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SONATA No. 3. OP. 2, No. 3. FIRST MOVEMENT.—“ ALLEGRO con Brio,” KEY oF C Major. SoNATA Form, Bxoxcuriox. Devevoruent. Recantruration, 1—13®. rstsubjectin Cmajor(tonic). A. 140 —147. rstsubjectin original key. F. 13 —26. Connecting episode. B. gr—140". E, | 148 x61, Connecting episode. G. 27 —77™. and subject in G minor and x62 — 212". and subject in C minor and G major. C. C major. 77%—gc. Coda. D. 212”, Coda. He Double bar and repeat. SECOND MOVEMENT.—* Apacio,” key or E Major. Mopirizp Ronpo Form. A. Ist PART. 2xD PART. 3RD Part. 3 1—11%, rstsubject in E major tonic). B.| D. 33-54. EB. 11—43. and subject in E minor and G 53566. andsubjectin Emajor(tonic). F. major. C. 67-77%. 1st subject (varied) in original 43—53®. ret subject in original key. key. 77. Coda. G. THIRD MOVEMENT.—“ Scuerzo ano Trio.” Tzaxary Form. Scherzo. Key of C major. A. ‘Trio. Key of A minor. C. xst Part. anv Part. 3RD Part. 1—17. rst. subject in © major (toric), | x 1st subject in A minor (tonic), | Scherzo. ending in G major. ending in E minor, Da Capo. Double bar and repeat. Double bar and repeat. ae Cede, 18%—41. Development. B. x8", Development. 42°57”. rst sunject in original key altered | 18 ~25. rst subject in original key altered) so as to end in tonic key. so as to end in A minor (tonic). 57. Coda, 25"—42. D. Double bar and repeat from bar 18. | FOURTH MOVEMENT.— ALLEGRO Assat,” KEY oF C Major. Ronpo For. ast Parr. anp Parr. 3RD Parr. 1— g®. rst subject in C major (tonic). A.| 77"—182". Develop-| 182 — 197”. 1stsubjectinoriginal key. F. g—30. Episode. B. ment and (E) 3rd} 97218. Episode. G. : subject in F major) 374 — 254. and. subject in C major (tonic). H. 254 — 260". J. 260. st subject (abbreviated) in , original key. K. 3164", and subject in G major. C. 64—70%. D. 70~77%. rst subject in original key. In numbering the bars, each portion of a bar, either at the commencement or in the course of a movement, has been reckoned as one bar; the small figures in brackets denote the beat of the bar to which reference is made. 4x7 (6)