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Imagine Radio and ICT Ministry

Joint launch of ‘Shadhinotar Gaan’ Music Shows and ‘Imagine Radio Musicians Dashboard’

Program Concept:
- Imagine Radio, a dynamic media-tech startup in Bangladesh is constantly working in bringing
new and unique content and technology features to delight the musicians and music lovers of
Bangladesh. Imagine Radio has already launched its music streaming app with global standard
features and created a deeply passionate engagement with the musicians and music lovers of
Bangladesh. To continue demonstrating its commitment for the music industry in Bangladesh
and celebrate 26th March 2019 with the true spirit of freedom for Bangladeshi’s, Imagine Radio
is bringing following unique features and contents:
o Special feature show ‘Shadhinota’r Gaan – Bengali’r Gaan Er Juddho’
o Special Feature show ‘Ekattor er dinguli’ by contemporaty musicians
o Launch of ‘Musician’s Dashboard’ on Imagine Radio

- Office of the Honorable ICT Minister

- Appx 30 min including all the activities

- Launch of Shadhonota’r Gaan – Bangali’r Gaan Er Juddho’ by Honorable Minister for
This is a featured show which will highlight the background stories of the songs that provided
tremendous moral strengths and united the Bangladeshi’s during our war of independence.
We will use this newspaper article to build our script:
songs-of-freedom-55800 which provides a detailed story on how the songs were written and
composed. Will be an interesting treat for the listeners as well as a proper tribute to the
brave souls of ‘Shwadhin Bangla Betar Kendra’

- Launch of ‘Ekattor er dinguli’ by Honorable State Minister for Cultural Affairs

This will be a featured show based on the novel ‘Ekattor er dinguli’ by Jahanara Imam. We
already have the basic script and framework developed. We will replace some of the songs
from older versions to the newer songs performed by some of the contemporary youth
Bangladeshi bands like Cryptic Fate, Nemesis, Chirkutte, Shoronamhin, etc.

- Launch of Imagine Radio Musician’s Dashboard by Honorable Minister for ICT and The
Copyright Registrar
This is the first of its kind in Bangladesh, a musician dashboard is being launched by a
Bangladeshi startup which brings a next-generation service and opportunity for Bangladeshi
musicians locally and globally.