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Homeschool Lesson Plan

Kylie Mirjanian
EDU 280

Class: Pre-teacher students in college-level class

Objective: To teach pre-teacher students about homeschool and the pros and cons of teaching at
home or through an at-home program. Ask questions of my audience and ask for five things that
were learned in the lesson.

Materials/Equipment: Go through powerpoint and play a short video on the benefits of

homeschooling and another video from a homeschool student.

 Begin with introduction of myself and my topic – expertise of research and eight years of
personal homeschool experience.
 Begin Powerpoint Presentation
o Slide one/two – title and definition
 Raise of hands - how many of you have experienced homeschooling?
o Slide three/four – why homeschooling?
o Slide five – history of homeschooling
o Side six – discuss advocates for homeschooling – research they provided
o Slide seven – discuss homeschooling today
 Play short video about benefits of homeschool
o Slide eight – options for homeschooling
o Slide nine – pros and cons
o Slide ten – my experience
o Slide eleven – tell me what you learned

Closure: What is one thing you learned? Useful as students and possibly useful as parents.
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Outline for Lesson Plan: