the story. In order to test understanding of the pupils, I’m going to ask
Wh-question and ask pupils to answer orally based on the story. For example,
what is the story about? Who is singing cheerfully on a branch of tree? Pupils will
answer the question.

● Practice (15 minutes)

In this session, I will ask pupils to match the words to the characters in the
story. I will distribute the story to every pupils and ask them to read the story
once silently. Pupils need to circle words in simple past tense that can be found
in the text. Pupils rewrite the root words of each simple past tense that they
found in exercise book. I will distribute worksheet and ask pupils to fill in the
blanks with simple past tense to complete the phrases in the worksheet. After
that, I’m going to ask one representative come in front and read the answer to
the class.

● Production (15 minutes)

After done the first activity, I’m going to test pupils understanding
regarding on the characters in the story. The pupils work in group of 4 to do this
activity. I will distribute the story to every pupils and ask them to read the story
once silently. Each group will get manila card and they need to make sentences
about each characters based on the word given. Pupils will be working in group
to make sentences. Words given to pupil based on the story. After that, I’m going
to asks one representative come to front and give the answer to me. This activity
is good for pupils in order to promote co-operation among their friend.
Pupils write the sentences on the manila card given. Next, I’m going to
discuss and paste the correct answers on the whiteboard and read the sentences
followed by pupils. Based on the correct answers, teacher asks pupils how many
correct answers that they get. The winner will get the prizes.

● Closure (5 minutes)

For closure, I will recap the lesson. I’m going to highlights the moral value
of the story. Example: We have to be hardworking and always make an early
preparation and caution.
Require Learner Participation

During the activity, many reactions participate from the pupil. For example:-

● Too many respond while showing the slide presentation during the set
induction. Pupils give good feedback and ready for the lesson of the day.

● In group activity session, pupils can make sentences about characters

based on the story given. Pupils have a good commitment during the
activities took place and can complete the task given on time also have a
courage to win the activity.

Evaluate and revise

● Objective
I have set 3 objectives before my teaching. Each objective can be
assessed. For my first objective, pupils able to answer simple questions
orally based on the story. Secondly, pupils able to circle the simple
present tense, rewrite the root words and fill in the blanks. Lastly, pupils
able to make at least 8 sentences based on the characters in the story.

● Media Use
I can identify whether my media is effective or not through the response
from pupils. If the pupils can give good feedback after looking to the slide
presentation, it means that my first media use to stimulate them is
effective. Second media use is worksheet. It can be evaluated easily when
my pupils able to identify the simple past tense and fill in the blanks
correctly. It also included worksheet given to the pupils.

● Effectiveness of teaching method

When my pupils can complete the last task successfully, it means method
of learning through discussion (groupwork) is the most suitable for this