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2995 Candi Lane NW

Grand Rapids, Mi

To whom it may concern,

Danielle did exceptionally well in completing her regular education student teaching practicum at Zinser
Elementary located in the Kenowa Hills Public School District.
Kindergarten is a hectic place the first week of school. Danielle was able to see firsthand what it takes to get
organized and establish procedures. She was very helpful and innovative. She bonded so well with the students
right away on the first day. Connection and relationships with students is vital to success in the classroom.

Danielle utilized a variety of instructional strategies, including a gradual release model and a constructivist model
of instruction when planning lessons that aligned with content standards and objectives. Her lesson plans were
extremely detailed and included clear expectations, active participation and checks for understanding. Lessons
were designed to address a variety of student learning styles and modalities, including the cognitive, linguistic and
kinesthetic areas of student development. Lessons focused on developmentally appropriate and challenging
learning experiences. She helped the students gain a better understanding of the content by making connections
to previous learning experiences, by accessing students’ prior knowledge in meaningful ways. She implemented
a variety of fun and engaging strategies to help students learn and focus their energy. Through the
implementation of procedures, classroom management, modeling and positive reinforcement, Danielle created a
environment that supported individual and collaborative learning. Students were frequently exchanging ideas
within partnerships and small group interactions. She continually provided positive reinforcement to students,
and they in turn reinforced each other for contributing to this positive culture for learning.

Danielle helped students become engaged in effort based learning by instilling in them a growth mindset and by
encouraging them to try. She was persistent in helping students meet goals, and in holding them accountable to
working hard toward meeting those goals. These efforts were paying off in a big way, as her students exhibited a
love of learning, active participation during lessons, and positive impact on their behavior and academics.

Danielle exhibited exceptional professional integrity throughout her practicum experience. She was present
every day. She collaborated with colleagues, parents and students. All assignments were completed, exceeding
expectations. She displayed inquisitiveness and invited positive and reflective feedback to continually improve
her instructional effectiveness. She has proven to be extremely effective at planning and delivering explicit,
meaningful instruction. She has demonstrated a keen ability to manage classroom behaviors in a very active
classroom. She was a true asset to our classroom. The students have bonded with her and will greatly miss her
presence, as will I.


Mandalyn M. Noble