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Math 2 Name___________________________________ ID: 1

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Counting Principle, Combinations & Permutations Date________________ Period____

Evaluate each expression.
1) 18 C 13 2) 17 C 5

3) 13 C 8 4) 20 C 16

5) 14 C 8 6) 13 C 6

7) 6 P6 8) 6 P5

9) 5 P4 10) 6 P4

11) 6 P3 12) 7 P5

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State if each scenario involves a permutation or a combination. Then find the number of
13) There are 20 students at a meeting. They 14) Scott has homework in seven subjects. He
each shake hands with everyone else. is deciding what order to complete them
How many handshakes were there? in.

15) You are setting the combination on a 16) There are 45 applicants for three jobs:
five-digit lock. You want to use the computer programmer, software tester,
numbers 62413 but don't care what order and manager.
they are in.

17) Selecting which ten players will be in the 18) There are 160 students at a meeting. They
batting order on a 11 person team. each shake hands with everyone else.
How many handshakes were there?

19) A group of 18 people need to take an 20) The student body of 15 students wants to
elevator to the top floor. They will go in elect four representatives.
groups of six. They are deciding who will
take the elevator on its second trip.

21) There are 290 students at a meeting. They 22) DeShawn and Jennifer are planning trips
each give a Valentine's Day card to to two countries this year. There are 5
everyone else. How many cards were countries they would like to visit. They
given? are deciding which countries to skip.

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23) The batting order for seven players on a 24) The batting order for eight players on a 12
12 person team. person team.

25) Willie has homework in six subjects. He 26) A group of 30 people are going to run a
is deciding what order to complete them race. The top 8 finishers advance to the
in. finals.

Find the number of possible outcomes in the sample space.

27) The chess club must decide when and 28) A math quiz has five multiple choice
where to meet for a practice. The possible questions. Each question has four options:
days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or A, B, C, and D.
Thursday. The possible times are 3, 4, or
5 p.m. There are six classrooms available.

29) A bag contains tickets numbered 0 to 9. 30) A softball player bats six times in a game.
One at a time, you pick four tickets Each at-bat results in an out, getting on
without returning the tickets to the bag. base, or hitting a home run.
To create a password, you write down
each number in the order picked.

31) A spinner can land on either red, blue, or 32) A spinner can land on either red or blue.
green. You spin six times. You spin twelve times.

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