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Vickie A.

P. O. Box 137
Alcester, SD 57001-0137
February 28, 2019
City of Alcester
P.O. 318
106 West Second Street
Alcester, SD 57001

re: FOIA/Sunshine request.

Dear Records Custodian Finance Officer Pat Jurrens/Alcester Mayor Thomas Glas:

Under the South Dakota (Sunshine Law) Open Records Law 1.27-1 et seq., I
request per SDCL 9-23-23 access to or copies of certain public records specifically
but not restricted to:
1. A full and complete copy of the "Yellow Legal pad sheets" showing comp
time accumulations specifically for Finance Office staff and employees of
the city of Alcester as presented and referred to the February 4, 2019, regular
meeting of the Alcester City Council.
2. A full and complete copy specifically but not limited to Alcester City
Council pre-approval of finance office personnel (Patricia Jurrens, Wanda
Halverson, Shoshanna LNU) overtime and comp time, justification of
overtime and comp time, council roll-call vote for over-time and comp time,
date of Alcester Council approval of over-time and comp time, council vote
to exceed the limit of over-time and comp time, roll call vote of council
exception to over-time and comp time limits, justification for exception of
policy and all full and complete minutes of Alcester City Council Meeting
relating to over-time and comp time specifically for Finance Officer Pat
Jurrens, Wanda Halvorson and Shoshanna LNU of the Alcester City Finance

Expected combined research time should be no longer than one hour (60)
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If you deny any or all of this request, please cite each specific exemption
you feel justifies your refusal to release the information and notify of the appeal
procedures available to me under the law.
Please let me know the reasonable cost of copies of the documents I have
requested. However, I would like to request waiver of all fees in that the
disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest and will contribute
significantly to the public's understanding of city procedures which affect them.
I am

sincerely yours,

Vickie A. Larsen
 File
 Alcester City Attorney Sam Nelson
 Union County States Attorney Jerry Miller


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