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They want what mon ple t ney w do for them. I was he e It the most nutritious combinatio of amino acids. what th ul hey won’t pay for. min c on o nerals. n’t work f the mon for ney itself. Al successf ll ful m marketers have figu s ured out what peop will pa for. Peop love to buy stuff. p What if you can figure out what people will pay for? You c can figure out how to be t etter marke your prod et duct. They work for what money will get th w y hem. Uns w ple ay successful marketers learn f from painfu experience. A lar rge multina ational company that sells dog food de d eveloped th ultimate formula. Even people who hang on t their mo o to oney a paying for someth are hing by doing it. Why do people give up their money? They’ve w d g worked hard for it.. Ther are very specific th will t re hings that p people will pay for. (Or maybe th d r heir s spouse or parents did So why give it up? If you thi p d.. and d vitamins in the right combination of prote and car i t ein rbohydrates that s their cons sultant vete erinarians said was ideal for dog s gs.) ? ink about it most don really w t.7 Thin ngs Pe eople Will Pa For W ay r. Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard .

The head of their marketing department pulled the sales f force toget ther. He rev viewed the quality of the produc He ct. They advertise it. e Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . n’t e! After awkward moments. Conversel it will he ly. The put ey i on supermarket she it elves. They packaged it bea c autifully. It didn’t sell. m o s “ “The dogs don’t like it t!” Under rstanding what people will pay fo will help you avoid wasting your time w e or p d d developing and marke eting produ ucts that th market w he won’t like. r reminded them of the shelf spac in the st t e ce tores devot ted to it.They created it. Sales spiked and ed d t then the bottom dro b opped out. He e t then asked “Why can you sell it? Silence d. elp y you focus your efforts with prod y s ducts and services the market is willing to pay for. one gutsy salesman yelled out. T The sales fo orce was tr rained.

Others are motivated by the hu om e d unt. evelopment and othe start-up costs. People Will Pay to Get M P e P o Money y Why do people buy stocks and bonds? They are willing to pay to get money. y y t tickets.# 1. t. Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . website de g. sta a art n new busine ess. or join a network marketing opportuni k g ity? Y You know the answer People will even pay for lottery t r. People may pay for you produc y ur ct… if they are convin nced that it will h help them get mo m oney. e m Think about entr repreneurs. Why do people pay for a un d p niversity ed ducation? S So t they can make more money. Wh do peop spend m m hy ple money o materials to learn how to ma on ake money online. on the chance that they may get more money. W d b Why do p people spend money on subscrip ptions to th Wall Str he reet Journa l and inves stment m magazines? They wan to get more money nt m y. They l ike the cha allenge of m making mo oney. er Some entrepreneurs do it to get money because they wan financial independence or t e nt f freedom fro a job. I’ve seen entrepreneurs w who spent money to produce pr roducts and then paid for d a advertising printing.

Anot a d ther examp is the ple w willingness of people to pay mor for organic foods to reduce th risk of p re o he pesticides. Consider L of an al Lifelock. It is also used by sales people when to ore f d t they sugge that you purchase before the price goes up. fear me o loss is a greater motivator tha potentia for gain. e T They will pay to avoid losing pos d sition. P People pay a monthly fee to red y y duce the ris of loss fr sk rom identit y theft. will a alarms. For som people. Insurance products are usually purchased to reduce risk. est u e s Fear of loss exte ends to inc clude many different a y areas of life People w pay for e.# 2. Mozy is like a s y safety depo osit b box for com mputer files s. People will pay to lower risk P e p r People will pay for security Fear of lo is a gre motivat e f y. Other examples of people paying to lo p ower risk a demons are strated with h s services lik Mozy. People may pay for you produc y ur ct… if th hey are convinced that it will redu c uce the r risk of __ ______? Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . Mozy is an internet ser ke M rvice that a allows you to back up p y your computer files on a Mozy server so th you are protected in the eve s hat e ent t that your personal computer wo p ould be dam maged or st tolen. oss eat tor. R Reducing risk and fea of loss ar sometim used in MLM recru ar re mes uiting when people ar told n re t join befo other people get in ahead of them. Th hey will pay for educa y ation as a means of re m educing the risk of unemployment.

00 er ry f fee rather than take the time to walk acros the stree to your bank’s ATM to avoid t t t ss et M the c charge? me stances. People will pay to save time P e p We liv in an era where speed is a go and time is the dev People want it and they ve a od e vil. If it takes to much tim they m y f oo me. move o Think about it…ha on. Peop may pay for yo ple p our prod duct… if they are con y nvinced that it will save t t them tim me. a ave you eve used an ATM card at a grocer store and paid the $1. I purchase e me i information products that help me learn th n m hings faster r. h ments talk a about how fast somet thing can b be d delivered. People hav i d ve In som circums b been fooled by “get ri d ich quick” schemes an online c s nd college deg rees oolish t that they could get in a couple of weeks. T There are so many fre software programs available today. An yet. They end up looking fo c n o T a best and deceitful at the wors at d a st. But th here are valid reasons for wantin things fa s ng ast. d w want it fast Look at how many advertisem t. I pu s ee e s nd urchase mo ore e expensive counterparts because they have features that save m time. Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . it is to their detriment. There is so m much information to filter throug and so much to oc f gh ccupy our t time that ti ime is mon ney. “Next Day Delivery” or “Next Day Air”.# 3.

Look at all the ads you see for ba t u aldness pro oducts e rchase “how to” produ w ucts looking for soluti ons to a sp g pecific prob blem People often pur s such as we eight loss. people wan their problems solv p p nt ved. if you can position it so that po ur otential cus stomers s see it as so olving a spe ecific problem you str rengthen th heir desire to buy. Financial problems. yment issue es. If someone has poor health the may pur all r ey rchase s supplements. and Dating and Relat g tionships. People will pay for solutions to pro P e p oblems s People will pay for solutions to proble e f ems or perc ceived prob blems. People may pay for you produc y ur ct… if they are convince that it will solv a prob t ed t ve blem the have. The thr ree largest categories of s i information products that people purchase are Busine and Fin n e e ess nance. Often the wellness i industry pu urchases fa into this category. health problems. acne. ey Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . relationship pro oblems. exercise equipmen organic foods and other prod e nt. When you m market you product. c computer problems. H Health and Wellness. financial problem marria a ms. age and fam mily r relationship employ ps. e y t People often buy software or internet services that will sol ve their p problems.# 4. ducts to solve a specific p problem.

Who can lov a car tha is always in the rep cts n’t W ve at s pair shop? Resea arch what people don’ like abou a compet p ’t ut titor’s prod duct. They will buy y i information on how to train the dog they lo n o ove. th p hey buy fee elings or ex xperiences. That’s a lo of money to pay ou for what you love. Emotiona needs al a felt just as strong as physi are gly ical needs.# 5. Peo s ople genera ally don’t lo ove feeling g s stupid. make sure it works. What makes p people love a product e t…when it’s s s simple to le earn and operate. People will pay for thing the love P e p gs ey e People who love movies will pay for Netflix. n need to inf fuse it with emotional value. Esp pecially true if you’re talking tec chnology st tuff! If it’s c complicated to learn it makes pe i eople feel stupid. You may h a m have a winn ner. The annual buyin of discre ng etionary go oods and se ervices (lux xury) is $ trillion. They also don’t l like produc that don work. Fix it a and chance are es m. People wh love a sp o g ho port will giv their mo ve oney to pay y-perv view. Especially if they know that you fixed it to please them E f w M Make your product sim mple and attractive. p people will love your product. For marketers it means tha no matte what you are sellin you at er u ng. People may pay for you produc y ur ct… if the love it ey t. They $3 ot y ut d don’t buy products. Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . so they tend not to love or buy thin that make them f t n ngs feel stupid. Kids who love video gam will pay for e N s mes y d directions on how to get ahead. People will buy cameras to record pe o eople and things they love.

# 6. e m us Status for some people is having glam s h morous looking mode ls on their site. People will pay for statu P e p us Status is differen things to different people. For some. Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . but not as much atte . St g to t takes on di ifferent attributes in different cu d ultures. Mu uch attentio is on g given to do oing SEO fo business or ses. for ot thers i is jock-lo it ooking hear rt-throbs se elling their product. For others stat tus is being the first t know. stat tus is high education or being tatus s seen as a leader. Status for s s some peop is having a website that is the Flash-env of the w ple g e vy web world. Some. s ention is g given to de eveloping a person as a thought-leader to raise his/h er s status. re oncept mor and are re p paying for reputation management. s seen as anti-establish hment. F some re For eputation i looking like a mode or projec is el cting an aur of luxury for othe rs being ra y. People may pay for you produc y ur ct… if it giv ves them status or protec their reputatio m o cts on. Status often has a lot to do with repu s s o utation. So s nt o ometime it is hanging out in a b g blog w with a guru in the fiel especial if the gu acknow u ld. lly uru wledges the commen eir nts. Another way that people pay for status is to pay to hav their e ve r reputations protected People ar starting to understand this co s d. Sometime it is es l looking like another more famou site.

For this r t work. it really need to be something th they are hooked o There h to be re to ds hat e on. People may pa for you produ ct… e ay ur if you can get them hooked on it. You guessed it. has eal n need gener rated or it has to crea great in ate nconvenience not to h have it. For example. You send the puppy home wit the k kids for a night and you know th parents won’t have any choic but to n y he e ce k keep it. s started out with 30 da free tria and all of a sudden my curios t ay als o n sity a about the software tu s urned into a need for it. d y th Or the is the puppy ploy.com). Pe eople will pay wh hen yo mak the ou ke em You make them pay when you get the hooked on it. It is such a convenie way to share files back and forth between ent s m client and I. then wham! ere p . Th m ay e ed hink of the cable TV c companies that start you out with the first six month at a redu t hs uced r rate.00 or so a month t that they make me pa because I’m hooke on it. Th hen I starte using it so much th I ed hat s started run nning out of room on the free ve t ersion. I got hooked on the conve my a n enience.#7. Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . Tw or three of the soft wo tware progr rams that I use the m most.drop pbox. It is a short emo otional dista ance betwe een wanting somethin and nee ng eding it. They do have a paid subs y scription where I c can store 50 gig onlin 5 ne. I love Dropbox m em d r ( (www. I pay the $9.

go ahead and use it. “Is k The best way to apply it is to go throu t this a reaso why my target ma on y arket would buy my product?” d Take the each of the reasons and rate them from 1 to 7 w t f e m with 1 being the main g r reason they would bu and 7 be y uy eing the lea likely re ast eason they would buy your product. If t n g H Happy mar rketing! R Rick Created by Rick Hu C y ubbard . try to fo As r es ocus on the top 3 reas e sons. in g ugh each o the reaso of ons and ask yourself. oduct i the light of these seven things can bring a lot of clarity. I another reason or two fits in naturally. y A you promote your product or write sale copy for it.S wh So hat? Under rstanding the motivat tions behind what peo d ople will pa y for is useless i informatio unless you apply it to make your busin on ness better Looking at your pro r.

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