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The Liberty Union P.O. BOX 602 ESSEX JUNCTION, VERMONT 05452 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bernard Sanders, a candidate for the Liberty Union nomination for Governor, said today that if he were elected he would push for legis- lation prohibiting large cornorations from leaving their communities without making compensation to their employees and to the town itself. Sanders said that large companies should not continue to have the right to disrupt the economic life of entire towns, and the lives of the people who worked for them, with impunity, The candidate stated; “One of the foundations of the eorpdmte economic blackmail that exists in this state and nation is the right of a company to pick up and leave its community any time it wants and for any reason. If work— ers are attempting to forma union and fight for decent wages - the | company can leave. If government chooses to impose pollution restrict- ions or work safety improvements on the company - it can leave. If a state or town demands that a company pay its fair share of taxes - it can leave. If the owners of a company feel that they can make more profit by fleeing to Hong Kong and employing cheap labor there - the wompany can leave.” “If elected Governor I would propose legislation which would pro- hibit the right of a large business from leaving the town in which it was located without the apnroval of both the employees of the company and the town itself, If the company was unable to get that approval and still decided to leave, it should be obligated, by law, to pay at least two years severance pay to its workers and the equivalent of ten years property tax to the town,” "In the year 1976 we have got to begin to deal with the fact that corporations do not have the god given right to disrupt the lives of their workers or the economic foundation of their towns simply because they wish to move elsewhere to earn a higher rate of profit. The peopl: who work for them, and the town itself, have rights too - and these rights must be protected by law. "In the long run, the problem of the fleeing corporation must be dealt with on the national level by legislation which will bring about the public ownership of the major means of production and their con- version into worker-controlled enterprises.”