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Good evening Tutor and Partners

A pleasure to greet you, in this activity I will perform the role of Reviewer: To verify that the
final paper and process meet all the requirements established by the teacher.
I leave an interesting picture that we can use and thus get to know each other with the

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Activities to develop
Part 1:

 Can - Colombia can become a great potence in case have not so much corruption.
 Could - I quit to my last job because I could obtain a new job in other company.
 May – May be I will work late at night.
 Must - They mustn’t disrupt me in the work, more than normally.
 Should - They should send an email to me for review and approval.
 Ought To - They ought to think how better this country to eliminate the corruption.
 Have To - I have to get up early every day to go to work.
 Need To - we need to help the government, in the fight against corruption.
 Had Better – You had better study to be the best student.
 Would - Would you like to play soccer whit us the next Friday?
Part 2:
° I was studying English iii activity 2 - unit 1 and 2 writing assignment in house.
° I was eating a sándwich with juice
° My friend Jose called me while i was watching the news
° We were walking to work when we saw a beautiful woman
° It was raining when i went to work
- Last night at 6 PM, I was leaving the gym
- Yesterday at this time, I was studying English
- I was working on my computer.
- I wasn´t eating because I was on diet.
- I was studying when my girlfriend arrived.

Part 3:
My next vacations
The first day I will may travel to Madrid, Spain. I will go to see the Real Madrid stadium, I would
like to play soccer or at least touch the grass, then I ought to go to the restaurant to eat “Tortilla
The second day I have to get up early because I could go to see the museums of the city, see
monuments and the real palace, I can go to eat some typical dish of the city, for example a
calamar sandwich in the main square.
The last day I should go to know some beach in the coast of Valencia, because I need to enjoy
the sea, when I see the crystal water in Spain sure I would think the water in Colombia must be
like that. At night we had better go back early to the airport.