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Saturday 23rd March

Kendal Parish Church

Westmorland Orchestra and Cumbria Festival Chorus
Mendelssohn: Symphony No 5 “The Reformation” and Berlioz: Te Deum
7.30pm – Tickets £12 (18 and under free)
Monday 25th March
Assembly Room
9.30am Classes 3-7, 9 Piano solos
Class 32 Songs from the Shows, Years 3 and 4
Class 37 Vocal solo, Years 3 and 4
1.45pm Class 33 Songs from the Shows, Years 5 and 6
Class 38 Vocal solo, Years 5 and 6
Classes 51-53 Composers
6.30pm Classes 30 and 31 Youth Choirs
Classes 28 and 29 Adult Choirs
Council Chamber
9.30am Classes 10-13 Strings solos
Classes 16-18 Woodwind solos
1.45pm Class 14 Guitar solos
Classes 22-24, 26 Instrumental duets, trios and ensembles
Classes 19-21 Brass solos
Tuesday 26th March
All further adjudicated classes will be held in the Assembly Room
9.30am Class 34 Songs from the shows, Years 7 to 9
1.45pm Class 39 Vocal solo, Years 7 to 9
Class 45 Vocal duet, Year 9 and under
Class 43 Folksongs
6.45pm Class 46 Vocal duets, Year 13 and under
Class 47 Vocal recital
Wednesday 27th March
9.30am Classes 35 and 36 Songs from the Shows, Years 10-11 & 12-13
1.45pm Class 41 Vocal solo female
Class 42 Vocal solo male
Class 40 Vocal solo, Years 10 and 11
7.00pm Class 49 Vocal solo adult
Class 48 Vocal solo adult (novice)
Class 50 Duets, trios, quartets, from Gilbert & Sullivan
Thursday 28th March
2.15pm Class 44 Pop ballad
Friday 29th March
7.00pm Festival Showcase Concert and
Finals of the Jim Noble Award
Saturday 29th March
10.30am Eversley Choir
Kendal South Choir
Levens Choir
2.00pm Arnside Choral Society
Kendal Choral Society
K Shoes Male Voice Choir