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Candidate Sanders Fee s

Concentrated Wealth Is
Causing Economic Illness
is not a complete 1ist of the
holdings of Chase Manhattan
mont. San<iers feels that some
senior citizens will die of lly·
FRA~KLll\l COUNTY - it must be pointed out that po-Thermia (freezing) du:! to
Bernard Sanders, Liberty Chase is onlY one of the insufficient money to pay for
union candidate for United Rockefellers' °many 'holding' heating fuel this winter bc-
States Senator. brought his institutions'.' cause of corporately manipu-
campa. gn ~o St. Albans and "In industry after ind us- lated high prices.
Enosburg last week as he con· try," declared Sander~. "The a\'erage income of
centrated on explainir.g hi:. "competition is elim·naL<:d as Vermont's senior citizen5 was
••iew of political pawer bemg or 3 big companies (often Sl,800 in 19i0," :.aid Sanders.
controlled by the >ame 800 owned b\' the £ame family> "and while that may have
families that control U1e dh;de up. an industry. fix pri· inched up a bit we all know
economics wealth of the na· ccs and exploit the public for how prices have jumped."
tion their personal greed." Until Sanders says the failure of
Sanders told local citizen~ this is stopped. 'free enter- Leahy and Mallar)' to deal
that the so-ci!llcd "issues" ht'· prise' "ill continue to be Am· with this issue, except for ~iit-
ing discussed by other candi· erica's greatest myth, con- tcring generalities. is an
date deal with the symptoms eluded the Senatorial aspirant. e':ample of their "concern ~Jr
of the illn"c;S of our economic Sanders said there tlre scv- the C'conomic well • being or
syctem nnd the distribution cral \\'ays to return gO\·crn· bu iness" and th:?ir inscnsiti·
of its \~cnlth. Mu::h as trca• mcnt ard economic control h> \'ity to human need'>.
mg a climcal illnMs. Sanders the people. all of which in- Cite.' Party's Work
believes thnt the ;mptomatic voh·e tax reform: Liberty Union has fought (or
ills or our society mny only 1) take it illegal to tunas p.."'Ople bct\\cen election cam·
bC' cured ir the cau cs of the more wealth thnn a hum.i,1 paign . maintains Sanders. It
11lne s arc chminatcd. fnmily can u e in a li{cumc. · oppo cs any increases in u-
/\. \Oil pt-rccnt U'I x on incom '> ti t · r.i ' ' OCO'l'.l
"The Tilt\l(\ \S \IC in \hi5 nbnvc 1.h\s \ vc\ ($ one ml\ 1;c1 nce1b\c Cor il ut \ltv < m
campmg11." &' ated Sa\lndcrc; \ion }'Car) wo\1\d recycle pany to pny lfi pC'rcc-nt on
invc tments ~hilc inU;!t.ion
" tbc du·ccl. \1 b<I." n cco thllt money for the p\lbbc
nom\C and t-o\1t1cn\ power. need. eats up \'ermonters incomes.
None of lhe problems of un- 2) Completely rc·write pre· Liberty Union supports a
employnlC'nt. low wages. a re· sent tax Jaws. 'flie present program that vigorou ,ly pur·
gressi\'C tax ,!itructurc thnt system. whic s, ndC'rs calls sues public power. ~ot only
hurlc; wogc earners most, nor "legalized robbC'ry' . showed i.s public power cheaper
military waste, cun be con- g major companies in l!l7l throughout lhc nation, but
trolletl until the link betwrcn that earned combined profits public power is better man·
t'CO!lOmic manipulation nnd of S7SS.000,000 without payinf;! ngecl. Sand£'rs pointed to Bur·
politicnl power is broken." a single cent in (Feel· lington l,ight and Pow~r. as
Sanders pointed to the RoC'k ing that readers might be du- well as the municipaly owned
e{eller family as an example bi:m.;. Sanders listed Con· pnwer companies m Los 1rn·
of his thesi;;, staling: "David tinental Oil. with profits of gcles, Seattle. Cle\'t!land and
Rockefelll'r has more power $109 million: McDonnell Jncksom·ille a;; concrete ex·
than the President of the U- Douglas ~Jrcraft. \\ilh profit<; amplcs of public power com·
nited States. He may not be of SlH million, and Alcoa. panic" where the citizC'ns
able to 'push the button' but with profits of s:>O million as benefit, instead o{ out-of-state
his financial decisions can ir.\'cstors.
cause governments to fall." three examples). El>cwhere, Too Bclore returning to Burling-
How can a small g:ouP of Sanders further pointed out ton. Sanders said he was hop·
men exert the influenct. San- that concentration of wealth ing to set up a formal organ-
ders claims is wielded by ,he ization in Franklin County and
Rockefellers? is not a phenomena limitE'd in\'ited interested citizens to
Tht• Rockefeller Scene
to basic industries. ln agricul- co!1tact him at: Liberty Union,
The Rocl:rfellcrs own 3 of ture nearly 2~ percent of sale<; Es,ex J unctwr..
the nation':; 6 la!·ge:,t banks. are m~de by less than 1 per-
3 '{)f the nation's 4 largest cent of A.nerica's farms.
i1~surance companies and con· The nomination of Nel~on
trolling inte:re~t in Exxon. Mo- Rockefeller. feels Sanders,
bil. Standa!'ci Oil of California. will further damage this na-
Standard Oil of l nd;anii a ...::l tion's basic independence by
'Marathon Oil, sa~ s Sanders. institutionalizing and therefore
Their largest bank. Chase gi\·i:ig appro,·al to the pre•ent
Manhattan. ~~ ,d Sanders owns methods of corporate concen-
cJntrolling inldest of $200.· tration. Liberty Union, said
OOJ.000.000 worth of companies Sanders, vehemently opposes
in this nation. including CBS. Rockefeller's confirmation and
'.':BC. ~cw York Times. Time- says that Leahy's and Mai-
Life. Inc .. A.T&T. General E- lary's refusal to e\·en discuss
Jrctric. Uni0n Carbide, Ameri- the implications of the ap-
can Airline.>. United Airlines, pointment shows how firmly
Xorthwest Airlines and Na- the two can~idates are con·
tional Airlines. The Chase tro'.led by moni!!d interest<;.
:Uanh<1tta!1 also is the third Other concerns addressed
by Liberty Union and Sanders
largest interest in ABC. second
largest interest in F01·d. West- include the economic situation
mghou~e. etc. and. ··whi!e this
felt by those O\'er 65 in Ver-