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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Nadila Shafira Kusnadi, and I am a first year Chemical Engineering student
at Institute Technology of Sepuluh Nopember. I would like to take part in the
Engineering In Action.In this letter I will give a motivation why I would like to go on this
program, why I would like to give myself being a part of this progrm

I’m from Batam, a city that have had various ethnics because it's known as Industrial City
as Singapore satellite city. Many people from different cities attracting to moved in and
stay at Batam to get a better life last report almost 98% Batam citizen are from outside
areas such as west sumatera, north sumatera, south sumatera and java island and local
citizen called local malay (Melayu tempatan) only 2% from total 1,3 Milion Batam

Batam located beside Singapore island, so high traffic among Asean countries and
cultures acculturations in this region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
being made long time ago, with basic Malay and Chines cultures mixed. . Traveling to
abroad very easy and cheaper than other part of Indonesia. No wonder, i have friends
from another cities or countries. I think when we live in a heterogen city usually we can
see another problem that another city never got. Also because Batam is more near to our
Singapore, it makes our mindset to perceive problem different than another regions in

I’m a curious person. I want to try something that I’ve already see as good opppurtinity.
Like everyone in their youth age, I’m also eager to try everything as a possible that’s why
when i was 16 years old, i chose to move to another town to get better academy and do
my mom's ethnic tradition or we usually called Merantau. I moved to Sukabumi, a town
that my father originally came from. In that town, i lived with my twin sister. Actually
when i chose to move, i really didn't have preperation because i thought i would finish
my high school academy at Batam. But my father and mother who had visited sukabumi,
looking for our new house, told me that his senior high school achievement was really
good and the percentage of entering local college is high too. My parents asked do I
agree to move to his city to get a local college, but me and my twin had to live by

In Sukabumi, I had to deal with all kinds of new situations on my own. The problems that
we’ve met is different from when I was in Batam such as cultural difference to see and
solve the problems or unsual activity. I like to learning different belief or different
perception of someone. For me, as a human we are not perfect and having flaw of each
other. We are not alone in this world andeople have different personalities and belief So
learning from another person who have different backgound for me its necessary. In
facing these challenges in Sukabumi, I have to be able to discover my strengths and
weaknesses. The fact that I had to do a lot on my own, will also result in me being more
independent and confident with myself. My comfort zone is expanded. This will benefit
me as I will be more aware of my own being and the world around me. Now, I’m in
Institute Technology Of Sepuluh Nopember and choosing Chemical Engineering as my
major. I belive ITS is aware of globalization and Engineering In Actions is one of steps to
preparing their student for globalization challenges as students

In my opinion,an Engineers in Action is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, which

will contribute to my development in many ways. First of all, which challenges me to
learn and apply engineering to solve real problems in the community. As an engineering
student in Institut that require their student to gain their practical experience. Second, it
will challenges me to take care of myself. I know I will face this challenge full of
enthusiasm, as I am always determined to get the most out of myself and out of life.
Third, this programgives me the chance to further improve my English. Even though I
have been learning English since elementary school, because most teacher and my friends
tend to speak Indonesian . As a result of this I have not yet developed my English to the
level I desire, since one learns a language best by speaking it a lot. In this program, I will
meet Taiwan Studentd and English will be the language me and most students share. We
are thus forced to talk English all the time, which enables me to further develop my
English skills. Furthermore, experiencing the educational differences on this program,
compared to here will allow me to get a different view on the learning process,and makes
me able to work with future international colleagues more efficiently.

Fourth, I want to give changes in environment around me. The primary goal of student is
being an agent of change. And I want to applicate that goal in this program. Indonesia is a
country that have strong economy’s growth. As a student, it will become advantageous
opportunity to make better environment in Indonesia. Last, but certainly not least, by
going on this program, I can get deep insights into another culture, which enriches my
life and gives me a different perspective of the world. I have thought a lot about which
culture would be the most valuable for me to get well acquainted with regarding my
study plan and career plans, on which I will elaborate later in this letter.

The globalization spreads fast more than we can imagine and it will give the changes of
lifestyle and problems. The problems that never happen in the previous year will happen
and I must ready to solve that. And gaining my practical experience and meet persons
who have different backgrounds, cultures, and also education it will makes me to be more
aware of problem in Indonesia

To conclude, I am a motivated, hardworking student, who is eager for self-development.

As it might influence my future career plans, I would love to experience what it is like to
study in a vibrant modern cosmopolitan city with noticeable Asian influence. Finally, I
believe I will be a great ambassador of ITS as I actively participate in both academic and
social life at our university.

Yours Sincerely

Nadila Shafira Kusnadi