6 Exemplary Ideas

Review centred around a significant idea or topic; exceptionally clear with relevant, strong, supporting detail. Opinion is clearly and definitively stated. Effectively organized in a logical and creative manner; creative and engaging intro and conclusion Precise, carefully chosen words; strong, fresh, vivid images. Comprehensive knowledge of required technical elements (at least 5 terms used) Exceptionally strong control of standard conventions of writing; complex conventions attempted

5 Strong
The review is clear; clear, focused, interesting idea with appropriate detail. Opinion is stated.

4 Proficient
Evident main idea with some support which may be general or limited. Opinion is stated, but may be unclear, or unsure.

3 Developing
Main idea may be cloudy because supporting detail is too general or even off topic. Opinion may be missing, or implied

2 Emerging
Purpose and main idea may be unclear and cluttered by irrelevant detail. Opinion may be missing

1 Beginning
Lacks central idea; development is minimal or nonexistent. Opinion is missing

Organizati on

Strong order and structure; inviting intro and satisfying closure

Organization is appropriate, but conventional; attempt at intro and conclusion

Attempts at organization; may be a list of items; beginning and ending not clear

Lack of structure; disorganized and hard to follow; appears to start or stop in the middle of something Monotonous, often repetitious, sometimes inappropriate word usage. Uses some of the required technical elements in appropriate manner (1 term used) Frequent significant errors may impede readability; errors frequent in common patterns and structures

Lack of coherence; confusing; no identifiable beginning or ending Limited range of words; some vocabulary misused. Does not use any of the required technical elements (no terms used)

Word Choice (technical vocabulary )

Descriptive, broad range of words; word choices energizes writing. Demonstrates functional knowledge of required technical elements (4 terms used) Strong control of conventions; errors are few and minor

Language is functional and appropriate; descriptions may be overdone in times. Displays good knowledge of required technical elements (3 terms used) Control of most writing conventions; errors reflect risks with unusual or sophisticated structures

Words may be correct but mundane; common words chosen. Displays adequate knowledge of required technical elements. (2 terms used) Limited control of conventions; some errors in common patters or structures – do not interfere with unduly understanding

Conventio ns

Numerous errors distract the reader and make the text difficult to read; errors may be made more than one way for the same pattern or structure

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