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Who We Are

We are a place you can find purpose

and camraderie again. We serve as a
professional stepping stone, giving vets
an opportunity to build their resume
and their individual skill sets. Opportu-
nities for vets to get
involved in-
clude employment,
volunteerism, intern-
ships, and work- Empowering military veterans to grow
study. Activities with food, communities and each other
us do not have to be limited to peer-
support, farm, or market - we have vet-
erans helping out with organizational
6458 Martin Pl
development, fundraising, business and Lynden, WA 98264
community networking, and education- 360-445-2399
PO Box 32
al projects.
Colville, WA 99114
Growing Veterans What We Do Join Us

We invite folks from all over the

Growing Veterans is an organization
community to come and join us, be-
in the Pacific Northwest that focuses
Peer Support cause it’s impossible for a veteran
on helping those who have served in
to fully come home without being an
the military reintegrate back into Growing Veterans formal Peer Support
active member of their community
training is a hands on learning expe-
their community. We operate a farm in rience, developed by veterans and men- again. Vet's are welcomed home,
tal health care professionals - for
Lynden, Washington where veterans can stereotypes are broken, and friend-
veterans, civilians, businesses and
work together to grow vegetables, organizations committed to the well- ships are formed.
ness of veterans. This three day
form friendships and earn skills that
training has been accredited by the
will help them with any future en- Washington Mental Health Counselors
Association and is eligible for 20.5
deavors they choose to pursue. CEU's.
We show you how to truly live out the
phrase: "Thank you for your service"
Dirt Therapy
Growing Veterans’ “Dirt Therapy” brings
veterans out of isolation, attracts vol-
unteers within the community, and brings
people together who would otherwise not
interact. On our farm, veterans and ci-
vilians work the soil together; grow
produce, relationships, life-long bonds,
and our community. The results of our
collaborative work are then shared with Contact Us
our participants, restaurants, food Questions? Want to volunteer? Contact our
banks, and other food programs. By
teaching, practicing, and engaging in Outreach and Communications Manager,
peer support that focuses on Empathy, Sean Dalgarn:
Presence, and Curiosity, we grow bonds
that start veterans on their journey to