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International Newsletter

Looking back
to move

During the Year of Jubilee everyone shall return home to his original family possession.
Lev. 25:13. Last month, Alpha Pastoral Centre, Edakochi, South India became the venue for a gathering
with a difference. From 3rd - 6th December 2009, more than 300 leaders from 18 countries across the
world came together for the first ever Jesus Youth International Assembly. It was not just an effort
to recapture the original spirit and the core inspirations of the movement, but to revisit it in the
changed idiom and context of today’s world. Such a back-to-basics exercise was quite essential for
the movement poised at the door step of the Jubilee.

Heart Talk
It’s Jubilee time! There’s excitement in the air as all of us prepare to receive the
many blessings and graces that God has in store for us. The Jesus Youth International
Assembly gave us a deep insight into the past 25 years, enabling us to realise
that as our very name signifies, it was Jesus who was at the centre of everything
the movement has been able to accomplish. More than two decades of prayer,
commitment, sacrifice and visions has made possible what is now a reality. Looking
at the growth of the movement we can only agree that the Holy Spirit has taken us
way beyond what anyone of us could ever imagine. It is a miracle to witness not just
the growth of the movement, but the very life of each Jesus Youth; the way the spark
of God-experience pulls us into the movement, the fire refines us, binding us in a
loving fellowship to radiate the light of Christ as we challenge the world with our
uncompromising zeal. The journey of the movement is also a fruit of the journey that
our loving Lord has made into the lives of each one of us, in the most fertile formation
ground of our Mother the Church.
While in Assisi for the European Leaders’ Training, a few of us had a very close look at
the life of our patron saint - Francis of Assisi. It is amazing how much his life relates
with what God is doing in our lives, especially through the six pillars. It looks like a
love story wherein we are ever growing in love; in love with our Lord, in love with the
Church, in love with our call and in love with the poor. Let me elaborate on this.
In love with our Lord - with utmost priority; no doubt this is how the life of everyone in
this movement began, and it keeps growing deeper and deeper, day by day, quite like
St. Francis who spent days together in caves experiencing this love. This relationship
The quest for is experienced powerfully in the numerous whispers of love from the Lord during our
peace by people of time of personal prayer and reading of His Word. Without this personal relationship
goodwill surely with the Lord, a Jesus Youth cannot give anything to the world. As we prepare for
would become easier the Jubilee with projects like ‘Prayer Powerhouses’ and ‘100 days of Grace’, let us be
if all acknowledge attentive to the powerful promptings of our Lord in this year of special grace.
the indivisible In love with the Church - with an uncompromising missionary zeal; wherein we
relationship receive energy from our sacramental life, then go out with great missionary fervour
between God, human to spread the Good News. Our love for the shepherds of the Church and the many
beings and the vocations the movement has produced are beautiful expressions of the same. Projects
like ‘Fulltimership’ and ‘1000 Missions’ are initiatives in this direction.
whole of creation.
... Protecting the In love with our call - in challenging real life situations. I remember the Archbishop
natural environment of Assisi telling us how St. Francis through the power of the Holy Spirit, renounced
in order to build a everything, even his clothes, to follow his mission. It reminds me of the many Jesus
Youth who, guided by the Holy Spirit, are at the service of the Church, ready to give
world of peace is up anything to go on mission. Our witnessing in real life situations, offices, campuses,
thus a duty incumbent etc., and our Jubilee projects like ‘Testimonies on the Web’ and social networking
upon each and platforms, reveal our strong resolve to live up to our call as Jesus Youth no matter
all. It is an urgent where we are.
challenge, one to be In love with the poor - with a sense of family. I have been inspired by the many Jesus
faced with renewed Youth who have given up so much for helping the poor and I don’t mean just the visibly
and concerted poor in society. They support numerous students with no means to study, families with
commitment; it is no homes to stay in, children without parents, etc. And they do this not just as an act of
also a providential charity but like St. Francis did, with a great sense of family where the needy are like their
own family members. Our Jubilee offers many opportunities with projects like ‘Outreach -
opportunity to hand
Child Support’ to reach out as a movement to many who need us.
down to coming
generations the This is also a time to thank God for all those who brought us to that first prayer
prospect of a better meeting or initial programme and thereby to this movement - our elders, leaders,
friends, religious sisters, priests and bishops. As I look at many families I know and
future for all. particularly my own family that is preparing for the ordination of my brother who
found his vocation in the movement, I realise that the movement has brought a
spiritual revival not only in us but also in everybody around us. Refined, Renewed and
Radiant, let us make this Jubilee year memorable not only for our generation but for
CELEBRATION OF THE WORLD DAY all generations to come.
George Devassy
Jesus Youth International Co-ordinator
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Looking back to move ahead

for the forthcoming National Teachers’
Meet. Then again, delegates from different
countries, states or of a variety of other
descriptions, came together to chat, to
pray, plan and update.

It was a veritable picture not only of how

a movement updates itself, but also of
how a sprawling international Christian
community ensures cohesion as well
as intra-vision catechesis. If the formal
presentation sessions were the ‘seeds’ of
the vision input, the spiritual tone and
rich interactive ambience of the delegates
became the well prepared ‘soil’ to bear a
sixtyfold, hundredfold harvest.
From left: His Excellency Bishop Joshua Mar Ignathios, George Devassy, Fr. Bitaju Mathew O.Ss.T.,
Siljo Thomas, Reji Karot & Fr. Shibu Xavier O.C.D. on stage during the Inaugural Ceremony.
A voyage in vision
The content part of the Assembly consisted
Restoration and homecoming is central to the
It was heartening to Jesus Youth Jubilee as well and the Assembly
of presentations of 28 papers grouped
see the architects turned out to be its real launch pad in many
under 6 modules covering a spectrum
of the movement, ways. Firstly, this was the coming together of
of headings such as Context, Movement,
who over the the core leadership of the movement for unity in
Spirituality, Formation, Lifestyle, and
past decades vision and fellowship. Secondly, the Assembly
Mission. Some of the active members of
have searched, was to reflect on what has been happening in
the movement including many animators
reflected, joined the movement in the past 25 years in order to
had been entrusted with the responsibility
hands, sweated and evolve points of reference and guidance for the
of preparing and presenting these detailed
built up a variety years to come. And finally, the gathering was
papers which formed the main sessions of
the Assembly.
of elements of the to serve as a fresh impetus for the year-long
movement, trying Jubilee celebrations.
The sessions were rich in the reflections
to crystallise on the nature and dynamics of the Jesus
the concepts and A homecoming Youth movement. It was heartening to
principles and “How good and pleasant it is when brothers see the architects of the movement, who
presenting these dwell together in unity!” These words from over the past decades have searched,
invaluable gems Psalm 133 are a living experience of any Jesus reflected, joined hands, sweated and built
with the backing Youth gathering. For this Assembly also, Jesus up a variety of elements of the movement,
of their personal Youth from many nations of different continents trying to crystallise the concepts and
experiences. came together like a joyful family. There were principles and presenting these invaluable
a number of priests, the committed pastors of gems with the backing of their personal
the movement, there were religious sisters and experiences. The core essentials
committed single lay people, husbands and encapsulated in these presentations were
The very concept of Jubilee has its wives and youth. Some couples had brought as follows:
origins in the Bible and was something their children along as well.
like a “Restore Factory Setting” button The movement has been an effective
in some modern electronic gadgets. Generations of leaders were present at the Catholic youth response to the modern
The Jubilee was intended to bring the gathering and for many it was a rare opportunity realities of technology, communication,
Israelites back to where God wanted to meet the stalwarts of the movement from migration, poverty, consumerism,
them to be. When the Lord God brought other generations as well as nations, and to fundamentalism, relativism and the like.
the Israelites to the Promised Land, interact with them at close quarters, in a very The movement has been the rich fruit of
every family was given a specific plot informal setting. There were other smaller a variety of dynamics in contemporary
to live in. But the Divine Giver knew gatherings at the sidelines of the Assembly. society and the newfound dynamism of
human nature very well. He knew that A good number of delegates from certain the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church in
as the years went by they would lose Fulltimer Training batches were present and recent years, especially after the Second
it. And so the purpose of the year of they found time to come together to share and Vatican Council.
Jubilee was to return to one’s original encourage each other. All the former
possession of the land: “During the year Co-ordinators of the Campus Ministry which Raised in the folds of the Catholic
of Jubilee everyone shall return home had its beginnings in 1986 gathered for a chat. Charismatic Renewal and matured in
to his original family possession; if he There were various other ministry meetings too. the rich ambience of the New Ecclesial
has sold it, it shall be his again”. One group for instance, gathered to make plans Movements in the Church, Jesus Youth


His Grace Most Rev. Abraham Viruthakulangara and concelebrants at the concluding Holy Mass

has gradually come to a professional life, in wider social elements like panel sharing, video audience were seated at round
discovery of its unique settings and among the needy and presentations, youthful Adorations, tables with typical countryside
mission in the Church as the poor, with a growing sensitivity and much more. The International food stalls set up around the
well as in the society. The to the modern reality of migration Assembly went even beyond. ground, creating a unique
relevance of the movement and travel while making effective ambience for fellowship and
in the contemporary context use of the media. All this has been The Assembly was media rich in a very evangelisation.
is that it has evolved certain undertaken in a very informal different way. For such a well planned
formation approaches as well manner, yet with a missionary
as faith grooming packages spirit and in the context of joyous
and executed programme like this Where to, from here?
Assembly, there was hardly any need “The Assembly shouldn’t
which promote a lifestyle fellowship. for regular volunteers, but there was be turned into programme
and relationship focused on an army of Jesus Youth specialised in planning, but should be a time
holiness and mission. The main content of the Assembly, a wide spectrum of the media working of vision updating”. In spite of
which were the paper presentations, on the sidelines of the programme being at the very threshold of
The core of the movement’s was followed by reflections in bringing in content elements with a the Jubilee, there was no time
appeal is its promotion of a discussion groups. The daily punch. set apart during this leaders’
lifestyle of youthful vibrancy morning and evening Bible
gathering for planning or
nurtured in the enduring reflections animated by Rev. Dr. It was interesting to see all the paper discussion on the approaching
Catholic style, supported by Fio Mascarenhas S.J. flowed into a presenters introduced through their event. However, the various
the security of relationships longer time of prayer, and helped video profiles. Participant responses ‘launches’ during the Soul
in a family setting. And its to prepare a vivid theological and comments were projected Café gave a glimpse of the
welcome result? A sense of backdrop, giving clear moorings to at regular intervals as “Vox Pop”, future, as Archbishop Abraham
mission in the life of its active the vision presentations. challenging life testimonies were Viruthakulangara, Bishop
members, leading them to shared through short video segments Thomas Chakiath, Bishop Joseph
specific commitments in their
New wineskins titled ‘Slice of Life’, and even the Kariyil and Fr. Stephen Alathara
For the contemporary generation, group reporting employed a discussion launched the Jubilee logo, the
the media has also come to cum interaction mode. To top it all, new JY website, the ‘Outreach
be the message and lifestyle, every morning a multi-coloured - Child Support’ project and the
and the Jesus Youth movement newspaper covering the previous new JOYnet respectively. The
has always keenly attended to day’s news, views and pictures was fast approaching Jubilee was
innovative content communication delivered to every room. Instant posts thus on everyone’s mind and the
dynamics. Traditionally Charismatic on ‘Twitter’, uploading of all sessions Assembly proved to be the best
programmes were characterised by on ‘YouTube’, daily episodes of the preparation for the Jubilee.
lively music, stirring exhortations ‘Youth Vibes’ podcast, updates on
and sharing, animated prayer various networking sites, all ensured And what were the significant
sessions and free praise. Going the active participation of numerous takeaways? Firstly, the
further, Jesus Youth programmes netizens in the proceedings of the constant presence and active
added to these, group sessions, Assembly. And the greatest hit of all participation of various
participative singing dynamics, skits was the ‘Soul Café’ by the Rexband, Catholic Bishops throughout
and a variety of other programme an open air stage show for which the the programme starting with

“All of us have
gathered here at
the Alpha to reach
out to the Omega
and go out into the
world to proclaim
that Jesus is the
Most Rev. Joshua Mar Ignathios
Bishop of Mavelikara & President, KCBC
It is the

of each one of
us, the present
leaders, to
of the paper presentations at submit ourselves to the work
the International Assembly of the Holy Spirit, so that the
movement becomes more
effective in its mission through
its unique charisms.
As we journey on Original Charisms of the Movement
together in
the light of
The testing
Christ, there
is central to the existence of the period of our
is a great
The first Jesus movement, should find newer need to reflect upon where
fidelity, a time
Youth International forms and approaches. Jesus we have come from, where
for verifying the
Assembly clarified Youth has always been a well- we are now and where we are
authenticity of
this inherent mission knit family, yet streamlined forms going. This need becomes
our charisms is
of the movement and of fellowship and community even greater as our movement
over. We find that today as we
turned out to be a have been proposed. The Church grows into new lands, with
stand at the threshold of our
veritable exposure in modern times exhorts the laity growing expectations from
Jubilee, a new stage is unfolding
to many on how this to be active in society, and the the Church and as we face
before us: that of ecclesial
has been done in the Assembly re-echoed this call for maturity.
the challenges of this world.
past and, rooted people of different professions DR. BEENA MANOJ on Role of Ecclesial
George DevassY Movements in the Catholic Church
in the same Spirit, and potentials to be actively in his Keynote Address
how it is to be done present in the wider society to The deepest
The tendency poverty is the
differently in a fulfill the call of the Lord for
to enjoy good
changed world. Spirit-filled witness. lack of joy, the
things in life tediousness
requires a of a life
‘From the fruits you will know the
great deal considered absurd and
tree’. From the way in which the
Bishop Joshua Mar Ignathios, of money and this is driving contradictory... The true problem
Jesus Youth movement has been
the President of the Kerala people around us in the quest of our times is the ‘Crises of
growing during the past quarter
Catholic Bishops’ Council who to possess as much of the God’, the absence of God,
of a century, it is clear that
inaugurated the Assembly. greenbacks as possible. disguised by an empty religiosity.
the Spirit of God is urging this
Secondly, the whole reflection Dony Peter on The World Today SUNIL NADARAJAN on Rationale
lively segment of the Church to
and Dynamics of the Movement
process was well-rooted in discover ways of grooming today’s
Jesus Youth is a
the Church documents and younger generation to be Christ’s
new movement
there was a constant call to presence in the contemporary Wherever they
in the Church
deepen the approach. In short, world. The first Jesus Youth come from,
which ardently
in these days when the Church International Assembly clarified whatever they
loves the
is eagerly turning to the youth, this inherent mission of the do, whichever
Mother Church and steadfastly
the Assembly testified that movement and turned out to be group they
stands for it, works in and
Jesus Youth is committed to a veritable exposure to many belong to, a Jesus Youth is an
through it for the greater glory
growing rooted in the Church. on how this has been done agent of God’s grace. Jesus
of God and for the spread of the
Then there was a renewed in the past and, rooted in the Youth is a joyful presence,
Kingdom of God.
call for deepening prayer and same Spirit, how it is to be done bringing meaning and value to
REV. Fr. Sebastian Arikat
reflection of the Word in the life differently in a changed world. on The Church Today the secular sphere.
of the Church and ‘Jesus Youth REV. FR. THOMAS THARAYIL on
Prayer’ gained greater currency. DR. EDWARD EDEZHATH As a person
Distinct Presence of JY in the Church and
in the World
It was also felt that formation One of the pioneering leaders and
whom God
animators of the Jesus Youth movement,
for holiness and mission, which he is currently a senior lecturer in has used to The increasing
St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam. serve the number and
Rexband performing at ‘Soul Café’ movement growing
during two very important presence of
phases- first when it spread youth in society
from Kerala to different parts and likewise the problems
of India and then to different assailing them, should awaken in
parts of the world - my eyes everyone the desire to offer them
have been blessed to see with zeal and intelligence the
the way the movement has Gospel ideal as something to be
grown… And so I am convinced: known and lived.
our movement is growing; DR. EDWARD EDEZHATH on The Vision
growing Deeper and Higher. of the Church and Jesus Youth Movement
MAnoj SUnny on Jesus Youth Today


God has Holiness is not Jesus Youth Embedded
protected something we prefers to in our
and struggle for and be known as lifestyle is
nurtured achieve alone, a ‘lifestyle’ this aspect
you over the but something rather of making
years… So keep on fostering we discover and gradually than a movement or an room for individuals and
and giving your members both become, through our regular organisation. A lifestyle, respecting them, which is
roots and wings! Keep on interaction with the ‘living, because there is no area what the young want today.
scaling new heights… caring and interacting’ God. in their lives, which is not C. C. Joseph on Distinctive JY
REV. Dr. Mathew abraham Approach to Kingdom Building –
REV. DR. FIO MASCARENHAS influenced by their newfound
Frontier, Lifestyle and Institutional
S.J. on Charismatic Roots C.Ss.R. on Catholic Spiritual Heritage relationship with the Lord. Approaches
as reflected in JY Itinerary of Holiness Baby Chacko on Jesus Youth –
a Joyful Contradiction to Values and
Often Amidst the Lifestyle High levels of
spirituality fast growing spontaneity
It can never and
is thought affluence and
be supposed informality
to be a life consumerism
that ‘Jesus present in
of solitude, in and around
Youth is an the Jesus Youth movement
away from the world. us, we have the duty and
intimate, provides its volunteers with
While spirituality can be responsibility to challenge
spiritual family that is an environment of friendship
discovered in solitude, ourselves and to become
additionally loyal to the and freedom; yet it challenges
it can be fulfilled only credible signs of the Kingdom
Church’; instead, it is them on a daily basis to live in
through proper and peaceful by responding creatively to the
precisely because Jesus Youth the radicalism of the Gospel
relationships. complex reality of the poor.
participates in the mystery while embracing a lifestyle
of the Church that it is an which is missionary in origin
Deep Influences of Spiritualities/ on Going Out to the Needy and Helping
intimate, spiritual family. and contrary to the values of
Movements/Oriental/Asian Heritage them become a Part of Us Thomas Pulickal the contemporary world.
on Mutually Enriching Triangle of
Youthful Vibrancy, Security of a Jose Mathew on Spirit of
Jesus Family and Endurance of the Church Volunteering and Specific Commitment
Youth is a
its ongoing It is important
movement We should
formation to speak the
that is remember
programmes, message of
striving to that
Jesus Youth the Gospel
follow the missionary path whenever
movement remains as “a sign to the
of the Word listening to our life
of vitality within the Church, young in the dialect of the
its Traditional and Biblical touches others, we help or
an instrument of formation new generation. … In the
Voice, seeking its Jesus- hinder; wherever our life
and evangelisation and a solid search for the avenues for
face and dwelling in its touches others, we make
starting point for a new society evangelisation, the Jesus
Catholic tent. them stronger or weaker.
based on a ‘civilization of Youth movement has left no
REV. DR. JOSHY MAYYATTIL Dr. Kochurani Joseph
on Biblical Spirituality in Jesus love’”. Rev. Fr. Bitaju Mathew stone unturned.
on Friendship to Fellowship to
Youth O.Ss.T. on Content, Ambience and Community Siljo Thomas on Innovative
Dynamics of JY Formation
Methods of Evangelisation in the
Over the Non- History of JY
last 25 Jesus looking competitive
years, Jesus up on him leadership The constant
Youth has loved him (Mk. is unique journey into the
developed 10: 21). Isn’t it to Jesus cutting edge
many spiritual practices. then, a special Youth. Everyone considers the of technology
They are not branded or call for priests other as more honourable. and media
developed by Jesus Youth and religious to look at the Our collective existence is is something that the Church
themselves but are God- young and love them? complementary rather than inspires us to travel everyday so
given and are led by His REV. Sr. Thresiamma Philip competitive. that they may be used for the
Spirit. F.M.M. on Role of Priests and Religious Saji Sebastian on Distinctive Kingdom of God.
C. C. ALICEKUTTY on Unique in Youth Formation Leadership Characteristics of JY Shelton Pinheiro on
Jesus Youth Spiritual Practices Evangelisation of Media and Culture
The strength Expression of
Jesus Youth one receives Evangelisation It is
continues from personal is a tradition important to
to be prayer, Word in all our accept that
relevant of God and programmes. our identity
only if it Sacraments empowers one Any programme or fellowship is that of a
presents a dynamic Youth to get over all the snares and - 1 hour or 5 days’ long - has migrant movement or in other
Catechesis to youngsters deceptions of the evil one and the elements of urgency and words, a movement growing
in a missionary community gives an ongoing clarity about commitment to Evangelisation. and spreading through
atmosphere. God’s call. Tony Varghese on Jesus Youth migration.
Navin Bruce Thomas Dr. Sindhu Subhadra Programmes, Networks and Movement Santhosh Joseph on Migration
on Stages and Dynamics of JY on Discovering and Fostering one’s Fostering Urgency and Commitment to and Transition - Tool and Object of JY
Formation Personal Call and Mission Evangelisation Evangelisation
In eager anticipation of the
abundant graces of the forthcoming
Jubilee of the movement, Jesus
Youth from 18 countries gathered
together from the 3rd to the 6th of
December 2009, at Alpha Pastoral
Centre, Edakochi, South India, for
the first International Assembly At the Close of
the Assembly
of the movement. The three
hundred odd Jesus Youth leaders
including bishops, priests, religious
sisters, single lay missionaries,
active families and youth leaders
gathered together to listen to
one another in order to recapture Final statement of the international assembly
and rephrase what the Spirit has
been doing in and through this summarising these study Prayer accompanied by to a greater fidelity to the Lord, a
unique intervention of the Lord in findings. The presentations joyful Praise and Worship profound rediscovery of the Church,
contemporary times. were followed by a time of created an intensely spiritual a renewed commitment to personal
interaction and clarification backdrop for this soul- holiness and a fresh dedication
and still later in groups, searching of the movement.
The animating dynamics the delegates discussed A highly judicious blend of a
to mission. The whole process
The delegates of the Assembly were resulted in a renewed emphasis
the implications of these variety of media throughout on recapturing and developing the
selected and invited from around
findings in their personal the Assembly made the original charisms of the movement.
the globe and this created an
lives as well as in the life whole process dynamic The vibrant and joyful contemporary
ambience of joyful family reunion
of the movement. The and contemporary and spiritual dynamics of Jesus Youth,
throughout the international
continuing Bible reflection kept it highly focused and deeply impacting values, lifestyle
gathering. A unique blend of the
sessions and Jesus Youth quick paced. The dedicated and relationships, has been the core
media, thought, prayer, Bible
reflection, sharing of life, country professionalism of a host of emphasis of the movement. A sharing
reporting, joyful celebration of the Assembly very facilitating volunteers helped and caring mutual accompaniment
the Eucharist and vibrant and effectively challenged to achieve the smooth and deep dedication to a continuing
conduct of the Assembly. and evolving lifestyle of mission, are
free interaction testified to the and in turn renewed
Spirit - evoked depth of fidelity, the personal call of some of the significant traits that
thoroughness to detail and everyone in a novel Renewed stirrings have made the movement what it is.
openness to creativity that is way, moving them to While the whole focus of
present in the movement. the Assembly was on the The Catholic Charismatic Renewal
a greater fidelity to being the wellspring of Jesus Youth,
reconsideration of a variety
The focal point of the Assembly was the Lord, a profound of aspects and processes there has been an integration of a
an epoch making effort to recapture rediscovery of the of the movement, it very variety of elements of an experiential
the core spirit and dynamics Church, a renewed effectively challenged and evangelistic spirituality in
of this 25 year old initiative for commitment to and in turn renewed the the movement. There has been
innovative Christian formation of personal holiness and personal call of everyone in a renewed focus on the role of
the modern generation. This was a fresh dedication to a novel way, moving them charismatic gifts in the movement,
made under six distinct headings the walk in holiness and in the
and the modules were entitled as deepening of mission. While lack of
follows: i) Context, ii) Movement, guidance as well as some extraneous
iii) Spirituality, iv) Formation, interests promote certain pseudo
v) Lifestyle, and vi) Mission. Jesus charisms, there is the need to
Youth from around the world, who promote the genuine and appropriate
were deeply conversant with the use of charismatic gifts in and by
inner dynamics of the movement, the movement. There was a renewed
had been assigned with specific prompting to return to the enlivening
areas of study to prepare detailed journey with the Word of God,
documents. Each module consisted focusing on the importance of the
of a number of short presentations
Scripture in the deepening of one’s spiritual
life and in challenging one to a steady life
of mission. Renewing the familiar styles
of focused Bible study sessions, scholarly
training and even greater employment
of ‘Lectio Divina’ were also discussed.
Repeated reference was made throughout
the Assembly to the sublime vision and
contemporary relevance of the Church and
the welcome use of the Church documents in
the movement. The immense wisdom of the
Church contained in the variety of sources Missionary formation of vibrancy of youthfulness fed by Spirit-filled
of the Catholic Church has been facilitating young families is an urgent inner dynamism is the special contribution
the movement’s as well as the individual’s need of the times to ensure of the movement to the Church and society.
progress in the itinerary of maturity and The movement should constantly attend to
the growth of healthy
mission. fanning this flame at its heart.
Christian families and
Formation for effective contemporary family fellowships that pay Fellowship, appearing in a variety of forms,
Christian living has always been the strength greater attention to the especially in mission teams, formation groups
of the movement. While training modules faith formation of children and small cell groups, has been a continuing
have a great significance, the movement’s and teenagers. source of strength for the movement. Giving
unique competence is in a spirituality and renewed attention to this reality and guiding
formation style of accompaniment or ‘being it to enduring forms of community will have
with’, focusing on a continuing journey of welcomed by the new generation.
to be a priority of the movement. Preparing
transformation. During the Assembly, the In this intergenerational style, both
priests, religious and lay elders to accompany
formation approaches, dynamics, stages single committed persons and married
youth should receive greater attention.
and ambience were revisited and the need people play an extremely valuable part.
Fostering ‘open families’ with a deep sense
was expressed to recapture and develop the The place of families as ‘nurseries of
of mission which will provide warm hearths
movement’s proficiency in imparting focused formation’ received a fresh focus during
for lively, ongoing Christian challenge not
and effective formation to individuals for the Assembly. The remarkable manner in
only to its own members, but also to the
moulding their faith and lifestyle. which Jesus Youth families accompany
many around, is the need of the hour.
youth in their Christ encounter as well as
There was a renewed call in the Assembly to in their journey of maturity and mission
There is need for more streamlined formation
turn the attention of the movement to the was highlighted. Missionary formation of
programmes and training centres across the
poor, since a preferential option for those young families is an urgent need of the
world. Helping formed Christians to enter
in need is the central focus in a lifestyle times to ensure the growth of healthy
into the public fora, through the use of the
of Christian witnessing. Considerable Christian families and family fellowships
media and art as well as by participation in
attention was paid to the social documents that pay greater attention to the faith
other societal and cultural dynamics, to lend
of the Church and to the special mentoring formation of children and teenagers.
Christian presence and to influence processes
approach and faith nurturing styles of Jesus and culture in a positive way, should be
Youth. In this Catholic movement, priests and The great significance of migration as
the priority of the movement. Among other
religious assume a distinct role positively an opportunity and driving force behind
contemporary processes migration assumes
mission was repeatedly stressed. A joyful
a special focus for the movement. Being
encountering of cultures and societies
present in and positively contributing,
and a sense of mission to transform them
individually and as a movement, to the
in Christ is at the heart of the movement.
pastoral plans at the parish, diocesan and
The Jesus Youth spirit of all-embracing
wider Church forums, with greater clarity and
fellowship creating a culture of positivity
urgency is imperative.
in a variety of life situations, has indeed
come handy in this core ministry of the
movement. While the proceedings of To conclude
the Assembly as a whole showcased the The first International Assembly of the Jesus
judicious and highly beneficial use and Youth movement became a milestone in its
possibilities of the media, the place of history as it helped to define the movement’s
the media in the contemporary world distinct nature, spirituality and mission
and culture as well as in the Jesus with greater clarity. A variety of inspirations
Youth mission was brought to the fore at and mission possibilities were thrown up
While training modules different points in the programme. by the individuals and countries. At the
have a great significance, threshold of the Jubilee, the event signalled
the movement’s unique a renewed vibrancy and a focused mission to
The road ahead the whole movement and the wider Church.
competence is in a A call to the movement to engage in a
spirituality and formation May the Lord who through His ever renewing
study and reflection of the ever changing
Spirit initiated and steadily sustained the
style of accompaniment or context, making use of the Word of God
movement in love and truth, continue to lead
‘being with’, focusing on and the teachings of the Church, leading
it to greener pastures and greater heights.
a continuing journey of to maturity, transformed and transforming
transformation. lifestyle as well as focused mission, was
a distinct backdrop of the Assembly. The
The new
Jesus Youth has constantly strived revamped JY website was launched by
to remain up to date with evolving His Excellency Mar Thomas Chakiath
technologies. Being one of the first (Auxiliary Bishop of Ernakulam–
Catholic movements to have their own Angamaly Archdiocese and Chairman
website as early as 1994, the JY website of the Charismatic Commission, has changed its KCBC) during Soul Café held for the
look many times to retain its relevance International Assembly participants at
and contemporariness. Once again the the Alpha Pastoral Centre, Edakochi.
website has taken on a new colour. The Prior to the launch, Jacob Jose, the site
Launch of the new JY website by
His Excellency Mar Thomas Chakiath
(Auxiliary Bishop of Ernakulam–Angamaly
Archdiocese and Chairman of the
Charismatic Commission, KCBC)

designer, observed that this

new website is focused on
becoming more community-
centric than info-centric and
will be a junction for various
sub websites like Rexband,
Outreach, etc. In tune with
the times, the new site
is youthful and vibrant
in approach and easy to
navigate. We pray that this
website will continue to
lead more people to Christ.

JOYnet revamped
A new face of JOYnet - the
virtual e-community of Jesus
Youth - was launched during
Soul Café by Rev. Fr. Stephen
Alathara (Secretary, Kerala
Catholic Bishops’ Council).
Unlike the earlier e-mail based
system, the new JOYnet is a
social networking platform and
will help members connect and
share their faith with friends,
family and the world. Bijo
Thomas (USA) is the brain
behind this project, from Launch of the ‘Outreach - Child Support’ project by Most Rev. Joseph Kariyil, Bishop of Kochi.
conception to completion. With
this new platform, one will The second half of Soul Café witnessed the launch of the
now be able to share photos, project, ‘Outreach - Child Support’ by Most Rev. Joseph Kariyil,
videos, life stories and express Bishop of Kochi. This noble project aims at supporting child
one’s faith and love in a whole education in different parts of South Asia. Through this project
new way! Free membership to the movement hopes to accompany 2500 students in their
JOYnet can be availed at journey of education and empower them for a future worthy of
Launch of the new JOYnet by Rev. Fr. Stephen Alathara, them. More details regarding this venture can be obtained from
Secretary, Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council.


The Jubilee
A deeper journey

year following practical life. Isn’t this also what

Today seven sets of the Jubilee of Jesus Youth should
we stand at the threshold The Jubilee seven years (the mean for each member of the
of the Jubilee of the fiftieth year) is designated movement?
in the Bible
movement. Indeed it the Jubilee Year. On a closer look
Jubilee was established as a social
is a time of joy and at the description of Jubilee in the Jubilee - a time of
reality in the Israelite community in
celebrations. Yet beyond all book of Leviticus, one can see that it reconciliation
order to bring about or re-establish
that, this is also the time to involves predominantly the themes Due to various reasons, families
economic and social justice. It
have a clear understanding of justice, peace and liberation, and societies were often
was primarily a time to restore the
of the true meaning, the restoration of land, reunion of dispersed and broken. In the
alienated property to the original
relevance and the deeper families and tribes and rejuvenation year of Jubilee everyone would
owner and to bring liberation to
journey that the Jubilee of environment (ecology). go back to their ancestral towns
those enslaved by debts. Naturally
calls us to make. this process would bring jubilation or homes. For Israelites this
and celebration. Even though the Jubilee - a time of indeed traced back to a journey
The book of Leviticus ideal would not be fully achieved by purification towards God, from whom they
clearly gives us the classic the Israelites, the Jubilee remained The year of Jubilee commenced originated. Naturally, this led
Biblical perspective of a passionate symbol of hope for on the Day of Atonement, the day to a union with God and one
Jubilee. In chapter 25, we freedom, justice and mercy in both when Israelites offered sacrifices in another. In this year of Jubilee,
come across a detailed, the Old and the New Testaments. atonement for their sins. So Jubilee Jesus Youth must invariably
vivid description about was indeed seen as reparation for all seek ways and means to get
the Jubilee year. The word Lev.25:8-55 gives us a detailed the wrong doings of Israel against reconciled with whoever or
“Jubilee” comes from description of how the Jubilee is their own brethren. Thus it was also whatever they have estranged.
the Hebrew root “yobel”, to be observed. These norms were an invitation to acknowledge the That would be the acceptable
meaning ‘male goat’. The developed in Israel around 516 BC, paternity and providence of God, sacrifice for the Lord of the
beginning of a Jubilee after the period of the Exodus. The and to practice fraternity in their Jubilee.
year was traditionally
proclaimed by sounding
the horn of a male goat.
Contrary to common belief,
the word ‘yobel’ is not OMAN l The Jubilee
launch celebration in Oman
related to the Latin word was held on 1st Jan 2010. Fr.
‘jubilare’ or its equivalent John Fernandez OFM Cap.,
English word ‘jubilation’ Pastor JY Oman, celebrated
Holy Eucharist and blessed
as far as its root meaning the Jubilee Cross and
is concerned. Which again Candles after which the
means that the year of Jubilee Prayer was recited.
Jubilee is not merely about
celebrations or enjoyment,
but it is about something
deeper – something that
calls for a comprehensive
transformation within us
ITALY l Jesus Youth in Italy gathered together at Santa Maria delle Fornaci Church on
and around us.
1st January 2010 for the Jubilee launch. His Excellency Rev. Dr. Chakkalackal Varghese
(Bishop of Kannur) celebrated the Holy Mass and inaugurated the Jubilee Year. Fr.
Chilton (Animator JY EU), Fr. Lalu Olikkal (Animator), Fr. Rajan, Fr. Roy, Sr. Rosemary DSHJ
(Animator), Sr. Jessy PDDM (Animator) and JY members participated in the event.
Most Rev. Abraham Viruthakulangara unveiling the Jesus Youth Jubilee 2010 logo.

“i assure you my Jubilee - a time of thanksgiving

accompaniment and Undoubtedly Jubilee is a time to count our
the accompaniment blessings and exult in the Lord for the wonders A cross and a rising flame
He has done in each one of us and in the
of other bishops movement. The spirit of Jubilee for the Israelites
within the figure of 25
for the jubilee evolved from a constant acknowledging of symbolises the fire of the Holy
celebrations next the gifts of God in their lives. Jesus Youth has Spirit and the centrality of
year. definitely so much to thank the Lord for - its being and Jesus and His mission within
the church will growing. Countless are the graces we have
the movement. The colours
be renewed and received over the past 25 years.
blue, orange and white stand
radiant with all
Jubilee today – Christian Jubilee for youthfulness, the fire of
of us working
together.” The New Testament concept of Jubilee is expressed the holy Spirit and the call to
in Jesus’ proclamation of the ministry (Lk. 4:16- holiness. refined in his fire.
30). Jesus’ ‘Kingdom’ concept is very similar to
renewed by his spirit. radiant
the Jubilee precepts of the Old Testament. This
is intimately related to the Messianic age, where in his love. the three r’s
peace and justice shall prevail. encapsulates the essence of
the jubilee.
The Christian concept of Jubilee transcends the
Jewish concept. In the Jewish Jubilee concept,
the relationship with other Jewish fellowmen
is the most important factor. In the Christian Most Rev. Abraham Viruthakulangara, the
understanding it transcends all borders and Archbishop of Nagpur and the Ecclesiastical
barriers. It is reaching out to the un-reached. As Advisor of Jesus Youth, India, formally
far as the Jesus Youth is concerned, the Jubilee unveiled the Jesus Youth Jubilee 2010 logo on
must go still beyond by reaching out to the 5th December 2009 during the International
most rev. Abraham Assembly. The logo was designed by Deekshit
Viruthakulangara environment and ultimately to the whole cosmos.
(Archbishop of Nagpur, Sebastian, a dynamic Jesus Youth and
Ecclesiastical Advisor of Jesus upcoming designer from Delhi. The Jubilee
Youth, India) Jubilee – a time to opt more for the poor
theme - ‘Refined Renewed Radiant’ - put
Even though in the Old Testament times the
together by Shelton Pinheiro (Co-ordinator,
Jubilee laws might not have been absolutely
Jubilee – a time of fulfilled, a Jubilee constantly reminded people
Rexband and an advertising professional)
retrospection and also encompasses two essential elements:
of their responsibility towards the poor. In the
introspection “Clothing the movement in white linen
New Testament also we can see that the poor
Jubilee definitely is a time and receiving the power from on high”. The
were always at the centre of Jesus’ mission and
to look behind – the paths launching ceremony concluded with the
ministry. Therefore ‘Jesus Youth’ must also have
trodden, the ways travelled, blessing of the soil from 18 different countries
a preferential option for the poor in this year of
the decisions taken, the acts with active Jesus Youth presence and the
accomplished, the people Jubilee prayer. During the Jubilee year,
involved. In all these one will wooden crosses with small phials containing
Jubilee – a time to look ahead this blessed soil will travel across sections of
find good and bad; the idea is Jubilee is also a time to look forward with new
to build upon the good and to each country having JY presence. Intercession
hope and anticipation. Leaving behind the past and prayer around the cross will be organised
do away with the bad. let us move forward with joy to the things no
Jubilee also brings a time for at each stopover. All these crosses from
eye has seen, no ear has heard and no heart has different countries will be brought to India
looking within – individually experienced. Nothing shall keep us down when
as well as collectively. for the mega Jubilee conference to be held in
the Lord is with us. Let us move together for the December 2010.
Personal realisation of the creation of a new heaven and a new earth.
true self will lead to genuine
spiritual revival. REV. FR. THOMAS THARAYIL
Jesus Youth International Pastor
UK l The Jubilee launch night
vigil in UK began with a Rosary
procession, followed by a time
of worship and Holy Mass. Jesus
Youth from across UK joined in
for this anointed and Spirit-
filled occasion. After the Holy
Mass there were celebrations
and fireworks, followed by a
very powerful time of sharing,
Adoration, prayer ministry and

QATAR l In Qatar, the Jubilee Mass was celebrated by Fr.

Simon Cheruvathoor OFM Cap, Pastor, JY Qatar along with Fr.
Anand OFM Cap who gave the Jubilee message. At the end of
the Holy Mass, the Jubilee Cross was blessed and the Candle
was lighted and then handed over to the different national
level co-ordinators.

IRELAND l Jesus Youth in Ireland gathered on 1st Jan. 2010 in Our Lady of Visitation Church in Fairview,
Dublin for the Jubilee launch. The celebrations started with Praise and Worship, followed by Holy Eucharist.
Fr. Sunil Roman S.V.J., Fr. Anil S.V.D. and Fr. Sony Palathra C.M.I. concelebrated the Eucharist. Candles were
blessed and distributed for the Jubilee Prayer. JY Pastor, Fr. Sony then handed the Jubilee Cross to Sijo Jose
(Co-ordinator). The Jubilee logo and Roadmap were also explained to all present.

SINGAPORE l Jesus Youth gathered

at Marymount Chapel for the Jubilee
opening celebrations on 1st Jan.
2010. There was Rosary and Jesus
Youth Prayer followed by Holy Mass
celebrated by His Grace Archbishop
Nicholas Chia, Archbishop of AUSTRALIA l Jesus Youth Melbourne celebrated the launch
Singapore along with Fr. William Goh, of the Jubilee Year with the JY Jubilee Mass along with the
Spiritual Director, JY Singapore as parishioners of St. Francis De Sales Church, Oak Park, Melbourne
concelebrant. His Grace blessed the on the 1st of January 2010. Fr. John Aravankara, Pastor of JY
Jubilee Cross and Candle following Australia, lit the Jubilee Candle and handed over the Jubilee
which everyone prayed the Jubilee Cross embedded with the soils from all nations to Rajesh T.
Prayer holding lighted candles. George, JY National Co-ordinator.

USA l The Jubilee Mass and celebration was held in several places across the US
including Chicago, New Jersey and Philadelphia. In Chicago, His Excellency Mar CANADA l The Jubilee Mass in Toronto was conducted at the Marian Shrine of
Jacob Angadiath, Bishop of St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago, Gratitude. There were preparatory prayers and Praise & Worship prior to the Jubilee
celebrated the Jubilee Inaugural Mass on 1st Jan. 2010 and lighted the Jubilee Mass, during which the Jubilee Cross was blessed. In spite of the freezing cold,
Candle. After the Mass, the Bishop led the congregation in the Jubilee Prayer. there was a rosary procession by the faithful to the Grotto dedicated to Our Lady.
Garden of Gospel
KUWAIT l The main celebrant for the Jubilee Peace, Thailand
Mass in Kuwait on 2nd January was Mons. John
John Kallarackal (First Secretary to Vatican Em- 3 July 2010 TO
bassy) along with Fr. John Padupurackal (Vicar 31 July 2010
General, Mavelikara Diocese) and Fr. George Kot-
tapuram (Spiritual Director, JY Kuwait). Besides
the Jubilee Prayer and the blessing of the Jubi-
lee Cross, there was a panel sharing based on
the growth of the movement and a presentation
on JY milestones. JY Kuwait newsletter ‘Streams’
was also released during this event. BAHRAIN l Jesus Youth in Bahrain gathered on 2nd Jan. 2010 JESUS YOUTH
at the Bishop Tirinanzi Auditorium. The celebrations began with
Praise and Worship, followed by the Jubilee Mass celebrated by Fr.
Joy Menachery (Spiritual Director, JY Bahrain) along with Fr. Dinesh
Mendonca (Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church). The Mass was

followed by a time of fellowship and celebration.

Garden of Gospel
INDIA l The Jubilee launch
Peace, Thailand
Mass and celebrations were 4 July 2010 TO
held on 1st January 2010 16 July 2010
in numerous places across
India - Mumbai, Delhi, Indore,
Ambikapur , Ahmedabad,
Ranchi, Kolkata, Guwahati,
Mangalore, Chennai, Mysore,
Bangalore, etc. In Kerala,
the Jubilee Candle was lit by
His Excellency Mar Thomas
Chakiath (Auxiliary Bishop,
Ernakulam-Angamaly INTERNATIONAL
Archdiocese) at a gathering
in Ashirbhavan, Ernakulam.
Most Rev. Joe Grech, Bishop

of Sandhurst, Australia also
graced the occasion.

GERMANY l JY Germany Garden of Gospel

celebrated the Jubilee Mass
with the participants of a 7-day
Peace, Thailand
training programme organised 23 July 2010 TO
ahead of the Jubilee launch. Prior
to the Mass, there was Adoration
4 AUGUST 2010
followed by an introduction about
the Jubilee. The Mass celebrated
by Fr. Ajy Mooleparambil (Pastor,
JY Germany) concluded with the

blessing of the Jubilee Cross and
reciting the Jubilee Prayer.

MALAYSIA l The Jesus Youth
staying in and around Kuala
Lumpur gathered on New Year’s
eve for a Night Vigil. The vigil
Garden of Gospel
also included Rosary, Praise Peace, Thailand
& Worship and the Chaplet of
Divine Mercy. The programme
12 July 2010 TO
concluded with the praying 22 JULY 2010
of the Jubilee Prayer and



Leaders’ Training & National Team Reconstitution, Australia Qatar JY Team with Ms. Michelle Moran, President, ICCRS

 Leaders’ Training & National Team prayerful discernment gathering, the new participants each. The resource team included
Reconstitution teams were formed in Ghala, Ruwi, Sohar, Shaji Scaria and Elvis Kottooran from India.
The Leaders’ Training at Lysterfield, Victoria Salalah and Nizwa. Binoy Xavier
was attended by around 85 JY leaders.  Service Team Training
The intense workshops were led by Bishop A training programme was organized for
about 100 members of all National &  One-day Programme
Christopher Prowse and Manoj Sunny. The
Regional Service teams including Family On 17th Dec. 2009, a programme was conducted
new JYNT includes Rajesh Thalappillil (Co-
teams and Youth teams. The day-long at the St. Thomas Syro Malabar Parish. Along
ordinator), Lejan James (Asst. Co-ordinator),
training led by George Devassy was held on with music, panel sharing, Adoration and
Fr. John Aravankara (Pastor), Fr. Thomas
28th Aug. at the Ghala Parish Hall. Christmas celebration, the participants were
Areekuzhy and Fr. George Coondakala (Priest
 ‘Fiducia 2009’ enriched through the personal experiences
animators) with Br. Bony Abraham and Gene
The Sohar Regional team organised a of George Devassy.During his visit to Qatar,
Thalappillil as Animators.
newcomers’ programme on 21st Aug. at the George also met the Industrial Area core team
 ‘Teens’ Meet ’09’
local parish hall. With sessions led by Douglas and members.
Twenty-four teens participated in a
Antony (UAE), nearly 250 participated in the  Prolife Exhibition
residential programme organised at
programme. The Prolife ministry organised an exhibition
Alexandra Park Conference Centre,
 JY Families Formation during the First Marian Convention that was
Queensland from 19th- 21st Sept. 2009.
Thirty-five families from different regions of held from 21st-23rd Sept. 2009 at Our Lady
Mayrose Pius Oman attended a formation programme on of Rosary Church. The exhibition created
OMAN 10th and 11th Sept. 2009 at the Ghala Parish awareness about the teachings of the Catholic
Hall. Organised by the National Family team, Church and highlighted the challenges of
 ‘National Conference ’09’ today’s world and its activities against the
the sessions handled by Manoj Sunny and
Over 1000 people from across Oman, gospel of life.
Beena Manoj inspired the participants to lead
came together at Ghala for the ‘National  National Team Reconstitution
a Jesus-centric family life.
Conference’ on 23rd Oct. 2009. Based on the The new national team was reconstituted
 Initial Retreats
theme, ‘Rejoice & be Glad’, the resource in Qatar on 19th Dec. 2009 after a Spirit-led
During September, a series of initial retreats
persons for the event included Raiju Varghese discernment process guided by George
was organised across Oman for nearly 500
(India), Rijo John (Qatar) and Vincent and Devassy. The new team includes Juttas Paul
newcomers. The main retreat at Ghala,
Sharon Fernandez (UAE). (Animator), Shaji C.V. (Co-ordinator), Sijesh
‘Harvest 2009’ had almost 350 participants
 Regional Service Teams’ Reconstitution Maliyekkal (Asst. Co-ordinator) and Fr. Simon
and was inaugurated by Most Rev. Varghese
The reconstitution of the five regional teams Cheruvathoor OFM Cap. (Pastor).
Chakkalakal (Bishop of Kannur). The regions
was done during the months of July and Lyju Edassery
of Ruwi, Salalah, Sohar and Nizwa had 50
August. With a three-week training and

‘National Conference’, Oman Prolife Team, Qatar Pre-teens’ Retreat, UK


Leaders’ Retreat, Ireland Teens’ Retreat, Kuwait Abp. Abraham Viruthakulangara & Abp. Marampudi Joji at the
Inaugural Ceremony, NCM, India

IRELAND reconstitution of the national teams. The reflections and daily gatherings to pray the
 Leaders’ Growth Retreat new National Team has Abhy Thomas as Co- rosary, were held throughout the month. The
From 30th May - 2nd June 2009, a Leaders’ ordinator, Shinto Jose as Asst. Co-ordinator, Fiesta culminated on 31st Oct. at Marymount
Growth retreat was organised at the Fr. Sebastian Arikat as Pastor and Sunil Chapel with a Holy Mass and Rosary
picturesque St. Columban’s Retreat Centre in Simon as Animator. The National Youth procession led by Mons. Eugene Vaz.
County Wicklow, Ireland. The 35 participants team includes Rejimon KJ (Animator), Anson  Ministry Gatherings
were challenged and encouraged to ‘Embrace Pearson (Co-ordinator) and Savio Chacko Seventy-five members of the Healthcare
the Will of God’ through the sessions of Elvis (Asst. Co-ordinator). The National Family Ministry came together on 17th Oct. at
Kottooran (India). team has Pradeep & Shiji as Co-ordinators Marymount Chapel for ‘Karunya Sparsham’ - a
and Shibu & Seena as Asst. Co-ordinators. one-day programme led by Elvis Kottooran
Sijo Jose
The National Intercession team Co-ordinator (India). On the following day, nearly 150
UK is Elizabeth Sibi and the National Finance members of the Working Ministry attended
 ‘Ablaze’ team Co-ordinator is Sibi James. ‘Grace 2009’ at St. Francis of Assisi Church
Around 50 youth of the North-West region  Pre-teens’ Retreats hall. This programme too was led by Elvis
came together on 17th Oct. 2009 at the Blessed During Oct. 2009, pre-teen retreats were Kottooran.
Sacrament Parish Hall, Liverpool. The sessions organised at Southampton, Manchester and  Youth Retreat
of the day were led by Fr. Ian Mc Parkland Wolverhampton. All the participants of the Around 80 Jesus Youth came together to
(Chaplain, Liverpool and John Moore’s three programmes were newcomers and attend a three-day residential youth retreat at
University) and Rejimon KJ. children aged between 4 and 10. These initial the Choice Retreat Centre. The retreat, led by
 One-day Programme, Cardiff retreats were made vibrant and appealing Elvis Kottooran from 23rd to 25th October 2009,
Thirty newcomers attended a one-day through action songs, games, reading and has drawn many youth closer to Jesus and has
programme organised on 19th Sept. 2009 at movies. encouraged them to take up commitments to
St. Brigid’s Church. The priests, parents and  Cephas Regional Programme serve the Lord.
the youth appreciated the programme and On 24th Oct. 2009, 35 newcomers came Annu Pius
have warmly welcomed Jesus Youth into the together for a programme at St. Joseph’s
Archdiocese of Cardiff. Church Hall, Wembley.
Abhy Thomas  Leaders’ Gathering
 Leaders’ Gathering & Team
Jesus Youth leaders in Kuwait had a one-day
Reconstitution SINGAPORE gathering with George Devassy. Around 80
Nearly 120 leaders from across UK came
 ‘Rosarium Fiesta’ leaders were present.
together at Mother of God Church, Leicester,
The month long celebration of the rosary  ‘U-Turn’: Turning Youth to Jesus
on 10th Oct. Along with sessions on leadership
began with Holy Mass on 1st Oct. 2009 at An initiative of the National Team of Kuwait,
by George Devassy, the day also saw the
St. Theresa Church. Rosary cells, e-mail around 320 teens attended the retreat led

New National Team, UK ‘Karunya Sparsham’, Singapore Leaders’ Gathering, Kuwait



‘Arabian Catholic Youth Conference 2009’, UAE Rexband North East Tour, India ‘Go Forth’, Canada

by George Devassy and Dony Peter (JYIT teachers and animators from across India was Holy Mass and also gave input sessions.
member). ‘U-Turn’ was held from 20th- 22nd also held during NCM. Another highlight of  ‘Flash’ Programme
Sept. 2009 at Don Bosco School, Salmiya. NCM was the release of the musical album On 14th Nov., a one-day programme for youth -
 Leaders’ Training Programme ‘Campus Vibes’, composed and sung by ‘Flash’ - was held in Arnsberg. The programme
Sixty-five leaders from different parts of campus students. included a skit, testimonies, Praise and Worship,
Kuwait participated in a training programme  ‘Deeper and Higher Conferences 2009’ inputs on God’s love and friendship. A strong
held on 14th Aug. at Our Lady of Arabia Parish As a major step in the preparation for the fellowship was also built during the programme.
in Ahmadi. Julius Antony (Middle East Co- Jubilee, ‘Deeper and Higher Conferences’ Vimal Vattappillil
ordinator) and Jomy Abraham from Dubai led were organised in 7 regions across the
country. Conferences were held for Central, CANADA
the one-day training.
Mano Mathew North and North East India and for Kerala,  Youth Retreat
Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Jesus Youth helped co-ordinate the annual youth
UAE retreat held from 9th-11th Oct. 2009 at the St.
Bringing together JY leaders across the
 ‘Arabian Catholic Youth Conference 2009’ regions, the Conferences stepped up the Thomas Syro Malabar Mission parish.
The conference, based on the theme ‘Put momentum for the Jubilee preparations.  ‘Go Forth’
out into the deep’ (Luke 5:4), was jointly  Rexband tour of North East India The teens’ leadership training - ‘Go Forth’
organised by the Vicariate of Arabia and The Rexband made a tour to the North organised from 16th - 17th Oct., was attended by
Kuwait from the 26th- 28th Nov. 2009 at St. Eastern states of India for the first time nearly 30 teens. Led by George Devassy, all the
Mary’s Church, Dubai. Around 850 people and performed 6 concerts across 5 states. participants found the training very inspiring.
from the different Middle East countries The concerts were held at Kolkata, Maram, A separate workshop on Praise & Worship was
participated in the conference which was Kohima, Guwahati, Diphu and Shillong conducted for the adults later in the week.
inaugurated by Mons. Francis Jamieson (Abu reaching out to more than 45000 people.  Campus Seminar
Dhabi). The main speakers for the conference A seminar on the ‘Tools for Evangelisation’ was
Siljo Thomas conducted by George Devassy on 23rd Oct. for the
included Bishop Christopher Prowse (Bishop of
Sale, Australia), Fr. Tom Forrest (USA), Bishop USA students of McMaster University. The programme
Paul Hinder (Vicar Apostolic of Arabia) and gave impetus to start a weekly prayer meeting at
 Outreach
other JY resources. The conference concluded the University.
A group which included Regional Service Team
with a music concert by the Rexband at Al members, families and students got together Roy David
Nasr Leisure Land which was attended by for an outreach from 9th-11th Oct. 2009. The trip
more than 3200 people. helped the group to reach out to new areas Mother of Christ and Mother of the Church,
Sharon Fernandez while connecting people to the main activities at the beginning of this Jubilee season
of Northeast Jesus Youth America. The main of grace, we entrust the Jesus Youth
INDIA movement to your Maternal care. Enfold
resource persons included Saji Sebastian, Abey
 ‘National Doctors’ Conference ’09’ Johnson, Jaisy Joseph and Monagi Thomas. us within your protective cloak and bind us
The ‘National Doctors’ Conference’ was held Thomas Pulickal forever to the Holy Trinity. Amen.
from 27th - 29th Oct. 2009 at SVD Vachana
Jyothi, Kannur, Kerala. Thirty-one Jesus Youth GERMANY
medical students from Karnataka, Kerala,  40-hour Adoration
Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra participated A 40-hour Eucharistic Adoration was
in the conference. organised at Maria Veen, Reken from 21st- 23rd
 ‘National Campus Meet 2009’ Aug. 2009. The JY group also interacted with
The ‘National Campus Meet’ (NCM) 2009 30 confirmation candidates of St. Ludgerus
was held at St. Francis College for Women Parish, Schermbeck.
in Hyderabad from 27th -29th Dec. 2009. This  ‘Son-shine’
mega event witnessed the coming together A 40-hour Eucharistic Adoration along with
of nearly 850 campus youth from the length parallel sharings and inputs was held from
and breadth of India. The first ever National 9th-11th Oct. in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Fr. Jude
Teachers’ Gathering attended by almost 60 and Fr. Ansgar Wucherpfennig celebrated

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