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IELTS Connector Words

Addition- Sequence Sequence Contrast

speaking/ writing Writing Speaking- confidence Reading /listening/
answer writing (argue)
In addition First(ly) As a result, How ever
And Initially Thus On the other hand,
Similarly Second(ly) So Despite
Like wise To begin with Therefore Than
As well as Then Consequently In spite of
Beside Next It follows that Though
Furthermore Earlier/later Thereby Although
Also After this /that Eventually But
Moreover Following this /that Then On the contrary
And Then Afterwards In that case Otherwise
Too Admittedly Yet
Not only….but Instead of
Even Rather
Beside this/that Whereas
Compare with
In contrast

(Straight forward condition Definition

speaking /writing
Obviously If Is
Certainly Unless Refer to
Plainly whether Means
Of-course Provided that That is
Undoubtedly For Consist of
So that
Depending on

(Example) Time Summary Reasons- Key words in

speaking /writing tracing the answer
For instance, Before In conclusion Since
For example, Since In summary As
Just as As Lastly So
In particular Until Finally, Because (of)
Normally Meanwhile To sum up Due to
To illustrate At the moment To conclude Owing to
When In short The reason why
Whenever In nutshell In other words
As soon as Leads to
Just as Cause