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Vast number of factors are there that are dominant in the economy of a country and are
responsible for its manipulation. These factors include inflation, rates of interest,
purchasing and buying power of the people etc. These factors are governed and
controlled through different financial institutes and instruments. One of the most
important financial instruments is the bank. These banks play a cordial role in this

According to the Investopedia, banks are defined as:

“A bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits and

make loans. Banks may also provide financial services, such as wealth
management, currency exchange, and safe deposit boxes. There are two
types of banks: commercial/retail banks and investment banks. In most
countries, banks are regulated by the national government.”

In simple words, a bank is such a financial institute whose elementary role is

borrowing and lending of money to other parties. The very concept of banking is
very old that was first introduced in the different churches of the Britain and it has
since evolved from a place of simple safe keeping of people’s valuables to a very
complex system (including the introduction of debit and credit cards, online
transfers, mobile and internet banking etc.).
The Pakistan banking industry constitutes a total of around 31 banks, of which five are
public-sector and four are foreign, while there are 22 local private banks. The majority of the
banking business is concentrated in a select few in the industry—six banks are the largest
competitors in the economy and hold a major stake of the banking assets in Pakistan. To be more
specific, these banks collectively make up more than 57 percent of deposits and 53 percent of
advance in the economy. They are:

 Habib Bank Limited (HBL),

 National Bank Limited (NBL),
 United Bank Limited (UBL),
 MCB Bank Limited,
 Allied Bank Limited (ABL) and
 Bank Alfalah Limited.

The industry is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), which governs local banks under
the ambit of its prudential regulations. Moreover, the banks also must comply with the
international Basel III standards. Overall, the potential in this sector is huge. The number of bank
accounts amounts to 43 million in a total population of 195 million. The reasons behind this large
difference can be credited to the limited access to technology in the country, the aversion to
banks due to religious reasons and the great size of the unbanked rural population. With that
being said, the potential for growth is huge—primarily because of the introduction of high-speed,
mobile Internet; the advent of Islamic banking; and the increased awareness of the benefits of
banking in the country

Soneri bank limited (SBL) is also such a bank that performs all the above-
mentioned functions. Though not very old since its inauguration, SBL has now
gained a specific place in the banking industry of Pakistan. It has gained quite a
dominance in the SME sector of Pakistan.

Incorporated in Pakistan on 28 September 1991 as a public listed company under the
Companies Ordinance, 1984. Soneri bank’s registered office is situated at Rupali House
241-242, Upper Mall Scheme, Anand Road, Lahore, Punjab and its shares are quoted
on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (formerly Karachi stock exchange limited). The
Bank is engaged in banking services as described in the Banking Companies
Ordinance, 1962 and operates with 291 branches including 21 Islamic banking
branches (as of 31st December 2018) in Pakistan.

Corporate Information

The business activity of the Soneri bank is defined as

‘’To carry on the business of the banking company as

defined by the Banking companies Ordinance,1962’’

The registration no of Soneri bank is L-04037,28 September1991 CUIN0025262.

Its NTN no is 0801438-8.

Present Status:
Soneri does not believe in simply increasing number of branches. The increment in
branches is based on the policy that takes into the consideration of maintaining an
equality in rural and urban areas. The spirit of soneri bank is to provide a safe and
secure environment for its customers and to provide entrepreneurs belonging to
different professions with easy financial conditions to help them prosper in their
businesses. Almost forty-five percent of the credit portfolio of soneri bank is related to
the export financing and credit decisions are taken within 48 Hours of the request of the
customer, Recently , they got an upgrade of software to T-24 system which is the next
generation core banking software.

Yearly growth

1991 The Soneri Dawn Soneri Bank was incorporated on 28th September, 1991.

1992 The First Step Soneri Bank took its first step by establishing the first 5 branches

2000 Widening Horizons Soneri Bank grew its footprint through its branch and ATM
network across major cities of the country

2004 Accelarating Growth Soneri Bank launched Islamic Banking-Mustaqeem

2008 Surpassing Milestones Soneri Bank introduced customised products and services
for the betterment and convenience of its customers.

2013 Roshan Har Qadam Soneri Bank launched its new identity ‘Roshan Har Qadam’
with a promise to enlighten lives of its stakeholders and customers

2015 Embarking on the Digital Journey Soneri Bank with the vision to enhance and
facilitate the customer experience launched its Mobile App

2016 Setting Benchmarks Soneri Bank celebrated its 25 glorious years of banking.

2018 Charting the Course Today, Soneri Bank is accessible across the country with its
branch network of more than 290 branches and 300+ ATMs
Current Credit Rating

Rating Agency: PACRA

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA)


Long Term: “AA-” (Double A minus)

Short Term: “A1+” (A one plus)
TFC II: “A+” (Single A plus)
Additional Tier – 1 TFC: A (Single A)

These ratings denote a very low expectation of credit risk emanating from a very strong
capacity for timely payment of financial commitment.
Comparison of credit Ratings

Bank Short term Long term Date of Rating remarks

rating agency

HBL A-1+ AAA June,2018 PACRA Negative

SBL A1+ AA- June,2018 PACRA Stable

ABL A1+ AAA June,2018 PACRA Stable

SILK A-2 A- June,2018 PACRA Positive

JS A1+ AA June,2018 PACRA Stable

MCB A1+ AAA June,2018 PACRA Stable

FAYSAL A1+ AA June,2018 PACRA Stable

Core Values


 We build strong long-term relationships with our customers.

 We believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations.

 We believe in connecting with our customers through empathy and understanding.


 We build a culture of trust.

 We are open, honest and fair in all our dealings.

 We base our work on trust and integrity.

 We take responsibility and accountability for what we do.

 We stand up for what we believe is right.

 We accept the consequences of our decisions and actions that we take.


 We plan ahead.

 We make swift and timely decisions and value time as our asset.

 We strive to stay ahead by anticipating change and forecasting risk.


 We are one team with one vision.

 We encourage and support diversity across all channels.

 We value teams within and across business units


We Provide Innovative and Efficient Financial Solutions to our Customers.


To better serve customers to help them and the society grow.

Part two

Board of directors.
Mr. Alauddin J. Feerasta
Chairman/Non-Executive Director

Mr. Mohammad Aftab Manzoor

President & Chief Executive Officer /

Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Amin A. Feerasta

Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Muhammad Rashid Zahir

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Manzoor Ahmed

Non-Executive Director (NIT Nominee)

Mr. Inam Elahi

Independent Directors
Mr. Jamil Hassan Hamdani

Auditing company: Ferguson and CO (chartered accountants)

Legal Advisor: Manan Associates

Audit Committee:

Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta (Chairman)

Mr. S. Ali Zafar (Member)

Mr. Shahid Anwar (Member)

Mr. Abdul Hayee (Member & Secretary)







Company Secretary: Mr. Abdul Hayee

Registered Office:



Branch Structure (Hierarchy)

Chief Manager
Senior Manager

Assistant International Advances Head Cashier Agriculture

Manager- Banking Incharge OG-3 J.O Department
OG-1 Incharge OG-
Cashier J.O
Advances OG-
CD Incharge
International 3
Banking OG-2

Banking OG-3

Account International
Opening Banking J.O

Typist J.O System N.C.S

Clearing & Administrator

VP 1

O.G-1 4
O.G-2 2
O.G-3 4
J.O 7
Departments in soneri bank
Assistant 1
Massenger 1
SBL comprises of the following departments:
 Accounts Department
 Agriculture department
 Remittance
 Cash department
 Credit department
 Import and export
 Foreign trade
 Islamic banking

1. Accounts Department:
Accounts department is the first way of communication and interaction between the bank and
the customers. It is because the bank has to deal with two types of customers. One type
consists of those customers who are called as the walking customers. These are not the
potential customer

2. Cash Department:
Cash department is one of the most critical departments and it encompasses the deposits
of the bank and also of individual branches. The Cash department of Soneri Bank limited works
under the operation department.

This department is given the complete responsibility of cash as a result of transaction in

local and foreign currencies. It is also responsible for the book keeping of these transactions and
the safe custody of cash. This department is one of the most sensitive departments of the bank.

This department performs the main function:

 Cash Receipts
 Cash Payments

Cash receipts

In cash department depositors use deposit slip for depositing the

amount into their accounts. The officer checks if the deposit slip is
properly filled up containing title of account. Account number date and
amount in words and figures. Detail on both counter file and cash
receipt voucher should be the same. Cash is received by cash receiving
officer twice counted and matched with the deposit slip. The cash
details are written on the back of the deposit slip and are also entered
in cash receiving register and the cash received stamp is affixed on the

Cash payments

Soneri Bank deals with cash payments the process for payments of
cheques local and foreign currency is same. First the cheque is
presented by the customer to cash payment officer. He confirms that it
is drawn on the same branch and the particulars of cheque are properly
filled. One signature of the customer is taken on the back of the cheque.
Cheque is handed over the officer cash department for security where
officer checks the date, amount in figures and words. After proper
checking account is debited and cheque is cancelled by the officer. It is
posted in the system and posting stamp is affixed on it and then cheque
is handed over to the cash payment officer for payment

Remittance department is basically related to the internal working of
the bank. This department deals with following types of working.

Pay Order
 Online Transfer
 Demand Draft
 Debit cards
 Credit cards

In the SBL the Remittance Department is headed by one person who is responsible for
looking after the accounts of the branch and forming pay orders, Demand drafts, Telegraphic
transfer. He has to make sure at everyday that the branch is a balance, in my days there; there
was no one day that they had come across any problem of an unbalance.

1. Pay Order

Pay Order is a transferable instrument made by the bank, on account of a customer, to

pay on order the precise amount to the directed person (payee). It is in the city area .The banks
are not answerable of any theft or any mishandling of the pay orders. Pay Order is always drawn
on the bank that has issued it.

Making of a Pay Orders

When a person requires a Pay Order, he is asked to complete the prescribed application
form in which the amount of pay order is to be stated. Certain amount of commission and advance
tax is charged on issuance of pay order. After having the total amount deposited in the bank (in
cash or through cheque, in case of account holder), pay order is issued in favor of the payee.
Like cheques, when pay orders issued by Soneri Bank Limited, are presented in other
banks to get them deposited in the payee’s accounts, they comprise the outward clearing for
those banks and inward clearing for Soneri Bank Limited.

2. Online Transfer

One branch may send cash to another branch straightforwardly, with of course, the
permission of the head office. The usual process in such a case is that the head office in its books
should debit the receiving branch and credit the sending branch. But in the books of the head
office it views. The transactions as returning the cash to the head office and subsequently sending
cash to another branch.

3. Demand Draft (DD)

Demand drafts are used for the transfer of the money between the cities.

“A Demand Draft is a transferable instrument issued by the bank, on account of a person,

and drawn on its own branch in a precise city or on the branch of a different bank in that city (in
case bank doesn’t have any branch there), demanding it to pay the specified amount to the person
named on it”.

Demand Drafts are used to make outstation payments or to transfer money, out of the city.
Hence, a Demand Draft is always made for a detailed city.

Making of a Demand Draft

Assume a customer requests to provide him a Demand Draft made on his account for a
particular city like Karachi. Then, after having the total amount (together with commission and
advance tax) to be deposited with application form, demand draft is issued in favor of the specified
person in Karachi (hypothetical) and is drawn on SBP Limited, Karachi Branch. So, when this
demand draft is presented by payee in any bank, it constitutes the inward clearing of Soneri Bank
Pakistan Limited, Karachi Branch.

4. ATM

Soneri Banking Card offers convenient and 24-Hours-a-day, 365 days a year access to
ATMs across the country. When traveling within Pakistan, use the Card at Soneri Bank’s own
network of ATMs and hundreds of ATMs displaying either the 1-link or M-Net symbols.

5. Debit Cards

Soneri debit Card /Banking Card may also be used to pay for purchase / Services
made / availed from Merchants Outlets displaying ORIX logo. Soneri Debit Card does not
involve any repayments, interest charges or monthly billing, as you are using customer’s
own funds in customer’s account.

Working of Remittance Department

All these methods work on same principle. This method involves debiting main Soneri
account and then crediting client’s accounts. Changes are in form of symmetry or order of the
operation. For instance TT is used to transfer money electronically but it has been replaced by
online transfer on money. It has two types:

Advice and pay

In this method the customer is eligible to get the counter payment as soon as he/she gets
the instrument i.e. DD/PO etc.

Advice and credit

In this method the customer is not eligible to get the counter payment instead the amount
of instrument is directly credited to his/her account.

Clearing department is incomplete if IBC and OBC clearing schedules are not mentioned.
These to schedules are inter-bank and intra-bank procedures which are performed on daily basis.
The detail is given below:

Outward Bills for Collection

When an instrument is drawn on a bank, which is located outside the city, its proceeds
can be collected through a mechanism called Outward Bills for Collection (OBC).


All the cheques are received on one counter along with the paying slips duly filled
in properly containing particulars of cheques and account holder. Counter folio of paying
slip is handed over to the customer by putting stamp for “cheque received for collection
for Soneri Bank” on it duly signed by officer. These cheques are scrutinized and cheques
for local clearing are separated from OBCs. Cheques for local clearing are entered in
Clearing Register, whereas cheques for collection are entered in OBC register. OBC
number is allotted to the cheque from OBC register. Special crossing and bank
endorsement stamps are affixed on the cheque.

Inward Bills for Collection

If any other bank sends a cheque of Soneri Bank Limited, it is Inward Bill for
Collection. Soneri Bank remits money after checking the balance of the customer
account. The process of collection starts when the cheques of Soneri Bank Ltd are
received from other banks. Then these cheques are sent to the Head Office Karachi,
which sends the cheques to SBP for clearing and get the confirmation of cheque and
credit advice. Main activity of clearing is performed by Head Office, which contacts other
banks through SBP.

3. Agriculture Department:

Agriculture department is a relatively new department and its goal is to provide

facility to medium sized formers to cultivate their lands and to play their parts in the
betterment of the country. Following agriculture finance facilities are provided by Soneri
Bank Limited at its selected branches:

Production Loans:

Production loans are offered to meet the input and other working capital
requirements for farming, orchards and nursery, tunnel farming, storage of raw material,
transportation marketing grading and packing etc., by farmers.

Development Loans:

Development loans are offered for the purchase of tractors, trolley, thrashers, ploughs,
cultivators, laser levellers, combine harvesters, processing machinery, transport for delivery of
dairy, poultry, fisheries. Installation of tube-wells, turbine, land levelling, soil improvement, land
reclamation, seed processing units and for godowns, silos and cold storages.

To meet the fixed cost and working capital requirements for cattle farming, cattle
feed units, dairy farming, poultry farming; poultry feed units and fish farming.

Repayment Period:

Principal amount of Finance plus mark-up thereon is repayable depending upon

nature of business ranging from one to five years. Revolving facility is also available under
specific terms.

Mark-up Rate:

 All Type of Agriculture Loans upto Rs. 100,000/- : 6M Kibor + 2%

 Production Loan under Revolving Credit Scheme: 6M Kibor + 3%
 Working Capital for Live Stock 6M Kibor +3.5%
 Development Loan (All kinds) : 6M Kibor + 4%

4. Credit Department:
Over the recent years credit department of any bank has got a vital importance primarily
because of the car finance. It is a philosophy in banks that more the credit goes to the customers
more will be the credibility of the bank in front of the customers, condition being applied that the
financing gets along smoothly. The credit department has two types of financing.

 Consumer Financing
 Commercial Financing

Consumer financing also comprises of following types of financing.



Commercial financing consists of

 Small and Medium enterprises

There are two main divisions of Credit division:

 Consumer Financing
 Commercial Financing

Consumer Financing:

Consumer financing has further three constituents:

 Soneri Car Finance

 Soneri Ghar Finance
 Soneri Personal Finance
 Soneri Generator Finance

1. Soneri Car Finance

Purchase of brand new car:

 Un-registered cars for private use.

 Un-registered light commercial vehicles for private use.
Eligible Borrowers

Salaried Persons, Self Employed Professionals, Business Persons

Financing Amount

 For Cars upto 2000 CC: Rs. 1.0 Million

 For Cars exceeding 2000 CC: Rs. 2.0 Million

2. Soneri Ghar Finance


 Purchase / Construction of Property for self-occupancy.

 Extension / Renovation on self occupied residential Property.

Product Categories

 Purchase of pre-constructed Residential Property.

 Construction of residential property on self owned plot of land.
 Extension / Renovation on self owned & occupied property.
 Balance Transfer Facility (BTF) for any of the above finance.

Eligible Borrowers

Salaried Persons, Self Employed Professionals, Business Persons

Financing Amount
 Purchase Rs.Up to 10 Million
 Construction Rs.Up to 10 Million
 Extension / Renovation Rs.Up to 03 Million
 Balance Transfer Facility Rs.Up to 10 Million

3. Soneri Personal Finance

Purpose of Finance

 To meet medical expenses for self or dependants of applicants.

 To meet educational expenses of applicants children.
 To meet travel expenses for self and family members. (e.t.c)

rs of the bank. They just walk in casually to grab some information or to pay utility bills.

5. Import and Export Department:

Import and export department is closely tied with the foreign trade department. Basically
it is an extension of the foreign trade department and whatever the bank has to offer in the foreign
trade department is carried out through the import and export department. The import and export
department works with the provision of following types of services.

 Advance payment
 D/A or on credit
 Cash against documents
6. Foreign Trade Department:
Specifically the FTD exists as a liaison between exporter and importer. It issues LC’s
comprising of guarantees, issuance of documents including airway bills, bills of lading, E-Forms,
exchange rates etc.

L.C commonly known as letter of credit or also documentary credit. In most of the cases
L.C is maintained for exports.

The basic purpose of an L.C is to issue sort of a guarantee on behalf of an importer. Like
if an importer asks for a shipment for which he or she intends to pay late or on credit then obviously
the exporter needs some sort of guarantee that the importer will really give back his or her money
as promised. Here the banks play their role.

The bank which opens the L.C is usually on the importer’s end giving a guarantee to the
exporter’s bank that in case the importer fails to pay the payment in the due time then the opening
bank will pay on his or her behalf. For opening an L.C there are certain requirements which the
banks take care of. These are:-

 Invoices
 Bill of lading or airway bill
 Packing list
 Inspection certification
 Insurance cover Notification
Then it might also be the case that the opening bank which is opening the L.C on the
behalf of the importer does not maintain a sound image in the banking environment or it operates
in an environment that is unstable like in a war inflicted country that its worthiness can be doubted.
So in such type of cases the banks acting on behalf of the exporter may ask to indulge an advisory
bank or negotiating bank which is willing to give a guarantee on behalf of the opening bank.
7. Islamic Banking:
Islamic Banking is an emerging field in Pakistan and is gaining sound reputation
simultaneously with advance banking. In contrast to the traditional banking it is based solely on
Shariah. Soneri Bank offers four different types of services in Islamic Banking.















Soneri bank limited strives to be the most vibrant range of products and services to exceed our
customer’s expectations. Our commitment to the customers is to leverage our brand promise
‘Roshan Har Qadam’ by constantly innovating our products suite to best match the personal
and business needs of our customers, including Commercial, Retail & Corporate and Islamic
segments. With our corporate vision ‘To better serve the customers to help them and the
society grow’, and our mission ‘To provide innovative and ecient financial solutions to our
customers’ we serve them with excellent solutions and constantly raise our performance

Current Accounts

Customers can open any current account for their transactional needs and enjoy banking
convenience offered via over 290 branches and a growing network of 300+ ATMs across the
country. Our current accounts include:

Soneri Ikhtiar Account

Soneri Ikhtiar is the flagship current account which is ideally suited for businesses in search of a
convenient and feature-rich bank account to fulfil their daily banking needs. This account offers
numerous free facilities, including: Banker’s Cheque Issuance, Online Banking, Cheque Books,
Standard Master Debit Card and much more. In addition, Soneri Ikhtiar Account offers free
Worldwide Accidental Insurance and ATM Withdrawal Coverage to help protect customers and
their loved ones.
Soneri Current Account

Soneri Current Account lets our customers enjoy a host of free banking services with no
restriction on the number of transactions. It also provides complete peace of mind with free
Worldwide Accidental Insurance and ATM Withdrawal Coverage. Basic Banking Account It is a
non-profit bearing account with no minimum balance requirement. Initial deposit for account
opening is Rs.1,000/-. Unrestricted number of withdrawals from the account through ATMs are
permissible subject to applicable per day withdrawal limit for amounts in force


Soneri Bank branch network across Pakistan facilitates in opening of Pensioners

Account. Branches effectively coordinate with various pension disbursing departments to
ensure hassle-free disbursement/credit of pension in the respective pensioner’s account.

Soneri INSTA PAY Payroll Solution

It is an efficient employee payroll solution for companies. The product is a bundled proposition
providing one-stop tailored solution, catering to the specific needs and requirement of the
client and its employees.

Soneri Asaan Account

Soneri Asaan Account offers a simple and convenient way to fulfil all banking needs with
minimum documentation requirement. It is offered in both current and savings account types
and is suitable for self-employed individuals, students, housewives and daily wagers.

Soneri Bank offers a complete range of savings products with attractive returns. These
accounts are designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals, senior citizens and corporate
entities. Our savings product suite includes:

PLS Savings Account

Basic deposit account with no minimum balance requirement. It can be opened with an initial
deposit of just PKR 100/-. The complete range of ADC services is offered on this account,
including: Standard Master Debit Card, Internet/Mobile Banking, Online Banking and SMS

Soneri Savings Account

Flexible and fast growing cumulative monthly profit account. The rate of profit on this account
increases with the account balance as per the defined tiers. The complete range of ADC services
is offered on this account. Soneri Sahara Account A savings account for senior citizens to meet
their basic banking needs. The account can be opened singly or jointly (husband & wife)
provided either of them is 60 years of age or above. Our customers can enjoy high returns on
their savings every month with the flexibility of withdrawing profits anytime. Soneri Rupee
Term Deposits Soneri Term Deposits are for customers who intend to retain their savings for a
fixed period and earn a higher rate of profit. Term Deposits allow customers to save a fixed
amount in Rupees for a set period ranging from 1 month to 3 years at attractive profit rates.
The depositor has the option to reinvest the deposit automatically with or without profit.

Soneri Diamond Deposits (Monthly Income Scheme) Soneri Diamond Deposits provide
investment opportunities to customers looking for additional monthly income with an
attractive return. Customers will earn monthly profit on their investment for a period ranging
from 1 to 3 years.

Soneri Roshan Munafa

Soneri Roshan Munafa is a term deposit targeted towards Medium to High Net Worth
individuals, senior citizens, housewives and commercial and corporate entities looking for high
returns to meet their financial needs. This is a 1 year term deposit which can be booked with a
minimum amount of Rs. 50,000/- and a maximum amount of Rs.100,000,000/-. The rate
currently being offered on this product will be periodically updated as per the interest rate
scenario. This product also offers financing facility of up to 80 percent of the deposit account.

FCY Term Deposits

Soneri Bank’s Foreign Currency Term Deposit offers competitive profit rates for any selected
term of up to 1 year. It is an ideal investment to help customers save in foreign currency and
see their deposit grow over time.

Foreign Account Services :

Soneri Foreign Currency Accounts Dealing in foreign currencies is no more a hassle. Soneri Bank
offers FCY Current, Savings and Term Deposit accounts to cater to the foreign currency
transactional and saving needs of the customers with a host of attractive
Soneri Speed Finance Soneri Speed Finance is focused towards providing quick and flexible
financing solutions to its customers while keeping their savings secure. This product is offered
to Individuals, Small & Medium Enterprises, commercial and corporate businesses for meeting
their business needs. It has been designed to provide hassle-free and swift financing solutions
to meet both the short and long term financing needs of the customer. It is primarily secured
against liquid security including Soneri Bank’s deposits (LCY & FCY Term Deposits, Cash Margin,
Lien on Account) and Government Securities (DSC/SSC/RIC).

Prime Minister Youth Business Loan (PMYBL) Scheme

The Government has introduced Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme with a mark-up
subsidy and partial guarantee facility for extension of small business loans. The scheme was
launched by the Prime Minister for promoting youth entrepreneurship in the country. The main
objective of the PMYBL Scheme is to provide loans to the unemployed youth for establishing or
extending business enterprises.


Soneri Car Finance Now you can become the owner of a brand new car through Soneri Car
Finance Scheme. Soneri Bank offers Car Finance facility up to Rs.3 million, repayable up to 5
years in equal monthly instalments. Option of used and reconditioned cars is also available.
Processing of application is fast and hassle-free with partial payment and early settlement
Soneri Personal Finance

An easy solution to your cash needs – now you can turn your dreams into reality via Soneri
Personal Finance Scheme. Soneri Bank offers Personal Finance up to Rs.500,000/-, repayable up
to 5 years in equal monthly instalments to meet personal financial needs. Option of partial
payment and early payment also available.


Agriculture contributes a handsome share in GDP of our country & livelihood of a large number
of rural population is based on this. Soneri Bank offers various Agriculture Financing Products –
conventional as well as Islamic for the Farming/Rural communities to meet their working
capital/development needs. All these products help them grow their agriculture produce & livelihood.
Following Agriculture Financing Products are available for the uplifting of Agri Economy: · Farm
Production Loans – Revolving Credit · Farm Development Loans · Tractor & Implements Loans · Non-
Farm Working Capital Loan – Dairy Farming · Non-Farm Development Loan – Dairy Farming · Non-Farm
Working Capital Loan – Poultry Farming · Non-Farm Development Loan – Poultry Farming · Non-Farm
Working Capital Loan – Fish Farming · Non-Farm Development Loan – Fish Farming · Non-Farm Working
Capital Loan – Cattle Farming · Non-Farm Development Loan – Cattle Farming · Value Chain – Contract
Farmers Financing · Mustaqeem Tractor loans · Ijarah



With a growing network of 300+ ATMs across the country, our customers can conveniently
withdraw cash and avail ancillary services through our ATMs.

Soneri Debit Card

Shop and pay conveniently throughout more than 25 Million merchants and more than 1
Million ATMs for Cash Withdrawal Facility all around the world.
SMS Alerts

Our customers can now get SMS Alerts on their Financial Transactions, and can also get an early
intimation of any unauthorised transaction to safeguard their hard earned money.

Phone Banking

Customers can meticulously access their accounts 24/7 with distinctive services using Soneri
Phone Banking, including ATM Debit Card Replacement, Stop Cheque Request, Banker’s
Cheque, ATM Debit Card Account Linking/De-Linking, Cheque Book request, E-Statement &
Account Statement request. Simply dialling +92-21-111-SONERI (766374) can give a lot of ease
to customers and will help fulfill their financial needs with just a call.

Internet Banking

Real Time Balances, Account Statements, Funds Transfers, Utility Bills Payments and many
more. Mobile Banking Mobile Banking services are there so that our customers can have access
to their accounts anytime and anywhere via mobile phones. Our customers can view account
statements, perform funds transfer, get mobile top-ups and can also pay their bills

Sunehra Saver & Sunehra Saver Takaful

These are Soneri Bank’s Bancassurance plans that encourage our customers to save at
an early stage of their career to cater to their midlife family expenses. It is an affordable plan
for young executives, entrepreneurs, middle aged professionals, working ladies and
housewives. The plan is designed to meet the future financial needs like, wedding, education,
house purchase, starting a business or expansion of an existing enterprise of the assured.
Roshan Aghaz & Roshan Aghaz Takaful

These Bancassurance plans encourage parents to save money for their child’s higher education
and provide protection in case of an eventuality. In the unfortunate event of death of the
assured parent during the savings term, the built-in ‘Education Continuation’ benefit ensures
that the targeted fund at maturity is achieved.

Roshan Takmeel

This is a savings plan especially designed for those individuals who wish to have financial
independence post-retirement, wish to retire early or to top-up their existing pension plan. The
plan is ideal for self-employed and professionals like doctors, dentists, architects, lawyers,
engineers and financial consultants. It is also suitable for employees having benefits of
provident funds

Karobar Muhafiz

This Bancassurance plan covers the lives of two individuals (or business partners)
simultaneously allowing business continuation/succession in case of eventuality. It includes
benefits like hospitalisation, critical illness, accidental disability and death benefits. SMEs, large
enterprises and partnerships can avail this plan to ensure stability of their businesses.
Professional practitioners like doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers etc.
can also use this plan to their advantage.
Pearl & Pearl Takaful

This Bancassurance plan is designed for High Net Worth (HNW) customers of Soneri Bank, it
offers higher investment returns along with the benefit of family’s financial protection
(insurance coverage). A unique medical coverage (MediPal) is offered besides loyalty bonus that
starts from the fifth year.

Sunehra Cash Builder

This is a regular premium Bancassurance product where the premium paid will be credited to
customer’s individual account to be invested as per the chosen investment strategy. Sunehra
Cash Builder is intended for far sighted individuals who want a secure future for themselves and
their loved ones at the same time reaping benefits on their hard earned incomes. This plan
ensures that our customers achieve their respective goals even when our customers are unable
to continue their regular income.

Sunehra Income Builder

This plan provides insurance cover in the form of guaranteed sum assured offering parallel
returns on premium investment. Be it an objective of saving for your child’s education,
marriage of your progeny, building/buying a home for yourself and your family, or
starting/expansion of business, Sunehra Income Builder plan is a one stop solution for all our
customer’s financial needs.

Sunehra Ehad Takaful

This plan offers a unique combination of savings, investment & protection. It provides Takaful
coverage that is in line with Shari’ah Principles. Sunehra Ehad enables customers to build
income for events like child education, daughter’s marriage, building/renovation of house or
planning for carefree life after retirement.

Capital Plus & Capital Plus Takaful

This plan is designed for High Net Worth (HNW) customers of Soneri Bank, it offers higher
investment returns along with benefit of family’s financial protection (insurance coverage).
Loyalty bonus starts from the fifth year (commonly starts from the 10th year.)


Current accounts

Soneri Jari Account

Jari Account is a kind of Current Account (No profit and Loss account) that provides the
convenience of putting money in account and accessing it without any restrictions on
withdrawal while enjoying a host of professional conveniences from our bank. This account is
based on the Islamic principle of Qardh

Rahat Mustaqeem Account

Soneri Mustaqeem – Rahat Account is a flagship remunerative-current account on the basis of

Mudarabah which is ideally suited for businesses in search of a convenient and feature-rich
bank account to fulfil their daily banking needs. This account offers numerous free facilties.

Soneri Mustaqeem - Bachat Account

Bachat account is a kind of remunerative account offered to Customers with small savings and
looking for a Halal return on their deposits. It is based on the concept of Mudarabah where the
depositor acts as an Investor (Rab-ul-Maal) and bank acts as the Manager (Mudarib) of the
funds deposited by the customers. It also offers wide range of services that cater to the banking
needs of our customers.

Soneri Mustaqeem - Munafa Account

Soneri Mustaqeem - Munafa Account provides a regular stream of monthly income with same
convenience and service of a regular savings account. Through this, our valued customers can
manage their short-term as well as long term savings without any transactional restrictions.

Soneri Mustaqeem - Meaadi Account

Soneri Mustaqeem - Meaadi Account is an alternative of TDR for those customers who intend
to retain their savings for a fixed period and earn a higher rate of profit. Term Deposits allow
customers to save a fixed amount in Rupees for a set period ranging from 1 month to 3 years at
attractive profit rates. The depositor has the option to reinvest the deposit automatically with
or without profit.

Working Capital & Trade Finance Facilities

Our corporate banking team is equipped with the required knowledge to contribute towards
the sustainable growth of our clients by offering innovative, diverse and flexible solutions to
meet their working capital needs, trade related solutions and expansion support.

Supply Chain Management

Being a provider of financial services, we offer end-to-end supply chain financing solutions to
dealers & vendors of our corporate customers to meet their business requirements.

Cash Management

Soneri Bank’s Cash Management services coupled with our next generation, web-based Cash
Management System ‘Soneri Trans@ct’, provides our valued customers with comprehensive,
one stop solution for cash flow management, i.e. Receivables and Payables Management, in the
most effective and efficient manner


The bank is also focused on CPEC projects. In addition to a Chinese Business Unit in Islamabad,
the bank is going to establish an another unit in Karachi and one in Lahore. These units cater to
the banking requirements of Chinese customers by providing tailor-made solutions under one

The Bank has a separate function to deal with customer complaints, named as
Complaint Management Unit (CMU). This function accommodates complaints received through
any source of communication channel including regulators
Audit Committee
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Credit Committee
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Mr. Mohammad Aftab Manzoor Member
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Mr. Manzoor Ahmed

Risk Management Committee

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Mr. Mohammad Aftab Manzoor
Mr. Amin A. Feerasta
Mr. Inam Elahi

Human Resource & Remuneration Committee

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Committee of Independent Directors
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IT Committee
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