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Gaya Island Resort

Maintenance and Engineering Department

Plumber Division

Report of May 2018

Date Description Remarks

01/05/2018 RO membrane filter element replacement conducted by
Zhang Tao from Hitachi Group Singapore

03/05/2018 Vision Pipe (contractor) comes to check RO Feed Pump 2 RO Feed Pump 2 is
taken back by the
contractor. At the
moment, RO Feed
Pump 1 is used to
pump sea water to RO

06/05/2018 RO plant tripping due to Low Feed Pressure (from sea water RO plant does not
tank) running for 24 hours.
No RO product

Water leaks from RO Feed Water

Pump 2.

Leaking on RO plant pipe which wet the ROHPP1 and

High Pressure Switch
Sensor hose changed

Water leaks from High Pressure

Switch Sensor.

07/05/2018 Vision Pipe (contractor) comes to check the ROHPP1 and


ROHPP1 & ROHPP2 been checked by

Vision Pipe’s staff.

ROHPP2 are loosening

to be check.
The condition inside ROHPP 2 which shows that some of Mega ohmmeter are
the coil burns and the rotor bearing ruptures. used to check the
conductivity of
insulator and short
After checking both ROHPP 1 and ROHPP 2, the results are circuit on the motor
ROHPP 1 cannot be used due to burning coils and ROHPP 2 coils
need some time to be dry out before running.

08/05/2018 RO plant running smoothly overnight. Monitor by Hafiz

09/05/2018 RO trip due to Low Inlet Pressure Sea Water Level low

Sea water feed pump at Guest Jetty checked.

Pump 1 running
smoothly. Meanwhile,
Pump 2 running for 5
minutes then trip. It
most probably due to
clogged pipe
11/05/2018 Around 8:59 pm, the sea water level is low.

RO plant trip due to Low Inlet Pressure.

Sea water pumps at Guest Jetty checked by Shafie.

Low sea water pressure coming into sea water

12/05/2018 Sea water level back on normal and sea water pump running RO plant running
normally. normally around

Sea water level reducing on the evening

Around 11.00pm, the RO plant trip due to Low Inlet Pressure The sea water level
and check valve leaking. Check valve gasket loosen up cause need to be monitor
it to leaks. closely to avoid
unnecessary incident
to happened.
13/05/2018 Sea water level back to normal and sea water pump runs

15/05/2018 RO plant trip due to Low Inlet Pressure

RO Feed Pressure 2 cannot be run due to huge water leak on

the pump.

Vision Pipe (contractor) are scheduled to come in the

afternoon to install a temporary RO Feed Pressure Pump
The new temporary
RO Feed Pump are
connected in Y-

After finished intalling the new temporary RO Feed Pump,

the RO plant running normally.
24/05/2018 MBR filter arrived at Sabah Park Jetty and transferred to
Gaya Island Resort around 2.00 pm.

New MBR filter install. During the installation, MBR are not
26/05/2018 Around 4:30 pm, sea water level at critical. RO plant is shut
down unti 11:30pm to let the sea water tank level filling.

The sea water level when RO stop operating and start


28/05/2018 RO water tank level low (critical)

Roundings are been done to check if there is any leaking.

ROHPP 2 minimum reference frequency are increased from

45.0 Hz to 46.0 Hz.

The FM3 Inlet flow increasing from 19.0 m3/hr to 20.0 m3/hr.
The product volume increasing from 7.3 m3/hr to 7.8 m3/hr.

The RO water pump pressure are contrrolled. Water source

in some nnecessary area are closed to give priorities to
29/05/2018 Fresh water bought from outside.
RO water level monitored closely.
Regular pantry checking have been done to avoid
unnecessary wasting of water

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