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CONFIDENTIAL, EE/JUN2018/ECE735 UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA FINAL TEST COURSE ADVANCED IP NETWORKS COURSE CODE : ECE735 EXAMINATION :_ 7 JULY 2018 TIME 3 HOURS INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. This question paper consists of five (5) questions. 2. Answer ALL questions in the Answer Booklet. Start each answer on a new page. 3. Dont bring any material into the examination room unless permission is given by the invigiiator. Please check to make sure that this examination pack consists of i) the Question Paper ji) an Answer Booklet — provided by the Faculty DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO This examination paper consists of 9 printed pages (© Hak Cipta Universiti Teknologi MARA, CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL 2 EE/JUNZ018/ECE735 QUESTION 1 a) i) Discuss three types of addressing in IPV6 namely unicast, multicast and anycast. 2 Briefly describe the steps to produce EUL-64 bit interface. Hence determine the EUL 64 address for the following MAC addresses 0034:5678:9ABC (14 marks) b) Figure Q1b shows a network topology that implement IPv6 protocols. Using an IPV6 address of 2001:db8:abed:8000::/53, design an IPv6 addres y assigning last subnet and host ranges for Kota Bharu sites. (9 marks) IPV6 Internet Machang S&S 2001:db8:abed:1/48 es Shah Kota Bharu Alam = _rv0t08:2bex:8000:153 O51 tnodel Figure Q1b Piplicahen ad [Vek @ [__rodet___G [reeset 6! [ore] Auivtiher 6 © Hak Cipta Universiti Teknologi MARA CONFIDENTIAL, CONFIDENTIAL BEIJUN2018/ECE735 y sxe Sse ©) For the circuit of Figure Qtc, write down a summary fully specified static route from router R1_to router R3_and a default route trom router R3 to reach all networks not directly connected. (5 marks) 2001:D88:1:2:164 a1 k Pc2 sill R2 2001:088: 1:A002::64 2001:088:1:A00 16 \ x SB = mH w/ Rt fai, 2001:D88:1:3:64 = i PC3 Saco veer 84 ae Pct IPv6 Addressing Table | Default | Device | Interface | IPv6 AddressiPrefix Gateway | 5 010 2001:DB8:1:1::1/64 | NIA i pl | S110 2001:0B8:1-A001::1/64 | NIA } f0/0 2001:DB8:1:2::1/64 LNA [idle a ees als NEE ee | R2 | Sv0 2001:DB8:1:A001::2/64 | NIA | isin 2001:088:1:A002:1/64 | NIA eee ic 2001:DB8:1:3::1/64 NA so/o/1 2001:DB8:1:A002::2/64 | NA NIC 2001:088.1:1::FI64 FEBO:1 Nic 2001:DB8.1:2:F/64 FEBO::2 NIG 2001:088:1:F/64 | FEBO:3 Figure Qic (© Hak Cipta Universit Teknologi MARA CONFIDENTIAL,