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INSTRUCTION: Choose the correct letter that corresponds to your answer.
1. Which of the following is the most beautiful country in the Southeast Asia?
a. Cambodia b. Indonesia c. Malaysia d. Singapore
2. Myanmar’s traditional folk music ensemble.
a. Maung Hsaing b. Hne c. Hsaing Waing d. Pat Waing
3. What musical ensemble in Malaysia that is a form of martial arts that is similar to t’ai chi?
a. kertok b. selat melayu c. dikir barat d. none of the above
4. Which of the following instrumental ensemble in Thailand that is used to accompany specific forms of traditional Thai
drama such as large shadow puppet theatre and the khon dance drama.
a. Piphat b. Krueang sai c. Mahori d. Sep nyai
5. What is the importance of Imperial court music?
a. It is used to perform in honor of the gods and scholars in temples.
b. It is to perform in religious rituals at funerals.
c. It is to perform to earn a living.
d. It is used for the accompaniment of stick-puppet theater.
6. Which of the following ensemble is traditionally played by women in the courts of Central Thailand and Cambodia?
a. Krueang Sai b. Piphat c. Mahori d. Kinh
7. What is the famous landmark in Laos?
a. Thien Mu b. Nhac Viet Nam c. Ayutthaya Ruins d. Wat Pha That Luang
8. Which of the following musical ensemble in Malaysia that is gong-based and commonly used in funerals and
a. Agung and Kulintang b. Kertok c. Silat Melayu d. Dikir Barat
9. What do you call the female soloist singer who sings with a gamelan?
a. Gerong b. Pesindhen c. Mahori d. none of the above
10. What country in Southeast Asia that is the world’s fourth most populous and is the fourth biggest nation in the
a. Malaysia b. Vietnam c. Myanmar d. Indonesia
11. What country in Southeast Asia that there musical ensemble is pinpeat?
a. Thailand b. Cambodia c. Laos d. Singapore
12. What is the traditional music of Laos and is largely based around the khene?
a. Sep Noi b. Sep Nyai c. Mor Lam d. Folk Music
1. What is the arts and craft of Thailand?
a. flying lanterns b. wau kite c. wayang kulit d. songkok
2. This is a type of puppet shadow play performed around the Indo-Malayan archipelago, tracing its origin to India.
a. dalang b. wau kite c. wayang kulit d. dastar
3. Where did Singaporean people used their batik?
a. Uniform of flight attendants for the official flag carrier airlines of Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.
b. To fulfill traditional religious requirement.
4. What kind of silk is produced from cocoons and is considered to be the finest arts in the whole world?
a. Golden thread silk b. batik c. Thai silk d. sihn
5. The following are the different ways of batik in Brunei except one.
a. Hand-drawn b. Screen printing c. Block printed d. Digital printing
6. Silk painting is the most popular forms of arts in _______________.
a. Brunei b. Vietnam c. Cambodia d. Laos
7. Which of the following wood is preferred for building houses and boats?
a. balau b. perah c. cengal d. gopuram
8. Which of the following is a cap widely worn among Muslim males in formal gathering such as wedding feasts,
funerals or festive occasions?
a. tangkolok b. dastar c. serban d. songkok
9. The following are some of the popular Vietnamese fabric ranges, except one.
a. ebony satin b. shantung taffeta c. bengaline weave d. geometric motifs
10. An Indonesian-Malay word believed to be related to the Malay word titik which means point or drop.
a. batik b. cracking c. batick d. sihn
11. What are the two types of Cambodian weaving?
a. Ikat technique and uneven twill b. Geometric designs and free form designs
c. Hand painted and block printed d. Digital printing and screen printing
12. Malaysia have _________ sculpture.
a. stone sculpture b. relief sculpture c. wood sculpture d. metal sculpture
1. This is used to measure the heaviness or lightness of a person
a. tape mesure b. weighing scale c. weight d. meter stick
2. Which of the following refers to the muscles ability to generate force against physical objects?
a. strength b. flexibility c. curl-ups d. sit and reach
3. Which of the following measures strength of the upper extrimities?
a. ninety-degree push-up b. curl-ups c. sit and reach d. zipper test
4. It refers to the distance between the floor to the top of the head when a person is standing position.
a. weight b. sitting height c. height d. arm span
5. Which of the following is a good predictor of the amount of visceral fat?
a. tape measure b. waist circumference c. weight d. none of the above
6. Which of the following refers to the ability of the joints to move through a full range of motion?
a. strength b. cardiovascular fitness c. flexibility d. muscular strength
7. Defined as a condition in which an individual has enough energy to avoid fatigue and enjoy life.
a. fitness b. Body composition c. physical fitness d. health-related fitness
8. What is the purpose of sit and reach?
a. To measure strength of abdominal muscles.
b. To reach forward as far as possible without bending the hamstring.
c. To measure strength of the upper extremities.
d. To measure cardiovascular endurance.
9. The following are the health components, except one.
a. flexibility b. body composition c. agility d. muscular strength and endurance
10. What is the importance of health-related fitness?
a. Reduces risk of osteoporosis. c. Decreases muscle tone and increase strength
b. Improves blood pressure d. Both a and b
11. Which of this measures strength of abdominal muscle?
a. curl-ups b. ninety-degree push up c. sit and reach d. zipper test
12. What equipment uses to measure zipper test?
a. tape measure b. ruler c. meter stick d. weighing scale
1. What is the major aspect of personality?
a. sex b. sexuality c. emotional self d. mental self
2. This is the quality of being male and female.
a. gender b. sexuality c. human sexuality d. sex
3. Which of the following permits man and woman equal enjoyment of human rights?
a. gender equality b. gender role c. gender d. sexuality
4. The following shows healthy attitudes that can influence sexual behavior, except one.
a. Is knowledgeable about sexuality issues. b. Express love and intimacy in appropriate ways.
c. Communicates effectively with family. d. Giving birth
5. Which of the following refers to a set of roles, characteristics and expectations of how a man or woman should feel,
think and act as influenced by parents, peers and society?
a. gender equality b. gender role c. gender d. sex
6. Which of the following role shows masculinity?
a. babysitter b. giving birth c. breadwinner d. doing household chores
7. It is a choice you make or an act upon.
a. decision b. decide c. evaluate d. identify your values
8. What is the importance of setting goals?
a. This is a way to say no to something that you don’t want to do.
b. Aiming for something that will give you a sense of accomplishment.
c. Helps you to avoid misunderstanding by expressing your feelings in a healthy way.
d. Making choices that are healthy and responsible.
9. The following are the life skills to improve sexual health, except one.
a. setting goals b. Practicing wellness c. Evaluating Media Messages d. Identify your values
10. What is known as a communicable disease that is spread by pathogen from one person to another?
a. STI b. HIV c. AIDS d. none of the above
11. Which of the following disease is a fatal communicable disease with no effective treatment or known cure?
a. HIV b. AIDS c. STI d. all of the above
12. This is a way to say no to something that you don’t want to do.
a. refusal skill b. communicating effectively c. consider the consequences d. decide